Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 55

"Hm… what arrogance!"

Following that outburst, a tremendous and terrifying crushing pressure could be felt descending from the skies.

Everyone present were astonished as they raised their heads to get a look. Then they saw more than 10 shadows soaring towards Great Change Sect on their flying swords.

The person leading the charge was of the Original Infant Stage, level 7. He was a middle aged man with a crooked nose and a toad mouth and was quite ugly looking. His appearance alone struck fear into the hearts of the onlookers.

This person was the Wind Chasing Sect Leader, Gu Gang!

Behind him, there were numerous Core Bearing Stage disciples and Golden Core Stage disciples. There were also a pair of Original Infant Stage level 3 Elders with him.

Along with the two other people in front, there were a total of five Original Infant Stage cultivators!

No wonder the Great Change Sect disciples were always willing to submit to them. They probably didn’t want to engage in a bloody battle in which they would lose over several spirit stones and cause their entire sect to be wiped out.

Gu Gang led a group of people as they charged down menacingly.

Their eyes swept around in the crowd and locked onto Xu Que like a venomous snake choosing its victim.

He then gave a cold laughter, "A mere Golden Core Stage junior actually dared to blabber such atrocities. What’s that rubbish about my Wind Chasing Sect not needing to exist? I’m afraid that whether or not we exist is not up to a kid like you who hasn’t even grown any hair to decide!"

"No. I am sorry but my hair has already grown!" Xu Que pointed at his own head of hair as he replied seriously.

The entire Great Change Sect disciples were on the verge of breaking out into laughter, their lips curled into a smile. He wasn’t even talking about the hair on your head, why are you taking everything he says so literally?

Clearly, the arrival of Gu Gang failed to make the Great Change Sect disciples feel any sense of fear.

Just two days ago, Xu Que single handedly killed so many Blood River Sect disciples in the Withered Bones Forest. The news of that massacre probably hasn’t spread yet since almost nobody from Wind City knew that Blood River Sect no longer existed.

However, the disciples of Great Change Sect knew about this. In fact, they had witnessed the slaughter with their own eyes and had seen how effortless he made it look!

Today, the Wind Chasing Sect who can’t even compare to Blood River Sect came to cause some problems when Xu Que was around. The disciples from Great Change Sect weren’t even anxious. In fact, they felt pity for these evil factions who will soon die because of Xu Que.


Xu Que pointed ahead and spoke to the few Golden Core Stage disciples from Great Change Sect, "Bring me the God Powered Cannon. I wish to demonstrate how to kill your enemies with this."


Several Golden Core Stage disciples from Great Change Sect hurriedly retrieved the God Powered Cannon and started pushing it over.

Su Yun Lan and the pair of Sect Elders remained expressionless, without any intentions of stopping them.

All these years, they had been bullied way too much. Whenever their disciples went into the Withered Bones Forest, they would always lose their lives to these evil demonic factions. Apart from that, Great Change Sect still had to give up their spirit stones once or twice a month. After hearing Xu Que promise to annihilate their entire sect, Su Yun Lan and the other Elders clearly won’t stop him.

The Wind Chasing Sect disciples watched on as the Great Change Sect disciples pulled out a normal looking, black and dirty cannon. This caused no small amount of surprise.

Immediately after the shocked pause, all the Core Bearing Stage disciples couldn’t hold back their laughter.

"Hahaha! What on earth are they doing? They actually brought an entire cannon out here."

"Are these Great Change Sect disciples stupid? This cannon is used by normal citizens to fight wars. Why have they brought it out here?"

"I’m guessing they wish to treat us to a spectacular display of fireworks?"

"Not possible right, I feel like this cannon is not that simple. Could it be a type of legendary weapon?"

"How dumb can you be? Which cannon have you seen that actually turned out to be a legendary weapon? Look at how this cannon looks so stupidly big and heavy. Just using that thing to fight would exhaust anyone controlling it."

"That’s true…"

Amidst the discussion, the few Original Infant Stage Cultivators of Wind Chasing Sect also caught a glimpse of the cannon. One of the Elders burst out, "This item looks very normal but there are several inscriptions written all along it. Looks like it’s not anything ordinary."

