Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 95

This Tower of Souls was obviously a building and was also a weapon of sorts.

However, it wasn’t a type of weapon which has a strong firepower that could kill. Instead, it was a type of weapon which would limit the cultivation powers of a cultivator and prevent any powers from being used. It could also transform into a pocket sized building or it could turn extremely large whenever the need arose to protect or defend.

Sky Incense Valley has a long and reputable line of succession history. The entire sect looked up to their disciples who possess unnatural mental strengths and resistance. That was why the third stage involved this Tower of Souls which would test for these qualities.

The minute Xu Que passed through a veil into the test domains, he looked up at the Tower of Souls some distance away and was astounded by the magnificence of it.

This tower was much bigger and taller than he had imagined it to be.

He had initially thought that it would just be like any other building he had seen before. He pictured it to be ten storeys at most. However, this Tower of Souls was so tall that it extended far above the clouds and looked extremely formidable.

The Tower of Souls had a steel-colored triangular roof. Regardless of which angle it was looked at, it was extremely unique.

"Impressive! Indeed, cultivators are able to create anything they imagine. One day, I shall create a tower of my own based on my impulses. It shall be like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Let’s see if you’d be intimidated by my tower then!" Xu Que mumbled under his breath as he strode towards the tower.
There were many groups of people surrounding the tower. Apart from the supervising Sky Incense Valley disciples, groups of people waiting for their time to enter the tower and cultivators who had already finished this level of the test were there.

All their eyes were glued onto the tower and they would occasionally let out gasps of shock. Or it could be sighs of regret.

And whenever the crowd sighed out regretfully, a cultivator would magically appear on the ground in front of the tower. This meant that they were expelled from the Tower of Souls after reaching a point which their souls could no longer handle the crushing pressure.

Xu Que was extremely surprised at how this group of people knew that someone was being expelled even before he appeared on the ground, outside the tower. He thus walked up slowly and raised his head to look up. The sight made him jump up in shock.

Outside the entrance of the Tower of Souls, there were many wooden tiles hanging along the walls. These wooden tiles were exactly the same as those hanging outside the entrance of the second stage. On each wooden tile, there were names and serial numbers.

Before entering the Tower of Souls, the wooden tile would be absorbed into the tower and a strong link would be formed between the participant and the wooden tile.

Everytime the owner of that wooden tile ascends a level, the wooden tile would float up to that same level and linger outside. Whenever the participant’s soul couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, the wooden tile would imprint itself onto the walls of the tower, on the same level which the participant dropped out from.

"At this point, there are two Daoist friends hanging on the third level. I wonder if anyone can ever break past the fourth level!"

"I’m afraid that’s going to be very difficult. Up to this point, there’ve only been five cultivators who ever managed to enter the fourth level. And these five were all of the Original Infant Stage!"

"I don’t agree with you. Although the strength of a person’s soul is dependent on his cultivation level, there are some exceptions as well. Look at our friend who’s holding on at the fourth level. He’s only at level 3 of the Golden Core Stage but the strength of his soul is immense!"

"Indeed, you are right about the strength of a person’s soul and his mental resistance. I’m sure that when this cultivator finally joins the sect, he would eventually become an alchemist or a weapon forger with such strengths!"

"He’s the subject of all our envies! There are so few alchemists or weapon forgers now. The alchemists and weapon forgers are always regarded in such high esteem. In fact, a six-star alchemist or weapon forger of the Original Infant Stage would receive so much more respect than an Infant Transformation Stage normal disciple. Their social status would be elevated on a different level!"

"What a pity that the requirements are so high!"

"Look at our friend who’s trying his best to hold on at the fourth level. I wonder if he can handle the fifth level. If he can, he would most definitely be issued the Elite Entrance Order."

Xu Que had unknowingly walked into the thick of the crowd. He raised his head to look up at the tower along with everyone else.

There were only three wooden tiles floating around the tower. Two tiles were hanging on the third level while the last tile was looming over the fourth level. This indicated that there were only three people within the tower!

"Pa-da!" a wooden tile which was floating on the third level was suddenly absorbed by the tower and slammed hard into the wall, emitting a loud crashing sound.

"It’s a shame that he’s unable to enter the fourth level." Someone from the audience sighed out in pity.

