Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 72

"Eh?" Just as Xu Que was deep in thought, he heard a pair of gentle footsteps approaching him. He regained his senses and looked across.

Under the soft glow of the moon, the Flaming Sun Princess was walking over graciously. She had a calm demeanor across her face as her pale hands held onto two bottles of wine.

"Xu Que." She called out to him gently, her voice sounded mild and apologetic. She then carefully strode over to where he sat. She then spoke calmly, "This Princess knows you hate my Ji family. But this is a world where the strong triumphs over the weak. When you are powerless, you'll be twirled around the fingers of the strong. Even the powers of life and death can't be decided by yourself. That's exactly how this Princess feels when in your presence."

"However, those six years which we we're together, I cannot totally forget. Hence I shall drink a toast to sever our husband and wife relations once and for all. So that when you finally do kill me, you won't bear the title of ‘wife killer’ as a result." After she finished speaking, she then handed the jug on her right hand over to Xu Que.

The jug on her right contained the Core Yin Yang wine. The jug on her left was just plain normal wine. Both these wine looked and smelt the same. But the one she offered was poisoned!

Although Xu Que didn't know, he wasn't going to blindly accept that jug of wine.

He looked closely at the Flaming Sun Princess and noticed that she had no emotions across her face at all. He then looked away and completely ignored her.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ heart fluttered. That stare by Xu Que was so cold and icy, catching her completely off guard.

Could it be that this Princess guessed wrongly? Had he discarded their relationship a long time ago? That's not possible.

The Flaming Sun Princess didn't dare to give up hope and asked out once more, "Is the reason you won't drink this wine is because you're afraid that I might poison you or that you're still upset about what happened in the past?"

Xu Que mumbled to himself before laughing out coldly, "You're thinking too much. I won't ever drink wine with two types of people. The first type are dead people and the second type are lowdown scums. You happen to fulfill both criterias, so why should I drink with you?"

"You…" The Flaming Sun Princess was enraged.

"You better be honest right now before I decide what to do with you and cherish your last few living moments and reflect on all the evil atrocities you've done." Xu Que berated her and laughed out in mockery.

What a joke. This big brother of yours have read so many years worth of comics and novels on the internet. Do you think all of it have gone to waste? Why would you randomly come here and bring me wine to drink? I'm 100% sure it's poisoned!

"The only mistake I've made was to sleep with you. Now all I want before my death is to sever all ties with you. Why can't you even grant my final wish?" The Flaming Sun Princess asked through gritted teeth.

Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched as his lips curled into a sinister grin, "With your current situation, you have no bargaining chips left to make requests of me. But I agree to severing all ties as husband and wife with you. Pass me the wine."

As he finished speaking, he reached out a hand.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ expression remained neutral, as if she had a thousand years of winter written across her face. She then handed Xu Que the wine held on her right hand.

Xu Que wasn't in a hurry to drink it. He summoned the system and shouted out in his head, "System, check if this wine is poisoned!"

"Ding! Check is complete. This is the Core Yin Yang wine. When a man drinks it, he will lose all his cultivation powers and would never be able to cultivate ever again. When a woman drinks it, it will immensely turn on her sexual desire. The only way to relieve her of it is if she sleeps with a man. (Note: If the man’s cultivation is higher than hers, the man will absorb all her powers and cultivation abilities, but will not affect her cultivation in future.)

"Damn it. I knew there was something wrong with the wine. System, are there any methods to swap the wine in her hands?" Xu Que asked in his head. Since even this wine would harm a woman, he assumed the other jug of wine would be harmless!

"Ding! If you spend 30 act tough points, you can purchase a Swapping Talisman which could swap both these wines." The system replied.

"I wish to purchase one. Also, help me search for a poison which would give me full control of a person’s life and death!" Xu Que sneered and purchased the Swapping Talisman without hesitation.

At the same time, the system revealed a new page with him with different types of poisons. One of them in particular caught Xu Que’s attention.

[Corpse Devouring Pill]:
The pill is controlled by the thoughts of this host. If anyone were to consume the pill, the host would just have to think of activating it in order for the pill to be dissolved within the body of the victim. It would then allow the soul devouring worms to spill out of the pill and cause the victim to die tragically! (This pill only works for victims of cultivation level below Original Infant Stage. Apart from this host, nobody else would be able to control it!)

Price : 50 act tough points!

"Even when this Ji Wan Qing is nearing her death, she's still trying to play tricks. Then I shall play with you! Since you enjoy poisoning wines, I shall show you what a true poison is. System, I wish to purchase two of this pill!"

"Sou!" The white light flashed on the screen and Xu Que’s inventory had additional items added.

He hurriedly retrieved the Swapping Talisman from the inventory and activated it in his mind. Without anyone noticing, he managed to swap the contents of the wines stealthily.

Soon after, he even double checked with the system and reaffirmed that his current jug of wine was not poisoned.

"Xu Que, are you still afraid that this Princess poisoned your wine? Whether you want to drink it or not is up to you. But I shall drain my jug first and sever our marital ties from this very moment!"

Seeing Xu Que hesitating, the Flaming Sun Princess was somewhat anxious and hurriedly raised the wine to her lips and tilted her head back before draining the entire jug.

The mild moonlight shined down into her fair and soft neck. Maybe it was because she was too eager to drink that a drip of wine dropped out from the corners of her lips and rolled down her chin. It further dripped down her neck and stained her white robes. 

That was a very sexy move but Xu Que had no time to admire it. His lips curled and he drained his jug of wine as well.

An entire mouthful of good pure wine entered his mouth, filling his senses with the smoothness and richness of it. He then swallowed it and felt extremely comfortable.

The Flaming Sun Princess watched as Xu Que finished his jug of wine. Her knitted brows finally relaxed in an obvious sign of relief. She then wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and revealed a smile.

"Xu Que, looks like you haven't changed much. You're still the same naive person from before!" She laughed out.

Xu Que pretended not to understand as he frowned and replied, "What do you mean?"

"Princess…" At this very moment, Zi Xuan walked over, her face was full of frowns. She looked at Xu Que once as pity and remorse was etched within her pupils.

The Flaming Sun Princess eyed Xu Que coldly and smiled fearlessly, "Xu Que, this Princess has to thank you for solving the problem of Sky Demon killers chasing after us. Although I don't know what changes you've undergone over these few months, to be able to cultivate again after being stripped of your roots and you managed to rise up to such a formidable level. But now, everything you've earned has gone to nothing once again!"

"Is that so? But I really don't think so." Xu Que smiled playfully as if he didn't seem to mind her spiteful words.

The Flaming Sun Princess squinted her eyes as if she had just regained her prideful and arrogant demeanor. She then spoke out, "My father killed you last time. Today, this Princess, his daughter shall kill you again. Do you know what I just made you drink?"

Xu Que blinked, "Of course I know. It's the Core Yin Yang wine!"