Upgrade Specialist in Another World


Upgrade Specialist in Another World Volume 4 Chapter 439-443

Chapter 439: Gathering of Kings!

Another opportunity to attack was presented to the Black Dragon King, but before he could make good on that opportunity, a strange fluctuation in the air suddenly saw fit to him beating a hasty retreat! Simultaneously, his right hand blurred momentarily before a shield as black as a crow and as tall as a person appeared to hide his person.

In the entirety of the battle, this was the very first time he had taken out a weapon!

No sooner did the shield appear in front of him did two arrows the color of azure and violet appear out of nowhere and embed themselves into it!


Resonating loudly, the two arrows immediately exploded upon contact!


There was a thud as the wind squaller dove into the dust cloud, knocking the Black Dragon King away!

He flew for almost an entire kilometer before coming to an eventual stop. As usual, his shield was still shining with a dim light, but the sound of something cracking alerted him to a problem with it.

A small palm-sized piece had fallen off the left edge of his shield!

He wiped at the corners of his mouth, realizing that he had been bleeding. "You!" he snarled towards an area of space above him.

Two figures–azure and violet in light— came stepping down from the skies. There was a male whose face was by no means average, and a female who was like a goddess in beauty.

But right now, both of their faces were twisted in fury, a fury that fully expressed their desire to kill the Black Dragon King.

Like the Black Dragon King, Ma Wu paused to take a look at the newcomers.

"The Two Winged Kings!" He exclaimed.

These two figures were indeed Yi Gang and Yi Rou, the Two Winged Kings!

Right after Ma Wu cried out the names of the two, the area to their east began to warp in on itself, revealing yet another person; this time in white!

His arrival hadn't gone unnoticed. Liang Xing was the first to realize who the mysterious person was. "The lord mayor of Praestia Pass, Wu Tianling!"

Wu Tianling was a man who held many titles. Lord mayor of Praestia Pass, warlord of the Northern Mist Province, a core member of the Tianhun School, member of the royal family, and a late-stage Soul King.

With their close proximity to the Soulbeast Forest, Praestia Pass had no shortages of trifles with class seven soulbeasts, but Wu Tianling had managed to kill any that dared to come near. At least ten of such soulbeasts had already met their ends by his hands, serving as a message to any of the more rational soulbeasts to stay away from this terrifying person.

Wu Tianling ventured into the Soulbeast Forest half a year ago to investigate the cause behind the soulbeast wave. Being the closest one to come to this part of the class six area, he came to realize that something powerful was residing here and decided to wait for the right time.

"What timely arrival you have, lord Wu. We've managed to finally hunt down the Black Dragon King, if you can please assist our efforts in capturing him, we can neutralize this scourge from our continent." Liang Xing greeted the man courteously.

Not many late-stage Soul Kings existed on the continent, so it was imperative that he treat the man with the utmost humbleness, even if he was the second elder of the Beast Taming School. And with the Two Winged King, it was even more necessary that he act this way.

Wu Tianling levelled an evenly stare at Liang Xing first before looking to the rest of the group with him. "I came here today not so to help your Beast Taming School earn a new soulbeast puppet. By your school's actions, the soulbeast wave caused tremendous damages to my Praestia Pass. As such, this matter will have a….different conclusion."

He turned his eye next to the entrapped Black Dragon King. "As for you, Black Dragon King. For terrorizing the Tianhun Empire for the last hundred years, I will strike you down today!"

Liang Xing's face hardened at Wu Tianling's words. Wu Tianling was right. The soulbeast wave was caused precisely because of his group half a year ago. The chain reaction that was set off by their fight simply had consequences that none of them expected.

What Wu Tianling was planning to do today wasn't to help them 'capture' the Black Dragon King, but to 'kill' him. Though, whether or not Wu Tianling wanted to kill the Black Dragon King for the sake of 'the people' or for his soulgem, Liang Xing wasn't sure.

A late-stage class seven soulgem was precious after all, and there wasn't a single soul cultivator that wouldn't be tempted by one.

"Black Dragon King! We've hunted you for five years, and at last, we've found you! You….you won't be leaving this place alive today!"

Completely uninterested in the dialogue between Wu Tianling and the Beast Taming School, Yi Gang snarled at the sight of the Black Dragon King.

