Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 60

"What? He’s dead?" The silk robed woman’s cute eyes widened momentarily and was filled with astonishment.

The Flaming Sun Princess nodded her head with unnatural calmness, "I, too, just heard about the situation not too long ago."

The silk-clothed woman heard the princess’s words. Her pupils constricted as she became silent for a little while before letting out a sigh.

"Sigh... I remember back then when he first saw me, he had that cute and blushy face on. Actually, at that time, I knew that he would eventually become the Flame Emperor’s flesh vessel. It’s a pity that I was very young at that time and couldn’t stop him. Afterwards, he was locked up in the underground palace to train and we had forgotten about him as time went by. Who knew that he was already dead."

(T/N: Flesh Vessel was a sort of slave in which a person was supposed to cultivate and train hard in order to pass all his powers to someone else)

"I haven’t forgotten about it!" The Flaming Sun Princess softly replied while briefly shutting her eyes.

"What?" The silk-clothed woman widened her eyes and spoke in shock, "Then… then why didn’t you stop it from happening?"

"My father wanted to improve himself and Xu Que was the perfect candidate at that time. He had Fire Heaven roots and did not have any next-of-kin. As a result, my father had Concubine Huan to impersonate as me and accompany Xu Que for six years. When he finally reached the Golden Core Stage, my father had his Fire Heaven roots absorbed from him. To an orphan who’s on the verge of starving to death on the streets, it’s definitely a compensation." The Flaming Sun Princess said dully.

"So, it was Concubine Huan who impersonated as you all these years and accompanied Xu Que. With her Charm and Transformation magic, it wouldn’t be hard at all to fool a Golden Core Stage cultivator. It’s no wonder that I’ve seen her so little in the palace these few years. However, I feel rather sympathetic for that Xu Que." The silk-clothed woman replied disturbingly.

The Flaming Sun Princess remained unmoved and without any sign of emotions, said apathetically, "Everybody has their own fate. There are way too many pitiful people in this world besides him. Moreover, his death wasn’t anything important. After Concubine Huan absorbed the Fire Heaven roots from within his body and transferred it to my father, he quickly reached 7th stage of his Cultivation Level. If it becomes a success, it will be good news for the Fire Country."

"Sigh…" The silk-clothed woman closed her eyes and sighed briefly. She did not reply.

After several breaths, she suddenly opened her eyes wide and shockingly said, "Wait, did you say that this Xu Que and that Xu Que are different people? Or should I go ask around and see if there is any drawings of that Xu Que and maybe we can see what that person looks like!"

The Flaming Sun Princess nodded her head, "There are many people with the same names. No need to make such a big fuss. Besides, the Xu Que who was in the Palace has already died. All the cultivation he did when he was alive was absorbed till he withered. Even if he was left barely alive, he will never be able to cultivate again without his roots."

"What you’ve said is correct. After all, in this world, there are no medicines which can allow someone to regrow new roots." The silk-clothed woman nodded her head in sudden realization.


At the same time, Xu Que already left the small teahouse and continued on the path to the imperial city.

What he did not know was that the person he had a wild 7 nights with was just a fake princess and a concubine of the Emperor on top of that.

Along the way, he hummed a melodic tune. At the same time he activated the Lightning Haste, and advanced, passing through various mountain ridges quickly.

Every time he came upon a huge forests, he would stop by and hunt some demonic beasts and capture some normal beasts to cook and eat.

In the following days, Xu Que’s experience points had increased by a substantial amount. However, he only managed to earn a small amount of act tough points. While on his journey, he met various weak cultivators who were intimidated by his black robes and Dark Heavy Buster Sword and they brought him tens of act tough points.

Although the legs of mosquitoes were thin, there were still flesh on them. Xu Que would definitely not miss a single chance to gain those points.

It was this thought which led Xu Que to come upon the foot of a giant mountain. In front of him was a small village. His eyes immediately lit up and he quickly ascended up the mountains.

A place with people meant it was a chance for him to act tough!

But when Xu Que neared the village entrance, he found out that there were cultivators roaming about. It wasn’t just one or two of them. It was a big bunch of them!

"Damn, what a bustling crowd. It’s time to act tough!" Xu Que quickly joined them.

In the end, he found out that things weren’t so simple. He could see various groups of people. The young and the old, all kneeling on the ground.

He saw an old granny who was tightly hugging a ten year old child. Her eyes were flowing with tears and was pleading with the group of cultivators.

"Please let go of my grandson. I am begging you all. His father and mother, before their death, told me to not let their child ever cultivate. They wanted him to lead a normal life. I am begging you all. Please don’t take him away." The elderly woman was crying very broken-heartedly.

A Golden Core Staged middle-aged man replied, "Old woman, you probably have no idea but this child has a once-in-a-hundred-years innate gift of cultivation roots. If he joins my Phaseless Faction as a disciple, he will definitely have a bright future and he will be stronger than his parents."

"No. I won’t let him go no matter how strong he becomes. Leave." The elder woman became agitated by the minute.

The middle-aged man’s expression became dull, "Old woman, all of us came here on the account of your deceased son and daughter-in-law. After all, both of them were disciples from my Faction. If you insist on being unreasonable, don’t blame us for using force."

"If you people want to take him, take him over my dead body." The old woman insistently hugged the small child.

The child also opened both of his arms, shielding the old woman behind him. With a death stare at the group of cultivators, he shouted, "Don't bully my grandma! All of you are bad people! You all caused my mum and dad to die. Before they died, they told me to not talk to you people at all."

"Hehe… Tong Tong, although the death of your parents was an accident, we feel very guilty. That’s why we are here to fetch you back to Phaseless Faction and nurture you to make up for your parents. Come, follow Uncle." The middle-aged man laughed.

The child immediately shook his head, "I’m not going."

The smile on the middle-aged man disappeared quickly and intolerably ordered the few cultivators beside him, "Whatever, get him. But try not to hurt the old woman."

"Yes!" The few Core Bearing Cultivators replied at the same time and advanced towards the old woman and the child.

The old woman was still hugging the child tightly and she screamed while sobbing, "No, don’t take him away! My only son’s death was caused by you people. I can’t make the same mistake and give my grandson to you all!"

"That’s beyond your control!" A few cultivators coldly replied and raised their hands to pull away the old woman.

This scene was all witnessed by Xu Que. His mood became vile in an instant.

Bloody hell! They’re bullying an old woman in broad daylight and snatching away a child. These bunch of scums!

"Stop right now!" Xu Que shouted with the black robe donned and the Dark Heavy- Buster Sword on his back, advancing towards them with large strides.

All the cultivators were stunned momentarily and turned their heads.

The middle-aged man walked out of the group. At the same time, he gave Xu Que a few looks and frowned, "Friend, whatever’s happening here is the problem of the Phaseless Faction. I advice you to not be nosy!"

"Who said I am being nosy?" Xu Que widened his eyes and rebuked.

"What brings you here then?"

"Daddy’s here for robbery! Everybody put your hands behind your head and squat down!"