Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 87

"Screw this guy! I wanna kill him so bad!"

"If I don’t kill him, the anger in my heart will never be quelled!"

The Golden Core Staged Cultivators glared at the overjoyed Xu Que. They gritted their teeth as boundless killing intent started to well up in their eyes.

"Swish!" The flames burning the ten Star Miscanthus on Xu Que’s hand has faded. However, he was still feeling joyful and was too busy being happy that he did not bother about the Golden Core Staged Cultivators whose faces were filled with killing intent.

Just by spending 1 act tough point to get the ten medicine grasses, he was able to earn 100 over act tough points by burning them. With such a good return on investment, how could he not have done it? It is definitely a must. Also, doing it once was not enough. He must do it a few times more and take a chance in the Contest Area to earn thousands more of act tough points!

Will it anger somebody to death? Hehe... as for this question, Xu Que had not given a thought about it from the start.

"Hey, Brother Hua?" As this time, a few bodily figures could be seen not too far in the distance. It was Zeng Fan Rong and the few Cultivators from before and they were moving as a group.

When Xu Que looked over, he saw that their faces were filled with joy, meaning that something good had happened to them. He clasped his hands in greeting, "Brother Zeng, looks like you have completed the mission?"

"Yes. Our lucks were sufficient. We happened to chance upon a Star Miscanthus right behind a piece of a large boulder. We are just about to leave this area. How about you?" Zeng Fan Rong nodded while smiling.

"Me? It was okay, nothing out of the ordinary!" Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and replied indifferently.

Upon hearing that, the few Golden Core Staged Cultivators who were seated at the side almost gave him a thorough scolding. He had just burnt ten Star Miscanthus and here he was saying "It was okay, nothing out of the ordinary"?

Damn your "It was okay". Screw your "Nothing out of the ordinary"!

If not for the arrival of Xu Que’s friends, they would have charged and fought to death with Xu Que!

However, apart from Zeng Fan Rong, the rest of the group weren’t too fond of Xu Que as well.

Although they had witnessed Xu Que’s strength, the current stage tests one’s Luck. Since he did not look overjoyed, they guessed that he must have been unable to find the Star Miscanthus. They were gloating at his misfortune deep in their hearts.

So what if he was strong? His luck was not as good as theirs!

However, they only dared to laugh at him in their hearts. They were merely thinking that way to make themselves happy but dared not put such words across to him.

With Xue Que looking indifferent, Zeng Fan Rong too assumed that he couldn’t find anything. However, he remained tactful and didn’t ask anything about it. When he looked down, he saw that the ground was filled with faint gold coloured marks and was bewildered.

"Hey, Brother Hua, what’s that on the ground?" He pointed at the several "SB" marks on the ground and asked.

Xu Que took a glance, and casually replied, "Oh, that’s the emblem of our Heaven Explosion Faction. What about it, does it look dashing?"

Zeng Fan Rong was baffled. He didn’t know which part of the emblem was dashing. He then changed the topic, "Brother Hua, how did you carve those things on the ground? It’s even able to retain its golden-coloured marks. Did you use some expensive material to do it?"

"Not at all. Do you wish to carve a few words to serve as memory?" Xu Que asked.

Zeng Fan Rong waved his hands and laughed, "No need, no need."

The few Golden Core Stagers were on the brink of vomiting blood, "Not expensive? Bullshit! Wait, this guy wants to carve more words? What the hell? Don’t tell me he still has more Star Miscanthus on him?"

"Brother Hua, since you’ve already carved the Faction emblem, you should add the Faction’s name. If not, when someone sees it, he may not be able to understand what the symbol itself means!" At this time, Zeng Fan Rong gave a thought and added.

"Oh yeah, your words have made me realize. I would have forgotten about it if you hadn’t mentioned it." Xu Que’s eyes lit up. He then moved his hand and reached out into his chest.

‘Screw you, damn fatty! Go carve your sister! Do you know what this guy used to carve those words out? Please stop spouting crap!’

The few Golden Core Stagers leapt up from the ground and almost wanted to reprimand Zeng Fan Rong.

However, they did not scold him in the end since they still had hopes of getting a Star Miscanthus from Xu Que. With humbled faces, they asked politely, "Friend, we had offended you previously. But please forgive us. May we ask if… you have more Star Miscanthus?"

Xu Que nodded and replied, "I still have them! Why? Do you guys want it?"

"Yes, yes!" The lot of them were elated and nodded profusely.

"Oh, if you wanted them, you should’ve told me earlier. But in any case, I will not give it to you people." Xu Que threw their words back at them.

The few of them turned stiff.

Zeng Fan Rong immediately became astonished and looked towards Xu Que in shock.

Xu Que then took out a big bunch of Star Miscanthus from his robes causing everyone around to be stumped.

"Brother… Brother Hua, you… you have..." Zeng Fan Rong widened his eyes and became speechless, overwhelmed with shock.

The other Cultivators by the side were stunned as well. All prior hope they harboured previously vanished in an instant and they almost rolled their eyes up and fainted.

How could this be? How can he have so many Star Miscanthus?

Did this lad kill others and snatch their Star Miscanthus?

The few people looked at Xu Que in horror. One of them grabbed his own chest tightly as if he was afraid of others knowing where he had kept his Star Miscanthus.

Xu Que cast them a furtive glance as he ignored the shocked looks of the Golden Core Stagers. Lifting his finger, he concentrated and flames started to appear on his fingertip.


"Please have mercy on the grass, my friend!"

"Let’s talk things out! Don’t do it!"

With their hearts in their mouths, the Golden Core Stagers quickly rushed forward.

"What are you guys doing?" Zeng Fan Rong and the others were surprised by their reactions. They thought that they wanted to snatch the Qi grass away from Xu Que. They stood out and yelled at them.

With so many people on Xu Que’s side, the few Golden Core Stagers never intended to lay a finger on him. Faces filled with anxiety, they wanted to explain themselves and seek to be understood.

But when they saw the flames on Xu Que’s hand starting to crawl onto the bunch of Star Miscanthus, their hearts broke into a million pieces. They were speechless once more.

"Brother Hua, you and the others… Argh!!! Oh my god, Brother Hua! What… What are you doing?" Zeng Fan Rong turned his head and wanted to ask Xu Que about the situation. Instead, he saw Xu Que setting the Star Miscanthus on fire. As a result, he was not able to keep his calm and almost fell to the floor in shock.

The rest turned too and were flabbergasted.

Such a big bunch of Star Miscanthus. This lad… burnt… everything? Why?

The next moment, they finally understood!

Holding onto the bunch of Star Miscanthus which looked like golden lighted "fireworks", Xu Que faced it downwards and started to flamboyantly sprinkle it.

Soon, before everybody’s flabbergasted faces, bold and vigorous gold coloured looking characters appeared.

"Heaven Explosion Faction, awesome!"

"Heaven Explosion Faction, dominating!"


"Such good words!" Xu Que threw away the bunch of Star Miscanthus which had turned into ashes and started to admire his own masterpiece!

At the same time, a chain of system beeps sounded in his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"