Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 46

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points."

While he was scolding the old man ferociously, the system rang out continuously in his head informing him of the rewards he gained!

However, he wasn’t arguing with the old man to act nonchalant or act tough while his enemies were approaching. It was just that the old man was extremely infuriating and Xu Que was really angry. Many vulgar expletives were uttered back and forth as the bystanders watching were all stumped by the flowery language used.

Especially since they were all ready to strike and defend themselves against the Blood River Sect. The Great Change Sect Leader was ready to help Xu Que and fight as well. However, she was extremely confused and astonished at this point.

The great and powerful enemies were about to descend. What are the both of you doing? You’re actually having an internal conflict? Quarrelling among yourselves?

All because of several words, the both of them quarrelled to this extent?


The few disciples from Great Change Sect were stumped as well and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. But they’ve already witnessed several strange scenarios with Xu Que prior to this.

In fact, the Blood River Sect members were all stumped by this display as well. The 8 Original Infant Stage cultivators had ashen faces as their killing intents were still palpable.

Song Yun Hai was the most enraged of the lot. The son which he dearly adored and loved had been brutally murdered. As a result, he brought the entire strength of his sect for revenge.

However, when they got here, their enemies weren't the least afraid. In fact, they were… Quarreling in front of them.

"Both of you shut up! Repay the life of my son!"

Song Yun Hai’s hurt and grief was added to this spectacle and humiliation which caused him to explode with the rage of a thousand suns. His body transformed into a scarlet-red blood shadow as he let loose his anger and charged towards them.

At the same time, a single sword blade which was as thin as an insect’s wings and unrivalled in sharpness appeared in his outstretched hands as he continued flying towards Xu Que and the old man, pointing the sword at them threateningly!


"Oh no! Hurry help them!" The faces of the Great Change Sect disciples fell as the female Sect Leader shouted out before moving quickly.

Xu Que and the old man were still quareling when they saw Song Yun Hai heading towards them. At the same time, they both shouted out in irritation that their quarrel was disturbed, "Move away!"

At the same time, their hands raised up!

A wisp of white flame and a red coloured flying dagger flew towards Song Yun Hai instantly.

The flame was Xu Que’s Bone Freezing Flame and the flying dagger was just a random skill used by the old man.

Both of them acted out simultaneously, forming an extremely terrifying combination of powers.

Despite the blind rage that Song Yun Hai was in, he hasn’t lost control of his faculties. He twisted the sword in his hands to block the incoming projectiles thrown out by the old man and the young kid.

The wisp of white flame was too small. Although it was strangely white and bore a certain coldness with it, Song Yun Hai felt that he was more than capable of defending himself against it.

The only thing which worried him was the old man’s flying dagger which was darting towards him.

The entire dagger was a deep shade of red and looked extremely normal. However, it pierced the air and flew with astonishing speed and moved soundlessly through the air.


A vibration rang out with the collision of the projectiles against his sword.

The flying sword reached faster than the white flame as it lodged itself within Song Yun Hai’s sword blade which caused a series of sparks to burst forth from the sword.

As soon as the dagger touched his sword, under the amazed expressions of everyone watching, Song Yun Hai gave a low groan as his entire body was thrown into the air. It was akin to watching a kite which had its string severed as the kite soared out of control into the air. Song Yun Hai collided into a tree some distance away with so much impact that a large crater was formed on the bark of the tree.

Following that, the white flame then reached Song Yun Hai. It floated around him like bees before assaulting his robes.


A huge wave of unnatural coldness radiated out and diffused across the forest.

"Ah!" Song Yun Hai’s eyes were gaping wide as he tried to compose himself to no avail before revealing out a sharp cry of agony.

In the next moment, he was completely frozen into a block of ice. His expression was still one of immense pain while he froze to death.


Everyone present was startled.

Nobody could clearly see everything that happened due to the speed of which it took place. All they knew was that Song Yun Hai had charged towards them and the both of them reacted as if they were swatting a fly away and flicked their hands effortlessly.

