Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 64

With someone to lead the way, Xu Que didn’t have to personally search mountain by mountain. He immediately activated the Lightning Haste, dragged the chubby man by his collar and left for the few mountains up ahead.

In no time, the both of them landed upon the foot of the mountain at the Phaseless Faction.

What they could see was a mountain path continuing upwards, branching out to even more paths.

At the same time, there were several sedan bearers carrying a decorated and luxurious sedan chair standing at one of the side paths. They seemed unsure as to which direction to go.

Seated in the sedan chair was a young man wearing a cloud-pattern embroidered robe. His appearance was delicate and handsome-looking. In addition, he had the personality traits of one from the Yushu Tibetan prefecture. It seemed like he was at the Golden Core Cultivation Stage.

Bearing his anxious-looking face, he came upon Xu Que and the chubby man. He quickly raised his voice, "Oi! Two of you, stop right there. Do the both of you know where the Phaseless Faction is? If you lead me, the son of a noble there, I will reward you handsomely!"

"Another arrogant prick!"

Xu Que was rushing to destroy the Phaseless Faction and did not have time to cater an arrogant royalist.

However, when the chubby man turned his head to the sedan chair and saw the noble’s son, his expression changed. He muttered to Xu Que, "Master, the person in the sedan chair is the son of the Senior Minister of Fire Country. I once saw him in the Imperial City."

"The Senior Minister’s son is none of my damned business. Quickly lead the way!" Xu Que replied with his eyes getting wider.

"That way!" The chubby man pointed out the direction miserably.

Xu Que did not waste any time. He dragged the chubby man and activated the Lightning Haste. Immediately, his figure became fuzzy and they swept past the sedan chair onward to Phaseless Faction!

Looking at the both of them leave, the young man was initially shocked at the weird skill he was using. But after that, he thought of the fact that Xu Que just ignored him and that he gave him an expressionless look. He momentarily widened his eyes and furiously exclaimed, "Screw them! I, the son of a noble, asked them to lead the way because I felt that they were capable. And they did not even take a look at me? Even those small time princes from the capital wouldn’t dare to ignore me like that."

A servant from the side pleaded, "Boss, please calm down. These two people are just some punks from the mountains who don’t know what is good for them. After you learn the Minor Phaseless Art from the Phaseless Faction, you will definitely become unrivalled and no Golden Core Stage Cultivators will be a match for you."

"Hmph! It’s just a mere Minor Phaseless Art. I don’t think it’s as strong as what the legends exaggerated. It’s only capable of imitating low leveled skills, nothing much. In the end, it has its limits and only exhibits a certain percent of the original. If it’s really that strong, the Phaseless Faction would have been cleared out long ago and even my father was unable to protect them. If not for the fact that the Emperor wanted to pick his son-in-law for the Princess two months later, I wouldn’t even bother coming to such a place. However… the lad in the black robe has a rather peculiar skills!"

At the same time, at the Phaseless Faction...

Xu Que entered the mountain gate, tossed the chubby man inside and at the same time, held the Dark Heavy Buster Sword in his other. The Buster Sword casted a large and imposing shadow. With a stance capable of taking down ten thousand men, he executed his big plan to eradicate the entire Faction!

"Atrocious! Who dares to break into the Phaseless Faction? You definitely do not fear death!"

Tens of disciples rushed forward with a war cry.

In the end, Xu Que slammed his Buster Sword down. He had successfully used the Six Corporeal Forms to its full potential and the figure of his Buster Sword covered a wide area.

One by one, the Core Bearing and Golden Core Stage disciples all exploded into fogs of blood under the immense pressure of his giant Buster Sword.

The chubby man was the most unlucky. He tried to act smart and secretly activated the Lightning Haste he imitated from Xu Que to escape.

Although Xu Que did not want to kill him, the chubby man sent himself towards the giant Buster Sword and died in the hands of the Six Corporeal Forms spell.

"Damn, I wanted you to become my errand boy after this. You idiot, you just sent yourself to death!" Xu Que scolded in his mind and continued slaughtering the others.

"You atrocious thief! Stop it at once!"

Quickly, the Elders from Phaseless Faction emerged. Even the head of the Faction was alerted. He was a frail and skinny-looking old man who was at the Original Infant Stage, level 8.

After they appeared, they proceeded to activate the Lightning Haste from Xu Que. They quickly surrounded Xu Que in all directions, hacking their swords towards him. It was the Buster Sword skill of the Six Corporeal Forms!

"What a bunch of vixens!"

