Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 84

What are you talking about?

You call this your Star Miscanthus? Who are you?

The both sides turned their heads and looked at Xu Que, faces filled with confusion.

After recognizing Xu Que, the green robed young man’s face ‘swished’ and immediately became pale.

The images of Xu Que breaking the Spell and causing two Original Infant Staged disciples of the Sky Incense Valley to retreat after executing one skill resurfaced in the green robed man’s head. The scenes were carved into his brain deeply and couldn’t be erased.

"Lad, this has got nothing to do with you. If you are smart enough, you will scram!" At this point, one of the green robed young man’s companion who was at the Golden Core Stage Full Foundation, glared at Xu Que and yelled at him.

The green robed man heard it and turned pale in an instant!

"Brother Lin, don’t pursue it already!" He quietly hinted at the Cultivator.

Without any intention to heed the green robed youngster’s advice, the Cultivator grimly said, "This lad has the audacity to boast shamelessly. How dare he try to snatch the Star Miscanthus from us. Is he not afraid that he cannot back his words?"

"Brother Lin, stop it!" The green robed man expressions fell as he yelled frightenedly.

His few companions became momentarily surprised. Even Tang Xue Rou, who was trapped in the middle of the two sides, blanked out for a moment. They did not understand what was happening with the green robed youngster.

Standing not far in the distance, Xu Que was smiling ear to ear. Hugging his Buster sword with his hands, he stared at the group of them with a profound gaze.

The green robed youngster felt a chill ran down his spine. From a distance, he panickedly clasped his hands and greeted, "Brother Hua, what a coincidence. I was just passing by, I shall take my leave first!"

When he finished speaking, he clutched onto his Flying Sword and fled without turning back.

The five Golden Core Staged Cultivators were at a loss. Staring at the green robed youngster fleeing, they looked blankly at Xu Que.

No matter how they looked, they could not find any trace of someone extraordinary. All they could see was that this Golden Core Full Foundation Staged young man was rather good-looking. Apart from that, there was nothing else special about him.

The few Golden Core Stagers became even more baffled.

Tang Xue Rou, Zhang Su Liang and the others were also looking at Xu Que and felt uneasy.

With the human-skinned mask on, nobody was able to recognize Xu Que. What made them uneasy was the Star Miscanthus planted on the ground!

This Star Miscanthus was originally discovered by them. However, before they could pick the plant, a group of Golden Core Stagers surrounded them. And now, before them appeared a rather odd black robed young man who was at the Golden Core Stage Full Foundation. The few of them could not help but to give up all hope!

"Looks like… we will not be able to get this Star Miscanthus!" Zhang Su Liang shook his head while laughing awkwardly.

A battle between Golden Core Stagers was definitely not a fight Foundation Building Stagers could join in.

Tang Xue Rou bit her teeth and was unwilling to give it up. However, it was not her first day in the World of Cultivators. She deeply understood that strong Cultivators commanded respect and that only the fittest survive. At last, she let out a sigh and did not say anything else.

The few other Celestial Sect disciples looked very gloomy.

At this moment, Xu Que marched in their direction.

The five Golden Core Stagers’ eyelids twitched and were alarmed.

They finally understood the green robed youngster’s weird actions. This black robed man wasn’t simple.

"Hey, don't be so uptight. It’s just a Star Miscanthus. I have many of them with me. If you don't believe, I will show you."

Calmly, Xu Que touched his chest area and took out ten Star Miscanthus. They had just been purchased in the system store. He had only spent one act tough point!

"What?!" It’s really the Star Miscanthus!"

"How could this be? Where… where did you find that many?"

Everyone on the scene widened their eyes and asked in shock.

Xu Que shrugged his shoulders, "Actually, when I went to the toilet just now, I forgot to bring toilet paper. I sank deeply into a predicament and an apparent dilemma!"

"Huh?" The few people were clouded by confusion.

Xu Que continued, "Just as I was in despair, I saw some grass growing by the side. I quickly plucked some and wiped my butt clean. Boy, did I realize they were Star Miscanthus. I then proceeded to pick a few more of them!"

Everybody: "..."

"Friend, your joke isn't funny at all!"

"Everybody knows that there is only one Star Miscanthus every thousand meters. What you’ve said is impossible. They cannot be growing together."

"Also, please change the topic of your jokes. Don’t be disgusting."

The few Golden Core Stagers frowned and said disgustedly, their faces did not look too happy.

Xu Que became a little annoyed and glared at them, "What’s disgusting? What’s so disgusting about going to the toilet to take a shit? Let me ask, is there anybody here who hasn’t taken a dump before?"

"..." Everyone was at a loss for words.

One of the Cultivators shook his head, "Friend, stop talking about it already."

"I want to talk about it, what’s up? I still have a poem for you all."

Xu Que widened his eyes for a bit and recited, "Since the ancient days, who does not shit? Then who among us does not use paper when they shit?"

Everybody: "..."

Xu Que continued, "A gentleman who doesn’t clean his ass with paper, cleans it with his fingers!"


The few people almost felt like vomiting blood.

Damn! He dares to call this a poem?

One of the Golden Core Stagers said apathetically, "Friend, the joke ends here. Since you have so many Star Miscanthus, surely you won’t fight over this one with us?"

"Who said I am trying to snatch it from you. This Star Miscanthus… belongs to me originally!" Xu Que squinted his eyes and smiled. Soon after, his figure became blurry in an instant.

Before the others could react, a surge of powerful Wood Element spiritual Qi emanated from Xu Que’s body.

A light "rustle!" sounded and his entire body turned into rays of green-colored light, which was akin to plumes of fine willow leaves gently landing. Xu Que then disappeared in an instant!


"This… This is one of the famous skills of the Sky Incense Valley, the Dark Willow Limbo!"

"How does he know this skill?"

The few Golden Core Stagers were rather knowledgeable. When Xu Que executed the ‘Dark Willow Limbo’ which he had imitated, they recognized it straight away. One by one, their faces turned pale as they let out cries of surprise!

"Not good! That Star Miscanthus!"

Suddenly one of them reacted and abruptly turned to looked at the feet of Tang Xue Rou and the others.

The Star Miscanthus, which was originally growing at that spot had really disappeared!

At the next moment, Xu Que appeared before them again and looked at them while grinning ear to ear. In his hand was the Star Miscanthus which he just picked up from the ground.

The entire process happened in the space of a single breath.

With the Dark Willow Limbo’s explosive power, Xu Que was able to successfully pick the Star Miscanthus from under their eyes without them realizing.

Firstly, he intended to test out the skill’s powers and effectiveness. Secondly, he could act tough with the skill.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

Hearing the system beep in his head, Xu Que knew that this display of acting tough was indeed successful.

Tang Xue Rou and the others were stumped. Although they didn't know what the "Dark Willow Limbo" was, judging by the speed which Xu Que had exhibited, they were certain that this black robed young man was much stronger than any of their Golden Core Staged Seniors from their Celestial Sect.

At the same time, the five Golden Core Stagers’ eyes were burning with rage. Their faces were also extremely gloomy.

"Sir, are you really forcing us to lay our hands on you?" One of them furiously exclaimed. He was really becoming angry.

Without giving a care, he plainly replied, "You bunch of weak-bullying ants, what rights do you have to talk about ‘aying hands’"? Because you people will be crushed in just one slam from my Buster Sword!"