Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 79

Everyone present was astounded!

Zeng Fan Rong and the others widened their eyes as they stared at Xu Que unbelievably, looking aghast.

Kneel, kowtow and apologize?

Is this "Hua Wu Que", Brother Hua, crazy?

The opposition was not just any small time cultivator. They were disciples from the Sky Incense Valley. On top of that, this area was set by the Sect as their Contest Area. You, being a mere Golden Core Stager, dare to speak to them this way?

The two female Sky Incense Valley disciples were also dumbfounded.

They didn't expect the once elegant and handsome young man would change his temperament so quickly. He even became unreasonable and yelled at them.

They themselves haven't seen such tremendous aura from their own Seniors before. It was absolutely terrifying!

The pair of Original Infant Stage men were also dismayed by Xu Que’s bold words. They then regained their senses and were furious.

"You are courting death!" The two men moved at the same time at once.

They raised their hands and combined to gather a tremendous amount of Qi. From their palms emerged a light parasol which emitted a sparking jade-colored light. The combination of colors looked brilliant and vibrant!

"This… This is Wood Element spiritual Qi!" Zeng Fan Rong and the others cried out in shock.

Among the five forms of spiritual Qi, the Fire Element spiritual Qi possessed the most potential for attack. However, in actual combat, the Wood Element spiritual Qi often had the maximum effect. On top of specializing in healing powers and regenerative abilities, they could seal and banish enemies.

And right now, these two strong Original Infant Staged Cultivators were both using the Wood Element spiritual Qi and were launching a joint attack. There was no one in the same cultivation stage who would be able to match their attack.

The group of them were all thinking the same thing. This ‘Hua Wu Que’ person they had just met, was going to meet his end. After all, he was just a mere Golden Core Full Foundation Stager!

"Whoosh!" The green parasols which were in the hands of the two male Sky Incense Valley disciples, started to spin. Rays of light started to spray outwards. Filled with confinement powers, the rays started to rush towards Xu Que.

"Hmph! Insignificant worm!" Xu Que groaned coldly, held onto his Dark Heavy Buster Sword, brandished it and abruptly rushed forward.

I can break thousands of skills with my power. No matter how strong your skill is, I will break them!

With just a simple wave of the Buster Sword, a berserk aura ensued. It was as if the aura could disintegrate anything in its way.

"Bang!" With a loud din, the pair of green parasols were shattered on the spot and vanished into thin air.

As for the Air Wave the Buster sword emitted, there was seemingly no end to how far it traveled.

That remnant energy of the Air Wave changed the expressions of the two Sky Incense Valley disciples. With eyes filled with horror, it was as if they could smell their impending aura of death.

"No! Retreat!" The tall lady from the Sky Incense Valley gasped!


Momentarily, with their quick reactions, the two Original Infant Staged disciples’ figures started to become blurry as they turned into pieces of green willow leaves. Under their majestic Wood Element spiritual Qi, they immediately disappeared from their positions and had already retreated hundreds of meters away.

"Eh? This skill… not bad!" Xu Que was shocked. When he sent his Buster Sword downwards earlier, he was actually using all his power from the Flame-Devouring Wave— a Buster Sword skill.

Although he had not used the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation to amplify its power, he was practically close to bringing down these two Original Infant Stage level 1 Cultivators. He definitely did not expect them to dodge it!

It was apparent that the background skills of the Sky Incense Valley disciples were anything but ordinary. They were much stronger compared to those from other Factions.

Also, that escape skill that those two Original Infant Staged men had executed was definitely a different tier from normal escape skills.

"Ding! The Phaseless Magic has imitated the opponent’s skill ‘Dark Willow Limbo’, do you want to train it?" The system beep sounded at this time.

Xu Que was overjoyed. What this Phaseless Magic managed to do was absolutely out of this world. It could grasp the opponent’s skill after just seeing it for the first time!

However, what intrigued him the most was what this ‘Dark Willow Limbo’ could do. It was an escape spell but with a speed faster than the Lightning Haste. Although it was just slightly faster, split seconds matter the most and could be the difference between life and death!

"Learn it!" It never hurt to learn more skills. Xu Que replied the system heartily.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully training the ‘Dark Willow Limbo’. As this skill was being imitated by the Phaseless Magic, it is classified as a disabled skill. Do you want to consume 200 act tough points and perfectly repair this skill?"

"Eh? I still have to perfectly repair it?"

Xu Que was shocked. Looks like the system was starting to become omnipotent, having so many cool abilities.

However, he was not in a rush to perfectly repair the skill. After all, this ‘Dark Willow Limbo’ was one of its kind and it was a type of skill to be used in an emergency only. Consuming 200 act tough points to perfectly repair it would be too expensive!

At this time, the two Original Infant Staged men who had retreated about several hundred meters, gazed at Xu Que while suppressing their fear. They wouldn’t dare to act without thinking carefully again.

Xu Que’s seemingly normal wave of Buster Sword contained a frightening amount of power and caused the two men to suffer from withdrawal symptoms of fear.

They were both aware that if their reactions were slower by just a little, they would have been killed on the spot after being crushed under the immense power of the ink-colored Buster Sword.

The two female disciples were also rather traumatized. When Xu Que was waving his Buster Sword, they thought that both of their Seniors were going to be crushed. It was fortunate for them that they activated the Dark Willow Limbo in time to just barely dodge the attack!

Furthermore, Xu Que’s rage and resolution to kill was very vicious and bloodthirsty which left a very deep mental scar within the female disciples’ hearts.

"He went for the kill the moment he lifted his weapon. A man with such a ruthless nature… We must not offend him!" The tall lady exclaimed in her thoughts.

As for Zeng Fan Rong’s side, the bunch of them were stupefied.

Originally, they still thought that even if Xu Que did not die, he would be severely injured by the two Original Infant Staged men.

Who knew that it took him just one move to make the two Sky Incense Valley Original Infant Staged disciples retreat. Furthermore, it was one versus two.


This is too scary!

"I’d never expect that… He possessed such degree of power!" The few of them softly muttered in their hearts.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!" The system beep sounded in Xu Que’s mind again. Although he did not kill the two Original Infant Staged disciples, he still successfully acted tough!

Xu Que raised the corner of his lips and slowly lifted the Dark Heavy Buster Sword. He pointed towards the two male disciples and laughed grimly, "Kneel, kowtow, and apologize!"

The two male disciples’ faces were filled with rage. While trembling in anger, they clenched their fists tightly but did not dare to rashly attack him.

Xu Que’s previous attack had casted a mental shadow over them which made them this afraid.

"Whoosh!" Another ray of flickering light emerged from the clouds in the sky!

A man wearing a white-colored long robe with patterns of green willows adorned on them, appeared before everybody.

The Wood Element spiritual Qi beneath his feet dispersed as he lightly landed on the ground. His imposing aura and presence slowly filled the air.


The two pairs of male and female disciples exclaimed in unison. Their faces were filled with reverence as they paid their respects to the man in the white robe.

The white robed man nodded. His pair of enigmatic eyes turned towards the two male disciples. He faintly said, "I’ve sent you two down here to check the situation and this is how you both carry out my orders?"

The two male disciples immediately lowered their heads and said at the same time, "Master, we deserved to be punished!"

"Apologize to him!" The white robed man lifted his hand towards Xu Que.

The two male disciples were stunned as they were unwilling to apologize. However, they did not in the slightest, dare to refute. While still clenching their fists, they walked and stopped before Xu Que and without any expression said, "We are sorry!"

Xu Que squinted his eyes, shook his head, and sneered, "I said to kneel, kowtow, and then apologize!"