Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 77

After a few moments of silence, the atmosphere became awkward.

Everybody was looking at one another in uncertainty. They didn’t know how to react to Xu Que’s "Break it in one move". After all, his braggery had gone overboard.

Several moments later, a green robed young man stepped out from the group. Clutching onto two Fire Avoiding Emblems. He looked full of mettle and was eager to go.

"My friends, I’ll make a move first. Let’s regroup right at the exit of the inferno!"

Finishing his sentence, he marched into the invisible light screen.

"Boom!" After a muffling echo, a crack opened abruptly in the light screen and was followed by a gust of boiling hot wind blowing out towards them.

Looking through the gap, Xu Que and others saw the vast body of fire within the spell and could see it raging furiously.

The green robed young man stared at it and activated the Fire Avoiding Emblem in his hand. It condensed into a blue colored spiralling lightscreen which immediately wrapped around his entire body. Soon after, he stepped into the crack and proceeded to pass through it without any further signs of obstruction.

"Everyone, I shall go too!"

This time, another cultivator started to move.

He stood in front of the sea of fire and took out a green lamp. The lamp was extinguished but strands of lamp oil started to rush forth after his activation of the skill. The oil covered his entire body surface and turned into a protective layer. When he passed through the sea of fire, the flames did not come into contact with his clothes at all as it was all absorbed by the lamp oil.

"What a good green lamp! Our friend Brother Lin is definitely in luck for having acquired that treasure. Let’s not delay any longer. Let’s go in together!" With a pair of determined eyes, Zeng Fan Rong started calling for everybody to leave for the sea of fire together.

Everyone nodded their heads and took out their respective equipments and emblems.

Xu Que was the only one standing on the spot and not moving.

Zeng Fan Rong stared at him weirdly and asked, "Brother Hua, shall we go in together?"

Xu Que waved his hand and laughed, "There’s no need. I need you all to pass through before I can break open this Inferno Spell. I wouldn’t want to harm you all by accident."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully Forcefully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

"Uh…" Zeng Fan Rong and the rest of them stiffened their lips and were all speechless. They didn’t know how to reply to that.

"Brother Hua, take care of yourself. We shall take our leave!" One of the young men nodded his head, took the lead and entered the sea of fire.

Zeng Fan Rong also smiled hesitantly to Xu Que, nodded his head and left.

Soon after, the few of them advanced towards the sea of fire. Their expressions all hardened before they executed their respective abilities and disappeared into the sea of fire.

A playful smile swept past Xu Que’s face. He then waited patiently outside the sea of fire.

At the same time, outside of the exit of the sea of fire stood a pair of young ladies who were dressed in flowy bright green robes. They stood atop the Blazing Inferno Spell with their feet stepping on the Spell Core.

The both of them were in charge of this spell. If anyone couldn't take the intense temperatures of the sea of fire, they will be thrown out by two ladies.

After all, throwing someone out was better than letting them throw their lives!

"Up till now, there isn't anyone who can't withstand the Blazing Inferno Spell and we can relax because of that." One of the cute-looking ladies who seemed to be rather young, laughed as she watched Zeng Fan Rong and the others cross over.

"It can't be helped. Someone leaked out the information on this Spell. Now everyone came prepared. Even if we wanted to change the Spell, we wouldn’t have any time to. I’m afraid that this level won’t pose much of a threat to anyone." The other taller lady nodded her head and laughed bitterly.

Following that, she looked out of the Spell and was abruptly stunned, "Eh? Didn’t they arrive together? Why is the black robed young man still standing outside?"

"Seems like he didn’t prepare any Fire Avoiding equipments and was being left behind by the group! Poor him!"

"His looks was rather intelligent and handsome too. If he becomes our junior disciple, we can make friends with him. But now it looks like… I’m afraid he has no fate with our Sky Incense Valley!"

In the midst of their conversations, a pair of cultivators walked out of the sea of fire. One after the other, the young man with the green robes was the first to arrive.

Soon after, Zeng Fan Rong and the others emerged as well. Although they looked wrecked, they had successfully cleared the sea of fire.

The group of people gathered around and they started to celebrate together.

"We did it! Let’s go and register!" The green robed young man waved his hands with a cheerful look.

Zeng Fan Rong turned and gave him a look as he hesitated, "Let’s wait a while for Brother Hua. I think he should be getting ready to come in by now."

"Brother Zeng, let’s not wait for him. Looks like we overestimated him. At first, we thought that he was a master of some sort. But who knew that he was just an arrogant cultivator. He’d rather stand outside without any plans than accept your kind offer. He is definitely not worth being friends with." The green robed young man shook his head as he spoke.

The others nodded gently in agreement and said, "He seemed quite admirable when he rejected your kind offer. But, when he started talking nonsense, saying that he could break this Spell in one move, all my respect for him was gone."

"Yeah. These type of people are too boastful for their own good."

"I reckon that he is currently panicking outside the Spell. Let’s ignore him and go register."

Within the core of the spell, the two Sky Incense Valley female disciples heard their entire conversation.

The petite and cute-looking young lady could not help but let out a "Pfff" and started laughing loudly.

"Senior sister, looks like you have overestimated him. That black robed young man isn’t as outstanding as his appearance is. He even said that he could break our Blazing Inferno Spell in one move. Hahaha!"

The tall lady nodded helplessly and let out a sigh, "That’s a pity. The good looking face he had was for naught. Who knew that he was a just a man who thought too highly of himself."

"Haha! It’s been a while since I’ve met someone this interesting. Compared to the male disciples and Seniors in our Sect, who are always putting on a long face and choosing to remain quiet , he’s rather peculiar." The cute looking girl giggled as she looked outside of the Spell, intrigued.

The tall lady became a little unhappy and replied, "The Seniors in our Sect are just more calm. Although those type of men aren’t very interesting, they are more dependable. For that black robed young man outside, although he has a pretty face, with such a pompous attitude, his achievements will definitely be limited in the future. In this long road of cultivation, he will not go very far."

At this time, Xu Que was unaware that he was being made a laughing stock with people speaking about him behind his back.

From the start, he wore a mild and contented look. Squinting his eyes, he thoughtfully looked up at the sky while contemplating whether he would be able to achieve something in his Heavenly Tribulation happening in a few days’ time.

"Rustle…" Suddenly, a slight gust of wind brushed past. A fallen leaf lightly floated and landed on his shoulder.

Xu Que snapped back into reality. He gave a subtle grin at the corner of his mouth and looked right at the Blazing Inferno Spell.

"Time’s almost up. Brother Zeng and the rest must have already crossed the sea of fire. It’s my turn." After mumbling to himself, Xu Que briefly moved back a few steps and concentrated at the Spell in front of him.


The next moment, his eyes widened and his stance changed. He raised his right hand which was followed by the abrupt vibrating of the Dark Heavy Buster Sword on his back. With a ‘Whoosh’, the Buster Sword automatically flew to his palm, in which he gripped tightly.

A hurricane enveloped his entire body and his sleeves started to flutter with the wind.

Xu Que abruptly swept his Buster Sword mid-air and yelled in a deep voice, 

"Mountain splitting, waves breaking, open!


The Buster Sword vibrated in his hand as it started to frantically absorb Qi from its surroundings. Following this, akin to pulling a very long Chinese ribbon and with great force, along with an irresistible berserk aura, he widely swung his Buster Sword downwards in the direction of the Blazing Inferno Spell!