Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 82

"Wow!" A sudden uproar could be heard from nearby onlookers.

Everybody’s vision focused on the burly man’s body and looked at him in amusement.

He actually dared to cause trouble at the Sky Incense Valley Contest Area. Is he tired of living?

However, the burly man was stumped. His entire mind went blank. No matter how he thought, he could never have imagined that Xu Que would make use of such means. Also, his actions came out of the blue.

Xu Que practically flew backwards immediately after he tapped his shoulder.

To the onlookers, it was really as if the burly man had placed his hands on Xu Que!

The several companions of the burly man were also in dismay. Even they were looking at him suspiciously as if they assumed his guilt in the matter.

"Argh… Argh... I don't think I can hold on for much longer." Xu Que was lying on down on the ground as he let out a feeble groan.

One of the onlookers could not take the sight anymore and yelled out, "We’re all kindred spirits! Is it necessary to resort to such evil means? Look at how badly you’ve hurt this young man!"

"What tyranny. Performing such an unscrupulous act and causing a racket. What do you treat the Sky Incense Valley Contest Area as?" Someone exclaimed from the crowd while frowning.

"Yeah, take a look at the pale face of this young man. He looks like he had been severely injured by your ruthless and violent act." With Xu Que’s handsome looks, a lady who was not too far from him could not take it and spoke up for him.

"Hmph! That burly man even tried to cut my queue. Luckily, I have quite a few people on my side which made him turn and leave. Right after, I saw him going to that young man and threaten him. He should not be allowed into the Sky Incense Valley!" Another man shouted from the middle of the queue.

"What a nasty injury you gave him. This black robed young man looks so refined and gentle. He looks like an honest child. How could you do that to him!"

"Yeah… being hurt to this extent at the Golden Core Stage Full Foundation meant he must’ve been off guard!"

"This is indeed a vicious act!"


In a blink of an eye, the surrounding crowd started to hurl abuses and criticized the burly man, blaming everything on him.

The burly man was angry to the point where he almost spat out blood. He felt extremely sullen.

He angrily stared at Xu Que who was still on the ground. Xu Que even found the time to wink at him and smile.

At that moment, the burly man felt as if his heart was smashed ferociously by a fist and nearly fainted out of shock.

The green robed man from Sky Incense Valley heard the crowd’s accusations and looked abruptly towards the burly man before reprimanding him, "How extremely daring of you to ignore my stern warning? How dare you hurt the others!"

The burly man panicked immediately and quickly shook his heads and waved his hands, "It’s… It’s not me, friend, Senior, this has got nothing to do with me."

"Nothing got to do with you? Are you telling me that he has fallen down on his own?" Somebody from the crowd chided.

The burly man then sulked and said, "He really fell over on his own."

Hearing this, the entire crowd became completely furious.

"What a detestable guy. Do you really think we are three-year-olds? How can such absurd words come out from your mouth."

"What a shameless act. You really think nobody is above you."

"Senior of Sky Incense Valley, you must find justice for this young man. This dishonorable man must absolutely not be allowed into the Sect. If he is, he will cause dishonour for your Sect."

"This type of people should be taught a lesson. Throw him off the mountain."

"What a disgrace to our World of Cultivators!"

"It’s… It’s really not me. He is trying to set me up…" The burly man was worried and panicky. In the face of so many people accusing him, he was simply at a loss of words.

The green robed man coldly said, "There’s no need to explain further. There are witnesses to you putting your hands on the young man. Don’t blame me for putting the Sky Valley Incense regulations into action!"

After finishing his words, the green robed man held out his palm abruptly in the air. Gathering a majestic bout of Qi, a thin willow branch formed and wrapped the burly man up in a locking motion immediately!

The burly man’s expression changed and yelled, "It’s really not me! You… you people are bullies!"

He became appalled and also started to activate his skill and wanted to counter attack.

"Hmph! You still dare to retaliate?" The green robed man gave a cold ‘Hmph’, shot out his palm and the willow branch started to speed up.

