Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 70

"Who are you?" Xu Que’s face changed completely as if he just recalled something. He then stood up and shouted out.

His movements were very exaggerated as he flipped over the entire roast pit. The golden brown chicken wings all fell into the mud with a splat.

Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess jumped up in fright at Xu Que’s sudden outburst, their faces were clearly startled.

"Hrmm!" Xu Que cleared his throat and didn’t ask any more questions. He pointed out a finger from each hand and condensed his water Qi as he sprayed out two jets of water right at their faces.

His reaction and movements were so quick that the pair of them simply had no time to react. Their dirt filled and muddy faces were instantly being washed away by the jets of water and revealed their fair and clear complexions.

"What are you doing?" Zi Xuan asked irritably as she shrieked out.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ face was full of fury as well as she gave Xu Que a death glare.

Xu Que was astonished by whatever he saw. Soon after, his pupils dilated as he laughed out manically, "Ji Wan Qing, indeed, it’s you!"

"You… How dare you refer to the Princess by her name?" Zi Xuan asked out in shock.

The Flaming Sun Princess scolded out harshly as well, "Hua Wu Que, you have the audacity. Since you already know that I’m the Flaming Sun Princess, you dare to be discourteous and disrespectful? With your crime, I could punish you by killing your entire family and all your relatives!"

"Hahahaha!!!" Xu Que laughed out loud in apparent anger, "You wish to wipe out my family? It’s a pity that I’m the only surviving member of my family. Besides, I’m not Hua Wu Que. You take a good look at me now and see who I really am!." His voice echoed out and reverberated in all directions like a powerful wave of energy.

Such rage and fury stemmed from the memories of this body. Those memories had fused with his being and was now a part of him.

He had been purged of all his energy and cultivation prowess before being tossed away like an inanimate object. The memories of that scene kept flooding into his mind.

Xu Que’s eyes exuded murderous killing intent as he slowly raised his hand to peel back the Human Skinned Mask from his face.

"Chi-la!" The features and face of Xu Que appeared right before the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan.

"My adorable Princess, your highness. We’ve only been apart for several months. Surely you haven’t forgotten your husband?" Xu Que laughed out loudly.

"Wh-What?" Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess were dumbfounded.

No matter how she considered the possibilities, she never would’ve imagined that the person standing before them was… That Prince Consort from six years ago. The one who had a one in a million innate talents.

"That’s impossible! My father, his majesty had already killed you. How could you still be alive?" The Flaming Sun Princess widened her eyes, her entire face was etched with incredulous disbelief.

A person who was supposed to have died and whose spiritual roots were plundered from, someone who would never have been able to cultivate further, had actually showed up before them.

And he was even able to attain the Full Foundation level of the Golden Core Stage. At this point, his might was terrifying and he could even kill a demonic beast of the Original Infant Stage so easily!

She simply couldn’t accept this fact!

"Why is it impossible? Why do you think heaven gave me a second chance at life? I think it's to take revenge on your Ji family. Because you, Ji Wan Qing are vile and cold blooded. You don't have any right to be a Flaming Sun Princess. And that old dog Emperor Ji has no right to be an Emperor as well! Since the title of royal family has landed upon your Ji family, I'm sure the reign will end with your generation!" Xu Que laughed out in furious anger. With a smack of his hand, the Dark Heavy Buster Sword appeared and he pointed it at the Flaming Sun Princess.

"Stop it!" Zi Xuan was visibly upset as she dashed across and spread her arms, standing in between Xu Que and the Princess. She then shouted out, "You… You can't kill us. Don't you forget, you just promised to protect us!"

"Hehe... my apologies. I am a nearly perfect man. The only flaw I have is that I have a loose tongue and don't always mean whatever I say. That's one thing about me that will never change!" Xu Que burst out laughing as he slashed his sword down, ready to kill.

Zi Xuan was anxious for both their lives and hurriedly spoke out, "Hang on. Xu Que, listen to me. All these years, the Princess never…"

"Zi Xuan, you shut up now!" The Flaming Sun Princess scolded her harshly and stopped Zi Xuan from speaking further. Her gaze was icy as she glared straight into Xu Que’s eyes and spoke, "I don't have to explain matters concerning my royal Ji family to an orphan boy who should've died by the side of a deserted road!"

"But Princess..." Zi Xuan clearly wanted to speak out further but the Flaming Sun Princess shot her a menacing glare which shut her up once more.

Xu Que was clearly raging in blind fury and didn't even bother to clear up any possible misunderstandings. All he knew was that the person who stole his fire spiritual roots and robbed him of his life and chance of cultivation was this Princess!