The soulforce of the two jian were already raring to go, and if not for Liang Xing and the others, the two jian would've attacked the Black Dragon King a long time ago.

As such, this left the Black Dragon King in a very precarious situation. Liang Xing, Ma Wu, and the others were to his northwest, Wu Lingtian and his other newly-arrived companion Xia Zhengyan was to his east, and the Two Winged Kings were to his south.

All in all, this meant they were in a triangular position with him at the center.

The crease on the Black Dragon King's forehead grew even heavier. This development was an inconsistency to his plans. One or two new enemies was what he expected, but not four, or even the Two Winged Kings. Unlike the other humans who might've wanted him for 'other' reasons, all the Two Winged Kings wanted was for his life.

What they wanted was revenge for their dead son.

The two class seven jians he once killed and devoured were the son and daughter-in-law of the Two Winged Kings standing in front of him today.

It was a slip up of major proportions. Unlike other class seven soulbeasts, the Two Winged Kings were in a class of their own. The three of them were all mid-stage class seven soulbeasts, but the Black Dragon King was acutely aware that he had a very low chance of winning against them. Combined with the added presence of the others, the Black Dragon King was now fearful of dying to them today.

The Beast Taming School was perhaps the only party interested in keeping him alive, since Wu Tianling was most likely after him for the items he possessed.

If he wasn't careful, the Two Winged Kings would surely kill him!

"Damn! Damn it all! Why was it them of all people to come over! And why not anybody else?!" Like his face was showing, the Black Dragon King was deeply disturbed by his current predicament. The plan where he could escape while everyone was fighting for him was practically out the window, and he was in a very dangerous situation.

There probably wouldn't be any other person coming from here on out. The Soulbeast Forest was a large one, and even though he had plenty of people after him, the people currently surrounding him right now would most likely be the only ones for a good while.

"What should I do? I'll die if I don't do something!" Desperation gripped at his mind as he tried his best to think of the best possible way to resolve this predicament.

No matter how hard he tried though, the three parties had his every possible escape route blocked. If he tried, he'd only be stopped by any two of the three. He'd need to fight his way out.

"I can only bet it on that! I hate to lose it here, but my life is more important! I can get it back later anyhow!"

Understanding that the Two Winged Kings were on the verge of attacking, he immediately withdrew a white object from his storage and held it in his hand.

"I know some of you are here for this item, if you want it so badly, then I'll give it to you!"

And with a loud roar, he tossed the item away from him!!

Chapter 440: Nephrite Throne

The object the Black Dragon King took out wasn't a weapon to be used against his enemies. Instead, it was used as a distraction by….throwing it to the west!

It had only remained in his hand for barely even a second before it was tossed, but the people gathered here had eyesight that could easily perceived the item as if it was completely still!

Before the object was too far gone, they all saw it–a tremendous-looking seat completely white in color!

At a glance, this three meter tall and two meter wide throne was sculpted entirely from pure-white jade. The armrests were sculpted to resemble dragons in shape, and the backrest of the throne had openwork done on it so that mysterious runic lines and stripes ran through the back very clearly. Rather than have four legs to stand upon, the bottom half of the throne was an entire slab of jade with even more runic script than the upper half. Even more mysteriously, the runic script emanated a soft glow of white that added to the illumination of the surrounding area by a tiny amount.

Despite that light, no elemental energy could be felt from it, making it seem more like a ordinary throne made from mutton-fat jade rather than something special.

But nonetheless, everyone who saw the throne immediately blanched at the sight.

"Could….could that be the rumored…." Lin Hefan gulped in anticipation, "the legendary Nephrite Throne!!"

The others didn't cry out in shock like he did, but their expressions were all the same.

Having the Black Dragon King's miasma protect the throne, the Black Dragon King was free to toss it with all his might. With his throwing strength, the throne became merely a speck in the distance to everyone there!

"Correct! It's the Nephrite Throne, one of the Ten Great Regalia! It's yours to have, so if you want it, you'd better chase after it! There are many strong individuals here in the forest, if you take your time, someone else will take it before you!!"

With that shout, the Black Dragon King rushed off towards the north!

Because of his sudden action with the Nephrite Throne, Ma Wu, Liang Xing, and the others were all distracted by it enough to pay attention only to the throne and not his running. Of the entire group, Wu Tianling was the most prominent person to have greed show in his eyes, but there was also hesitation.

