Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 66

Being chivalrous was not something Xu Que liked to do. Even if he did, half of the reason was mainly to act tough.

Ever since he was transported to this world and received the acting tough system interface, he had been either acting tough or was about to act tough.

After easily deducing that the group carrying the Fire Country’s flag were being hunted down and killed, Xu Que immediately began to his search.

It was a pity that he didn't even know who was sitting in the horse carriage.

After a few hours of searching, other than finding more corpses amongst the trees, Xu Que found nothing of interest. He laid down atop a tree and let out a long sigh,

"My gosh, I just wanted to quietly and peacefully act tough. Is it so difficult?"

He shook his head, entered the system interface and started looking in the system store.

After he destroyed the entire Phaseless Faction a few days back, he had accumulated four hundred over act tough points. To him, it was quite a comfortable amount to shop with. Therefore, he decided to see what valuable items could he get in order to progress further.

After looking for a long while, he did not find anything unexpectedly. However, he saw that there was a new treasure in the Junk Items bundle.


From the possession of the Son of Thousand Faces "Wang LianHua", it has a very strong effect of changing one’s appearance. It can be used to change one’s appearance once. The appearance will be very life-like, making it very difficult for others to distinguish the fake from the original. (This item is ineffective against anybody who is above the Infant Transformation Cultivation Stage!)

Selling price: 200 act tough points!

"Damn you, are you trying to rob me? A piece of human-skinned mask for 200 act tough points? Isn’t it more expensive than a Sky-ranked skill book?" Xu Que widened his eyes upon witnessing its price.

For an item so expensive, it would normally have a quite remarkable function to it. But for this so called "High-ranked Human-Skinned Mask", other than concealing one’s appearance, it basically has no other function. The only acceptable fact is that the item is ineffective only against people who are above the Infant Transformation Stage.

In other words, if he wears this human-skinned mask, strong Infant Transformation Stage users cannot detect his true appearance.

"Ding! The High-ranked Human-Skinned Mask can change to whatever appearance the host needs. After the appearance is decided, the system will go through an evaluation to calculate extra attributes as add-ons to the item." The system responded to Xu Que in his mind.

"Eh? It has extra attribute bonuses as expected. That’s not too shabby. Does it add strength or speed?" Xu Que became curious.

"This mask can only provide bonuses to two types of attributes. Namely, the Charm and Luck points. At your current state, host, the system suggests that you buy the item!"

Are you kidding? Suggesting that I buy it?

Xu Que was not too happy about it, "Screw that. With my personality and looks, do I look like I need to raise my Charm points? What joke are you cracking? I’m sure that I’d be able to charm big groups of girls no matter where I go!"

"According to the information here, you will be going through a Difficult Mode Heavenly Trial in seven days. Luck points have a very good effect in the trial!" The system replied.

Xu Que became a little shocked and anxiously asked, "So you were talking about the luck points. Are you for real? I can’t even see or touch luck. Who knows if it really works?" Xu Que said those words but was actually feeling a little convinced.

The Luck Attribute does not have a physical form. But when it works, its effects will be impossible to resist.

Xu Que pondered and contemplated for a while, bit his teeth and decided to buy one and try it out.

"Since I can't find anyone in the horse carriage, I should buy the human-skinned mask to add points into Charm and Luck. After I find those people, I will be able to act tough a few times to collect back what I’ve spent. Maybe I can even earn more than that. Damn, I’m such a genius!" Xu Que chose to purchase the human-skinned mask on the spot.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on successfully purchasing the ‘High-ranked Human-Skinned Mask’. Consumed 200 act tough points. Please proceed to imitate an appearance!"

Following the system beep message, a human face in front of Xu Que appeared . At the same time, an image of his own appearance appeared in his mind. The mask then followed immediately and transformed into his own appearance.

Xu Que was astonished. He then thought of the face of a famous actor from Earth, who was from his previous life. The human-skinned mask immediately went through a transformation.

"Damn, so it’s being used this way. Let’s try Li XiaoYao!" Xu Que thought and decided on a new appearance.

