Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 76

"Friend, I go by the name of Zeng Fan Rong and I’m a native of the Ling Wang City. These few people are friends that I’ve made during my trip and we are on the way to join the Contest. I didn’t expect to meet a noble man like yourself here. I’ve always liked to make new friends. May I presumptuously ask if you, my friend, is also on the way to the entering the Contest Area?"

The few people appeared before Xu Que. The one leading the group was a fair-skinned and chubby youth who appeared to be wealthy. He initiated and sent his greetings to Xu Que with a big smile on his face.

Xu Que slightly smiled and briefly saluted in greeting, "My name is Hua Wu Que and you’re right. I am indeed on my way to enter the Contest Area. It’s a shame that the information I’ve received was rather vague and I’ve lost my way here!"

"So it’s Brother Hua. As the saying goes, ‘Depend on your parents when you’re home but depend on your friends when you’re out.’ We happen to know how to go to the Contest Area. If Brother Hua don’t mind, you can travel along with us!" The chubby young man, Zeng Fan Rong smiled warmly and said.

"Brother Zeng, that’s very nice of you. With you unexceptionally good-natured people, being able to travel with you all is my honor."

"We’re humbled. At such a young age, you, Brother Hua, have already cultivated to the maximum full foundation of the Golden Core Stage. With your elegant posture and a magnificent appearance, you are seriously a role model of our generation. To be honest, we were deeply drawn by Brother Hua’s mighty and handsome appearance which made us rush over to make friends with you."

"You are being too polite my brothers. I’m being over-flattered."

"No no no, Brother Hua, you are too modest!"


The confident front that Xu Que put on was excessive. Throwing words of braggery and flattery at one another, it reached a point where their faces were filled with appreciation for one another and they were feeling as if they should have met each other sooner. It seemed like they almost nearly wanted to burn incense papers in a rite to become sworn brothers.

However, in everyone’s hearts, they were clear that this was just a facade they had to put on.

The reason they wanted to make friends with Xu Que was because of his cultivation stage.

Xu Que, on the other hand, wanted to use them to lead the way. This way, he would be able to reach the Contest Area to have a look and take the chance to earn some act tough points before his own Heavenly Tribulation starts.

While on the way, Xu Que had gained an understanding of the entire situation about entering the Contest Area.

All in all, there was this big and mighty Sect called Sky Incense Valley and they were receiving new disciples all across the Five Nations.

This activity was being held once every one hundred years. Each time, they would establish a few Contest Areas in each Nation. Those with connections in high places would have naturally received news on it earlier than everyone else and would have a head start in looking for them. If not, those without connections would have to depend entirely on fate.

Zeng Fan Rong and the rest of them were sons of various rich families back in Ling Wang City. However, they too, were not very sure of what will be tested in the Contest Area. In any case, they seemed very excited when the topic of Sky Incense Valley disciples popped up in their conversations.

"Sky Incense Valley had produced a few female Sovereigns and the powers of each of them were out of this world. They possessed very beautiful faces, which could captivate even the birds and beasts of the land."

"But the one who stunned the entire world was the Empress of the Water Nation from over a hundred years ago!’

"Eh, it is rumored that she has the Heavenly Water roots. After that, she apparently had a stroke of fortune and her roots turned into Heaven Ice roots. She stepped into the Infant Transformation Stage at a tender age of twenty. After a hundred years had passed, she became a well known figure in the Infant Transformation Stage. Rumor has it that even the Flame Emperor was no match for her!"

"I’ve heard that during the Sky Incense Valley’s Contest, anyone who is able to complete it and receive an Elite Entrance Order will get to meet the Empress as his or her master and she will personally impart her skills to you!"

"Haha! Everyone is saying that if one is able to meet the Water Nation Empress and get close with her, there would be no more regrets in his life anymore!"

"Brother Zeng, you should be careful of your words. We can say that in our Fire Country without any consequences. However, if we have a chance to go to the Water Nation, we can’t say those things for fun."

"That’s right Brother Zeng, we normal people cannot casually have thoughts about the Empress’ holy existence."

The few people struck up a lively conversation. They revered the Water Empress and were filled with fantasies about her existence.

Xu Que did not quite accept what they had said. Who cares about any Water Nation Emperor or Empress? When the time comes and he proceeds to dig up the dragon vein located across all the Five Nation’s imperial tombs, none of them shall remain the Emperor!

Very quickly, the group of them had circled the mountain path and strided towards a small alley leading to a forest.

The forest was very dense and the path was filled with yellow, dried up leaves, along with the faint singing of birds.