Xu Que pouted his lips and activated his own Lightning Haste spell, escaping from the circle of Elders. They must’ve been hidden in the dark when he was killing the rest of the Phaseless Faction disciples and learnt the skill from him then. Now, here they are, all using his skill to attack him.

"Who summoned you to make a ruckus over here?"

"You really don’t know where you stand. You are just a mere Golden Core Stage, how dare you act insolent around here?!"

"You better submit yourself and hand over all the skills you have learnt."

A few of the Elders said evilly with stern expressions. They were scheming to learn the other skills Xu Que possessed!

Xu Que sneered, "Since you people so nicely asked, then I shall be generous and explain. It’s in order to protect this world from devastation, to maintain world peace, to spread love and righteousness… Pfff! Can't make up anymore. Anyway, I am going to be generous and explain everything to you all before your deaths. A few years ago, you people persecuted a married couple who were disciples. And now you are after their child. Don’t you think that this is too ridiculous? Because of that, today, I am going to do something ridiculous too. Like killing all of you!"

Finishing his swords, Xu Que expelled a wave of Bone Freezing Fire from his palm. A chilly burst of flames fluttered forward, intimidating everyone around!

"Hehe... do you think you alone are qualified to avenge them? I shall… Eh? Why can't I detect any skill presence?" One of the Elders was jeering but his expression suddenly changed and stared at the flames in Xu Que’s palm in awe.

"How is this possible?"

"There are no skills we Phaseless Faction cannot imitate. What the hell is that?"

Everybody else, including the head of Phaseless Faction were stunned.

Xu Que lifted his lip corner, "Let me tell you all. This is called Mystical Fire. The brilliant and famous Bone Freezing Fire!"

Finishing up, Xu Que thrusted his palm outwards.

A majestic-looking flame escaped into the air. Akin to a roaring ice dragon, it engulfed them in an instant like waterfall.

"Not good! Hurry!!!" The head of the Phaseless Faction widened his eyes and shouted out.

Before he could finish, he was enveloped by the Bone Freezing fire and the group of them became a bunch of ice sculptures on the spot!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on killing Phaseless Faction Elder. The reward is 200,000 experience points and the Chapter x1!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on killing Phaseless Faction Elder. The reward is 200,000 experience points and the Chapter x1!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on killing Phaseless Faction Elder. The reward is 200,000 experience points and the Chapter x1!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on killing the head of Phaseless Faction. The reward is 200,000 experience points and the Chapter x2!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on completing the hidden task reward and finding all six chapters of the . Acquired the . Do you want to train the skill?"


High-level Sky-ranked skill, uses one’s body to imitate others. After perfecting the skill, the imitated skill will have 80% of the original’s power!

"Of course, I’d want to train it. As the saying goes, with remarkable skills, one can act as tough as they want. How can I not train the skill!" Xu Que exclaimed while laughing.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on successfully training ‘Phaseless Magic’!"

Xu Que’s lower abdominal area started to feel a gush of warmth. The warmth then started to flow throughout his body and he felt as if he had a thorough body massage. He felt more comfortable and refreshed than before.

Thus, the High-level Sky-ranked skill book has been learnt.

"Phaseless, shapeless and no traces can be found! What a profound skill. Who knew that these Phaseless Faction disciples were versed in such unique art. They would flee when the situation isn’t advantageous to them. They are indeed shapeless and escapes with no trace to be found!"

Staring at the now empty Phaseless Faction, Xu Que couldn’t help but to laugh.

Only a few Qi Refining Stage worms slipped away and this was not a concern to him at all. On top of that, the Phaseless Faction had already been eradicated. They wouldn’t dare to consider themselves as Phaseless Faction members anymore in fear that enemies would attack them.

Xu Que was too lazy to care. He turned and headed down the mountain.

Following the path out, not too long after, in front of him appeared a few sedan bearers carrying a sedan chair, rushing over.

It was the Senior Minister’s son from before!

Xu Que slanted his lips. He couldn’t be bothered to find trouble. Minding his own business, he then hummed a small tune and leisurely brushed shoulders with them.

At this time, the sedan curtain opened up. The Senior Minister's’ son stretched his body and looked towards Xu Que. After witnessing Xu Que’s remarkable skills, he was more polite and asked, "Friend, were you sent down the mountains by the Phaseless Faction? Is this road the way to the Faction?"

Xu Que’s raised his eyebrows and waved his hand in disapproval, "You want to go to the Phaseless Faction? Forget it! There is no such Faction anymore. I’d advise that you people join the Heaven Explosion Faction instead. That Faction is much better than the Phaseless Faction. That’s all. Goodbye!"