Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 90


A majestic display of fire exuded out like an opening of a volcano and swallowed all 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus.

Numerous golden sparks and flames bursted out from the Star Miscanthus and resembled an amazing display of fireworks which lingered in the air. After fusing with the air around, the explosion had a red and golden tinge which resembled the magnificent sun, burning forever. This caused many Cultivators present to watch in awe.

Throughout their entire lives, they wouldn’t ever be able to see such a spectacular display of fireworks.

300 stalks of Star Miscanthus were burning brightly as Xu Que held them up. Committing such an act was akin to committing a terrible sin which nobody throughout the cultivation realm had ever done. Sky Incense Valley had the reputation of being one of the top 3 sects within the entire five nations. They too wouldn't tolerate such behavior.

It was said that Xu Que was plundering from the heavens, offending the gods and wasting precious treasure by burning and vandalizing the valley earlier .

After burning 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus, it was clear to everyone that he was just insane and lacking in morals.

When the several hundred cultivators saw such a sight, many couldn't help tearing up.

Even though those stalks of Star Miscanthus didn't belong to them, they still felt their hearts aching. It was akin to having a thousand swords stab through their hearts.

300 stalks of Star Miscanthus. If every single stalk costs at least 500,000 low grade spirit stones, 300 stalks would be 1,500,000,000 worth of spirit stones!

This was an amount so huge, it would cause many cultivators to vomit blood.

But to Xu Que, the worth of these Star Miscanthus was no more than a mere 30 act tough points. Just a single sentence from him would be enough to cover the costs.

It was extremely fortunate that Xu Que didn’t know the actual value of the Star Miscanthus. If not, he would have another annoying way of acting tough. He would equate his words to money. Whenever anyone taunted him, his first response would be, "I am your grandfather and every sentence which leaves my lips are worth 1,500,000,000 spirit stones. You better not speak to me, for I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to afford my words. Now that I’ve already spoken so much, that would mean you owe me 3,000,000,000 spirit stones. Pay up now!"


"Heaven Explosion Faction, that’s the way it is! Hua Wu Que does whatever he likes!" Xu Que waved the entire bunch of Star Miscanthus in his hands and wrote those words on the ground. Every single stroke was much thicker and bigger than the words he wrote previously. The words he wrote were so huge that even the heavens would be able to read the words."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for his superb acting tough skills. An additional reward of 100 act tough points are being rewarded."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough, for successfully fleeing after acting tough, for three consecutive superb acting tough performances and for earning the title of ‘Acting Tough Bastard’. This rank would enable a 10% discount off for the items in the system stall!"


Xu Que opened his eyes wide, clearly offended. "No. You are the act tough bastard. Your entire family are act tough bastards. I am clearly the act tough king. No, hang on. I should at least be an act tough saint right?"

"..." The system didn’t respond.

To offend someone was an art as well. But that aside, the system gave him a 10% discount off for items which caused Xu Que no small amount of excitement.

Although a 10% discount wasn’t considered much, if he were to accumulate higher ranks and more titles in the future, he could probably attain a 90% storewide discount, right?

Xu Que sighed. His noble and magnanimous career of acting tough was becoming more and more important.

At the same time, the hundred over cultivators had sank into frenzy.

Many of them had their eyes wide open as their eye whites were filled with red bulging blood vessels. They glared at Xu Que ferociously as if he had just killed their fathers. That atmosphere of fierce killing intent was almost palpable as it radiated all around.

To them, the three hundred Star Miscanthus were the key to joining Sky Incense Valley and the way to achieve greatness.

And yet Xu Que had burned all their hopes in fiery flames. It was almost akin to burning and destroying all their futures and their hopes. To them, this was extremely offensive and something which they wouldn’t ever forgive or forget in their lifetimes! It was a direct attack on them!

"Hua Wu Que, I’ve made a vow deep in my heart. I will hunt you and kill you to the ends of the world and destroy you to the extent that you could never attain reincarnation!"

