Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 89

"Swish!" A white light flashed before his eyes and the System Store immediately displayed two matching items.

One of the weapons from the League of Legends, Three-Star ranked. Commonly referred to as: Killing Blade. Increases additional attribute for host. For every enemy killed, host will gain power!

Attack Power+10

The only Passive Skill: For every kill of an enemy from the same Cultivation Stage, one Glory will be acquired. For every kill of an enemy of a higher Cultivation Stage, two levels of Glory will be acquired. Every Glory doubles the host’s Attack Power. Maximum Glory is 30. Every time the wielder is injured, Glory will fall by 1.

Selling Price: 260 act tough points.

One of the equipments from the League of Legends, Four-Star ranked. Commonly referred to as: Killer Book. Increases additional attribute for host. For every enemy killed, host will gain Core Energy!

Skill Power+20

The only Passive Skill: For every kill of an enemy from the same Cultivation Stage, one Glory will be acquired. For every kill of an enemy of a higher Cultivation Stage, two levels of Glory will be acquired. Every Glory doubles the host’s Skill Power. Maximum Glory is 30. Every time the wielder is injured, Glory will fall by 1.

Selling Price: 1200 act tough points.

"Damn, why is the Killer Book so expensive?" Xu Que was stunned.

The equipments’ functions both served to increase one’s power through killing. However, the Killer Book was classified as a Four-Star ranked equipment by the system and the Killing Blade was just at Three-Star rank.

However, after looking closely, Xu Que understood that there was a difference.

The Killing Blade increased one’s Attack Power while the Killer Book increased one’s Skill Power. These two were very different!

In the game, it was designed such that there was a balance between Physical Attack Power and Magic Power. However, in this world of Immortals, Skill Power takes the top spot. No matter how strong your fists were, they would be incomparable to various powerful Skills.

Of course, unless one’s flesh body is that of a Sage’s, he could make use of the physical Attack Power to create miracles with his fists.

Up until now, Xu Que had basically no skills which affected his flesh body. However, the impact caused by his Dark Heavy Buster Sword was based on his Attack Power. Regardless of whether it was the "Flame-Devouring Wave" or the "Six Corporeal Forms", although they made use of his Core Energy, but the explosive aftereffects which served as the killing blow was attributed to his explosive Attack Power.

If he managed to increase the Killing Blade to full Glory, it would be equivalent to having 30 times the Attack Power.

Assuming that he had activated the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations, if the system added up the total attribute increase, it would reach 39 times the Attack Power.

However, if the system calculated the values in succession, then the Attack Power increase would be frightening. 30 times 9. Hehehe... it would total up to 270 times the Attack Power. Even for the ones who had reached the pinnacle of the Infant Transformation Stage, Xu Que would be able to make mincemeat them with a hit of his Dark Heavy Buster sword.

However, regarding this question, when Xu Que asked the system, it merely answered, "Not able to calculate. Host is required to test it out himself!"

Xu Que’s eyelids immediately jumped, "Damn… could I have found a System Bug? If it turns out to be 270 times, I will become invincible. I can walk down the path of breaking any Skills in one hit."

"The system will never have a Bug. Host, rest assured and continue to act tough!" The system answered.

Xu Que slanted his lips and focused his attention on the Killer Book.

Compared to the Killing Blade, he felt that the Killer Book was more suited for him. After all, in this world of Immortals, he was personally more inclined to train his Skills than other attributes.

If the Killer Book reached maximum Glory, his Skill Power would be increased by 30 times.

This 30 times was extremely terrifying. When he was at the Core Bearing Stage and released the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus, it was enough to put Zhang Dan Shan of the Infant Transformation Stage in a difficult spot. If at that time, he had a Killer Book with maximum glory, he reckoned that Zhang Dan Shan would not be in just a difficult spot anymore. Maybe he would have been blown apart and would have become a half disabled being!

Of course, these two equipments looked awesome. However, the restriction was rather severe as well. For every time that Xu Que was injured by enemies, one level will be taken off immediately.

The word "injured", was actually a giant loophole.

Even a slight wound would be counted as being injured. During combat, even if it was just a light bump or getting scraped on his skin, it would be counted as being injured, the levels would drop substantially.

Therefore, Xu Que was uninterested in the Killer Book at this point. With his current capabilities, buying the Killer Book would be too much for him to handle, since he would have to avoid even being scratched. However, the most important factor was that he was too poor. 1200 act tough points was too expensive!

"System, let me exchange for the Killing Blade! Hehe, I shall see how many times it will increase my Attack Power."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully exchanging for the ‘Blade of the Occult’, consumed 260 act tough points!"

