Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 65

Whistling, Xu Que gradually travelled away from the mountain.


The son of the Senior Minister looked as Xu Que’s figure moved into the distance. His mouth was slightly opened and was a little startled.

The few servants at his side stared blankly for a moment and said, "Boss, what did the person in the black robe mean? Heaven Explosion Faction… What kind of Faction is that? Why haven’t we heard of it before?"

"I think you are blind. How dare you ask me about that? If I knew what he meant, why am I still sitting here contemplating?" The Senior Minister’s son stared at them and reprimanded.

The few servants immediately asked for forgiveness, "Boss, please calm down. It’s our fault for asking. We must be blind. Also, the man in the black robe must be crazy and talking nonsense. Boss, you need not care about him. Let’s follow this path and we will reach the Phaseless Faction!"

"Why are you all not lifting the sedan then? Also, when you all meet the head of the Phaseless Faction, make sure to be polite. Don't embarrass me. The head of the Faction is of the same cultivation level as my father!"

"Yes Boss, we understand. Please be rest assured!"

Together, they lifted the sedan and continued forward again.

Soon after, they were at the mountain gates of the Phaseless Faction. However...

"Eh? Why is there such a heavy smell of blood here? What has happened?" One of the servants creased his brows and exclaimed.

The few of them continued and eventually reached the entrance of the Phaseless Faction. They were flabbergasted.

The entire courtyard was filled with silence. The ground was fully stained with fresh blood. In the center, several ice sculptures of various elders could be seen!


Suddenly, a piece of garden rockery was pushed to the ground. A few pale-faced Qi Refining Stage disciples could be seen. With frightened faces, they crawled out. It was apparent that they had been hiding behind the garden rockery the entire time.

After they emerged and saw that there were still people in the courtyard, they became immediately terror stricken and wanted to turn tail and flee.

One of the servants quickly reacted and shouted out, "Friends, don't be alarmed. We are from the Minister’s Residences of the Imperial City. The son of the Minister is inside the sedan. May I ask what has happened to your noble Faction?"

When the few Qi Refining Stage Disciples heard that they were from the Minister Residences, they heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down a little.

At this time, the noble son of the Minister’s Residence also lifted up the sedan curtain and walked out. After he squinted and scanned the surroundings, he looked towards the few disciples and asked, "What exactly has happened here? Where is your Faction head?"

The few disciples became pale, raised their arms and pointed at the ice sculptures in the center of the courtyard while trembling. They cried out, "Our… Our Faction head… he is dead! The Elders are all dead. Our Seniors… They are all dead! Our Phaseless Faction is gone. Everything is gone!"

"What?" The Minister’s son was momentarily stunned. A few of the servants became pale too and became speechless.

"Who… Who did all these?"

"Although the Phaseless Faction isn’t considered a big Sect, they have quite a reputation in the Fire Country. To meet with such calamity, was it possible that the Faction has offended a monster of an Infant Transformation Stage Cultivator?"

"No wonder the lad in the black robe said that there was no more Phaseless Faction. It turned out that he saw this scene unfold!"

The few servants were discussing quietly but when the Phaseless Faction members heard those words, their faces became pale yet again.

"Per…...Person in black robe? Is… Is he at the Full Foundation of the Golden Core Stage and carrying an ink-coloured, giant Buster Sword?" They asked the servants and convulsed in fear.

The few servants were stumped and nodded, "Yes, why? Do you know the person? He looks a little arrogant."


At this moment, the Qi Refining stage disciples froze and were too shocked to say a single word.

After a few moments of silence, one of the disciples replied faintly, "The one who killed our entire Phaseless Faction… was the person in the black robe!"

"What?" The Minister’s son and the servants were all blanked out and shortly after, they involuntarily laughed.

"Hey, this is not a trifling matter. Are you joking? Telling us that the person in black robe, who is merely at Full Foundation of the Golden Core Stage, eradicated the entire Phaseless Faction all by himself?"

"Yeah. How could you people say such absurd things? Were you all scared out of your minds?

"What exactly happened? Please think properly…"

The servants nodded and replied.

