Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 69

Under the pitch black skies, Xu Que was moving a pile of firewood and settled it down on the ground. He condensed his fire core energy and immediately ignited the firewood effortlessly.

The firewood cracked and cackled under the flames, causing Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess to be startled awake.

"Young hero Hua, what are you d—" Zi Xuan opened her eyes wide in apparent amazement.

The the three of them were on the run! If he were to start a fire in the middle of the night, wouldn’t that attract all his enemies over?

Xu Que waved a hand in the air and had a calm and indifferent expression, "We’ve been on the road for the entire day. It’s about time we ate something. You don’t have to worry about those elite killers as well. When I was picking firewood earlier, I set up an ancient defensive spell around us. This spell can only be broken through by Infant Transformation Stage cultivators. Once anyone lower in level than that, they would be disintegrated instantly." He spoke extremely seriously and subdued the fears of Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess.

"Young hero Hua, you’re actually proficient with casting spells?" Zi Xuan asked in surprise.

Xu Que gave a snigger as he feigned modesty, "I only know a little, only a little. Killing several Original Infant Stage cultivators isn’t a problem!"

"This…" Zi Xuan’s mouth gaped wide open in shock.

Even the Flaming Sun Princess furrowed her brows tightly and spoke out coldly, "I’ve never heard of any spell that could kill an Original Infant Stage cultivator instantly."

Zi Xuan hurriedly nodded her head as well, "That’s right, young hero Hua. Hurry and extinguish the fire. If those killers were to spot the fire, we would have no way of escaping!"

"No worries, please don’t worry. You have to trust me on this. The spell was handed down to me by my ancestors and can really kill Original Infant Staged cultivators easily!" Xu Que laughed out loud.

Actually, he didn’t place any of his spells around them. He had no patience for all that preparation and didn’t want to waste his effort and time. His plan was to attract those killers over and kill them all at once.

Doing this was akin to killing two birds in one stone. He could resolve the ladies’ problems and could earn an entire bunch of act tough points. That was a win-win situation for everyone.

Xu Que didn’t speak further as he took out several marinated chicken wings from his inventory and placed them over the fire and started roasting them.

Zi Xuan was clearly taken aback, "Young hero Hua. You… You’re eating this? Those are chicken wings. There isn’t any meat in those. You shouldn’t be eating them!"

The Flaming Sun Princess fronwed as well, her expression was one of coldness and indifference.

Back at the palace, only the best delicacies within the country would be served and placed on the dining table. Domestic and common fowls such as chicken didn’t have the requirements to be on the royal dining table. Hence, regardless of how hungry they were, even if an entire roasted chicken was placed in front of the Flaming Sun Princess, she wouldn’t even bother looking at it. Much less the small and boney piece of chicken wing which most commoners won’t even buy to eat.

But at this point, this Hua Wu Que was putting them in such danger, just for a mere few pieces of chicken wings!

"It is edible! You will find out in a while." Xu Que was clearly distracted from appeasing them and didn’t seem to be very interested in their concerns. Although he enjoyed flirting and teasing the ladies, he prefers to act tough and cook good food!

To be honest, Zi Xuan and the Princess had themselves to blame for being covered in mud from head to toe and looking dishevelled and unkempt. How could their current state compare to the allure of acting tough and good food? If they were to clean themselves up and revert back to their original beautiful selves, then it was clear Xu Que would be much more attentive to them.

"The wings from a chicken are such low grade, lousy food. Even normal people will throw it away but you’re taking it as food. Are you really in such a situation that you have to stoop so low and eat such food?" The Flaming Sun Princess opened her mouth to speak, sounding extremely crass and insensitive.

Xu Que heard this and was clearly unhappy. He furrowed his brows and replied, "Whoa!"

The Flaming Sun Princess was taken aback by this outburst of insolence and was about to shout out, "you have the audacity!" but Zi Xuan was faster than her and tugged on her sleeves, reminding her not to be rash.

The Flaming Sun Princess sucked in a breath of fresh air, "Put out the fires. Once we return to the Imperial City, I promise to let you have good food…"


Just at this point, the few chicken wings started to roast nicely as the skin crackled in apparent doneness. The oil from the wings were gleaming in the fire as it popped occasionally.

A decadent and delicious aroma wafted in the air and filled their nostrils, warming their hearts even without eating it.

