Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor


Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Danger Around Every Corner

Ye Cang identified it: Black Werewolf Vyers, elite?

Zhang ZhengXiong advanced with large strides towards Ye Cang who was in danger. He vigorously roared and ferociously chopped at the werewolf with his handaxe.

Ye Cang pushed Jesse away: "Find somewhere safe and hide!!"

"Mm!" Jesse said as he crawled to hide under the ancient tree's roots.

The wolf man, who was battling Zhang ZhengXiong, used its claws to block the handaxe. Taking advantage of the shock from the attack, it knocked Zhang ZhengXiong back and raised up the claw, creating a flash of cold light like earlier. Lin Le held his large axe firmly, barely moving even a step. He looked at Zhang ZhangXiong, who hadn't negated the force from the attack, with eye's full of impatience.

Ye Cang raised his bright white eyebrows. He held his breath and barely blinked… put an arrow… on his bow… aimed… then fired in an instant! It all happened too quickly for the eye to see.

"Congratulations, you've obtained a high grade shooting skill - Rapid Shot (Beginner Level · Passive): Can trigger when concentrating. Instantly fire an arrow at the target. Accuracy reduced 10%."


The werewolf's was hit by Ye Cang's arrow mid swing causing it to pause for a split second. Zhang ZhengXiong, with his fast reflexes, quickly held up the hand with the fluorescent ring. A white light flashed, and the werewolf wailed, covering it's eyes. It started to carelessly pound the ground, causing dirt and mud to fly up.

Zhang ZhengXiong had already frantically rolled away, not caring about his appearance in order to escaping its attack range. Lin Le looked at the werewolf and saw that on it's neck, though not very deep, an arrow had suddenly appeared. He pouted and taking advantage of this opening, brandished his large axe at the werewolf's waist.

"Awoo!" An angry wolf howl sounded out. The werewolf perceived the attack and easily blocked the attack at his waist with it's claws. "Clang~" Although it was blocked, Lin Le gave a quiet but angry roar as he used the rebound from his axe bouncing off the claw to turn a full 360 degrees and performed a diagonal chop at it's collarbone causing blood to spurt out.

"Lele, be careful! It's vision is back!" Zhang ZhengXiong words let Lin Le, who planned to continue attacking, take a step back. Two claws crossed as they scratched Lin Le's stomach, dripping in blood. If he didn't take that step back, he would have been torn into pieces.

Lin Le sucked in a breath of cold air. He only had 4 health left, nearly dead.

"Lele, get back! Keep moving and wait for a chance!!" Ye Cang shot an arrow at the werewolf's eye's, stopping it from going after Lin Le.

Zhang ZhengXiong hurried to take Lin Le's position at the front. Using his axe, he chopped at the werewolf's head. Ye Cang continued shooting arrows as he moved.

"Clang~" The arrows were knocked aside by the sharp claws. Zhang ZhengXiong cautiously kept the wolf entangled, but dared not recklessly attack as their strength was too far apart. Lele might have been able to compete with it in power for a bit, but obviously only because the werewolf had been careless. This speed and power. Damn they might be screwed this time.

As for Lin Le, he didn't dare close in again, keeping a distance of 4-5 meters. His two hands firmly held onto the woodcutter's axe. He slowly wandered towards Ye Cang while waiting for his chance. His stomach was an unbearable mess.

Ye Cang frowned and thought: "Mother of god, did this thing get stronger? I, your father, had shot 7 arrows, 5 were blocked and the ones that had hit didn't even tickle it, much less hurt it. Though my archery is not the best, it is still pretty good, not to mention I even had the racial bonus to bow weapons from the game. A'Xiong probably can't hold on for much longer." Seeing Lin Le who had arrived, He threw out his iron pot. "Hurry and eat! Heal as much as you can!"

"…" Lin Le coldly stared at the iron pot and hesitate, unsure of whether to catch it or not.