Although his own looks were not too bad, since he bought the mask, he couldn’t bear waste it. Also, he was reaching the Imperial City soon. Instead of wearing the black robe everyday, he could come up with another look to do things more efficiently.

In the end, Xu Que decided to use the male actor who was from his previous life on Earth. His name was "Hu Ge" and he would be using the actor’s looks when he was at his prime. When he was the most attractive. In his earlier days, he acted as Li XiaoYao, who was a kind and sincere character. After he raised to fame, he acted as the matured Mei ChangSu.

With this face attractiveness and traits, it was versatile and could handle any type of style which suited Xu Que perfectly!

"Do you want to confirm this appearance?" After choosing his persona, the system asked for confirmation.

"Yes!" Xu Que confirmed without hesitation.

After a "Swoosh" sound, a white-coloured light flashed past the human-skinned mask. Hu Ge’s face appeared in front of Xu Que right after.

When he checked the mask’s properties again, there were already changes.


From the possession of the Son of Thousand Faces "Wang LianHua", it has a very strong effect of changing one’s appearance. The appearance of the mask has already been decided.

The appearance will be very life-like, making it very difficult for others to distinguish the fake from the original. (This item is ineffective against anybody who is above the Infant Transformation Cultivation Stage!)

Charm Points +20

Luck Points +2

"Are you kidding me? It only added two Luck Points?" Xu Que immediately overlooked the Charm Points, stared at the miserable two Luck Points added and shouted angrily.

However, the system went silent and didn’t reply him.

Xu Que slanted his lips and entered the System item bag interface. He immediately took out and equipped the mask.

Then, he felt a rush of warmth through his face but did not feel any different.

Xu Que jumped off the treetop and ran to a small river bank not too far in the distance. He stared down and realized that his own face has transformed into an ancient period edition Hu Ge!

Immediately after, he thought out to the system and felt another rush of warmth through his face. His face immediately returned to his former self. It seemed that he could switch the appearances back and forth unlimitedly.

"Eh? Why do I feel that I’ve become more handsome?" Xu Que looked at his reflection and suddenly became bewildered.

He reacted again. It felt like those 20 added Charm Points was already in effect. Even he himself almost got mesmerized by his own looks!

"Hahahaha! This is too much fun." Xu Que laughed out loudly. While equipped, no matter which face he was currently on, the 20 Charm Points and the Luck Points would always be in effect.

Xu Que gave instructions to the system by thinking again and switched back to Hu Ge’s face. He then pulled down the hood of his black robe and decided to temporarily use this appearance and continued towards the Imperial City.

However, as Xu Que turned his body, a shadow appeared from within the river. It was rapidly enlarging.

Next, he head a "boom" sound. An explosive splash followed and out came a red-coloured Blood Python. It opened its gigantic mouth and charged towards Xu Que.

Sensing danger, Xu Que, with his fast reflexes, immediately activated the Lightning Haste and dodged away.

At the same time, he took out the Dark Heavy Buster Sword from his back and stared at the Original Infant Stage Blood Python. He scolded, "Your mum is retarded! How dare you give me a scare by sneak attacking me. You’re finished."

Finishing, the Dark Heavy Buster Sword started to transform into a giant blade. Covering a wide area, he charged towards the Blood Python.


With his boundless might and menacing stance, the Blood Python was shocked and momentarily froze in its tracks.

However, its reaction was rather quick. It just managed to dodge the Buster Sword by an inch. Shortly after, without any hesitation, the Blood Python turned tail and ran with a "whoosh" sound.

"Still dare to run?" Xu Que held up the Buster Sword and chased after it.

At the same time, not too far from the river, under some tall and old trees, there were two women hiding in the corner. It was Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess who were from the horse carriage earlier.

However, the two of them looked different. They went through a disguise by changing into some Coarse hemp clothings they retrieved from some other place and looked like they were from the village. On top of that, they smudged some mud over their fair and clear skins. They would definitely not be recognized easily.