"What an exemplary person, Ji Wan Qing. So this is your true color. Your stupid princess temper has finally shown. You place yourself above everyone else and think too highly of yourself. Who would’ve expected that your cute and helpless image was all just a pretense. It must’ve been hard on you to put on a false front for me all those years. But truth be told, I do admire your acting skills!" Xu Que laughed out coldly.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ expression was as cold as ice as she replied, "So what? This Princess wishes to see how you plan to take me down!"

"Killing you shall be easier than killing ants. But doing so means letting you off too easily. Ever since the day of our great wedding, the flirtatious look on your face has left a deep and unforgettable impression on me. Hence, I wouldn’t mind stripping you down and throwing you into the Imperial City. Then, everyone under the heavens would be able to see you for who you really are." Xu Que squinted his eyes. When it came to his enemies, he was capable of doing anything.

"Outrageous!" The Flaming Sun Princess raged out as her body trembled in anger. The fury within her heart was immense.

Zi Xuan’s expression was that of nervousness. She looked at Xu Que and begged, "Xu Que, please stop speaking anymore."

"Fine. I really don’t want to carry on speaking pointless words anyway!" A cold gleam appeared in Xu Que’s pupils as he gripped the Dark Heavy Buster Sword tightly and he conjured the Lightning Haste Spell, planning to charge down upon the Princess.

The Flaming Sun Princess pushed Zi Xuan away as she faced Xu Que boldly. At the same time, the storage ring on her finger lit up. A short flute which was made out of jade appeared in her palms.

She looked at Xu Que and taunted, "Xu Que, this Princess doesn’t owe you anything. Since you wish to kill me, I have the right to let you die here in return!"

The minute her words were spoken, she placed the jade short flute to her lips as she condensed her core energy and blew it out onto the flute. She blew a long and sharp piece, which translated into ripples in the air. It circled overhead before diffusing out far away.

Not far away, several men were searching for the Princess when they heard the blast from the flute. One of them frowned before happily exclaiming, "Flaming Sun’s Jade Flute. That’s the object which the little bitch possessed. Quick, they’re over there!"

At the next moment, several shadows transformed into blood rays as they moved with such astonishing speeds.

They all wore white robes, wielded longswords and had red masks on their faces. Just the sight of them was enough to terrify anyone.

They were the Sky Demon killers. Each one of them were in the Original Infant Stage. Every time they drew their swords, blood was surely spilt.

Just as the few of them reached, they could see more blood rays appearing around them. They were all killers of Sky Demon and were all attracted to the sound of the flute.

The Flaming Sun Princess maintained an icy expression on her face as she pointed at Xu Que and shouted out to the Sky Demon killers, "This man is my Prince Consort. If you wish to kill me, you have to get through him!"

"Jiang!" In that instant, more than ten Sky Demon killers were present as they drew their swords in unison almost mechanically. The cold steel which they held were scary beyond measure.

Xu Que gave a cold laugh and shook his head, "Ji Wan Qing, you’re playing it very well. I can see you wish to use their strengths to kill me. It’s such a shame. Did you actually think that these mere trash can kill me?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points."

The system rang out once in his head. At the same time, he could feel the death glare being emitted from those few killers who were staring right at him.

It’s just that to him, these men were nothing. These men were nothing more than trash!

"Die!" The Sky Demon killers didn’t even bother speaking. They were particular about effectiveness and getting the job done. More than ten of them moved in unity as their shadows moved together and transformed into blood rays. Their swords jabbed towards Xu Que as they charged right at him.

"Let’s go!" The Flaming Sun Princess took hold of Zi Xuan and whispered silently to her as they fled into the depths of the forest.

"When the Sky Demon killers arrived, I knew that it was difficult for all of them to focus their attention on him. I didn’t expect him to be so stupid to issue a challenge to them. He managed to gain all their attention, granting us our wish!" The Princess looked back once more, her lips curled into a mocking smile.

Zi Xuan seemed to be unable to bear all this but she kept her mouth sealed and remained quiet.

"Boom!" A loud crash could be heard from behind before the sound of a strong wind could be heard. It almost sounded like the crash of a thousand waterfalls.

Soon after, a large gale of strong wind blew across!

The both of them panicked as they turned their heads back. In that second, whatever they saw... startled them!

That person in black robes, who was holding on to his Dark Heavy Buster Sword was coming straight for them. He almost looked like a demon who had climbed his way up from the ninth level of hell. He had a sly grin on his face as he took large steps across the frozen pond. He wore a white flaming crown across his head and was walking towards them.

Each step he took was like stepping on their hearts.

And that bunch of Sky Demon killers had long been transformed into ice sculptures and ceased to exist.