Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 96

In the midst of all the noise and shouts, Xu Que maintained a calm and composed expression. A hint of smile lingered upon his lips as he stood within the crowd and queued up quietly.

At this moment, he looked exactly like a refined and educated young man. Standing in the middle of a chaotic crowd quietly, he attracted the attentions of many female cultivators around.

In fact, it wasn’t just that group of female cultivators who noticed him. The disciples from Sky Incense Valley realized his presence in the crowd as well. The female disciples snuck glances at this black robed cultivator from time to time. They thought to themselves, "What a young, attractive and refined looking cultivator. He looks like an educated philosopher!"

If these words were to be heard by the group of cultivators who had excused themselves from this stage, they were sure to vomit blood!

How could this kid be refined and educated? Which part of him is refined?

When it comes to barbaric killing, no one could be better than him. When it came to scolding vulgarities and cursing, nobody could match him as well.

The reason he was being quiet and reserved now wasn’t because he was reserved in nature. Instead, it was to build up for the ultimate acting tough ploy later on!

"Enter the tower!" At last, a male disciple shouted out as he retrieved a black steel tile which flew towards the tower.

"Dang!" A dull thud rang out as the entrance of the tower lit up in a flash of bright light.

Instantly, the veil in front of the tower was lifted.

The group of ten people started to make their ways towards the first level of the tower!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!" Everytime someone entered the building, their wooden tiles would fly out of their hands and hover around the first level of the tower.

Xu Que made his preparations as he clutched onto his wooden tile and took a step forward.

"Whoosh!" Almost instantly, the wooden tile flew out of his palms.

The second Xu Que took his second step, he could feel an immense pressure weight down upon him. It felt extremely suffocating as if a strong tidal wave had swept over his entire body!

"Wow, fuck!"bXu Que could feel his soul tremble slightly and felt as if his soul was about to leave his body from that immense wave.

He steadied his footsteps and willed himself into concentration. Taking deep breaths, he finally managed to stabilize himself.

However, just to remain planted on the ground required a great deal of effort on his part. His entire body seem to have be frozen to the ground. It was as if taking another step would completely destabilize him.

"Why would it be like this? Damn it. Why is my soul this weak? It’s only the first level! And I can’t even move any further? System, system. Hurry and come out you slow acting slave." Xu Que was astounded as he hurriedly called out for the system.

"Ding! Ever since the host transmigrated over to this new body, you haven’t completely fused your soul to this body yet. The system shall help you configure the settings and conduct merging now. Please wait."

"Currently merging at 1%..."

"Currently merging at 3%..."

"Currently merging at 6%..."

"Currently merging at 13%..."

Xu Que could see a bar appear on the information interface, updating him of the progress. Although the speed of progression was somewhat slow, Xu Que still heaved a sigh of relief, "So this is the side effects of transmigration. Damn it! It scared the shit out of me. I thought my acting tough was going to backfire on me and leave me eating grass instead of soaring!"

However, the fact that he completely stopped attracted strange stares from everyone else within the tower.

"Haha! That’s hilarious. Look at that kid who just entered. He’s not moving at all." Someone realized and started laughing out loud.

"Ai, that can’t be!"

"This is only the first level. And he can’t move already? His soul and mental strengths are too weak!"

"That’s right. Even a Core Bearing Stage cultivator would be able to get to the second stage without much difficulties. And this kid is already at the Golden Core Stage!"

"I’ve never heard of anything like that. Someone would actually be stuck on the first stage and be immobilized by the pressure."

"Young man, congratulations! You’ve set a new record! It’s a pity that your record is for the lowest stage ever! Haha!!!"

An entire group of people started laughing out in plain mockery as they walked, brushing past Xu Que’s shoulder as they headed for the second level effortlessly.

"Fuck. Just you wait!" Xu Que gritted his teeth and squinted his eyes, remembering the faces of those who mocked him.

At this point, the people outside the tower were stumped.

They realized that the minute Xu Que walked into the tower, he took two steps and stopped moving. He was locked in at that exact spot as if he couldn’t progress any further.