But all in all, the Black Dragon King's quick actions allowed him to fully distract two of the three parties. The only group that hadn't been swayed by the Nephrite Throne was….the Two Winged Kings!

True, they had been slightly surprised when the Black Dragon King took out the Nephrite Throne, but that wasn't their true objective at hand. Looking away from the throne as soon as it was thrown, the two immediately gave chase to him!

Yi Gang was the first to move. Grunting, he shot forth like an arrow, violet light radiating from his back to become a pair of translucent violet wings.

As soon as they formed, the wings flapped in tandem with his movements, further accelerating his speed to the point where he was able to outstrip the Black Dragon King by a kilometer, blocking him from getting anywhere!

Surprise filled the Black Dragon King's eyes. This was a first. He had never fought against either of the Two Winged Kings before, so he hadn't the foggiest that either of the two could be capable of such a speed!

And to add to his surprise even more, a multitude of violet feathers were fluttering down over his head!

At some point when Yi Gang overtook him, the feathers from his wings began to flutter down in surprising numbers. Each feather was only as thick as a tree leaf, but they were well over ten thousand of them!

Yi Rou's back had an identical pair of wings as Yi Gang, though her wings were colored in a greenish-blue rather than violet. But even more noticeably, feathers were molting from her wings to mix in with the ones from Yi Gang!

With several tens of thousands of feathers sprinkling the area, the Black Dragon King was deeply and truly without a path of escape. Not a single gap was to be had within this area!


As one, Yi Gang and Yi Rou glared at the Black Dragon King and pointed a finger at him!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…."

Moving with one another, the feathers shot towards the Black Dragon King with speeds that enabled them to be as fast as an arrow!

Bellowing in anger, the Black Dragon King took out his black shield once more and had it grow in size to protect his overhead!


One after another, the Black Dragon King was assaulted by violet and azure colored feathers….


Only five seconds had transpired when the Black Dragon King tried to make his escape to when the Two Winged Kings assaulted him. That was enough time for the other two parties to recompose themselves and make a decision.

Within those five seconds, Ma Wu was the first to make a break for the Nephrite Throne. Thinking about it for a split-second, he turned back around, his eyes completely devoid of any greed, to continue chasing after the Black Dragon King again.

Like him, Liang Xing and Lin Hefan were also staring avariciously at the Nephrite Throne. Their heats pounded loudly with desire to chase after it, their minds thinking back to the legends surrounding the item. But when the Black Dragon King moved to flee, the two of them reshifted their focus to pay attention to him once more.

"Xing Yuan, bring back the Nephrite Throne no matter what!" Liang Xing spat to Xing Yuan before moving to join the fray.

Not expecting to have been called, it took Xing Yuan a moment to respond to him. But without hesitation, he immediately took off to the west!

Out of the entire group there, he was the only one that had bothered to go after the Nephrite Throne!

Like Ma Wu, Wu Lingtian's eyes had sparkled when he saw the throne. He had in fact been the first to step towards it, but in the end, he stopped himself.

It wasn't as though he didn't want to go after the Nephrite Throne, but he had already planned on fighting the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King was not allowed to leave this place alive, and Wu Lingtian had planned on dragging its corpse back to Praestia Pass to boot.

The Nephrite Throne was a must have item to everyone, but the amount of individuals here made it a little less enticing. It didn't really matter to him if the Beast Taming School had it since he could just make a report to the Tianhun School, and with their power, they'd be able to force the other school to hand over the throne as simple as that!

The Nephrite Throne, after all, belonged to the Imperial Family!

It was said that the founder of the empire, Wu Tianhun, once possessed this item two millenniums ago! To be even more specific, it was said that the Nephrite Throne was responsible for him having such a mindblowing talent for cultivation!

After his time, the item became a treasured heirloom passed down within the Imperial Family. But at some point within the last millenia, an extremely powerful wandering cultivator had taken the item and vanished into thin air.

From there, not a single trace was to be seen until the Black Dragon King descended upon the earth.

The Nephrite Throne was said to have an ability that any soul cultivator would froth at the mouth to have.

It could elevate the rate of cultivation by several magnitudes over!!

Once that got out, the Nephrite Throne soon became known to the entire world and ushered into the ranks as one of the Ten Great Regalia!


