Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 48

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for ascending a level. The current cultivation level is Golden Core Stage, level 9!"

After a long chain of consecutive beeps from the system, it finally concluded with that last message before Xu Que’s mind was calm and quiet.

He had gained 3 successive levels and smoothly stepped into the 9th level of the Golden Core Stage. He was only a small step away from reaching the full foundation of the Golden Core Stage!

He hurriedly summoned the system and opened his own personal stats.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Level: Golden Core Stage ( Close to Perfection)

Experience Points: 0/1,200,000

Acting Tough Points: 1800 points

Skill Path: Intermediate

Abilities: Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum); Lightning Haste (Maximum); Troop - Secret Character (10% progress); Flame - Devouring Wave (Maximum); Six Corporeal Forms (Maximum); Buddha’s Fiery Lotus (30% progress)

Mystical Fires: Molten Green Lotus, Bone Freezing Fires

Essence: Skill Essences (30 points)

Occupation: None

Status: Prince Consort of the Eastern Fire Country

"Hahahahah!!!" Xu Que broke out into uncontrollable laughter.

He was extremely pleased. Never did he expect the entire group of Blood River Sect to cause him so much benefits and growth! He actually made it big from them. Additionally, his act tough points had increased by several folds as well. At this point, there were 1,800 points!

However he knew that he wouldn't be purchasing anything anytime soon. He planned to save up the points. Xu Que knew that it wouldn't be long before he could revive Xiao Rou again. He was worried that it might cost him a fortune of act tough points then and decided to be thrifty.

Right at that moment, the few Great Change Sect disciples jumped up in shock after hearing his sonorous laughter.

Seeing everything in front of them freezing over and turning into solid cubes of ice cause them to fall into a daze as their minds raced.

Su Yun Lan was staring blankly at Xu Que, her mouth was still gaping wide and yet not a word was uttered.

She was just pondering over how to help Xu Que to cross this big problem of the numerous Blood River Sect disciples. Who would've expected that a single movement of his hands would cause the complete obliteration of the entire Blood River Sect!

And the way they all died was exactly how Song Yun Hai had died!

"So actually…

"Actually Song Yun Hai wasn't killed by the old senior and was instead killed by…"

The pair of Sect Elders had just regained their senses as they inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

That Song Yun Hai was an Original Infant Stage cultivator, level 8! He was the strongest being in the entire Wind City. Nobody expected that he would actually fall to this level 6 Golden Core Stage cultivator.


What’s happening?

How did he become level 9 of the Golden Core Stage?

All of a sudden, the pair of Sect Elders opened their eyes wide and looked at Xu Que in utter disbelief.

Su Yun Lan had realized it too and her eyes exuded an astonished look.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for subtly acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

Xu Que was long used to these strange and random acting tough moment's even without him doing anything and didn't bother too much about it.

He turned around and walked towards the Great Change Sect disciples.

"Senior… Senior Xiao, you were amazing!" A female disciple was extremely impressed by him and shouted out.

With such a grand display of his incredible might and battle prowess, she was awestruck, having never witnessed anything like this before.

"You’re over complimenting me, over complimenting me." Xu Que laughed out as he replied.

Su Yun Lan’s pretty eyes revealed a curious look as she asked Xu Que, "Your surname is Xiao?"

Xu Que paused as he recalled how he had told Master Song and the rest of his company that his name was "Xiao Yan". He then realized that these Great Change Sect disciples had heard it as well and took him for real.

Furthermore, when he revealed his true identity to the Blood River Sect earlier, he spoke very softly. Hence, Su Yun Lan and the rest of her junior disciples didn’t hear him.

After hearing her question, Xu Que laughed out before replying, "Actually my surname is Xu and my name is Que. I am currently single!"

"So your name is Xu... What did you say again? Xu Que?"

Su Yun Lan didn’t think too much about his name at first as she gently nodded her head. All of a sudden, she jumped up and shouted out his name in shock!

Both the Elders and the 6 disciples were stumped as well!

Xu Que!

This person standing in front of them was the legendary Xu Que!

No wonder…

No wonder he could destroy the entire Blood River Sect effortlessly. No wonder even after killing his foes he had the appetite for chicken wings.

Because he’s Xu Que!

