Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 54


A dull thud echoed as the Golden Core Stage cultivator from demonic sect flew high up into the sky.

Nobody had enough time to react. Not even the pair of Original Infant Stage cultivators had anticipated that something like that would happen.

Xu Que’s speed was too quick as well. After he reached level 9 of the Golden Core Stage coupled with the Lightning Haste Spell, he gained a vast improvement from before.

Furthermore, with his current cultivation level and his Dark Buster Sword, even without using the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation spell, he could take on several Original Infant Stage cultivators.

With such powers, killing a Golden Core Stage level 5 demonic disciple would only be too easy.


At long last, the demonic disciple fell heavily to the ground. Blood seeped out from his mouth and dyed the ground red. He died almost instantaneously.

The dozen of demonic sects disciples were shocked as they started to conjure their spells in a bid to retaliate.

However, nobody dared to make the first move. The fact that Xu Que just killed a Golden Stage Cultivator within seconds severely startled them. Right now, everyone threaded very carefully, not daring to do anything.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

Xu Que listened to the beeps in his head and smiled to himself as if nobody was standing in front of him.

"Sou!" Several rays of light coursed through the sky.

It was Su Yun Lan and the pair of Sect Elders who had rushed over. There were also several Golden Core Stage disciples behind, combining strength to bring the God Powered Cannon over. They had confident smirks across their faces.

After seeing the power of the God Powered Cannon, they were no longer intimidated by the evil sects. In fact, they wanted to exact their revenge upon them and kill these demonic faction disciples for harming their own sect brothers.

As soon as they arrived, they saw Xu Que and the fallen demonic sect disciple and were instantly taken aback.

Soon after, the few Great Change Sect disciples glanced towards the demonic sect people standing out and looked at them with immense sympathy.

You could’ve offended anyone else but you chose to offend this crazy man. When he makes his move, he’s much more ruthless than anyone from the demonic sect by a hundred times!

"Su Yun Lan, what’s the meaning of this? Are you trying to start a war with Wind Chasing Sect?" Seeing Su Yun Lan and the rest of them appear, an Original Infant Stage cultivator asked in a low voice, anger was apparent within his eyes.

All these while, Great Change Sect were the number one target for many of these demonic sects.

There were times when Great Change Sect put up some resistance and were uncooperative. But they would often back down in the end due to the increased threat and end up handing over their spirit stones.

Today was like any other collection day for the Wind Chasing Sect. Naturally, they never would've expected Xu Que to be around. They came to pick on the soft and weak Great Change Sect but had one of their members killed instead.

Su Yun Lan landed on the ground gracefully and ignored the disciples from Wind Chasing Sect. She then looked at Xu Que with those gorgeous eyes and smiled at him, "Many thanks to daoist friend Xu for helping!"

"No problem! Such a small fly can be trampled upon by me any day." Xu Que waved a hand and laughed.

The men of Wind Chasing Sect flew into rage.

That same Original Infant Stage cultivator glared at Xu Que coldly and spoke in a strict tone, "So you're not from Great Change Sect! Our sect, the Wind Chasing Sect, have no feud with you. Why would you kill one of our disciples? Is it because you don't think highly enough of us? Or is it that you wish to make an enemy out of us?"

His words were punctuated with threats!

Wind Chasing Sect was a huge and renowned sect within Wind City as well. Although it couldn't be compared to Blood River Sect, it definitely wasn't small in terms of might. Almost nobody would dare to offend them.

Therefore, the disciples of Wind Chasing Sect have developed a particular habit. They would always like to mention the name of their sect to intimidate people and issuing several more threats before attacking them. All these were done to instill a sense of fear in them. That even if you could overcome the few of them, you would never overcome the mighty Sect behind them.

That’s why most of the time, like the Great Change Sect in the past, the weaker sects would always give into their demands and hand over spirit stones in order to keep the peace.

This time, their methods failed to work.

Because they've met Xu Que!

Xu Que had never been one to be afraid of threats. Back then, not even the Sect Leader of Celestial Sect could scare him, much less a mere Wind Chasing Sect.

Under the watchful eyes of a few Wind Chasing Sect disciples, he started stroking his chin, pretending to be deep in thought as he nodded his head and spoke seriously, "I’ve thought about it. Indeed, it’s true that I don’t think highly of you. Firstly, your sect’s name won’t do. Wind Chasing Sect. Why don’t all of you go to the streets and take a good look. Those people that chase after the wind are all second class idiots. Clearly, this sect name is much worse than Exploding Heaven Sect. Secondly, your sect’s strength is too weak as well. You can’t even match up to Blood River Sect. How do you expect me to respect you? Why don’t you tell me, isn’t that embarrassing?"

"..." Everyone paused in shock.

Soon after, a few disciples from Great Change Sect reacted and clutched their tummies in uncontrollable laughter.

"Hahaha! This… This is really good. I can’t help but salute him!"

"These are logical words. I was never even curious about your sect’s name. Now that I’ve heard about you, I thought about an entire group of people chasing after the wind down a busy street and can’t help but burst out in laughter..."

"Let’s not talk about this anymore. Aiyo, my tears are coming out from all that laughing."

All the Great Change Sect disciples burst out in laughter. It wasn’t that they were intentionally trying to mock Wind Chasing Sect. It’s just that all these years, regardless of whatever situation they were in, they would always shout out their sect’s name proudly with gusto to intimidate others. And yet Xu Que dismantled their entire name just like that. Just thinking about how they were shouting about chasing after the wind made them start laughing. It was just too silly.

Su Yun Lan couldn’t help but smile as well. If it weren’t for the fact that she had to maintain the dignity of a Sect Leader, she probably would’ve burst out laughing as well.

She glanced at Xu Que, her beautiful eyes in all their splendour. She then realized that not only was this Xu Que strong, he was fascinatingly interesting as well.

Although Xu Que had only been within Great Change Sect for 2 days, she felt as if these couple of days were more interesting than many of her years combined.


The dozen of Wind Chasing Sect disciples opened their eyes in utter shock.

Ever since the establishment of their sect, this was the first time someone dared to openly mock and criticize them.

The sect was supposed to make them feel high and mighty and strike fear into the hearts of anyone who hear their name. However, after being mocked in this way, they were extremely humiliated.

The faces of the pair of Original Infant Stage cultivators sank as their eyes were afire with all that anger.

One of them glared at Xu Que through gritted teeth and shouted out, "No matter who you are, Great Change Sect and yourself are doomed! Wait for our Sect Leader to arrive and the entire day will be washed with the blood of Great Change Sect. Not one of you will be spared!"

The voice echoed out throughout the entire sect domain.


"My Great Change Sect is something you wish to be and should be." The pair of Sect Elders from Great Change Sect retorted.

With the God Powered Cannon in their possession, they had the strength and wouldn’t tolerate such an evil faction undermining them again.

Su Yun Lan had the poise of a sect leader as she glared icily at them and shouted out, "Within the span of 3 breaths, get lost from my sect domain. If not, don’t blame me for…"

"Wait a second!"

Xu Que shouted out and looked at Su Yun Lan strangely before shouting out, "Sect Leader Su, you can’t be serious about letting them go? How can that do? Men, come and bring the God Powered Cannon up here. A sect like Wind Chasing Sect shouldn’t ever exist any longer!"

The minute he spoke out, a chill ran up their spines as the Great Change Sect burst out in bitter laughter.

Indeed, incurring the wrath of such a madman wouldn’t lead to anything good. Look, he is going to obliterate yet another sect. Pitiful Wind Chasing Sect...