From far away, Bai Yunfei watched the Nephrite Throne get thrown off into the distance. His eyes were shining brightly, though what he was thinking about was yet to be known.

He didn't know what the Nephrite Throne was, and neither did he even know about the 'Ten Great Regalia', but he could at the very least understand that the item was of great importance to everyone.

Furthermore, the Nephrite Throne had a mysterious aura that seemed to peak his interest in some way…..

Chapter 441: The Black Dragon King’s True Form!

The feeling Bai Yunfei felt from the Nephrite Throne was slightly familiar to him. He couldn't explain the feeling, but he just couldn't put his finger on it…..

He had of course, never seen the Nephrite Throne before, so it went without saying that this Nephrite Throne was a stranger to him. But the feeling of familiarity was there, albeit very weak. Such a sensation was vexing to say the least, and Bai Yunfei couldn't help but try to think of why this could be the case.

"Hold on! This feeling, it feels a bit like the…." The missing gear suddenly popped inside his head, "the Upgrade Stone?!"

The final piece of the puzzle was finally there for him to place. This feeling he was getting from the Nephrite Throne was extremely similar to the feeling from the Upgrade Stone! It wasn't an identical match, but the similarity between them was far greater than the differences!

Many a times, Bai Yunfei had tried his best to experiment and study the precious item that was known as the Upgrade Stone. He had been loathed to use the first one given to him by Hai Dongqing first and used it to study every so often whenever he was bored. For that reason, he was pretty familiar with what the stone felt like, and thus why he was able to sense the Upgrade Stone hidden away in the nest of the prisma oriole.

"So that thing is the Nephrite Throne, and a Great Regalia…." Bai Yunfei ruminated on what the Black Dragon King said to everyone. "I've never heard it before, but it has to pretty precious if the Black Dragon King had to throw it away like that. Everyone wants it, but unfortunately for him, the only one to go after it was Xing Yuan, who didn't even matter in the fight…."

Author Note: Regalia was once used as equipment tier, specifically for heaven tier soul armaments before I decided to revamp the equipment tier system. I hope no reader will misunderstand the situation and realize that Regalia now has a new meaning in this novel.

"Even I was able to tell how unique it was even after it was thrown. Clearly this throne is many times better than the Upgrade Stones I came across!!" Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up with the utmost glee as he realized the significance of the item.

"Doesn't this mean the 'Nephrite Throne' is made from….a lot of Upgrade Stones?!!"

His heart skipped a beat just thinking about that possibility, and the light in his eyes intensified in sharpness. Temporarily forgetting about the battle taking place, Bai Yunfei stared off towards the Nephrite Throne and the chasing figure of Xing Yuan with a great deal of uncertainty….


The attack the Two Winged Kings announced onto the Black Dragon King, the 'Featherfall', had already plenty of feathers see to striking down at the shield of his, exploding with terrifying vigor whenever contact was had.

Just a single feather wasn't very strong, but tens of thousands of them was a force to be reckoned with. With all of them exploding at once, the Black Dragon King was unable to move anywhere without being hit by one of them!

Each explosion forced the Black Dragon King down towards the ground, and the black shield of his having a small dent on its face. Though a different explosion would erupt with each feather touching it, the shield would still have a black light relight on its surface afterwards.

"Is this the strength of the Two Winged Kings? A soulbeast at the limits of a late-stage class seven would be killed by such an attack, let alone a mid-stage class seven like they are!!"

The Two Winged Kings was a new opponent for him to fight, but already did their fighting prowess blow his expectations out from the waters. Just the Featherfall move alone was enough for him to feel completely convinced that they were many times stronger than the Azure Snake King he once fought before!

"And….why haven't any of them run after the Nephrite Throne?!" His ire grew even stronger at that. It pained him so much to throw the item away, and yet not a single one of the Soul Kings went after it!

Xing Yuan was of no consequence to him, of course.

"Do they not care about the Nephrite Throne?!" he screamed mentally, "This can't be! It's a Regalia any being in the world would drool over! How are they not swayed by it?!"

He couldn't accept this resolution. Throwing away the Nephrite Throne was something he didn't want to do at all, and yet not a single person had taken the bait!