"Even if immortals were to show up at this point, they wouldn’t ever be able to rescue you."

"Nobody under the heavens is capable of saving you!"

"Our decision to kill you is firm and unwavering!"

"Hand your life over!"

Before long, shouts of anger rang out from the crowd below. Several hundred of cultivators started conjuring spells as they condensed their core energy. With so many of them summoning their core energy, it caused the entire valley to tremble.

Although their cultivation levels were from the Core Bearing Stage to the Original Infant Stage, with so many of them present, it caused a terrifying pressure to form. Even the ground started cracking up as if the end of the world had come.

Xu Que cleared his throat as he stood up on the branches of the tree. His hands were behind his back in a dignified and solemn manner. It was as if he wouldn’t be moved even if mountains were to crumble before him.

"System, bring me my Killer Blade and Spirit Visage. My blade has been thirsting for blood!" Xu Que raised a hand, as a white light formed on his outstretched palm. The mystical blade appeared in his hands. At the same time, a green flash of light surrounded his torso, causing the Spirit Visage to clothe him like an armor, preparing him for battle.

With all these cultivators in front of him conjuring their powers, Xu Que was unfazed. In fact, he seemed to be quietly glad.

His blood and Qi were circulating furiously within his body as killing intent emanated from his body. The long black robe was flapping about in the wind, making a rustling sound.


In that instant, several hundreds of fire spells were conjured, emanating threatening waves of heat as they surrounded Xu Que.

He had offended the entire mob of cultivators. The result of getting offended would be extremely costly for these cultivators.


All their spells combined together and formed a single powerful spell as it exploded out towards Xu Que.

The entire tree which Xu Que was standing on immediately vapourized into smoke and ashes as it was engulfed in flames. Even the ground which the tree stood on caved in, forming a huge crater. Dust and smoke flew in all directions, making it impossible to see through. It was indeed as if heaven itself had struck.

All the cultivators exhaled deeply and sighed out as if their anger had finally been vented and revenge had been taken.

"Hmp! Stupid prick. You deserved to die!"

"I watched extremely closely and saw that he couldn’t avoid our spells. His entire body absorbed the full impact of it. He’s definitely dead!"

"Hehe… with such a massive assault, even if he could teleport straight away, he wouldn’t have been able to avoid it."

"Now that we’ve killed him, our thirst for revenge has been quenched."

"Hua Wu Que no longer exist in this world! Hahahah!"

Everyone broke out into crazed laughter as if they were still trying to vent out the deep seated anger deep within their hearts.

As the dust and smoke gradually settled down, the visibility of the area started to improve. In the distance, a single unmoving shadow could be spotted. He was standing still, unaffected. His black robes were still flapping in the wind as immense killing intent radiated out from him, causing the entire area to quake violently.

"Wng!" The ear piercing whistle of a sword slashing through the air could be heard, interrupting their laughter. The screech was so loud that it caused everyone’s ear drum to hurt.

Everyone present froze in shock. Their maniacal laughters were still etched on their faces but no sound was emitted. Their throats almost felt like a large hand was squeezing tightly around it which made it hard for them to breathe and even harder for them to make any sound.

Xu Que was completely unaffected by the blast. The Spirit Visage armor which had costed him 500 act tough points exhibited such horrifying effectiveness.

The extremely high magic resistance on the armor deflected the blast effortlessly. Xu Que didn’t even have to do anything to block the several hundred cultivators’ combined effort.

Everyone revealed expressions of extreme shock. Xu Que swept some dust away from his robes as he blew some dust off his shoulder. He then clutched his Killer Blade and walked over slowly.

He shook his head as he spoke, "In all honesty, I never had ill intentions for you. But now, I can’t help myself but to say that everyone here is nothing but mere rubbish! I stood still and allowed you to attack me but you failed miserably. What’s the point of letting you live as such failures?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 120 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully putting on a superb act tough performance. The additional reward is 90 act tough points!"