Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 98

"..." Everyone fell into silence!

Grilling… Grilling chicken wings?

He was in the Tower of Souls. Grilling chicken wings? This kid is crazy!

Everyone froze in shock, their faces displayed looks of astonishment.

The group of cultivators who had followed Xu Que earlier broke out into a second round of laughter after hearing this.

"Hahaha! I… I admit defeat! Master Hua is a genius and the most talented cultivator in the entire world!"

"Only Master Hua can think of something like this to do."

"No, no, no. It's not just Master Hua. I think it's a hobby of those disciples from Heavenly Explosion Faction."

"Why do you say that?"

"When we first went past the Fire Country, I heard stories of a vile disciple of Heavenly Explosion Faction as well. His name was Xiao Yan. After killing a leader of a powerful sect, he stood at that same spot and started grilling chicken wings. He decided to wait for his men to call for reinforcements. When he was done with his meal and the reinforcements from the sect had arrived, he killed the entire group of them effortlessly."

"Whoah!" Everyone present was astonished by this piece of news.

So it seems like the evil disciples of Heavenly Explosion Faction all enjoy grilling chicken wings at the most inappropriate timings!

The Sky Incense Valley disciples were extremely startled and confused. After presiding over so many rounds of tests, this was the first time they had ever seen anything like this.

He went to start a fire from wood and then he started grilling chicken wings over the fire. Was he trying to pass a test or enjoying himself?

At last, a high cultivation level person walked over and spoke out, "At first, we assumed that the reason for starting a fire was to hurt someone. Since it was to grill chicken wings, it means he didn’t intentionally disrupt your concentrations. If your mental resistance was strong, how can something so minor distract you?"

"Dang! Dang! Dang!"

All of a sudden, three loud sounds rang out. Apart from Xu Que’s wooden tile which was still hovering the second level, all the other wooden tiles were absorbed by the wall and had stuck themselves on the exterior of the tower.

Soon after, several cultivators were expelled from the tower at the same time. Their faces revealed looks of extreme hatred and anger.

Everyone in the crowd froze. What… What did that black robed youngster do this time?

"..." The Sky Incense Valley disciples couldn’t bear it any longer as they asked, "What did the black robed young man did again?"

"He’s grilling chicken wings! Fellow brothers and sisters, we are not contented. We demand a retest." The few cultivators shouted out angrily, their faces were full of humiliation and agitation.

The Sky Incense Valley disciples crinkled their brows, "He’s still grilling chicken wings? How did that affect you anyway?"

The cultivators looked extremely upset, "The chicken wings which he grilled… Smelt too delicious."

Everyone : "..."

"What rubbish. Can chicken wings even be eaten? Even if they can, who would even grill them and cause a delicious aroma to waft in the air?"

"It’s indeed ridiculous. If you tell me that he distracted you by starting a fire and the smoke got to you, I can understand. But he was just grilling chicken wings and you’re saying that it affected you. I really find it difficult to believe." Many cultivators were shaking their heads in disbelief.

"That’s right. Master Hua probably got hungry while trying to cross over to the third level. What’s wrong with grilling some chicken wings then?" The cultivators who followed Xu Que from the second test area spoke out in his defense at this point.

The cultivators who had just been expelled looked like they were about to cry, "If you don’t believe us, you can take a look. I do not believe that any of you will be able to keep you concentration and focus on meditation while smelling that delicious smell."

"At this point, he’s already getting ready to enter the third floor. If you don’t believe me, you should wait. There will be more cultivators to be expelled from the tower."

The Sky Incense Valley disciples frowned and looked at each other.

"What should we do?"

"If whatever they say is correct, this round of test has been messed up."

"If not… Maybe we should open the windows to the tower and see what’s happening inside?"

"Let’s do that!"

The disciples agreed on the plan and nodded their heads in unison. They decided to open the windows of the tower to see the situation on the inside.

The disciple who was in charge of lifting the veil and opening the entrance fished out a silver tile. He then conjured a spell as he threw the silver tile onto the tower.


A loud sound reverberated all around. In the next instant, they could see into the situation within the tower.

Everyone in the audience fell silent as they turned their heads to take a look.

A bright light could then be seen on the second floor of the tower. In that instant, it was as if the curtains from the tower had been drawn, revealing everything that was happening within.

The situation on the second floor was thus clear for everyone outside the tower to observe.

At the same time, a delicious smell wafted into their noses. It was a decadent, slightly overcooked smell with many spices added to it.

"Hsss!" Everyone outside sucked in a deep breath of air.

"This... This smell is too delicious. It’s too difficult to withstand!"

"It’s just chicken wings. How did he manage to make it smell so delicious?"

"Just smelling such an aroma is enough to make me drool. I am so hungry now!"

"No wonder they couldn’t concentrate when they were on the same level as him. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to withstand it as well!"

Everyone in the crowd sighed out regretfully.

At this point, Xu Que was squatting on the ground nibbling on the grilled chicken wings. All of a sudden, he felt something shift within the walls around him. He then turned his head to look at the walls behind him and was astonished.

"Fuck me. These walls could become transparent like glass? This is magnificent!"
He stood up and walked over towards the wall as he ate his chicken wings. He then looked down and saw an entire group of cultivators staring back up at him.

He took another huge bite out of the chicken wing which had a crispy skin but tender meat. A crack sound could be heard as he sank his teeth into the piece of meat.

"Gulp!" All the cultivators down below were shocked. Many of them couldn’t help but gulp down in hunger as they wiped their mouths with the corners of their sleeves!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

Xu Que finished the entire piece of chicken within the next bite as he glanced down at the crowd beneath. He then laughed out and asked, "My fellow Daoist friends, how may I help you?"

"..." Nobody in the crowd had any words to reply to him.

Even the Sky Incense Valley cultivators were astounded and continued looking up in a daze. This happened for sometime until one of them snapped back to his senses and asked with a bitter expression, "My friend, what are you trying to do?"

"What do you mean? I’m hungry, why can’t I cook something to eat? Besides, nobody mentioned anything about not being able to cook chicken wings while inside the Tower of Souls!" Xu Que asked, his eyes wide open.

The cultivator’s lips trembled as he replied, "You can eat. But… But… Can you not prepare something which smells so delicious?"

"If I can’t prepare delicious food, does that mean you want me to prepare smelly rotten food to eat?"

"My friend, why don’t you cooperate with us. If not, this entire round would be ruined." The Sky Incense Valley looked extremely helpless. Afterall, there were no rules which said that a participant cannot eat while in the tower. Hence, the only thing he could do was to ask him politely.

Xu Que thought to himself for sometime before his eyes lit up. "So, what you’re trying to say is that I can cook, as long as it doesn’t smell too delicious?"

"Yes, as long as you do not prepare foods which are too aromatic, you can have whatever you want." The Sky Incense Valley disciple nodded his head and spoke out.

"Fine, I shall give you some face. I won’t eat chicken wings anymore." Xu Que promised earnestly. He then tossed the bones of that chicken wing onto the ground before turning around and walking towards the third floor.

"Many thanks, my friend!" The Sky Incense Valley disciple heaved a sigh of relief.

Only the group of cultivators who had followed Xu Que from the second test area in the valley knew that something wasn’t right. Their eyelids were jumping as they heard this.

"That’s not right! The killing and murderous demon is speaking nicely and reasonably?"

"It feels like something big is about to happen."

The cultivators were all extremely suspicious as they looked up towards Xu Que.

Xu Que didn’t carry anything along with him. He just walked over to the staircase leading up to the third floor effortlessly. At the same time, he called out for the system, "System. Do you sell smelly tofus?"