Several dozen years ago, he was stuck in a situation very much like this one. In order to escape with his life, the Black Dragon King had used the Nephrite Throne as bait.

Much to his glee, the people there took the bait and chased after it, allowing him to kill the ones that stayed behind and then kill the ones that went after the throne.

That way, he was able to make it out with his life and take back the Nephrite Throne.

That had also been his closest brush with death barring today.

As long as he could avoid it, the Black Dragon King didn't want to resort to using the Nephrite Throne. It came under his possession several hundred years ago, and he was extremely fond of it.

But to come under fire like this today with people such as the Two Winged Kings and Wu Tianling gave him no other choice. They weren't many in numbers, but their strength made up for that.

Actually, the Black Dragon King had the feeling that there were several hidden foes lying in wait. It was only a feeling, or intuition, as he'd like to call it, but it was with this intuition that he was able to live for so long. That was another reason why he was so willing to throw away the Nephrite Throne!

True as it was that it was his most precious treasure, he had to be alive in order to even use it.


One explosion later, the Black Dragon King impacted against the ground!

"Grab him alive! If not, then at least get his soulgem and corpse!" Liang Xing cried out to Lin Hefan, the two moving in with their soulbeast puppets to attack.

Though things were going awry with the arrival of the Two Winged Kings, their chances of capturing the Black Dragon King alive became very slim. But even then, they had to try their best for the sake of the Beast Taming School to earn a profit somehow!

Pausing briefly for a moment, Ma Wu waved his golden sword to attack. Due to the injuries he sustained from the Black Dragon King in their fight before, Ma Wu was afraid to attack him from up close, so he choose to stay behind and wait for the best time to attack.

Standing in the air, Wu Lingtian had a grim expression on his face, though his soulforce was fluctuating in movement as he prepared himself to attack….

The attack of the Two Winged Kings was finally at its end, and no more dust was being kicked up from the ground now.

Fractured all over, the black shield in the Black Dragon King's hand managed to stop one more explosion before finally crumbling to pieces in his hand!

In the end, the low-heaven tier soul armament had been utterly destroyed by the Two Winged Kings!

As soon as the shield fell apart, the Black Dragon King immediately found himself besieged by the strongest attacks his opponents had to offer….

The Black Dragon King's body began to quiver all over. His eyes were bloodshot due to the stress of fighting for his life, and his heart was filled with hatred. He tilted his head up to look at the Two Winged Kings, the pupils of his eyes already given way to his berserk fury!


Extending his jaw wide open, an earth-shaking roar erupted from it along with a dense miasma of black light. It first enveloped his body in it before then spreading out to cover the surrounding area!

From ten meters, a hundred meters, three hundred meters, and then five hundred meters…..

The black miasma billowed outwards to eight hundred meters in the blink of an eye. A frightful aura manifested itself from within the miasma before it shot straight out into the skies!

Another dragon's roar was heard again, seemingly calling for the clouds above to darken in color ominously.

As the clouds grew darker and denser, droplets of rain began to fall before ultimately giving way to a downpour!

A figure nearly a kilometer long in length slowly descended down from the clouds. Scales as dark as the night adorned its body, giant claws capable of shredding the earth at its hands, and a tail a hundred meters long hung at the very end of the dragon-like body before it let loose another roar that shook the hearts of everyone that heard it!

This was….the true form of the Black Dragon!


At the same time of its appearance, Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up with opportunity, "Now!"

Flying straight out like a bullet from the canopus of the tree he was hiding in, Bai Yunfei made a beeline for the west without any hesitation to his step!

Chapter 442: Leaving the Battlefield (First)

A battle between beings of the Soul King level wasn't a battle Bai Yunfei could hope to take part of. With his current strength, a stray elemental 'grenade' from the fight would be enough to turn him into a bloody smear on the ground. He wanted to run away, but he was also worried that Xing Yuan would notice and try to kill him.

So Bai Yunfei decided to wait for when everyone was too busy on fighting while he continued to recover from his wounds.

By relying on the effects of his armor and the ambient energy around him, Bai Yunfei enjoyed a brief moment of accelerated recovery to a point where Bai Yunfei felt comfortable enough to try and make his escape.

It went without saying that this battle was wonderful to watch and invaluable to learn from, but the battlefield was getting bigger and bigger, and Bai Yunfei could not longer guarantee his own safety if he stayed. Leaving now rather than later would be a wise choice, especially now that the Two Winged Kings were here.

