Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 92

Xu Que squinted his eyes and raised his head to look at the few shadows looming over. A certain coldness coupled with excitement could be seen in his eyes.

If the Sky Incense Valley disciples wanted to interfere with this matter, he had no qualms about killing them as well.

Even if there was an Infant Transformation Cultivator presiding over the entire test area, Xu Que was the least afraid.

Although he knew that his full Glory killing blade might not be enough to harm the Infant Transformation Stage cultivator, he was still extremely confident of his own abilities.

After all, the difference in their cultivation levels were vast. He might not even be able to break through the defenses of Infant Transformation Stage cultivators.

Then again, so what if he couldn’t defeat them? This master here will just act tough and speak rudely to everyone before activating his Divine Escape Emblem. What’s there to be afraid of?

The ancient words were extremely wise. They said that if someone were to be able to control himself and do the difficult thing in tough situations, he would triumph over all else. As long as he could continue acting tough, life would be full of meaning!

Xu Que was that benevolent and magnanimous!

The Sky Incense Valley disciples were moving past when they were taken aback by the number of dead bodies lying around.

However, these Sky Incense Valley seemed to hide their shock very well. Immediately after recovering from the initial scare, they regained their calmness and acted as though it was a very ordinary sight.

Then, they hastily landed on the ground. Xu Que stopped in his slaughter and laughed out while he asked, "Does Sky Incense Valley wish to interfere in this matter? Truth be told, I won’t mind. It’s just more people to kill for me."

The few Sky Incense Valley disciples paused in shock and opened their mouths to speak. However, the entire group of cultivators who were mercilessly hunted down just moments before roared out in anger at this point.

"Outrageous! Who do you think you are to actually dare to speak this way to our brothers and sisters of Sky Incense Valley?"

"Are you tired of living? Don’t think that with that impenetrable armor, nobody can kill you. Let’s see how you’ll fare now that our brothers and sisters of Sky Incense Valley are here!"

"There’s an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator presiding over this test area. You’re doomed!"

"Should that Elder of Sky Incense Valley make an appearance, he would crush your body with just a flick of his finger!"


The cultivators were trying to find someway to win some dignity back after fleeing so wretchedly away from him. At this point, they were using the prestige of Sky Incense Valley to their own benefits.

However, these disciples of Sky Incense Valley had strange looks on their faces. They smiled meekly and shook their heads.

What joke was this?
Kill Hua Wu Que? We’re not that daring!

Several extremely gorgeous looking female disciples stepped forward to him. It was clear that these women were of the highest cultivation levels within their sect and were women of authority.

They walked across gently with smiles etched across their faces and stood beside Xu Que.

Soon after this happened, the entire group of cultivators were completely stumped. Their mouths and eyes were gaping wide open as they watched on. These female disciples bowed politely at Xu Que before smiling coyly, "Young master Hua, you’ve already passed your test. Our Elders have decided to personally award you the Elite Entrance Order for you. From today onwards, you are a part of our Sky Incense Valley. In fact, you can even choose an Elder who you can inherit skills from."

The minute these words were spoken, everyone else looked on, stupefied.

Passed the test? Based on what? This was only the second stage. He hasn’t even passed through the third and fourth levels. What right did he have to obtain the Elite Entrance Order?

Besides, he was murdering recklessly here in Sky Incense Valley. Wasn’t he supposed to be subjected to investigation?

Everyone was full of envy and dissatisfaction. They clenched their fists in apparent anger.

"Wasn’t there the third and fourth stages left?" Xu Que wondered to himself. He had initially thought that these people were here to stop him. He never would’ve expected to receive the Elite Entrance Order here by them.

The female disciple batted her eyelids and smiled, "Don’t worry, young master Hua. We have seen your might and powers. There’s no need to go through the last two stages."

"What farting noises are you making?" Xu Que shouted out revealing an expression of utmost anger.

Everyone present was once again stumped by his outburst and were irrevocably shocked.

What was happening?

Upon hearing such a piece of good news, wasn’t he supposed to be ecstatic? What’s there to be angry about?

The dozen of Sky Incense Valley disciples were taken aback as well, especially that female disciple who looked extremely afraid.

