Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 88


After blanking out for quite awhile, Zeng Fan Rong and the other Cultivators snapped back to reality and barely managed to swallow their saliva.

Looking at Xu Que again, it seemed like as if they were watching a madman in action.

Burning the Star Miscanthus and using it as paint. Who in this world would have done that except for lunatics?

Zeng Fan Rong realized that his suggestion for Xu Que to carve the "Heaven Explosion Faction" was such a dire mistake!

With so many Star Miscanthus, if he took one and threw it on the ground, it will definitely attract countless Cultivators. They might even fight for it to the death!

And yet, this lad had just burnt a big bunch of them at once. Since the "SB" symbol was already on the ground earlier, it was apparent that he had already burnt the Star Miscanthus once or twice before.

"Brother Zeng, I still have something to do. I won’t chat further. I shall take my leave first!"

At this time, Xu Que witnessed his own act tough points going up in a whoosh. He started to believe that he was on the right track when it came to acting tough. At this point, he didn’t wish to waste more time and wanted to continue his streak elsewhere!

After saying his goodbyes to the still astonished Zeng Fan Rong and the others, he executed the Lightning Haste, stepped on it and rushed into the distance at a terrifying speed.

The other group of Golden Core Staged Cultivators couldn’t contain themselves any longer and reacted. They hurriedly rode on their flying swords and gave chase and started wailing, "Friend, please spare us one! Don’t burn it already! We beg you. Please?"

However, Xu Que did not stop and disappeared into the distance in a blink of an eye.

A few moments later, he appeared at the east side of the mountain valley. He went in front of several Cultivators and asked, "Let me tell you all a secret. There’s starlight in the Star Miscanthus!"

He followed by taking out a bunch of them and burning it and left some big characters on the ground. It wrote, "Travel with Brother Que of the Heaven Explosion Faction", before taking off into the distance once more.

A few minutes later, he appeared in front of another group.

Before long, most people throughout this mountain valley had already seen Xu Que’s figure and his graffiti of characters:

"Do you want to understand the meaning of life? Do you really want to live your life? Join the Heaven Explosion Faction!"

"Do you feel emptiness in your body? Join the Heaven Explosion Faction!"

"Why did the 90 year old lady die harshly on the streets? Why do female donkeys shriek in the middle of the night? Why do Sky Incense Valley women keep having their undergarments stolen? Who was the culprit of the pig raping case? Was it a ghost or was it human? Who has been knocking on the old nun’s door every night? What was the secret behind the deaths of the hundred over female dogs? The reason behind all these happenings, is it due to the twisted nature of human nature or is it the vanishing of human virtue? Please keep up with the Heaven Explosion Faction for answers!"

"Heaven Explosion Faction: With both of my hands, I will fulfill your dreams!"

"575088701, join the Heaven Explosion Faction. It starts from our actions!"

Very quickly, the Cultivators in the mountain valley were all scared stiff.

Many people knew that Xu Que was taking on the second stage alone but nobody thought that he would pass it. Most of them even thought that he was a joke!

Therefore, when Xu Que went around and started to burn bunches and bunches of Star Miscanthus and put up a graffiti in front of them, they were all furious. It caused a ruckus, so much so that even different smaller groups started to come together and followed him, all with the aim of punishing him severely.

However, throughout the entire area, not a trace of Xu Que could be found apart from his graffiti.

The ruckus became bigger and louder until it finally alarmed the Sky Incense Valley.

Many of the disciples entered the mountain valley to investigate the matter. After witnessing the golden-colored graffiti all over the ground, they were almost scared to tears.

"Who could be so crazy and twisted?"

"This… this is such a waste of so many Star Miscanthus!"

"And it also mentioned our Sky Incense Valley?"

"Since when did anybody steal undergarments from our Sect? This is too much!"

"Quickly report the happenings to the Elder. Also, we need to chase that person down at all costs. We cannot let him burn any further!"

The Sky Incense Valley immediately mobilized countless of disciples to carry out a large-scale investigation.

At the same time, one of the disciples rushed towards a stone house on top of the mountain and reported what had happened to an elderly man, who was of Infant Transformation Stage level 3. 

The elderly man slammed the stone table in fury and asked with a voice trembling out of anger, "How many of them did he burn?"

The disciple replied in a bitter tone, "We do not know how many exactly, but it should be at least a hundred of them!"

"Absolutely disgraceful!" The elderly man’s roar sounded like echoing thunder, which shook and caused the stone house to start breaking apart.

"Elder, please calm down. We are already trying our best to chase down that Hua Wu Que."

The elderly man spoke in a trembling voice, "One hundred… probably more Star Miscanthus. That number was the entire year’s harvest of the Sky Incense Valley! Why did he do something like this? Could it be that one of you people bullied him and caused him to be unhappy?"

The disciple revealed an odd expression, "No. We heard that he wanted to prove to others that when the Star Miscanthus burns, it would really produce starlight!"

Elderly man, "..."

"Yes, and he used the burning Star Miscanthus and started carving words everywhere. It was all advertising a Faction called the ‘Heaven Explosion Faction’. He even left a few numbers. I suspect that there’s some ploy at work!"

The elderly man asked bewilderedly, "What numbers?"

The Sky Incense Valley Disciple recalled and replied, "5750, 88701!"

"What does this mean?"

"I’ve not yet investigated enough. But I’ve heard that when somebody asked him previously, he said that it was a QQ Group Number, but no one understood it!" The Sky Incense Valley Disciple replied.

(TN : QQ refers to a Chinese instant messaging software called Tencent QQ)

The elderly man went silent for quite a while and finally spoke out, "Pass on my orders. Find that Hua Wu Que using every resource at our disposal. When you’ve found him, invite him politely to leave the valley. Remember, I said invite. If any of you provoke him and cause him to be unhappy, all of you will be punished according to Sect rules!"

"Elder, this…"

"Still not going?"

"At once!"

After the disciple had left the stone house, a trace of glowing energy emerged from both of the elderly man’s muddy eyes. He mumbled to himself:

"This child managed to get ahold of so many Star Miscanthus. It proves that he is definitely someone with exuberant Luck. If he joins the Sky Incense Valley, it would be the Sect’s blessing! Also, when the times comes, the Water Nation Empress will bring the Sect’s disciples on a training expedition in the seas. Someone with such exuberant Luck will be very useful to her and the Sect. We absolutely must get him to join us!"


At the same time, Xu Que was lying down to rest under a big tree. He had been moving a lot in the past 30 minutes, having successfully burnt over 200 Star Miscanthus and spending over 20 act tough points!

However, the system beeps in his head had been sounding unceasingly.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

In his character interface, his act tough points had already broken the 1500 mark, and it was still continuing to soar along with the system beeps!

The smile on Xu Que’s face was as brilliant as a sunflower!

"Look! Hua Wu Que is over there!"

"Surround him! Don’t let him escape!"

"This man is twisted! How dare he make waste of so many Star Miscanthus. He has definitely infuriated everybody and must be punished!"

"That’s right. Let’s move together and strip off his remaining Star Miscanthus and rescue them from his grasp."

"This person had also written humiliating remarks about the Sky Incense Valley. He is dead for sure. If we are able to kill him, the Sect will most likely reward us!"

At this time, a din started to stir.

Xu Que snapped back to reality, sat back up and leaned on the tree truck. He spotted several hundreds of Cultivators not too far off and they were all flocking towards his direction while screaming their intentions to kill.

A faint smile appeared on his face. He immediately entered the System Store and asked, "System, do you sell any killer swords or killer skill books? That is, those which would increase my attack powers after each kill!"