Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 62

Xu Que helped the elderly woman up and wiped the tear stains off the child’s face, giving him a wide smile.

After that, he got an understanding of the story and the situation was recounted by the elderly woman.

The situation stemmed from the old woman’s son joining the Phaseless Faction years ago. He was chosen by the Elders of the Faction to become a cultivator. It was clearly something mortals would look forward to and be happy about. The whole village even threw a celebration for it.

After several years had gone by, the old woman’s son brought a lady back. He told her that they were already married and had a kid together.

Some time later, the couple were sent to complete a sect mission. In the end, the old woman’s son suffered injuries and the couple returned to the Faction’s domain to mend their wounds.

However, one of the disciples in the Faction had long lusted after her beautiful daughter in law. Taking advantage of the fact that the woman’s husband was injured, the disciple raped her.

The problem instantly became huge. The old woman’s son was filled with rage and wanted revenge. He approached the Sect Leader for intervention of some sort. However, the matter was covered up because the errant disciple happened to be the son of a powerful Elder within the sect.

The old woman's son was still filled with relentless rage. He then infiltrated into the disciple’s home with intentions of killing him. However, being already on high alert, the Elder was present to defend his own son. He personally inflicted grave injuries to the revenge seeking man. At last, the married couple, along with their young son, were expelled from the Faction,

Both of them brought the child back to the village to settle down. Not barely a few days later, the old woman’s daughter-in-law took her own life. Her son was filled with sorrow. Along with his severe injuries, and the lack of any potions to cure him, he died a few days later due to sickness while in depression.

This happened two or three years ago. When the old woman’s grandson was playing out in the back of the mountains, he unexpectedly met an Elder from Phaseless Faction. After he was discovered to have an innate potential, the Elder wanted to bring him up mountains into the sect domain. Soon after, the Elder discovered that he was the son of the couple from those years ago. The spate of events was the reason for the scene happening today.

Xu Que heard the story, felt regretful for them and shook his head.

No matter in what world or realm, such tragedies were bound to occur.

Phaseless Faction’s upper ranked individuals were all covering up for one another. The disciple was clearly at fault but just because he was the son of a prominent Elder, the couple had to be the sacrificial pawns of this tragedy!

"Old lady, rest assured. I will help to relieve your vengeance. I shall let the whole Phaseless Faction become nothing more than a desolated grave to compensate for your son and daughter-in-law!" Xu Que was sitting down within the old woman’s house and drinking the warm porridge she gave. He slapped his chest and said those words in confidence and guarantee.

The old lady let out a sigh, "Eh, our benefactor, you should quickly go. There is no need to endanger yourself. This Phaseless Faction is filled with demons and you must not provoke them. After I pack our belongings, I am going to bring this child away from here. We absolutely cannot let them have their way again."

"Old woman, don’t be afraid. The Phaseless Faction is filled with good-for-nothings. Give me four hours and I promise you that I will eradicate them. I am used to doing this and I am highly experienced." Xu Que raised his head to finish the bowl of porridge and promised while wiping his mouth.

In the past, when he spoke about such things, half of it would be bullshit. But now, everything he said was real.

The old woman was stunned for a moment and hesitated.

Without wasting any time, Xu Que patted his clothes, and stood up, "Old lady, just point to me the direction of Phaseless Faction and if four hours later I’m not back, bring the child and leave here right away! But if I return, you must cook for me your porridge again. This porridge is delicious!" After finishing, he let out a smile.

As if his smile was infectious, it passed on to the old woman. Her heart was filled with warmth. She thought for a little and nodded, "Phaseless Faction is right behind those few mountains. Our benefactor, please be careful. If you are in danger, please…"

"There won't be any danger. Just relax, I’ll be back very soon." Xu Que waved the old woman off and left from the door immediately.

After that, his figure moved in a sweeping motion as he rode atop the majestic-looking lightning. He then left for Phaseless Faction hastily.

After some time passed, a group of cultivators appeared. Among them was an Original Infant Stage Elder and they were arriving from the direction of the village.