Their Elder had warned them in advance not to incur his wrath. If they made him angry, they would be subjected to the punishments of the sect.

She then hurriedly recalled the words she spoke earlier and realized nothing she had said could’ve offended him! Why was he throwing a fit now?

"Master… Master Hua. Please don’t be mad. If I had offended you in anyway, please forgive me, will you?" That female disciple spoke out as if just remembering the horrific punishments awaiting her. At this point, her eyes started to tear up.

It wasn’t even that she was timid. At this point, she felt extremely unjustified, having no idea of what she could’ve possibly said wrong.

Xu Que then gave a harrumph, his face still had anger etched all over, "Doesn't Sky Incense Valley have any regards for the rules at all? Being a prestigious and one of the most powerful sect all throughout the five nations, shouldn’t you be keeping to your rules? The rules were that a candidate had to cross through the third level in order to be considered for entry into the sect. Only after crossing through the fourth level would he be bestowed an Elite Entrance Order. I’ve only just passed through the second phase and you’ve already given me the Elite Entrance Order. What do you think will happen if word of this gets out?"

"..." Everyone present widened their eyes in shock, their faces looked extremely absurd with the sheer amount of confusion on their faces. It was almost like question marks were forming over their heads.

Xu Que then continued scolding out, "All of you should sincerely reflect upon your actions and tell me if this is in line with the rules and customs. What would all these people here, who’ve been painstakingly looking for the magical grass, think of me? They would probably think that I pulled some strings and entered the sect through connections instead of through my capabilities. This would clearly smirch my reputation even before I’ve joined the Sky Incense Valley. It’s not that I’m intentionally making things difficult but you have to maintain a certain level of fairness in such an activity! Ai!" Xu Que exhaled deeply, his expression was ashen as if he had just been offended grievously.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for superbly acting tough, even leaving the system completely speechless. The reward is 500 act tough points!"

"..." Everyone around was thrown into dead silence as they looked blankly at Xu Que. They were only able to regain their senses after a long time.

It was almost as if they had seen a ghost!

How could someone spew such words out of his mouth?

The entire group of cultivators who were chased down by Xu Que nearly vomited blood.

Not far away, another group of cultivators who had already found the Star Miscanthus but haven’t exited the stage, were watching from afar.

When they heard the offer presented to Xu Que, they were indeed extremely jealous of his good fortunes.

And yet after hearing Xu Que speak this way, they were all astounded and fearful.

This bloke managed to pass the second level in such a defiant manner and even killed so many people while doing so. If he were allowed to enter the third level, that would be extremely dangerous for the rest of us!

Please don’t! Please don’t allow him to enter the third level.

Just give him the Elite Entrance Order already. Please, we beg of you!

The Sky Incense Valley disciples wanted to cry so badly but no tears would come. They never foresaw that someone could actually be angry at such a situation. This was extremely unheard of.

"Master… Master Hua, you’re mistaken. Our Elder was just genuine and eager for you to join the sect as soon as you could." The female disciple was full of sweat as she tried to appease Xu Que and wrecked her brains, trying to force a way out of the situation.

Xu Que waved his hands in disapproval, "Stop speaking anymore. For fairness, for justice and for world peace, I will not accept this Elite Entrance Order. I don’t wish for others to look at me through tinted glasses. I just wish to be a normal, hard working person just like everyone else. Is that too much to even ask for?"

The cultivators around him heard this, and almost blacked out.

Hua Wu Que, Grand Master Hua!

Can’t we all just kneel down to you right now? Please just accept this Elite Entrance Order. We swear we won’t feel that it’s unfair. If you were to accept it, everyone in this world would praise you for having strong morals and convictions. Our future generations would also praise you for having an outstanding character. You would be our role model throughout the entire cultivation world!

The female disciples of Sky Incense Valley had bitter looks on their faces as if they were caught up in a predicament and helplessness.

However, they still were true to their mission and had no choice but to deal with such a situation. At this point, everyone tried to coax Xu Que.

Still, no matter what they said, Xu Que refused. He insisted on taking the fair and just path and refused to accept any preferential treatment. He insisted on being treated like the rest of them and wanted to have fair competition with everyone else.