Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 51

‘Prevent Demon Sect from harassing your sect and at the same time, make Great Change Sect the strongest sect within the whole Wind City.’

The minute she heard these words, Su Yun Lan had no way of maintaining her composure.

If anyone else aside from Xu Que had said it, Su Yun Lan wouldn’t have paid much attention to the person. In fact, she will probably assume that he was crazy.

Yet, since these words were spoken by Xu Que, Su Yun Lan had no way of ignoring it.

From her point of view, Xu Que was almost half a lunatic.

Everything that she’s heard about this young man from start to finish was all the crazy and unbelievable things he had done. Some even sounded like miracles.

When he was in the Core Bearing Stage, he single handedly obliterated the entire Fallen Spirits Sect. Soon after, he wiped out and destroyed Celestial Sect. Xu Que killed an Original Infant Stage cultivator right under the nose of the Infant Transformation Stage leader. He then proceeded to wreck all the infrastructure of the sect before escaping.

Half a month later, he appeared in Withered Bones Forest in the Golden Core Stage and single handedly killed the entire Blood River Sect as well.

And finally now, he spoke about raising Great Change Sect and making it the best sect in the whole Wind City. Su Yun Lan’s first thought was… "Was this person going to kill all the sects in Wind City?"

After hearing this, Su Yun Lan broke free from Xu Que’s embrace and took several steps back. She then exhaled deeply, a severe look was etched on her face, "This… Friend Xu… You… Remain Calm!"

You want me to remain calm?

Xu Que then came back to his senses.

After hearing such a piece of good news, shouldn’t she be overjoyed? Why would she ask me to calm down?

Damn it, I sustained some severe losses. I’ve just spent more than a hundred act tough points to purchase the blueprints and I didn’t even get a kiss from her? I only managed to get a few seconds worth of hugs. Just thinking of this is giving me low blood pressure!

"My friend Xu, I understand your good intentions. It’s just that, if we are able to get rid of the worry that the demonic sects might harass us in the future, that’s a good thing! Still, the other sects in Wind City are innocent and I humbly plead for you to show them mercy!" At this point, Su Yun Lan took a soft and tactful tone. What she meant was for Xu Que to not harm the rest of the proper and upright sects.

When Xu Que heard this, he was evidently confused, "Sect Leader Su, what are you talking about?"


"Forget it, forget it. Actually, this is what’s happening. I have a blueprint here which can help create a legendary weapon to help you defend Great Change Sect. That way, when they come to create problems, you can be at ease. At the same time, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the legendary weapon with you to go out and fight. I assure you that you shall be successful in every battle!" Xu Que then withdrew the blueprints and handed it over to Su Yun Lan.

Su Yun Lan froze as she heaved a sigh of relief. So she was mistaken. This Xu Que didn’t want to go on another killing rampage. Instead, he just wanted to give her a weapon.

This was a good arrangement too. It’s just that, how strong was this weapon? It could help to defend against the demonic sects and could still fight battles on other fronts?

Su Yun Lan started to feel curious as she received the blueprints and took it over slowly.

Xu Que gave a weak smile as he took the opportunity to touch the soft and white hands of Su Yun Lan.

In actual fact, the blueprint which he took out was called the God Powered Cannon. This particular weapon had one of the most advanced technologies within the cultivation realm and was a powerful weapon. It costed Xu Que an entire 120 act tough points to purchase.

As long as the instructions on the blueprints were followed, it would be able to construct the entire cannon which could be used by someone else apart from the host!

Of course, the might of this God Powered Cannon was frightening. Every single shot fired out would cost a small amount of spirit stones, but could emit the force dealt by an Original Infant Stage cultivator. If enough quantities were fired, it could even reach the amount of force dealt by an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator.

The most important thing was that Xu Que had to create the entire cannon by himself. Then, regardless of who was the one who fired the cannon, as long as people were killed by it, the experience points would all go to Xu Que. That was probably one of the main reason why he chose this weapon in the first place.

Then, no matter where he goes after this, as long as the Great Change Sect commands this God Powered Cannon to kill their enemies, he would always get experience points without having to do anything. This was an extremely good purchase!

The moment Su Yun Lan laid her eyes on the blueprints, all the curiosity within her eyes vanished. She then smiled and looked at Xu Que, "Daoist friend Xu, such… Such a common cannon might not be of great use, right?"

Common cannon?

You must be kidding. How can a regular common cannon compare to this?

Xu Que was upset. He pointed at the blueprint and spoke, "Sect Leader Su, please look closely. This is the God Powered Cannon. A single low grade spirit stone would enable it to fire 10 artillery rounds. Every single round is as strong as as Original Infant Stage attack. If I were to make 10 of these wondrous cannons, your Great Change Sect would no longer have any enemies. Even the Infant Transformation Stage cultivators won’t dare to antagonize you."

"Gulp…" Su Yun Lan’s expression froze before she forced a smile. She clearly didn’t believe Xu Que’s words.

In this particular cultivation world, she’s never heard of any weapon that could be so strong and even one that could be operated just by using a single low grade spirit stone. Besides, every single round was akin to the force wielded by an Original Infant Stage cultivator? How could that be possible? That was something only spoken about in myths and legends!

Furthermore, immortal weapons would require the use of core strength. In addition, only extraordinary immortals would be able to forge such a strong weapon. How could it be created just by any other junior cultivator!