Bai Yunfei sensed from Xiao Qi that the Two Winged Kings knew that they were here, so them leaving shouldn't be a problem to the Two Winged Kings.

Furthermore, if the Two Winged Kings were so inclined to show their 'consideration' for them, all the Two Winged Kings had to do was exert some semblance of pressure onto Xing Yuan so that even if he realized Bai Yunfei was there, there'd be nothing to do besides being blown up by the two jian for being a bothersome 'ant'.

This line of thought was dashed when the Black Dragon King tossed away the Nephrite Throne, causing Xing Yuan to chase after it. To make his decision even harder to make, Bai Yunfei realizing what the Nephrite Throne gave rise to a third option….

In all fairness, this was an extremely auspicious opportunity! If everyone but Xing Yuan wasn't willing to leave, then Bai Yunfei had a chance to partake!

Every reward had its dangers, but Bai Yunfei was more than willing to risk it! The soulgem of a late-stage class seven soulbeast, revenge, or justification for the death of the many inhabitants of the continent wasn't something Bai Yunfei had the right to talk about. But if it was chasing after the 'unwanted' treasure, then Bai Yunfei had no problems in doing!

So, with every single new development taken into consideration, Bai Yunfei came to a decision. Once the Black Dragon King revealed its final form, he'd make use of the reveal to beat a hasty escape!

As soon as Bai Yunfei leapt out from his hiding spot, Xiao Qi followed suit. Transforming in size, Xiao Qi grew large enough to catch Bai Yunfei in its claws before taking off towards the west like a shooting star!


Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi's sudden was noticed by each of the Soul Kings fighting, but not a single one of them cared. Only Liang Xing cared enough to give both of the two a slight glance, but when he realized how weak they were, he snorted and looked back to the fight at hand.

Yi Rou had looked at Xiao Qi with concern, but a warning from Yi Gang pulled her glance away from the bird. Pressing their hands together, Yi Gang and Yi Rou had an extremely long strand of elemental energy fly down onto the Black Dragon King like a hammer!


Down below, the Black Dragon King snarled and took a step back. Though it was only a step, over a hundred meters of ground was covered by that one step alone, and the ground trembled when his foot came smashing back down onto it, leaving a giant footprint in its place.

Opening his maw up wide, the Black Dragon King snapped at the bolt of energy!


There was a clang as his fangs met with the bolt of energy, but with the black miasma increasing the strength of his bite, the bolt of energy was ultimately broken into several pieces! As for the other half of the bolt still left intact, the Black Dragon King redirected it towards the glacial roc. Upon contact with the bolt, the glacial roc let loose a pain-filled screech.

Shifting its body slightly, the Black Dragon King lashed out with his tail to slam it into the three bolts of golden energy from Ma Wu. Pinging loudly with each bolt hit, he redirected the bolt towards the wind squaller a kilometer away!

A figure cloaked in golden light suddenly appeared right behind the Black Dragon King's head at that moment, a giant blade ten meters tall and two meters wide in his hands and ready to give deliverance onto his head!

It was Wu Tianling!


A few meters up in the air, Bai Yunfei was now riding on the back of Xiao Qi as they made their escape. Looking back just in time to see a series of explosions rock the earth, Bai Yunfei was pleased to see that no one looked like they'd be coming after him. Sighing in relief, Bai Yunfei wiped off the sweat from his forehead.

His hand reached down towards the Beast Taming Ring in Xiao Qi's mouth. Touching at the empty ring, Bai Yunfei looked back towards the tree they left behind.

"Xiao Lan, this is where we'll be saying goodbye. We can't take you with us from here on out…." He sighed, shaking his head in sadness.

The blue-eyes wyrm just had to go. It wasn't as though Xiao Qi couldn't carry the wyrm, but that Bai Yunfei needed the Beast Taming Ring back. And without the Beast Taming Ring to control the wyrm, there'd be no way that the wyrm would be willing enough to follow Bai Yunfei.

After traveling with the wyrm for so long, Bai Yunfei had a sense of attachment to it. The wyrm was a rather cool mount, but although it pained him to do so, Bai Yunfei had no other choice.

