Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 73

"Of course I know. It’s the Core Yin Yang Wine!"

Hearing these words, the Flaming Sun Princess’ expression turned to one of immense shock as if her well thought out planned had failed. Her face froze in horror.

Even Zi Xuan who was standing beside her had her eyes wide open in disbelief.

Xu Que then laughed out coldly, "Ji Wan Qing, Ji Wan Qing. Your heart cannot get any blacker. You’ve already done me in once. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for you and you had to kill me a second time. If my temper were the same as it was in the past, you would been a dead woman. However, I’ve changed my mind. I wish to see what will happen to you after you’ve consumed your own Core Yin Yang wine."

"What… What did you say?" The Flaming Sun Princess was taken aback. She looked at Xu Que in surprise as her body swayed unsteadily and she took several steps back.

Zi Xuan’s expression fell as well as she shouted out in shock, "Xu Que, you… What have you done?"

"Nothing much. I just swapped our wines." Xu Que flicked some dirt of his shoulder and looked into the eyes of the Flaming Sun Princess as he smiled. "According to what I know, you should be feeling extremely hot and bothered right now and you feel like removing all your clothes!"

"Outrageous! You… You…" The Flaming Sun Princess was both enraged and stumped. Even before she could finish her sentence, she felt a strange sensation overtake her entire body as she fell into a daze.

"I warned you clearly not to pull any pranks but you refused to listen. You wanted to be smart. This is called harming yourself with your own ploys!" Xu Que laughed out as he folded his arms and leaned against a tree, ready for the show to unfold.

"Dong!" The Flaming Sun Princess could feel the full effects of the Core Yin Yang wine explode within her body. It almost felt like her entire body was on fire and she lost all her strengths to the potency of the wine. She then fell to the ground as her face started to blush a deep shade of red. Even her breathing became ragged.

"Chi-la!" She started removing all the articles of clothes on her body but she didn’t have enough strength to do it. She then pulled apart her chest piece, revealing her pale and tender flesh. Her hands started moving all around her own body.

Soon after, a sound like a sigh coursed through her throat as her breathing became more distinct. Whatever icy and cold appearance she used to wear on her face had completely dissolved and disappeared.


Zi Xuan was standing by the side, completely at a loss of what to do. She then ran over to support and prop the Princess up. "Princess… You… Oooooo…" Even before she could finish her sentence, Zi Xuan was being squeezed in a tight hug by the princess and was kissed full on her lips.

Xu Que was shocked.

My god, the strength of this wine is really immense. It doesn’t even care if her partner was a man or woman? Looks like I better hide further away.

Xu Que stroked his chin and considered whether he should climb the tree and watch from that distance.

Zi Xuan managed to break free from the Flaming Sun Princess’ grip. She then looked at the Princess who was fully controlled by the wine and was completely unresponsive to anything else. Her strength was barely enough to keep her in control.

Zi Xuan’s face was still flushed as she stood up and pointed with two fingers, which emitted blue core energy from it and transformed into sprays of clear water. She drew a circle over the Princess.


The Flaming Sun Princess was trapped within a round the sphere of water which has a bluish hue over it. It was almost like a protective sphere meant to keep her from hurting herself.

"Core Water Energy? So you’re from the Water Nations!" Xu Que shouted out in shock.

Zi Xuan finished her spell and turned around helplessly. She bit down hard on her lips and looked at Xu Que before falling to her knees.

"Xu Que, Zi Xuan begs you. Please save the Princess!" She pleaded as tears started to well up within her eyes.

Xu Que’s face fell as he gave a cold laugh, "She asked for it by pretending to be smart. Unless I’ve been kicked hard in the head by a donkey, I wouldn’t save her. Letting her die this way suits me very well."

"Xu Que, as long as you’re willing to save the Princess, Zi Xuan is willing to transfer you all her cultivation and spiritual roots and be your slave and servant. I will agree to do anything you wish for me to do. I beg you, please save her." Zi Xuan begged as tears rolled down her face like a torrential downpour, making promises that was hard to believe that she would keep.

Xu Que was unmoved and shook his head plainly, "Your cultivation level and spiritual roots bring me no benefits. I also don’t need a servant or a slave."

"What do you want then? As long as you’re willing to save the Princess, Zi Xuan will be agreeable to any condition." She continued pleading.

"What? Come to think of it, I do really need one thing." Xu Que lips curled in a smile as he spoke, "Give me the maps to the imperial tombs of the Fire Country and Water Nation."

Zi Xuan froze in shock.

Xu Que then continued, "Since you belong to the Water Nation and are close to the Princess, your status should allow you access to both maps right? As long as you hand me the maps of imperial tombs to both the Water Nation and the Fire Country, I can agree to rescue her."

"You… What do you want to do with the maps of the imperial tombs anyway?" Zi Xuan asked suspiciously.

"Nothing much, I just wish to explore the area and see if there are any special treasures for me to take." Xu Que laughed out and replied.
Zi Xuan shook her head, "There’s no use. Even if you have the maps with you, there are many layers of protective spells. Even the Infant Transformation Stage cultivators don’t dare to trespass without reason. Once a person enters, nobody has ever made it out alive. y

Yet you…"

"You don’t have to worry unnecessarily. Just give me the map." Xu Que interrupted.

There were many dangers which lurked within the tombs and Xu Que was aware of that. However, if he could obtain the maps, his risk would be reduced by more than half.

Zi Xuan pondered for some time, her eyes glimmered as if she was in the midst of the decision making process.

"Eh... Eh... Eh..." The ragged breathing of the Flaming Sun Princess who was trapped within the water sphere was becoming more labored.

Zi Xuan’s face blushed a deep shade of red as she raised her head and agreed, "I promise that if you save the Princess, I will return to Water Nation and retrieve the map of the imperial tombs for you. But the maps of the Fire Country tombs are hidden within the main hall, where restrictive spells were placed. Only the blood of the Ji family would enable someone to pass through the halls. That meant that under the heavens, the only people who could gain access to the map were the few Princes and the Princess."

"Are you trying to tell me that the map to the imperial tomb of the Fire Country cannot be obtained? If that’s the case, I can’t help you to save her. Giving in to her sexual desires would take too much out of me and would be a huge sacrifice." Xu Que spoke out.

If rescuing the Princess could earn him two maps of the imperial tombs, Xu Que would be more than willing to do it. Besides, he’s already had marital relations with her before. Doing it again wouldn’t mean much. Besides, although she had a vile heart and an evil soul, her physique and beauty was unparalleled in the nation.

When Zi Xuan heard Xu Que say the phrase "giving into her sexual desires", she blushed red in embarrassment. She then whispered, "I can convince the Princess to pass you the map."

"Great. First, you have to eat this pill." Xu Que flipped his hands and obtained a vial containing a single pill.

"This pill is called the Corpse Devouring Pill. Once you consume it, there is no antidote for it. If you both choose to betray me, just a single thought is all it takes for me to kill you. And don’t think of killing yourselves to take the easy way out. I will strip you both naked and dump you in the middle of the Imperial City where it’s most crowded."

"You…" Zi Xuan heard this and trembled in fear as she looked at Xu Que in disbelief.

Xu Que maintained an expressionless face as he handed the pill over to her, "Whether to eat it or not is completely your choice!"

"I’ll eat it!" Zi Xuan gritted her teeth and received the pill as she swallowed it whole. She then looked at Xu Que pleadingly, "Save her."

Xu Que exhaled deeply, he started to feel strange for some reason.

He looked at the transparent water sphere and saw the Flaming Sun Princess’ smooth jade body. She was as fair as snow and her long pair of legs were rubbing against each other restlessly.