Zeng Fan Rong pointed towards the deep forest and said, "The Contest Area should be right in front. I’ve heard that when we enter, we will meet a huge Blazing Inferno Spell. We must pass through a sea of fire in order to be qualified for the Contest."

The rest lifted their heads and looked forward. As expected, there was an almost invisible light screen ahead which seemed like a force field. If one wasn’t careful, he may put himself in a risky situation upon stepping in.

"I’ve heard this sea of fire is very odd. Just depending on Core Energy to withstand the flames will not be sufficient."

"Eh… luckily I’ve got reliable information and prepared a Fire Resistant equipment."

"I’ve also spent quite a lot of Spirit Stones and bought two Fire Avoiding Emblem. That should be enough."

The few Cultivators were feeling confident, all with tricks up their sleeves.

Xu Que followed behind. He seemed distracted and didn’t say anything.

A skinny and tall young man looked towards him and asked, "Eh, Brother Hua, what skills have you prepared to avoid the fire?"

Xu Que looked stunned and shook his head, "Avoid the fire? I don't have any apparently!"

It’s just a sea of fire. Why do we need to take such great pains to avoid it? Just a "Flame-Devouring Wave" to split it open will do, won’t it?

When they heard that he did not have any fire avoiding skills, they were astonished.

Some of them started to cover up the item belts on their waists. One of them had two Fire Avoiding Emblems binded to his belt.

The rest of them were slightly awkward and laughed fakely, "Looks like Brother Hua has his own brilliant skills!"

Brilliant skill?

This was obviously just a filler to avoid the question. They were actually afraid that Xu Que would ask them to lend him their Fire Avoiding Emblems or any fire resisting equipments!

To them, such items were very valuable. They were all one-use items. They wouldn’t possibly lend it to anyone.

However, the chubby young man who went by the name Zeng Fan Rong, walked towards Xu Que with a warm and sincere expression. He rummaged and took out a blue coloured pearl which was a size of a palm. There were vague ripples circulating on its top!

"Brother Hua, I’ll lend you this Water Element Pearl. Inside the pearl contains a huge amount of Water Element spiritual Qi and along with your high Cultivation Stage, you will be able to cross this huge Blazing Inferno Spell." Zeng Fan Rong told him.

Before Xu Que cold react, the rest of them cried out in surprise one after another.

"It’s the Water Element Pearl, this item is worth quite a lot!"

"Brother Zeng, you are definitely very generous. I am considered very lucky this time. With the Water Element Pearl, I will have no problem in crossing this Blazing Inferno Spell."

"Brother Zeng has a very wealthy family and he is also generous. What a good friend to have!"

Everyone started praising him and some of them were even blue with envy.

Xu Que did not expect Zeng Fan Rong to be so kind. He briefly laughed and said, "Thank you, Brother Zeng for your kind intention, but I can cross this sea of fire. Also, this Water Element Pearl is by no means cheap. You should keep it with you for the time being!"

"This…" Zeng Fan Rong was taken aback. This was the first time he was rejected while offering help.

The rest of them were all stumped and stared at Xu Que with confused expressions.

Zeng Fan Rong then warned, "Brother Hua, that Blazing Inferno Spell’s might is not a trivial matter. Even an Infant Transformation Stage Cultivator wouldn’t dare to step into it without preparation and even he would have to rely on external items. This stage is actually the Sky Incense Valley testing our reaction towards risky and dangerous situations. We cannot be careless!"

"Yes, Brother Hua. If you become careless here, you will suffer great losses. Besides, it’s just a Water Element Pearl. Its price is nothing to Brother Zeng. You don’t have to worry too much." A young man chimed in.

Xu Que continued waving away their offers, "I really don’t have a need for it. I can break this Blazing Inferno Spell in just one move!"

"..." All their lips gave an involuntary twitches. They were speechless.

This is a Blazing Inferno Spell set up by the Sky Incense Valley and you’re saying you’re able to break it in one move? What joke are you cracking? Even braggers wouldn’t bring it so far.

Zeng Fan Rong was also feeling rather awkward. He barely managed a laugh, kept his Water Element Pearl and stopped persuading him.

The atmosphere then became chilly. This was the result of Xu Que forcefully acting tough, cutting conversations awkwardly short and being the conversation ender.

However, he had already received the system beep just now and had earned quite a bunch of act tough points.

Xu Que wouldn’t mind being labelled as a conversation ender, because…"Acting tough is like the wind. It follows my body wherever I go!"