He had cultivated to the Original Infant Stage level 2 a long time ago and the burly man who was at Golden Core Stage level 9, could not hold a candle against him.

In a flash of anger akin to a connecting thread, the thin willow branch started to run through the air in an unusually fast speed. In a flash, the entire body of the burly man was bound and constricted. Even the the Qi-releasing passageways inside his body were all being confined.

Following that, the green robed man waved his palm and the burly man’s tall and sturdy body started to float upwards. The willow branch tightened which started to sink deep into his flesh.

"Ah!!!" The burly man immediately screamed in agony. After that, his entire being was thrown down the mountains.

"..." The crowd went silent and was stunned by the green robed man’s method of expelling the burly man.

As for Xu Que, he had already quietly left the crowd and was standing at another side of the Registration Point on the top of the mountain, nonchalantly standing in the queue.

There were apparently even more people here and even livelier than before. However, there were quite a number of people who heard the commotion from the other side and they were tiptoeing and trying watch from the sidelines.

One of them saw Xu Que squeezing his way here from the other side and asked, "Friend, what happened on the other side?"

"Ah? I don’t know too. I’ve heard that someone was ‘Porcelain Touching’!" With a dazed face, Xu Que nodded and replied and continued to wait in the queue.

"Porcelain… Touching? What does that mean?" The man was puzzled. But seeing that Xu Que was also not sure of what happened, he did not ask any further.

Not long after, Xu Que finally reached the front of the queue.

This time, finally, nobody came to look for trouble. After the six-man group in front of him collected their wooden tablets and left, it was Xu Que’s turn.

The person in charge of registering names was a young female disciple. She had pretty facial features. However, it seemed as if she was not in a very good mood as she was frowning for quite awhile.

She lifted her head and briefly looked at Xu Que. She then coldly said, "Provide me the names of the five other members in your group."

"Hua Wu Que!" Xu Que replied.

The lady’s brows momentarily creased even further. Impatiently, she repeated, "I asked for the names of all your group members."

"I’m the only one in the group." Xu Que looked at the lady up and down and replied thoughtfully.

After hearing, she couldn't help but to lift her head and shockingly asked, "Only you?"


"Are you sure?"





"I’m actually a physician. Everyone calls me the God of Doctors. If I didn’t guess wrongly, Miss, you are suffering from a gynecological disease! Have you been feeling distraught with anxiety and prickly pain from your lower abdomen? Have you also been finding it hard to concentrate? Has your period every month not been on time? I suggest you water boil dark brown sugar and…"

"Shut your mouth!" Before Xu Que could finish, the female disciple abruptly slammed the table and rebuked with a blushing face.

At the same time, countless surrounding people gathered their vision towards Xu Que.

"..." Xu Que gave an innocent face as if he did not know what had happened.

One of the Sky Incense Valley disciples, who was in charge of rule-keeping, happened to pass by and asked, "Junior, anyone causing trouble?"

The female disciple glared at Xu Que, shook her head and replied, "Senior, it’s nothing. This young guy said he was going to go through the second stage himself and I was just trying to persuade him!"

After those words, everybody was astounded and stared at Xu Que in awe.

Following, the entire crowd started to roar with laughter!

"Haha! Is this guy an idiot?"

"How ridiculous! Trying to clear the second stage alone."

"Even with six people in a group, there is no guarantee of finding that Star Miscanthus in six man hours. With him going alone, he would have just one man hour. Is he dumb?"

"The newborn cow does not fear the tiger. Although he has quite a high Cultivation Stage but apparently, we can’t say the same for his intelligence."

"Young man, you should quickly join a group. You cannot finish the second stage by yourself."

Xu Que lifted the corner of his lips. Sweeping his eyes past everyone, he laughed grimly, "I am the Heavenly son of Luck. Luck is attached to my body and I’m omnipotent. Just a mere Star Miscanthus, I can find many of them without any effort. If you people don’t believe, wait and see!"

Finishing, he flung his long robes, grabbed a wooden tablet from the table and strode away with his head high.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough forcefully. The reward is 50 act tough points!"