They have apparently received the signal for backup from the bamboo pipe. Additionally, the escaped Golden Core Stage disciples probably explained the magnitude of the situation to them. It was no wonder the Phaseless Faction stepped up and summoned an Elder over.

"Elder Wu, that’s him." One of the Cultivators saw Xu Que and immediately pointed out to him to warn the Elder.

The Original Infant Stage Elder then focused his attention on Xu Que. What accompanied was an air of immense might and crushing pressure.

"Young lad, you should kneel down and submit yourself!" The Elder deeply commanded.

The group of Phaseless Faction disciples were also shouting, "You vile robber! Quickly kneel down and kowtow! Do you think that you, a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator, are really unrivalled?"

"You haven’t seen everything in this world. Let’s see how arrogant can you be in front of Elder Wu!"

"Have you heard what our Elder said? Quickly kneel down!"

"Kneel down!"

With a strong Original Infant Stage Cultivator around, the group of disciples seemed fearless and shouted at Xu Que loudly.

Xu Que briefly smiled and took out his Dark Buster Sword. He nodded, "You bunch of people have such thick skins. You abandoned your own juniors to escape just several moments ago and now you have the cheek to say all these?"

The few Golden Core Stage Cultivators’ expressions changed as they berated, "Your Cultivation Stage is higher than ours, of course we have to choose to retreat. Why would we die for nothing?"

"Yo, isn't that just running away?" Xu Que happily replied.

The few Cultivators were furious and gave a ‘Hmph’, not speaking any further.

In contrast, a Core Bearing Stage fat man popped out from behind the group and shouted, "Whoever runs is a pussy!"


Xu Que let out a laugh and held onto his Buster Sword. He concentrated his Core Energy and waved his Buster Sword as he charged straight towards the Original Infant Stage Elder!

"Insignificant being, how dare you show your disgraceful skills to me!" Elder Wu sneered and brandished his flying sword in one hand as he condensed a ball of golden colored flame on the other. He then advanced towards Xu Que.

Xu Que’s eyelid twitched in astonishment. This Phaseless Faction’s Elder Wu could use and execute two different skills at once.

At that same moment, he activated the Lightning Haste spell. The lightning bolts interweaved beneath his feet and he managed to dodge Elder Wu’s approaching blade with his increased speed. At the same time, he stepped up higher in the air, raised his Buster Sword and unleashed the Six Corporeal Forms upon him.

A gush of air wave charged towards Elder Wu.

"Eh?" Elder Wu let out a startled voice as his expression changed.

Core Energy shrouded around him which caused his figure to become blurry. All of a sudden, a pair of lightning bolts formed beneath his feet as well. With increased speed, he dodged Xu Que’s air wave.

"What the hell!" Xu Que let out a surprised sound and his face was filled with astonishment!

The skill which Elder Wu used was the Lightning Haste!

Thi-This scum… how is it possible? How do people from this world learn the Lightning Haste?

"Hehe… young lad, who knew that you have such wonderful skills up your sleeves. But unfortunately, with my ‘Minor Phaseless Art’, I will be able to use your skills!" The Elder landed in front of Xu Que, and coldly laughed.

Xu Que reacted, and shocking replied, "Minor Phaseless Art? Did you just learn my skill?"

Phaseless Faction, no wonder it’s called that. This Elder indeed has the Minor Phaseless Art!

Xu Que remembered very clearly that there was a magic skill called "Minor Phaseless Skill" which allowed a person to imitate the Kung Fu of others!

However, the elder here learned the "Minor Phaseless Art". Although it was only a one word difference, it seemed like their usage were the same. It was mainly to imitate and learn the skill and arts from others!

"Good stuff, this is very good stuff!" Xu Que’s eyes lit up at the moment!

At the same time, a system beep sounded in his head all of a sudden!

"Ding! Detected an ancient Faction inheritance item. Congratulations to host on triggering hidden task reward. Upon killing an Original Infant Stage Elder, you will acquire a chapter of ‘Minor Phaseless Art’. After collecting six of these chapters, it is possible to exchange for high-level Sky-rank skill book ‘Phaseless Magic’!"