Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 93

At last, Xu Que’s wishes were finally granted to him. The few Sky Incense Valley disciples pointed him in the direction of the third level and warmly told him the rules and requirements to pass through this level.

"Master Hua, once you enter the boundaries of the third level, you would have to keep walking and moving on in order to pass through this level. The boundaries of this test is within a multistoried trial pagoda called the Tower of Souls. There are ten floors in this tower and there will be strong crushing pressures in each level. This will increase exponentially as the floor get higher. When you’ve reached a point where you can no longer withstand the pressure, the Tower of Souls will automatically expel you from it. At the same time, it will record your particulars and results. The scores will be tallied and the top 100 participants in order of merit will move on to the next phase."

"The record holders for this level were cultivators who managed to withstand the pressures of the fourth floor. There were a total of five of them. But based on our assessment of your strengths and capabilities, the fourth level wouldn’t pose much of a challenge for you."


Hence, Xu Que’s sentiments about this being unfair were finally quelled and he was appeased.

Wearing a broad smile across his face, he casted a glance at the cultivators which he haven’t killed and laughed out, "Good. I shall cut to the chase. When all of you mentioned that the only reason I could bully you was because of this armor I’m wearing, it really hurt my feelings. That’s because I never expected to be viewed as someone who had to rely on items in order to be strong. Hence…"

He paused earnestly and removed the Spirit Visage armor from his body to the astonished looks of everyone present. He then tossed it into his system inventory before putting his full Gloried Killing Blade away.

"Hence, I don’t need such enhancement items. In fact, being a member of the Heaven Explosion Faction, I am already wearing the dignity of my faction as my armor. Today, I shall rely solely on my capabilities and defeat all of you. Come, all of you should attack me together. None of you have to worry about anyone intervening. If any of these Sky Incense Valley disciples dare to meddle, I shall be the first one to annihilate them."

When Xu Que finished speaking, the dozen of Sky Incense Valley disciples were clearly upset.

And yet nobody dared to speak out in fear of offending him. In fact, those very words which he just spoke out proved to all the Sky Incense Valley disciples that this Hua Wu Que was anything but ordinary.

"Are you for real?"

"Are you sure you don’t need your armor and your dagger?"

Several cultivators looked convinced. They had thought that the only reason they couldn’t overcome Xu Que was because of the Spirit Visage armor he donned.

Now that Xu Que willingly took off his armor and even kept his weapon, their blood started boiling with red hot vengeance once more!

Xu Que thumped his chest before pointing to the heavens, "I, Hua Wu Que, swear to the heavens that when I’m fighting all of you, I shall not use any weapons or protecting armor. If I were to go back on my words, let me be overcome by my inner demons and die many times over. Are you satisfied now?"

Xu Que’s words were spoken loudly, full of conviction and sincerity. He was laughing deep down inside. However, "My name isn’t even Hua Wu Que anyway!"

When the cultivators heard him speak, they couldn’t control their rage any longer.

Swearing to the heavens with the threat of inner demons was extremely potent. Once the vow was broken, he would instantly be overcome with his own demons and die on the spot.

Such a vile and vicious oath would never be uttered by anyone for fear of the immense and dire consequences.

To everyone around, Xu Que wasn’t a normal person. He was a lunatic!

The Sky Incense Valley never expected Xu Que to do something like that and panicked on the spot. If Xu Que were to die, they would have no way of accounting to their Elders.

A female disciple spoke out, "Master Hua, please don’t be impulsive. There are no many of them. How can you…"

"Not another word. I have to finish this battle. If not, my inner demons will swallow me whole." Xu Que spoke out as if he were on the verge of life and death.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"


At the same time, the cultivators who had been chased by him earlier were starting to move. They clutched their various weapons tightly as if preparing for battle.

Apart from those group of people who managed to escape earlier and those who had already been killed by Xu Que, there were only a hundred or less people standing in front of him. However, such a number was considered many to most people.

"Hua Wu Que… Hahaha! Since you’ve already sworn, let’s fight then!"

"I never expected you to be this cunning. To stake your own inner demons as odds. Haha! You asked for this."