Zhang ZhengXiong depended on his genius level reaction speed to dodge past a fatal attack. He saw out of the corner of his eyes, the werewolf had drawn back the corner of his mouth. It was looking at the iron pot flying towards Lin Le! Not good!!

The robust werewolf pounced, throwing up dust and grass. His posture like a cheetah's as he rushed towards the iron pot and Lin Le. Zhang ZhengXiong noticed there was no obstacles in it's way and that display of speed. It all left him feeling powerless as he hurried to chase after it.

Lin Le saw the terrifying eyes and the stunning speed, and his heart sank. "Eh… Guess I'm returning to town. Hope it doesn't hurt…"

The arrow that Ye Cang shot, was easily deflected by the charging werewolf. Though unwilling, he couldn't save Lele…

"Brother Lil'White! Take Jesse and run!! Me and Brother Lil'Xiong will hold him back!" Lin Le saw it coming closer and closer. He firmly held his woodcutter's axe and roared.

"Bro! Lele's right! Take Jesse and go!!" Zhang ZhengXiong roared, with a face full of dust.

"Hell no! How could I leave you guys behind!!" Ye Cang charged towards Lin Le, shooting as he ran.

"Brother Lil'White…"


The two of them were moved.

"Let me take him! Damn! Lele, get away first! Me and Lil'Xiong will catch up right away!!" Ye Cang bellowed.

"Mm!!" Lin Le smiled, relieved. He raised his woodcutter's axe high and chopped down at the silhouette that was approaching him.

The iron pot still flying through the air, was accidently hit by one of Ye Cang's arrows as he shot while running. "Clang~" It changed directions and accelerated towards a spot not far from Lin Le. The soup, eyeballs and the overboiled wolf meat all spilled with some accidently falling into the werewolf's mouth. The broken pot continued spilling out stew.

Lin Le had his eyes closed as he roared "Yaah~!" hacking forwards with his axe.

Lin Le felt his axe hitting air and his heart sank. An ominous wind blew his short hair. A black furred figure rushed past him, with a long scar on it's face.

Lin Le wondered why he hadn't died and suspiciously opened one eye. He blinked a few times looking left and right. Where was the monster?

Ye Cang had a complicated expression as he slowly stopped his charge. Zhang ZhengXiong had his mouth hanging wide open. Not far away, a werewolf was passed out. It had fallen on the ground, sliding several meters.

Lin Le followed Zhang ZhengXiong's gaze. The, just recently violent, werewolf had it's face in the dirt and was frothing at the mouth while continuously twitching. It's body was covered in a familiar smell. He stared blankly, the axe in his hand fell to the ground. "It turns out the thing we were eating was this amazing…"

"…" The three of them were confused. They all stared at the werewolf on the ground that was nearly dead.

The werewolf's twitching slowly stopped, got up and started continuously vomiting.

"Don't give him a chance! Kill him!" Ye Cang quickly shot an arrow. The arrow accurately hit it's neck, causing it to howl out in pain.

Zhang ZhengXiong raised his hand axe and chopped down on the same spot that Ye Cang's arrow had hit. Blood once again spurted out. Following Zhang ZhengXiong's attack, came the still bleeding Lin Le. He jumped into the air, chopping down like he was performing an execution. His woodcutter's axe hit the ground along with the wolf head, spurting blood.

"Congratulations, you've killed a black werewolf. Received 300 experience."

A large amount of experience directly leveled the three of them up to level 5.

Ye Cang continued foolishly stare at the head of the werewolf. He slowly extended his hand which was shaking in excitement.

Zhang ZhengXiong, like an american football player, tackled Ye Cang, knocking him down and held him tightly by his legs. Ye Cang, unwilling to give up, wiggled towards to corpse. "Let me loot! Let me loot it! Release me!!".

"Lele! Hurry and loot!" Zhang ZhengXiong howled.

Lin Le hurried to loot the corpse, his back covered in cold sweat. He held up a meter long machete that was radiating black light. "We got a weapon! A machete!"