Back in the tree Xiao Qi flew out from, Xiao Lan stood on one of the tree branches, staring at the two companions it had previously traveled with. In its eyes, a humanistic-like look of contemplation could be seen. With how its eyes flashed strangely with light, a myriad of emotions could be seen with each flash of light.

Surprise, bewilderment, joy, and even a little bit of….reluctance….

It shook its head wildly before turning back to look at the awe-inspiring battle with the Black Dragon King. Shivering slightly at the sight, the blue-eyes wyrm then leapt down from the tree before making a careful, but quick beeline towards the south away from the area.

Since it was only an insignificant class six soulbeast, the people battling in the opposite direction wouldn't bat an eyelid at it….


Rain was pouring down in heavy amounts, the skies being especially dark at the moment with lightning bolt crashing down from the skies. At this moment, Bai Yunfei sat on the top of Xiao Qi's back, his Cataclysmic Seal hovering in front of him with its barrier protecting him and Xiao Qi from the chilling gale and the rain.

They were traveling in the direction of where the Nephrite Throne was tossed, but not so far in that direction that they could be spotted by Xing Yuan. But with such a speed like that, Bai Yunfei was starting to feel uncertain if he'd be able to catch up in time….

"The Black Dragon King has a strong throwing arm. Even with all that elemental energy protecting it, he was able to throw it unbelievably far. I wonder just how far he threw it though…."

With his soulsense as his guide, Bai Yunfei made sure to think about what he thought about the Black Dragon King. "It would've been better to run a little earlier, but good thing there weren't any other experts nearby, otherwise they would've joined the fight earlier. If they weren't strong enough, then they would've been hidden far away like I was. If they were hidden far away though, the chances of me meeting them would've been pretty high if they're going after the throne."

"Xing Yuan…." Bai Yunfei looked up, "he has the advantage over me. But Xiao Qi is a lot faster than he is, so I should be able to catch up soon. Hopefully, he'll have the Nephrite Throne in hand so I can take it from him."

His first encounter with Xing Yuan had left him in a quandary where only escape was possible, but things were different now. Thanks to the elevation of strength he got with Xiao Qi, and the 'tide-changing treasure' he got, his chances of winning against Xing Yuan was even higher now!

"I could beat Xing Yuan, and even if someone else comes for it, I don't really need the throne, so I can just leave after that."

He nodded in satisfaction of his plan.

"Xiao Qi," he affectionately patted Xiao Qi on the back of its neck, "you just need to fly straight, if we don't, we'll never find the treasure."


As if to reassure him, Xiao Qi chirped once before flapping its wings to fly even faster….

Chapter 443: The Tragedy of the Throne Seeker, the Convenience Man (Second)

In the later half of the class six area of the Soulbeast Forest.


The cries of a beast reverberated through the forest, but its cries were quickly cut short a moment later.

A man pulled his sword out from the throat of a recently killed leopard. From both the wound and the sword, blood dripped freely onto the ground.

The man plunged the sword again into the leopard's head, excavating its soulgem into his hand.

"Man, I struck it rich today. Was going to leave, but then this late-stage class six soulbeast comes out of nowhere! What a convenient bounty!" He gloated to himself as he wiped the soulgem clean of blood before storing it away.

"Hehe, I really am just lucky. The others were killed by that late-stage class six delusion bear, but I had it in me to escape. Guess it's true when they say fortune follows misfortune. With this late-stage class six soulgem, I won't be going home empty-handed!"

This man is Bian Dangnan, a wandering cultivator that was actually in his fifties rather than in his thirties as his appearance might show. He was actually quite strong as a late-stage Soul Exalt and was a part of an adventuring team with two other late-stage Soul Exalts and three mid-stage Soul Exalts. Their group came into the forest to go hunting for soulbeasts, but a rampaging late-stage class six delusion bear had nearly decimated the team, leaving Bian Dangnan as the only survivor. In his rush to flee from the area, he came across a half-dead late-stage class six zombie leopard and ambushed it.

TL Note: This person's name (卞当楠) is a homophone to 便当男 (Biandang Nan), meaning a 'bento male', or a male who is seemingly financially secure. Or in this case, convenient.

"Wonder what the leopard was so panicked about, though." Bian Dangnan tilted his head quizzically.

"What's that?"

A glow of white light off in the distance caught his eye. Realizing that something was flying overhead, he turned to look and see what it was.