However, the few Phaseless Faction disciples who were still filled with trepidation and eyes full of fear, confidently replied, "We didn’t remember wrongly. It was definitely that black robed person and his Cultivation Stage is absolutely not only at Golden Core Stage."

"Respected guests, we only dare to say what happened up ‘till this point."

"Now, what we only want is to quickly get out of this barren waste of a land. The further, the better. If the black robed person returns, we will not be able to live on any further. We shall take our leave now!"

After finishing their words, they immediately fled.

The Minister’s son and the few servants were astonished and their hearts were in doubt.

However, the Minister’s son recalled the remarkable skills the black robed person exhibited and felt a chill ran down his spine. His forehead broke out in cold sweat as if he was frightened.


At this time, Xu Que had already returned to the village. On the road, he randomly received system messages from several instances of acting tough. However, he didn’t really bother about them and returned straight to the old woman’s home.

But… The old woman had already brought her grandson and fled. Still, there was a bowl of lukewarm porridge on the table!

"Sigh… Four hours wasn’t even up." Xu Que sighed but didn’t blame the old woman for not trusting him.

After all, the fear which mere mortals have for Cultivators was immense.

"Doesn’t matter. The news of the Phaseless Faction being destroyed will travel quickly in any case. When the time comes and when the old woman and child hears about it, they will definitely return! I should leave for the Imperial City."

In the end, Xu Que finished the bowl of porridge in one gulp before he regrettably left the small house and activated his Lightning Haste. He hovered upwards and along with the wind, continued his journey towards the Imperial City.

A few days later, Xu Que entered a wild forest. An Original Infant Stage Demon Beast had blocked his path.

Xu Que did not know whether to laugh or cry.

A few days ago, when he slaughtered the bunch of Phaseless Faction people, his experience points has already reached more than 1,300,000 points and he needed over a hundred thousand more points to level up. Who knew luck was on his side and a Demon Beast which was worth 200,000 experience points appeared right in front of him.

Might as well kill it!


Xu Que held up his Dark Heavy Buster Sword and condensed his mighty Core Energy. A strong energy escaped from his body and engulfed him. With his robes which were as dark as night swaying with the wind, he executed the Flame-Devouring Wave and charged towards the Demon Beast mercilessly.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Stage Demon Beast. The reward is 200,000 experience points and random reward drops!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for leveling up from the Full Foundation of Golden Core Cultivation Stage! Ready to advance to the Forty-Nine Heavenly Trial!"

"According to system calculations, the Heavenly Trial will commence in seven days. Difficulty mode: Difficult Mode!"

Damn it!

Xu Que widened his eyes and immediately shouted, "What the hell! This is my first Heavenly Trial and you’re making me do it in Difficult Mode? System, please don’t play such a joke on me. Didn’t you promise me to bring me to greater heights and greater ways of acting tough?"

"Ding! Since host is training the Ancient Five-Elemental Arts and this Skill Path’s power is unmatched, the Difficult Mode is already the easiest difficulty as of now. In the future, there could be Hell Mode, Asura Mode, Nine Deaths Mode…"

"Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!"

Just as Xu Que was listening to the system message in his mind, his ear twitched a little. Not too far off, there was a faint noise.

Following the sound was the six emerging silhouettes.

These six people were of the Original Infant Stage. They were wearing white clothes along with a red coloured mask, only exposing a pair of eyes filled with murderous intent!

"Not here. Continue to search. We won’t let her live!"

The six people briefly scanned Xu Que but they totally ignored him. They then turned and continued deeper into the forest.

Xu Que felt a chill. He scratched the back of his head in doubt and continued on.

A few steps later, he suddenly saw a horse carriage not too far in the distance. Surrounding the carriage were many corpses with fresh blood flowing all over the ground.

"Eh? This horse carriage…" Xu Que gasped in shock and astonishment.

"This horse carriage looks very familiar. It has a flag of the Fire Country on its roof. Damn… now that I recall, isn’t this the group I saw at the tea house six months ago? Looks like… they have been chased down and murdered by the group of people in red masks. Tsk tsk tsk… looks like it's my chance to act tough again."