Several seconds later, a male cultivator was expelled from the tower and landed on the ground. His face was extremely pale.

Without speaking a word, he shook his head and sighed as he walked to a corner and sat down, trying to regain his strength.

"Look! The tile belonging to the cultivator stuck on the fourth level is moving! Heavens! He’s trying to break to the fifth level!"

At this point, the entire crowd was roused up.

Xu Que glanced across. Indeed, the wooden tile floating on the fourth level was starting to move slowly as it struggled to cross over to the fifth level.

The entire crowd started to get excited.

"It’s hard to imagine that the person was only at level 3 of the Golden Core Stage. See how strong his mental strength and soul is."

"Looks like that might be another potential alchemist or weapon forger from Fire Country!

"When he comes out, we should make friends with him!"

"Pa-da!" At last, that wooden tile crossed over to the fifth level and was immediately absorbed by the tower, causing the tile to slam hard into the wall.

Soon after, a green robed man was expelled from the tower. A trickle of blood ran down from the corners of his lips.

"My friend, please take this Crystal Pill. It will help you to regain your strength and repair the damage to your soul."

"No, my friend. I have another pill which is more suited for your injuries."

Many cultivators swarmed around him and showed their concern. They all wished to befriend this cultivator who had a bright future ahead of him.

Xu Que watched on coldly from the side as he shook his head without a word.

The difference in treatment between this person and the other cultivator who was expelled from the third level was extremely vast.

This was the cultivation world. A person of elite standings and powers would command respect and admiration.

"Tsk, tsk, what a cruel and cold world. But they don’t know that I will make it to the ninth level yet!" Xu Que clicked his tongue as he mumbled to himself expectantly.

Several moments later, the other wooden tile left hanging outside the third level looked like it couldn’t handle the pressure anymore as it dashed straight for the walls of the tower. The cultivator was expelled from the tower as well and concluded this round of the test.

Then, a Sky Incense Valley disciple walked over and spoke out loudly, "The fifth round of the test begins. Participants, please retrieve your wooden tiles and line up to enter the tower!"

Immediately, more than ten cultivators started moving. They held onto their wooden tiles and crowded at the entrance of the tower.

Xu Que followed along with the entire group of people and lined up outside the tower.

However, there were still an entire group of cultivators who refused to budge. They stood still and clutched onto their wooden tiles without moving a muscle.

When the Sky Incense Valley saw this, they frowned and asked, "Aren’t the lot of you participating in this round?"

The group of people hurriedly shook their heads and waved their hands, "No, no. We shall wait for the next round!"

"Why?" The Sky Incense Valley frowned and demanded.


"I’m not feeling very well now and wish to rest for a while."

"That’s right. Me too!"

"I feel the same way!"

Everyone started speaking out, saying that they weren’t feeling well.

The Sky Incense Valley disciples couldn’t help but get suspicious. However, they didn’t say much as well. Besides, there were no rules in place which required them to participate in that very round.

Clearly, this entire group of cultivators who had to find an excuse not to participate in this round were the same group who followed Xu Que along the way.

Since Xu Que caused such a ruckus in the previous test area, most of the people who had already been here from the start haven’t heard about him. Most of them outside the tower didn’t know who the legendary ‘Hua Wu Que’ was.

However, this particular group of cultivators already knew who he was. In fact, everyone of them from this group still wanted to keep their lives. Seeing Xu Que line up, they wouldn’t dare to enter the same round as him. Hence, they decided to remain behind and watch an exciting show they were sure would unfold and wait for the next round before participating.

Their actions however, caused quite some attention within the group of cultivators who were lining up. They then became the subject of ridicule.

"Haha! What a bunch of scaredy mice. They don’t even dare to enter the Tower of Souls?"

"Indeed! They have the guts of a little mouse. To think they even came up with the excuse of being ill. It’s hilarious!"

"Just a mere tower is enough to scare you to this extent. Why do you even bother participating in this test?"

"You’re really disgracing the people of my generation!"

The group of cultivators were mocking and ridiculing them which caused the other group to feel upset. However, they smiled and knew that misfortunes were about to befall the group of cultivators entering together with Xu Que.

Deep down within their hearts, they were scolding out, "You bunch of idiots. You might laugh now. Just you wait until you enter the tower with that monstrous demon. That’s when your laughter will turn to sorrow and tears!"