"A chair?!" He was bewildered upon realizing what the flying object was, but then when he sensed the aura emanating from the chair, he smiled. "This….this is treasure! Time to get me another bountiful piece of treasure!!"

He leapt into the air, not willing to miss out on this opportunity. Orange light glowed underneath his feet with each leap he took, and in a matter of a few steps, he was high in the skies ready to grab hold of the throne.

He clapped his hands together with a grunt. Elemental earth started to gather in front of him, and when enough was gathered, it transformed into a wall of solid earth.


The throne collided with the wall, but rather than stopping like Bian Dangnan expected, the throne smashed straight through it!

Nearly watching the throne fly past him, Bian Dangnan hastened to grab onto it with his elemental earth now being used to strengthen his grip.

"Hngh!" He grunted, exerting all of the muscle and strength he had as a late-stage Soul Exalt to stop the Nephrite Throne from flying away.

But he was unsuccessful. The throne slipped away from his grasp and continued onwards to finally come crashing into the mountain to his left a few hundred meters away.

"Elemental darkness!!" Bian Dangnan was stunned, his eyes wide open in his disbelief. In the moment he tried to grab onto the throne, the elemental darkness still enveloping it had managed to soak into his body! It wasn't a large amount enough to be fatal, but his arms went numb as soon as it made contact with the elemental darkness!

"Hmph!!" Expelling the elemental darkness with his soulforce, Bian Dangnan's entire person lit up in a fiery glow of orange.

The purge took a while before he could finally move again. With one last push, he drove out the last vestiges of the elemental darkness from his body!

"Whew….that was scary! It was just a little strand of elemental darkness, but that was too much for me!" Bian Dangnan stretched his arms as he inspected his body all over. Upon seeing nothing was wrong, he immediately looked back to where the throne had gone.

"That's definitely treasure!!" He shouted in joy, but before he could move, a terrifying aura from behind caused him to turn around in fear!

Right as he did, the large jaw of a bloody maw came forward to devour him!


All he heard was its roar before everything black for him. Pain wracked his entire body for a moment, and then, he felt nothing….

In one bite, the thunderfire wolf had clamped over the upper half of Bian Dangnan's body. Shaking its head, the thunderfire wolf split the man's body in two, allowing the bottom half to fall back down from the skies.

The silhouette of a person came to a stop right next to his dead carcass. Stooping over, the figure collected the dead man's space ring and inspected its inner contents. "Pah! Just an overzealous weakling lusting after something as powerful as the Nephrite Throne…."

A vacant look that of a dead man was still on Bian Dangnan's face. His eyes were glossy, though still holding the expression of bewilderment in them–he had been unlucky, by using his soulforce to counteract the elemental darkness, his awareness had been temporarily softened. So when the thunderfire wolf came up to devour him, he stood no chance at all….

"But he was useful in slowing down the Nephrite Throne, else it fly even farther away for another person to take." Xing Yuan murmured. Avarice filling his eyes as he stared at the throne, he moved to get closer to it to pick it up.

"So this is one of the Ten Great Regalia, the Nephrite Throne…."

He couldn't help but stare hungrily at it for a while. He knew that even as an elder of the Beast Taming School, he wouldn't live past a month if he tried to take the throne for himself….

"Eh? It won't fit in the space ring?!" When he tried to store away the item, Xing Yuan was alarmed to find out that it wouldn't go in!

"There's another source of energy here, some type of soulforce imprinting!" It took a while for Xing Yuan to realize just how this imprinting came to be.

"The Black Dragon King! He turned the Nephrite Throne into a soulbound armament!"

With the exception of those from the Crafting School, soulbound armaments are rare to find from any soul cultivator beneath the rank of a Soul King. But for Soul Kings and those even stronger, soulbound armaments were a relatively easy thing to make. Any Soul King could simply imprint their soulforce onto the soul armament and bind it to them.

"In that case, I'll have to wait for the second elder to take care of it, or wait for them to kill the Black Dragon King. With his death, we should be able to take it, I should fir—"

A sudden source of soulforce caught his eye, interrupting his speech. Turning towards the east, Xing Yuan saw a flash of azure and violet come flying over to him!

"It's….." Xing Yuan realized who it was instantaneously, "it's him!!"