The both of them looked serious. They were checking their surroundings cautiously with frowns on their faces.

"How extremely daring of the Metal Nation to make a move on us. On top of that, they dispatched so many Original Infant Stage fighters. They definitely want us dead!" Zi Xuan tightly gripped her tiny hands and exclaimed while gritting her teeth.

An intent to kill flashed past the Flaming Sun Princess’s eyes. She coldly replied, "Those people are not normal Original Infant Stagers. If I’m not mistaken, they should be Sky Demon's group of elite killers!"

"What, Sky Demon, that’s unexpected!" Zi Xuan’s expression changed.

"That’s right. Rumors say that the Sky Demon killers don white-colored robes with a red mask on, possessing remarkable sword skills. From the skills they’ve exhibited just now, I’m positive it’s Sky Demon!" The Flaming Sun Princess said with a cold tone.

Zi Xuan’s tiny face turned pale, losing some color, "To spend some much money on hiring these Sky Demon killers to ambush us, the Metal Nation are really big spenders. Princess, I’m afraid this time we have to try to escape amidst this chaos."

The Flaming Sun Princess went quiet for a while, and briefly sighed, "Zi Xuan, it seems like I’m the burden this time. Their target is only me. I’ll go distract them later so that you’ll have the chance to leave here…"

"Princess, I’m sure that you are clear about what I’ve told you in the past. I will not listen to these type of orders." Zi Xuan immediately persisted with a stern expression.

The Flaming Sun Princess tried to open her mouth but turned into a bitter laugh. She nodded, "You’ve always said that with my personality, I’ll never find my Prince and that no one would want me. But with your temperament, you are not too far off from me."

Zi Xuan laughed and mocked, "No. I was just kidding with you in the past. In reality, there are many sons of nobles who wish to court you. If all of them were to line up, they would definitely make a circle around the entire Imperial City. It’s just that you are interested in none of them."

"Although similar to my age, these spoilt and hedonistic sons are weaker than me. The highest Cultivation Stage amongst them is only Golden Core Stage level 5. None of them are qualified to be the Flaming Sun Prince!" The Flaming Sun Princess replied unenthusiastically.

Zi Xuan lightly sighed, "You’ve always judged people according to their strengths. I personally feel that being together require both parties to have similar feelings to one another. If you like him and he likes you, it’s enough. Actually, in the Imperial City, there are some suitors who have very refined personalities. Have none of them moved your heart before?"

The Flaming Sun Princess lightly nodded, "My perfect Prince is the type to assume responsibilities and have outstanding strength amongst the crowd. His Cultivation Stage need not be too high but he must be at least at the Golden Core Full Foundation. When I need him, he must always appear on time. An example is today’s tragedy…"

"Oh, my Princess! Are you choosing a husband or bodyguard? Even if a Golden Core Full Foundation Stage Prince appeared, he would not be able to reverse any of the tragedies. Those people are the elite group of Sky Demon Killers and each of them are of the Original Infant Stage." Zi Xuan spoke as she lightly nodded and continued, "Unless he is a prodigy with the Heavenly Fire roots, in which case he would be able to repel the Original Infant Stagers at the Golden Core Full Foundation. Hmm, if that Xu Que didn’t die at that time, he would make quite a suitable candidate for your qualifications. But it’s a pity…"

The Flaming Sun Princess, with creased brows, said, "He is not the only one in the world with the Heavenly Fire Roots. I ultimately believe that in my life as the Princess of the Flaming Sun, the real Prince who appears before me will be even more outstanding!"

"Whoosh!" At this time, amidst their conversation, an abrupt movement could be heard from the woods ahead.

"Is… Is this the aura of an Original Infant Stager?" Their expressions suddenly changed and turned their pretty eyes towards the direction.

They were stunned at what followed.

An Original Infant Stage Blood Python emerged from the woods ahead. It was frantically twisting its body around and struggling to flee.

Behind its body, a young man, donned with black robes and holding an ink-colored Buster Sword was pursuing relentlessly.