"That’s right. No matter how stupid they are, they wouldn’t take out a normal cannon to fight with us. This must be their secret weapon." The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement.

Gu Gang was a suspicious person— cautious and prudent by nature. At this point, his face was full of skepticism as he observed and scrutinized that God Powered Cannon without speaking a word.

Then, the God Powered Cannon was pushed to Xu Que’s side as he looked towards the group of Wind Chasing Sect members. He revealed a sinister smile as he pressed both his fingers down onto the cannon and lifted up the lid.

With a dull thud, the lid was opened.

The Great Change Sect disciples held their breaths and everything was still.

It’s coming, it’s coming!

Soon, we’ll be able to see the powers of this God Powered Cannon!

Their eyes were full of excitement and anticipation. Most of them had seen and heard about the might of the God Powered Cannon and now, Xu Que was going to use it to kill the Wind Chasing Sect disciples. Most of them were curious as to how it will turn out. Even Su Yun Lan was observing quietly.

Xu Que did whatever he did the last time as he took out the a single spirit stone and placed it within the cavity under the lid.

His face had an extremely pained expression on it which made all the Great Change Sect disciples blush from shame at his miserly actions. It was just a mere spirit stone. Do you have to look so pained?

Su Yun Lan couldn’t help but to let out a smile as her eyes lit up in excitement while she watched every single action of Xu Que.


The members of Wind Chasing Sect paused.

The few Original Infant Stage disciples also paused in shock.

"It was a cannon that used spirit stones to operate. There is more to that weapon than meets the eye!"

"Looks like it’s really not a normal weapon."

"Sect Leader, let’s not waste anymore time and attack now. When we finally capture Su Yun Lan, you can also have your turn with her!" The few of them looked at Gu Gang and laughed sinisterly.

"Keke... I just want to see what kind of childish games they are playing!" Gu Gang shook his head as he cleared his throat. "It’s just a mere cannon. Don’t worry about it. Take a good look at how it fails. Although it uses spirit stones to operate, he used a low grade spirit stone."

"Eh? It’s really a low grade spirit stone!"

"Is this kid stupid or pretending to be stupid? The low grade spirit stone is extremely weak without any capabilities. What use can it be if he used a low grade spirit stone?" The few Original Infant Stage cultivators asked, clearly surprised.


At the same time, Xu Que had already activated the spell needed to operate the cannon as his palms lit up with golden Qi, forcing it into the cannon.

The inscriptions around the entire cannon lit up in a golden hue as it radiated magnificently across the entire area.

Gu Gang gave a cold laugh. He was beyond sure that this cannon couldn’t possibly be a threat to them. With an entire face full of mockery, he spoke, "You bunch of illegal non-secular sect, I shall stand here and not move. If you can hurt a single hair of mine, I shall consider keeping your corpse intact after I’ve murdered you."

Xu Que was elated, "Eh, you can really act tough. Too bad, there’s no use for that today. Watch out for the cannon!"

"Boom!" The God Powered Cannon emitted a blinding flash of light which was so intimidating, it could almost tear the earth apart as it fired towards the group of Wind Chasing Sect disciples.

Everyone couldn’t help but shut their eyes, unable to bear the brightness of it all.


Several breaths later, after the blinding light died down, the Great Change Sect disciples opened their eyes.

Beneath the vast skies outside of Great Change Sect’s domain, the entire group of Wind Chasing Sect disciples had been reduced to half. Of which, three of their Original Infant Stage cultivators had lost their lives to this single blast of the cannon.

But the Sect Leader Gu Gang, was still alive…

"Aiyo! Fuck me!" Xu Que cursed out loud, attracting the attention of everyone around.

The Great Change Sect disciples all casted their glances at him as well and all of them were stunned.

His entire face was extremely apologetic as he shouted out to the Wind Chasing Sect Leader, "Oh man, I’m so sorry I missed slightly. I only blew off one of your arms. But nevermind, one more round would do it!"