The group of cultivators who were afraid of Xu Que and didn’t dare to enter the same stage as him were stunned as well. They were in utter disbelief.

"That’s impossible! The killing demon has such a fragile and weak mental disposition?"

"That’s not right. I have a feeling he’s doing this intentionally."

"Do you think he has something up his sleeve?"

"Looks like he has a ploy to me. Afterall, he’s a scheming and crafty person."

"That’s right! A person who could wipe out a hundred cultivators effortlessly, how weak can he really be?"

The group of people who were speaking unknowingly attracted the attentions of other cultivators around. Many people cast curious glances at the group of cultivators and someone asked out, "My friends, may I know what you are speaking of? I think I overheard someone saying something about killing a hundred cultivators effortlessly?"

"Heheh… haven’t you heard? Don’t you know who that young man in black robes is?" The cultivator who knew what was happening gave a grin.

"Who is he?" Everyone around started to get curious.

"He’s Hua Wu Que from Heavenly Explosion Faction!"

"What’s that? What kind of sect is Heavenly Explosion Faction?"

"Keke… just one look and I can tell you know nothing. The Heavenly Explosion Faction is a sect which only admits the very best fighters and cultivators throughout the entire realm. It’s a sort of a secret sect and most of its disciples are extremely evil. For example, this black robed young man. Something major happened while he was in the second stage earlier…" Hence the group of cultivators started explaining to the rest of the bewildered people around.

Xu Que didn’t know that people were spreading news and talking about the Heavenly Explosion Faction which didn’t even exist.

At this point, everyone on the first level had left, leaving him standing there all by himself. He looked straight but was still unable to move.

It was as if he was stoning out in nothingness. He had just entered the system’s shops and purchased the strongest soul strength booster he could find.

He was confident that as long as his body had fully merged with his soul, crossing through this level wasn’t going to be a problem at all.

However, as for going up the next few levels, he wasn’t very sure anymore.

At first, Xu Que wanted to put on his Spirit Visage armor to defend himself against the crushing pressure he was experiencing. However, the system informed him that the armor wasn’t going to prevent the pressure from getting to him. That was because the Spirit Visage could only protect against threatening spells which is not what this Tower of Souls does. The system thus suggested he purchase some boosters.

Hence, Xu Que opened up the system interface and purchased several items.

Empty Sky Pills: Permanently increases soul strength and mental resistance by 1% (Limited to 300 pill purchases every day)

Price: 10 act tough points.

Dark Jade Dew: Permanently increases soul strength and mental resistance by 60% 

Price: 500 act tough points

"Why is everything in percentages and not in absolute numbers? Forget it, I shall buy these two items." Xu Que looked at it and decided between these two boosters for himself.

Out of both of these, the Empty Skill Pill was the most worth it. Every pill would increase his soul strength and mental resistance by 1% and it only costs 10 act tough points.

However, if such pills were to be used in high quantities, the prices wouldn’t be cheap anymore.

Take the Dark Jade Dew as an example. Although it cost 500 act tough points, it could increase up to 60% of his soul strength and mental resistance. If he were to purchase 60 Empty Skill Pills, he would achieve the same 60% but spend 600 act tough points.

Hence, Xu Que contemplated for sometime and decided to spend 100 act tough points on 10 Empty Skill Pill. He decided to use it first and see the situation from there.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for completing the merge between body and soul." the system rang out.

Xu Que immediately felt his whole body turn light as if he just tossed aside the shackles and binds that were weighing him down. The crushing pressures which overwhelmed him earlier was now completely gone.

"Oh, I feel very different." Xu Que exhaled happily. He glanced at the stairwell leading to the second level and laughed out loud. "Hehe... now I shall find those group of guys at the second level to settle scores with them. It’s now my turn. If I can’t make you so angry that you wish you were dead, my name shan’t be Acting Tough King Xu Que!" He then swallowed all ten Empty Sky Pills before walking effortlessly onto the second floor.