"And you even requested for all of us to attack you together. So if you really die in battle today, please don’t blame us for going overboard for all these were your requests." A group of people started mocking Xu Que and laughing out loudly.

The few Sky Incense Valley female disciples were extremely anxious as they all tried to dissuade Xu Que. "Master Hua, please calm down. There is still room for negotiation at this point."

"That’s right Master Hua. We all admit that your powers are supernatural. But with so many people attacking at the same time, how can you possibly hope to emerge victorious?"

"Let us help you out, Master Hua!"

Xu Que shook his head insistently as he shouted out, "There’s no need to dissuade me. I, Hua Wu Que, am a man of my words. Since I said I shan’t use my armor and my weapon, I won’t. I also said I won’t need anyone to help me. Today, I shall fight it out to the last drop of blood with this group of people. Only after bleeding and going through a tough fight would I come out stronger." He spoke loudly and confidently, with his tone as mighty as the rivers and mountains. He sounded as steadfast and immovable as a thousand mountains as though not even the strongest winds of this world could cause him to doubt himself.

At this moment, several disciples from Sky Incense Valley were captivated by his resolute and unshakable nature. They looked at him dazedly, their eyes were full of admiration.

It was extremely normal for women to fall in love with heroic figures. But it seemed like not only the women were charmed by him. Everyone seemed to have reached a sort of realization.

It’s no wonder! No wonder he’s so powerful. All of it came from the heart of a hero and a warrior. He doesn't have a single shred of fear in his heart. He’s not afraid of pain or death. Knowing that this was going to be an impossible battle, he still chose to take it on with optimism and fearlessness. He wanted to come out of this ordeal stronger!

So this is what heroes look like!

It seems like all of us have misunderstood him!

He’s not a lunatic. He’s just a determined and unwavering hero walking along a path filled with difficulties.

Master Hua, we owe you an apology!

At the same time, everyone looked at the shadow casted by Xu Que. Admiration and respect poured out from them as their faces were filled with apologetic looks.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!" The system rang out in his head as Xu Que stood as still as a rock.

He looked on with a determined glance as the large group of cultivators charged towards him. He stood as immovable and steadfast as the tallest mountain. Not a hint of expression could be seen on his face.

The several female disciples were clearly touched by him as they spoke out:

"Master Hua, you are absolutely right. A person has to go through a series of tough times in order to come out stronger. Only after fighting numerous of battles and bleeding numerous times would one be able to emerge a better person."

"Master Hua, we respect your decision. Please fight this battle at ease."

"We’ve misunderstood your intentions just now. Please win this battle for us! We believe in you!"

"Good!" Xu Que nodded his head and sighed, "I never expected to find people who finally understands me. This battle shall be worth it then. Even if I were to give up my life!"

To the rest of the cultivators who were charging down upon him, these words made their blood boil even more.

Before long, all the disciples around were hoping and praying that Xu Que would be able to survive this battle. They all wanted him to continue on his pursuit to be a better man and be stronger as a person.

At the same time, Xu Que took a single stride and raised his hand slowly.

"Whooom!" A sliver of white flames appeared from the end of his palm, causing everyone around to feel immensely cold. The group of cultivators didn’t even have time to react when they saw Xu Que’s palm.

The Bone Freezing Fire shot right out and enveloped the entire group of people.


Instantly, the hundred cultivators froze into large blocks of ice.

The battle has been concluded!

The Sky Incense Valley disciples were watching some distance away and were all stumped.

Xu Que exhaled deeply, "After a series of tough times and difficult battles, I can say that I’ve emerged stronger!"

Disciples : "..."

"Everyone, the battle has ended and I have to head for my third level of the test. Farewell." Xu Que spoke out before turning around, his robes flapped in the wind as he walked away.

He came so easily and now left so easily. With a wave of his robes, he walked into the clouds and rainbow.

Everyone watched his back as he walked away. Their brains froze, unable to react to this. At the same time, they almost wanted to clutch their chests in pain and had to try not to vomit blood out.

To hell with your sister and your series of tough times!

To hell with your sister and your difficult blood battles!

To hell with your sister and your numerous battles in order to emerge a better person!!!