The next moment, everyone saw the old man’s flying dagger move with such terrifying speed and powers towards the Song Yun Hai.

And that white wisp of flame was overlooked by everyone. With a blink of an eye, all that they saw was Song Yun Hai screaming out in pain before being frozen into a block of ice.

Everyone looked at the old man, their eyes filled with fear and respect.

At this point, they then realized they couldn’t detect the old man’s cultivation level.

Besides, he had killed Song Yun Hai with just a single dagger in a single move. In that instant, that old man became the focal point of attention.

"That’s so powerful! So this old senior is extremely strong, I didn’t expect that at all!"

The few Great Change Sect disciples, including the Sect Leader were amazed.

To them, Song Yun Hai was killed by the old man. They then gave out a sigh of relief. As long as this old senior was around, the Blood River Sect members were doomed.

The group of Blood River Sect cultivators all had expressions of fear on their faces. The remaining 7 Original Infant Stage cultivators were all apprehensive and worried. They started to slowly retreat, careful not to make any sudden movements as if they wanted to take this opportunity to escape!


"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing an Original Infant Stage cultivator. The reward is 200,000 experience points and a storage ring!"

Xu Que could hear the beep go off within his head. He was glad that this kill was awarded to him as he received the full rewards of it. He then revealed a toothy smile.

The old man beside him had an expression of shock as his eyes gleamed. He then turned to Xu Que and looked at him.

The both of them didn’t start quarreling again. The old man then asked, "Little kid, what was the name of that technique?"

"Could it be that you wish to learn from me? If you plead with me, I might teach you!" Xu Que laughed out and replied.

The old man’s face fell as he replied in a low voice, "Hm… I don’t even respect your unknown sect and strange techniques. But if you were to kneel down here and beg me, I can teach you a spell that’s much stronger. What do you say?"

"Haha! Not a chance. Hurry and leave. Don’t hinder my killing any more!" Xu Que waved a hand and spoke out irritably.

The old man sighed and looked at Xu Que, "Kid, do you really think I want to stay? If it weren’t for that chicken wing which I ate earlier, I wouldn’t even be bothered to act in your defense. Since you have such skills with you, this old man is lazy to put up with you any longer. I need to find another asshole of a kid. Someone just like you. Farewell!"

"Hopefully farewell forever, I shan’t see you off then!" Xu Que smiled as with his eyes nearly closed.

Hence, the old man didn’t do anything else as he turned around, his physical form started to diminish gradually before he completely disappeared.

Xu Que watched in amazement and thought to himself that it was such a good way to teleport. It was even much faster than his escape emblems!

And the Great Change Sect disciples were in utter astonishment.

That old senior… He just left like that?

And he was chased away!

What are you doing? Is it that you’re full and have nothing better to do?’

Such a strong ally but you chased him away?

The female Sect Leader and the Elders watched Xu Que in a daze as they scolded him harshly. They almost wanted to cut his scalp open and check if his brains were already rotten or not!

However, only a few disciples understood what had happened. The man froze to death. That was too familiar a sight! Some moments ago, Xu Que had done the exact same thing in front of them, freezing the Original Infant Stage Blood Python to death the same way.

The Blood River Sect paused in disbelief which was soon followed by elation!

Now that the old man had gone, to them, it was as if the biggest threat to their lives were no longer around.

That was to say, they had nothing more to fear!

Someone tilted his head back and gave out a loud laugh, "Haha!!! Kid, now that nobody’s here to protect you anymore, be good and give up your life!"

"If you wish to blame someone, just blame your mouth for being so dirty!’

"You actually chased away such a supreme being with that dirty mouth of yours. That’s a first time I’m actually seeing something like that."

"I’ve never seen anyone as stupid as you!"


The Blood River Sect disciples burst out in laughter. Even the fact that their leader had just died was casted to the back of their minds.

Xu Que looked at them plainly before smiling, "Come on then! The insignificant old man has gone. We can have a good fight. Tell me, do you want to fight as a group or one by one? I suggest all of you attack together as a group!"