However, she felt that it might not be polite to tell Xu Que that for fear that it might cause him to lose face. She decided against returning the blueprint back to Xu Que and spoke out, "Friend Xu, since that’s the case, I would have to trouble you. Whatever materials you require, as long as it exists within my sect, please just help yourself!"

Her demeanor wasn’t due to the fact that she was generous but because her Great Change Sect was in extremely poor position. There was nothing valuable left within their treasure rooms which was why she gave Xu Que the authority to take anything he required.

Fortunately, this God Powered Cannon didn’t require any precious or expensive material. All it required was a large amount of black iron. The rest of the complicated charms required were given after buying the blueprints. At this point, he already had the necessary resources to create 4 or 5 full cannons!

At last, Xu Que received a tile from Su Yun Lan which showed her authority within the sect. He then hurriedly left for the treasure room.

Since he couldn’t fall asleep and since he was rushing for time, he might as well start working on it now.

Black iron was the material that was required to create flying swords. Hence, there were copious amounts of black iron within the treasure room of Great Change Sect.

The moment Xu Que entered the room, he started shifting the black iron around without speaking a word. This caused the disciples who were guarding the room to be stumped at his actions.

At last, Xu Que returned to his small yard. He was too lazy to even search for the smelting furnace and just conjured his own core strength from within his body as all the black iron floated in front of him.

Soon after, a green tinged fire emitted out from his palms. That was the Molten Green Lotus spell which he used to wrap around all the floating black iron. Instantaneously, it started to burn.

Following the instructions of the blueprint, Xu Que used the mystical fire and turned the black iron into molten form and removed the impurities from it. This process took several hours.

He was busy at work all the way till daylight. Finally, he created a complete dark and pure black dark iron in liquid form.

Soon after, he started shaping the molten liquid as it began to solidify and take the form of the God Powered Cannon as how it was described in the blueprint.

The minute the cannon started solidifying, he hurriedly retrieved a pair of stone slabs which had inscriptions written all around it and placed it right at the center of the entire cannon. These slabs were given free with the purchase of the cannon.

Placing the wooden slab of inscriptions within the cannon was akin to installing a microchip within the computer. It was the heart of activity within the device. Xu Que handled it with ease.

Several hours later, it was almost in the evening where the entire sky was painted red with the setting sun.

The very first God Powered Cannon was successfully created!

The entire cannon was about a meter tall and was a deep shade of matte black. There were also many golden inscriptions scribbled across the body of the cannon, which gave it a mystical aura!

He realize that he didn’t even have the time to try it out. Xu Que hurriedly called for a Great Change Sect disciple and asked him to call the Sect Leader and the 2 Sect Elders over to come and take a look.

The disciple ran over and saw the cannon sitting in the backyard of Xu Que’s accommodation and gave a strange expression. He seemed to be half smiling and yet didn’t dare to laugh out loud.

A normal looking cultivator had actually created a weapon which bore resemblance to that being used in military camps. He even decorated it until it looked like a treasure. If word were to spread, everyone would start laughing at the incredulity of it all.

However, Xu Que was given the lofty status as a distinguished guest. Hence, the disciple did all he could to suppress his laugh. He then spoke out, "Daoist friend, when we meet the Sect Leader and Sect Elders, we all have to write a note to them first indicating the reason for the meet."

"What play thing is that? We have to write a note before we meet them? What kind of silly idea is that!" Xu Que frowned. A small sect like this has such bureaucracies and formalities. Even the huge Celestial Sect didn’t make things so complicated!

The disciple hurriedly saluted and explained, "Daoist friend is mistaken. Throughout history, our Sect Leader and Sect Elders always lived within the Secret Library of the Sect. This Secret Library had a ton of restrictive enchantments which prevented any unauthorized people from entering. The only way for them to gain entry was to be given an access tile. These tiles were only carried around by the Sect Leader and the Sect Elders. Therefore, whenever we request to meet them, we have to send a note in to inform them. Our Sect Leader hated this entire process as well and wanted to change the procedure but was unable to remove the restrictive enchantments. At this point, everyone can’t do anything because the restrictive spells were placed by our patriarchs."

"So, that’s why." Xu Que then nodded his head subtly and replied, "Fine then. Help me write a note and be quick."

"Sure. Can I trouble my daoist friend to read out what you wish for me to write and I shall write it down accordingly." The disciple retrieved a silver piece of paper and spoke to Xu Que.

Xu Que stroke his chin as he mumbled, "Write… My dear… cough, cough... Forget it. Write, ‘Sect Leader Su, there’s a handsome and cool young man who wishes to ask you out on a date tonight to see the God Powered Cannon!’"

"Gulp..." The disciple froze as if he encountered some difficulties, "Daoist friend, look at how small the piece of paper is. The number of words I can write is limited. Can you make the message more concise?"

"Concise?" Xu Que thought for some time before replying, "Then write, ‘Sect Leader Su, a handsome and cool young man wishes to ask you out on a date tonight to see a cannon!’"

"Can you make it more concise?"

"You want it to be more concise?" Fine. Then just write, ‘Sect Leader Su, date night to see cannon!’"

"That’s good. My daoist friend is really elegant with his words. Oh, there is a requirement to write the name of the person who wishes to see the Sect Leader as well. How should I address you?"

"This humble subject is… Cannon Deity!"