The next moment, all the Great Change Sect disciples realized that everything that happened made perfect sense.

"That’s right. My humble name is Xu Que." Xu Que let out a harmless, toothy grin.

The few of them from Great Change Sect couldn’t help but tremble slightly. If it weren’t for the fact that they had already interacted with him prior to finding out his identity, they would’ve fled as fast as they could upon hearing his name.

Su Yun Lan’s face turned pale as her heart and mind raced.

The person standing in front of her was exactly how he was described in the rumours! He didn’t even bat an eyelid and annihilated the entire sect without much effort!

However those people who had been killed were extremely evil and guilty and deserved to die. It’s just that why…. Why did she still feel a sense of fear even though his killings were justified?

"Ai, Sect Leader Su, why do you look so unwell? Did you get hurt just now? Come, let this humble subject take a closer look at you." Xu Que then walked up to her, his face was full of concern.


Su Yun Lan regained her senses and snapped back from her thoughts, only to realize that Xu Que’s face was almost touching hers. This gave her a fright as she jumped back, startled. Her face became more pale as she took another step back nervously and shook her head, "Alright... Alright… I’m alright!"

"How can you be alright? Look at the color of your cheeks. This is a clear sign that you’ve lost blood. Truth be told, this humble subject is a Medical Deity!"

"Ah? Didn’t you say you were a Food Deity earlier?" A younger girl asked, clearly surprised.

Xu Que waved his hands to brush her off, "Food Deity was just a part time job for me. My primary occupation is still to rescue the sick and cure the ill and save the entire world. At the same time, to flirt whenever I can."

"Flirt? What do you mean by that?" Su Yun Lan asked in suspicion.

(T/N : The word for flirt in chinese is 撩妹 which accurately translates to tease women. However, this is a colloquial term, hence Su Yun Lan didn’t understand it.)

"Flirt means to cure sick women. Come, Sect Leader Su, let this humble subject tease… Cough cough. Let this humble subject take a closer look at your wounds!"

"Wait... Wait, wait. I really am not wounded. There aren’t any wounds! Many thanks for friend Xu’s concern." Su Yun Lan panicked as she took several more steps backwards, afraid that Xu Que would start getting touchy with her.

Xu Que then gave a fierce look as he shook his head, "Sect Leader Su, whatever you said isn’t accurate at all. If this humble subject remembers correctly, you have a gash in between your legs. It’s about 5 inches long! The wound runs deep as well. I suspect that when the deities made you, they left a wound there. If Sect Leader Su wishes to heal the wounds, she would need the sun’s pole and dew. Coincidentally, this humble subject has the mentioned items after a missed step during his cultivation. Since we met by rare fate and under such circumstances, I shall be willing to help with the healing of your wounds and to patch it up. I will only charge 3 spirit stones per session. It would take 5 sessions to become a single treatment period. We would need 10 treatment periods to ensure you recover fully!"

"Ah?" Su Yun Lan was extremely confused by Xu Que’s stream of words.

"What? Sect Leader is really hurt?!" The young disciple shouted out in shock as she looked down at the Sect Leader’s body.

The rest of them were taken aback as well.

After some time passed, the atmosphere froze.

The few female disciples, including Su Yun Lan realized what was happening and their faces all turned red.

"You… You…" Su Yun Lan was extremely shy but offended as she looked at Xu Que. After stuttering for almost half a day, she still had no retort for Xu Que.

With such beautiful and delicate features, she would have definitely been teased and hit on by many of those disciples from the dark and evil sects. However, she had never been spoken to so shamelessly by anyone else before. Besides, he spoke all these explicit and shameful words with such a confident and upright tone, that she almost fell for it as well!

"Perverted wastrel!"

Su Yun Lan frowned and sulked for half a day before managing to only speak these words. She then glared at Xu Que hatefully before stepping atop her flying sword and soaring into the sky.

The rest of them forced some laughs with Xu Que, without speaking.

Some moments ago, he was a heroic fighter who slaughtered all the evil sect members fearlessly and effortlessly. In the blink of an eye however, he transformed into a sweet talking scoundrel with perverted intentions. Everyone was caught off guard by his change in demeanor and neither knew whether to laugh or cry.

What on earth? What kind of person was this?