Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 67

A Golden Core Stager chasing an Original Infant Stager? And an Original Infant Stage Blood Python at that?

How… How is this possible?

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were stunned!

The scene was absolutely astounding. According to logic, even if both were at the Original Infant Stage, the demonic beast will be much stronger than the human.

The demonic beast’s intelligence was in no way weaker and their flesh was naturally superior. Their strength and speed, for the most part, surpassed human cultivators. In fights, most demon beasts will triumph over a human.

And yet, the Original Infant Stage Blood Python, renowned for its speed and craftiness, was being chased down by a young human man. On top of that, the young man was only at the Golden Core Stage. Were they dreaming?

Amidst their dumbfounded faces, they heard the escaping Blood Python screaming, "Friend, please don’t go overboard. It’s just a misunderstanding. Do you really have to kill me?"

"Definitely!" Xu Que hummed coldly. He was too lazy to speak further. In an instant, he executed the Lightning Haste and the image of his figure became blur. He then reappeared in mid-air.

Both his hands were holding the Dark Heavy Buster Sword. Then he abruptly hacked downwards in mid-air. It was the Flame-Devouring Wave!

With a gesture, a mountain breaking airwave appeared!


The Blood Python could not dodge in time and was immediately caught in the explosion of the airwave. Its entire body flew upwards, knocked firmly upon a big tree and immediately fainted.

Xu Que rested the Buster Sword on his shoulder and wanted to walk over to give the final blow. He then suddenly noticed the pair of women near him.

"Village ladies? That can’t be… How could they have cultivated up to the Golden Core Stage? Their faces are also smothered with mud. Are they too ugly to show their faces or something? Heh, judging from the way they are looking at me, they must be mesmerized by my charm. This mask is definitely worth it!" Xu Que was elated just by looking at them.

However, his expression was calm and he managed to look strict at the same time. He was going to act tough!

With expressionless eyes, his vision focused into the distance. He acted as a profound thinker, akin to someone who had been through melancholic emotions. But at the same time, he looked very matured. Gently, he breathed in.

He followed this image up by looking towards at the fallen Blood Python and righteously proclaimed, "God loves all creatures. For now, I shall let you live. If you continue to hurt the innocent, I will come and take your life." Finishing, Xu Que flicked his black robe backwards before turning around to leave, taking large strides.

Throughout this entire process, he did not look at Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess at all.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully forcefully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

The system beep sounded in his mind momentarily.

Xu Que was secretly happy. An easy 110 act tough points had been earned just like that.

He wasn’t very sure if the opportunity which arose was due to the 2 Luck Points from the mask. But he couldn’t care less as he had already earned back more than half of what he just spent.

Meanwhile, Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess were standing by the side with faces still in astonishment.

Xu Que overpowered the Original Infant Stage Blood Python in a mere single blow and had surpassed their imaginations!

More importantly, this Blood Python was very close to ending up in his item bag but he chose not to kill it. It seemed as if the Blood Python was worthless in his eyes.

After Xu Que walked some distance away, Zi Xuan suddenly snapped out of her astonishment. She looked at the Flaming Sun Princess in haste and said, "Princess, that person is very strong. He could take down an Original Infant Staged Blood Python while being at the Golden Core Maximum Stage himself. If we manage to ask for his protection, we might be able to escape from here."

The Flaming Sun Princess frowned, creasing her brows, "If I, the dignified Princess, were to put down my pride and seek for the help from a Golden Core Stage stranger for protection, it would taint my name. Also, although his power is remarkable, with that many Original Infant Stage Sky Demon killers, he will be no match for them. Zi Xuan, rest assured. Father should have already received my distress signal and is sending help over. We should hide for a little while more!"

"This place is so far from the Imperial City. Even if the Flame Emperor has sent help, it would take a very long time for them to reach here." Zi Xuan thought for a while and suddenly laughed, "Princess, I have an idea. With our current looks, if we don't reveal our identities, nobody will be able to recognize us. We can have him send us to a safe place and reward him with some Spirit Stones after. There will be no interaction any more after that."

After the Flaming Sun Princess listened, as if a little swayed, she knitted her brows and contemplated.

"Ai ya, my Princess, please don’t hesitate anymore. Come with me and seek for his help. We’ve already seen him being so forgiving to a Demon Beast. He will definitely not leave us to die!" While talking, Zi Xuan pulled along her hand and chased after Xu Que.

Some moments later, Xu Que heard some footsteps coming from behind and was startled a little.

Turning back, he saw the two woman running towards him.

One of the woman, with pleading eyes, gently asked, "Friend, could you please hold on? I have something to ask of you!"

Xu Que was wearing the human-skinned mask and this was absolutely a good chance to act tough all the way.

In an instant, with gloomy eyes, he lifted his head and briefly looked at the two of them, "What could these two ladies possibly ask of me?"

With a calm and clear voice, akin to lukeman water in a stream, flowed past their ears.

The both of them were slightly startled.

Zi Xuan was still feeling alright but the Flaming Sun Princess’ heart started to beat rapidly within her chest.

With all the people that she had been in contact with all these years, all of the noble men’s sons were either men who gave too much respect and were elegant or men who likes to flatter her too much.

However, she had never met a man so calm and composed like still water. The only person was this black robed man standing right in front of her.

Possessing outstanding strength, he was able to crush a Blood Python in one hit. But he was compassionate at the end, turning around and leaving.

His each and every move faintly emitted a certain unique persona. Also, he had that pair of dark, ink-coloured pupils, having the depth to suffocate anyone looking at it. It was as if the pair of eyes could attract anyone and one look would be enough to charm anybody.

The Flaming Princess’s heart, seemingly frozen for ten thousand years in its abyss, started to thaw away, bit by bit and started beating at this instant.

However, very quickly, she suppressed this slight undulation. Her eyes regained its apathetic look and her expression became icy cold once again.

At this moment, Zi Xuan started to speak, "To be honest, my… my sister and I are from the Imperial city. A few days ago, we came out to play but were attacked by enemies on the way. Our servants are all dead but we put on a disguise and managed to escape up ‘till this point. Could you please protect and send us siblings back to the City? If we manage to return, we will give you a satisfying reward!"

After hearing, Xu Que blanked out for a moment, followed by him being alarmed.

This two… Don’t tell me they are the people in the horse carriage?

Damn it… I’ve searched everywhere only to find them here. I had to spend so much effort. After hours of searching with no results, who knew I’d find them here. Looks like this response is the work of the Luck Point attribute of the human-skinned mask!" Thinking up ‘till here, Xu Que chuckled in his heart. Acting on with a dignified expression, he looked at the two and asked, "Your enemies… were they wearing white-colored long robes, wearing red-colored masks and were Original Infant Stagers?"

"Yes, friend… Have you seen them?" Zi Xuan froze. She started to worry as she was afraid that the man in black robe wasn’t going to help them. After all, the group of killers were all of the Original Infant Stage!

Unexpectedly, Xu Que’s face did not change in the slightest. In a resounding manner, he said, "People of my generation all have utmost righteousness and loyalty, treating everyone with sincerity. Both of you ladies, don’t worry. I shall do my best to protect and send you both back to the Imperial City. Neither am I afraid of any amount of Original Infant Stagers, nor am I fearful of sacrificing my own life. No matter what happens, I won’t give up!"