"Woosh!" A white light flashed in front of his eyes. A short dagger then appeared within the system’s inventory. Its blade was greenish in colour, as if it was coated in dripping venom!

"Hua Wu Que, you better obediently hand over the Star Miscanthus. If not, don’t blame us for being ruthless!"

"Today, we will answer the call of justice. You’d better cooperate. If not, you’ll have to bear the consequences and nobody will be able to save you."

"You’d better be clear of what situation you are in. You have nowhere to run. We will give you 3 breaths’ time to consider and hand over the Star Miscanthus and then kneel down to apologize to us. We will spare your life after!"

At the same time, hundreds of Cultivators had already flocked over like gushing water. They completely surrounded the big tree where Xu Que was perched atop. He suddenly felt like he was surrounded by an entire city of troops!

However, none of the Cultivators from the group dared to initiate an attack. They weren’t restraining themselves, neither were they are trying to act tough. They were afraid that when they started rushing towards Xu Que, he will burn the Star Miscanthus.

In their eyes, Xu Que’s life was much less important than the Star Miscanthus.

"Oh, there are so many people here! I dare to bet that none of you in this crowd have found the Star Miscanthus yet? Not bad, not bad. You people have rather thick skins, wanting to rob me under the name of justice. Hahaha!!! I, Hua Wu Que have walked the seas and lakes but have never witnessed such situation. I admire the courage of you people!" Xu Que laughed carefreely. He seemed to not fear death and his calm and collected appearance meant that he was acting tough extremely well!

However, everybody had apathetic faces and stared at him coldly.

In the eyes of all the Cultivators, Xu Que, who was surrounded by the hundreds, was completely trapped and had no chance of escaping.

Whether Xu Que would live or die was entirely up to them!

One of them shook his head and said, "Hua Wu Que, you’re already at this juncture. Why do you still speak this way?"

"You have only two choices now. Hand over the Star Miscanthus or allow us to personally find them from your corpse after we’ve killed you."

"We’re now giving you time to consider on the account that you are not very well trained. You’d better treasure it and not blame us for being ruthless later on."

Everyone looked dignified and persuaded Xu Que sternly.

Xu Que shook his head, and laughed loudly, "Alright, you all want the Star Miscanthus? Let me count how many of you are there… forget it, I shan’t count. No matter how many of you are there, I don’t think that there are more than 300 of you? That’s just nice, I have 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus with me!"

Finishing his sentence, Xu Que reacted immediately and spent several act tough points to purchase 300 Star Miscanthus from the system store. He then flipped over his wrist.


An entire bunch of 300 Star Miscanthus was immediately enveloped by his Core Energy and floated in mid-air.

The entire scene turned silent to the point where a needle drop could be heard!

Star Miscanthus… 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus!

Everyone felt like they were in a dream. Their eyeballs almost popped out from their sockets, throats started to feel rough and a single word couldn’t leave their their mouths.

With these many people, even after searching for six hours, none of them could find the rare and coveted Star Miscanthus.

And Xue Que, who went into the mountain valley alone, had managed to find so many Star Miscanthus in less than an hour. It was hard for them to believe or accept!

"Hua Wu Que. You are tactful. Quick, drop the Star Miscanthus!"

"We promise not to hurt you a single bit and we would even keep you safe ‘till you leave the valley. Other Cultivators will not be able to find you for trouble."

"That’s right. As for the humiliating words you have written about the Sky Incense Valley, if you give us the Star Miscanthus, we can consider helping you to ask the Sect for forgiveness."

"Quickly, don't waste any more time. There are limits to our patience." Everybody urged him impatiently.

Xu Que smirked and squinted his eyes. He let out a brilliant smile, "Have you all seen how it looks like to have 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus burning together? Neither have I, but I believe… that it must look magnificent!"

After hearing, as if suddenly realizing what was going to happen, they all started to become frantic. The entire atmosphere was filled with shock and fear!

"Stop it!"

"Hua Wu Que, what are you doing?"

"I advise that you learn from your mistake. If not, we will make your life a living hell!"

Everybody was roaring in anger and astonishment. Some of them couldn’t take it anymore and immediately rode on their flying swords and hovered into the air as they advanced towards Xu Que with extreme speed.

However, Xu Que only needed to lightly wave his hand.


The Core Energy which was shrouding around the 300 stalks of Star Miscanthus immediately turned into Fire Element spiritual Qi. Before the eyes of hundreds of Cultivators, the Qi turned into a ball of raging blaze and ignited the entire sea of Star Miscanthus!

"No!!!" Countless roars of rage and anger filled the air and immediately echoed throughout the entire mountain valley!