The Flaming Sun Princess was stunned!

Even Zi Xuan was astounded. Chicken wings... could really produce such a delicious aroma?

The corners of Xu Que’s lips curled upwards in a smile. He knew that the people from this world didn’t have food as good as wherever he came from. So what if their status was lofty? So what if they had the most exquisite and exotic foods? Compared to his secret chicken wing recipe, there was no comparison.

"The old beggar from the previous encounter, whose cultivation level was even higher than the Infant Transformation Stage cultivator boasted about having the best foods from all around this world. Even he agreed that my chicken wing was the best he’d ever had. The both of you are just mere girls from the Imperial City. I don’t believe you’ve ever had anything as good as this." Xu Que exclaimed under his breath.

Before long, the chicken wings looked almost ready to be consumed. Xu Que then retrieved a bottle of high quality honey and a brush. He then started brushing the chicken wings with honey.

"Chi-la!" A large burst of white smoke ascended to the air, bearing with it is a thick and decadent smoke. The delicious aroma from the chicken wings were sure to make anyone’s stomach growl with desire.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan widened their eyes as well but didn’t speak a word.

Compared with the prospects of starvation, the pair of them were astounded by his ability. Just several mere chicken wings could be transformed by this "Hua Wu Que" into something which smelt so good. He could even make the chicken wings look so appetizing with its brown, slightly burnt hue. It was indeed astonishing.

"My fair ladies, would you like to have it mildly spicy or medium spicy? Or would you like to have it pervertically spicy?" At this point the bottle in Xu Que’s hands were no longer the honey but instead, chilli flakes. He turned his head and asked the pair of them.

The Flaming Sun Princess didn’t reply but Zi Xuan paused for sometime before replying shyly, "Mild… Mild spiciness!"

"Done!" Xu Que laughed as he replied.

The sky was dark but the moon was shining brightly in the vast sky, illuminating the roast pit.

The fiery fires shone a light at Xu Que’s handsome looking face.

With a flick of his wrist, drops of chilli flakes descended like fiery raindrops as they floated gently before landing atop the roasted chicken wings. It was almost like he was putting up a show, decorating the chicken.

Such an image was deeply engraved on the hearts of both these ladies.

After all, a serious man is the most dashing!

After all, Xu que had 20 additional Charm points added to his features.

The pair of ladies were starting at Xu Que as he completed his preparations. Only after the delicious smelling and appetizing chicken wings were brought in front of them did they finally regain their senses.

"You’ve all been through a tiring day. Come and have something to eat. Then we can happily depart from the Imperial City." Xu Que smiled warmly as he spoke.

Under such an atmosphere where the flowers around were in full bloom and the moon was bright and round, the fire was burning warmly beside them. One man and one woman… Eh, one man and two women. The night was still and quiet.

At this moment, a person would be most at ease and comfortable.

Xu Que’s action and his easy smile, coupled with the additional Charm points had a huge impact on both these ladies.

One was a Princess and the other was the Princess’ best friend. The both of them were often the center of attention wherever they went. They’ve enjoyed the status of celebrities and stars.

They were both prideful and independent women. Regardless of whether it was Zi Xuan or the Flaming Sun Princess, the pair of them were aloof and proud deep down.

But right now, Xu Que acted like he was an older brother to them. Coming out from nowhere like a knight in shining armor, bringing them a feeling unlike any other. This feeling was called being looked after, having someone to rely on.

With such a feeling in her stomach and heart, Zi Xuan accepted the chicken wings gladly.

She revealed such a sweet smile of gratitude like a young and innocent girl. She looked up at Xu Que before gratefully receiving the chicken wings and whispered a word of thanks.

The Flaming Sun Princess however, with her cold heart and usual aloofness, was stunned and anxious at such a situation. Her emotions were a whirl.

Hence, the only way she knew how to react was to appear cold and fight off the butterflies in her stomach.

Her face was cold and icy as always as she turned her face towards him and spoke fiercely, "Take this away from me. This Princess can’t possibly eat such trash."

The minute her words were spewed out, she paused in shock, knowing that she had said something wrong. "This Princess?" was a clear sign that she had revealed too much about her identity.

Zi Xuan’s face fell in shock!

Even Xu Que was astounded!