Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 74

Under the incessant pleas from Zi Xuan, Xu Que decided to enter the water sphere.

He condensed the water Qi within his body before stretching out a finger and lightly tapping the sphere. Instantly, the entire sphere collapsed into thousands of water droplets before disappearing.

"This…" Zi Xuan widened her eyes and was extremely shocked.

Although her water sphere spell was not something extraordinary, most normal people wouldn’t have been able to just disintegrate it like that. The only exception was if the person had water spiritual roots as well. Then he would be able to break through the water sphere.

And the Qi which Xu Que managed to condense, was of the water element.

Earlier on when Xu Que summoned streams of water to wipe the mud of their faces, he had used water energy as well. When they first met him, they didn’t know his identity and thought that he must’ve been a water root cultivator.

Soon after, they found out that Xu Que belonged to the Fire Country and yet he could summon and condense water Qi. Zi Xuan was surprised.

Having a pair of spiritual roots of different elements existed in this world but was extremely rare. She never would have expected that Xu Que was one of those people.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for subtly acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

Xu Que pause for several moments as he turned around and looked strangely at Zi Xuan. He then retrieved a single Corpse Devouring Pill and placed it into the Flaming Princess’ mouth.

"No!" Zi Xuan cried out but it was already too late. She had swallowed it the second it entered her mouth.

Xu Que was mildly surprised, "With such an evil nature, did you really think I wasn’t going to give her the pill? If…" Even before he could finish his sentence, a warm bodied and desperate looking Flaming Sun Princess charged straight into him.

She then started to hungrily kiss Xu Que’s neck and face with her luscious lips.

An arm was swung across his body as she held him close. Her hands started rummaging through his robes as if she was searching for something.

Zi Xuan stood some distance away and watched the scene unfold before her. All of a sudden, she seemed to realize what was bound to happen. Her face turned red once more before she turned around and ran away.

Xu Que was almost brought back to the time when he was back in the palace and the pair of them shared a marital bed. The hungry look in the Princess’ eyes was exactly the same. Except…

"How did her chest get so much bigger? The feel of it in my hands is quite different as if it is someone else completely different I’m touching…." Xu Que ‘accidentally’ groped her chest and was bewildered.
But he didn’t think much about it since this was more of a business transaction rather than anything else. Besides, this wasn’t the first time. Since she wanted it so badly and he was willing. So bring it on.

Hence, with the help of the increasingly desperate Flaming Sun Princess, Xu Que managed to strip down to his bare bottom and gave a thrust.

"Ah…" Almost halfway through, the Flaming Sun Princess gave a cry of pain, causing Xu Que to pause in shock as he looked down.


Holy hell! This is her first time? That can’t be. Wasn’t it broken the last time? How could she still have it? Was there such a surgery in this world that could do something like that? And her bosom was much bigger than how I remembered it to be? Could she have undergone plastic surgery?

Even before he could react, that hot and bothered Princess started gyrating, willfulling searching for her climax.

And Xu Que responded in kind!


The gentle scene finally reached its conclusion.

Xu Que sat up and watched the Flaming Sun Princess who had fallen asleep beside him. He sighed and eagerly wished for a cigarette.
"To be my little Princess, you won’t have to eat hardships. The only thing you’ll be eating would be me." Xu Que thought of this phrase and laughed coldly. Everyone else in this world could be his little princess except for this Ji Wan Qing.

Several moments later, he stood up and dressed himself.

Zi Xuan was hiding somewhere not far. Although she didn’t dare to watch, the embarrassing sounds of pleasure could be heard more than clearly.

When she heard them reach a climax and there wasn’t any more movements, she then hurriedly ran out and looked at Xu Que in a daze. She then started dressing the Princess.

Xu Que then spoke out calmly, "I’ve already rescued her. In a few days, I shall head for the Imperial City. I hope to be able to see the maps then. If not… I am capable of anything!"

"You don’t have to threaten me. Whatever I’ve promised, I will do." Zi Xuan maintained a stoic expression although her face was flushed slightly red.

"That’s good. Oh yes, she…" Xu Que smiled and was about to leave when he thought about the Princess and whether it was her first time. He wanted to ask Zi Xuan.

All of a sudden, an entire wave of crushing pressure descended down from the skies.


The crushing pressure were as terrifying as the mountains and yet the source of it remained hidden by the thick forests. It was so powerful that it made everyone feel suffocated.

Xu Que frowned and asked, "This pressure is being emitted from… An Infant Transformation Stage old thing. In fact, there are two of them?"

"You should go. Those two are probably Princes. When we met some trouble, the Princess dispatched a distress signal. According to the time it took them to reach, it should be them." Zi Xuan whispered.

Xu Que’s lips curled into a sly smile as he whispered back, "A pair of Infant Transformation Stage Princes? Ever since I’ve fought with Zhang Dan Shan and crossed into the Full Foundation of Golden Core Stage, I haven’t had the chance to exchange moves with any Infant Transformation Staged cultivators…"

Zi Xuan heard this as her face contorted into an expression of evident surprise.

This person…. After hearing that a pair of Infant Transformation Stage cultivators had arrived wasn’t afraid. In fact, he wanted to fight with them?

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for subtly acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points."

The system rang out abruptly in Xu Que’s mind as he regained his senses and turned his head to look at the surprised Zi Xuan.

He smiled, "For now, I still don’t wish to alert them of my presence. Remember, when you return, do not mention a single word of my name. If not, regardless of how far I am, all that I have to do is to imagine your deaths and the pair of you would lose your lives."

Xu Que then executed his Lightning Haste spell as a pair of lightning arcs formed beneath his feet and he charged into the depths of the forest, disappearing quickly.

Zi Xuan watched him as he disappeared, a sense of overwhelming fear gripped her.

"Eh…" All of a sudden, she heard the Princess rouse herself from sleep as she opened her eyes and sat up.

"Princess, you’re finally awake!" Zi Xuan spoke out in relief.

At the next moment, her relief vanished into thin air. That was because her golden first time had been given away just like that. She found it hard to imagine how the Princess would feel at this point.

Will she fall apart? Will she go crazy? Or will she feel suicidal?

The Flaming Sun Princess had a strange expression of calmness. She was so calm that it was almost terrifying.

"Has he gone?" She asked softly with unbelievable coldness in her voice.

Zi Xuan paused and nodded her head, without actually reacting.

Could it be that the Princess hasn’t realized it?

"Whatever happened today, apart from me, you and him, nobody else must know. This includes my Emperor father." At this point, the Flaming Sun Princess spoke out once again.
Zi Xuan was startled by her tone and nodded her head gently.

So the Princess knows whatever happened.

"Whoosh!" A pair of frighteningly crushing auras appeared in the sky, causing the sky to turn momentarily dark.

Soon after, a pair of middle aged men appeared. One of them had already reached the Infant Transformation Stage level 4 and was extremely intimidating.

"Uncle Prince!" The Flaming Sun Princess stood up and opened her mouth blankly.

Zi Xuan bowed hurriedly, "Zi Xuan pays her respects to the pair of Princes."

The pair of middle aged men nodded their heads in acknowledgement. They then looked at the Flaming Sun Princess. "Flaming Sun, who ambushed you?"

The Flaming Sun Princess shook her head, and looked extremely weary and tired. She then replied, "Uncle Prince, Flaming Sun is tired. Let’s speak more when we return."