Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 42

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 acting tough points!"


Looking at the six of them some distance away, the system’s beep suddenly rang in Xu Que’s mind and he was immediately stunned.

Strange… When did I act tough?

All I did was ask them to gather some firewood. How was that acting tough?

Xu Que shook his head doubtfully then without any further thought, immediately called out to the system to consume the golden cores acquired from the fallen disciples of Blood River Sect and Master Song.

"Ding! 10 golden cores consumed. 500,000 experience points gained!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully advancing to Level 6 of the Golden Core Stage!"

At that same moment, a flow of Qi passed through Xu Que’s dantian and he leveled up by one rank!

Level 6 of the Golden Core Stage Cultivator was only 4 levels away from the final Level 10!

"Soon… Xiao Rou, very soon, I will have the solution to reviving you!" he muttered softly as he stared at the altar within the cabinet.

After some time, he snapped back to reality and began taking a few things out of the system’s inventory.

First was a clean cloth which he spread out on the floor. Soon after, a few cleaned and plucked chicken wings appeared on the cloth, followed by bottles and jars with words like "Chilli", "Soya Sauce" and "Pepper" imprinted.

These condiments were all exchanged from the system’s department store. The entire condiments set did not cost much, requiring merely a little acting tough points!

As for the chicken wings, they were from the wild chickens Xu Que caught while hunting in the forest previously. After having cooked for himself so many times, his already good culinary skills improved by leaps and bounds in the past half month.

However, now that there were only a few chicken wings left, Xu Que began to hesitate.

Should I braise or fry them?

Oh yes! I shall try the Louisiana Roasted Wings!

Xu Que recalled the taste of the roasted wings he had in his previous life and began to salivate.

At once, he took a metal bowl out of the system package and threw the chicken wings in. He then added in various seasonings and began to marinate the meat. When he was done, he sat down to rest with his legs crossed and waited leisurely.

A moment later, the people from the Great Change Sect came back sweating profusely, carrying a huge stack of firewood.

"Se… Senior, are… are these enough?"

"Enough, enough. There is no need for so much. Sit down and I will handle the rest." Xu Que said embarrassedly. It was just to start a fire. Is there a need for so much firewood?

At his words, they left the firewood by the side and sat down to rest while trying to check out how "senior" planned to cast his defensive spells to protect them.

Immediately after sitting down, they were astonished to find that there were… Chicken wings within the metal bowl?

What is going on?

The 6 of them looked at one another in dismay and bafflement.

Xu Que walked towards the firewood, bent down and began to pick out the wood conscientiously.

Actually, to make roasted wings, one can use his core energy to heat up the wings. However, the roasted wings would lack the unique charcoal roasted taste!

That is why Xu Que got them to gather firewood. He was painstakingly picking out the branches from the fruit trees as the charcoal from it were the most fragrant which would allow him to make the most delicious and authentic Louisiana roasted wings!


After choosing the firewood, Xu Que threw them in at empty space then he immediately waved his fingers, using his core energy to produce a streak of fire directed at the wood.

Watching all these, the Great Change Sect disciples were utterly confused.

Wasn’t he going to cast a protective screen with these firewood? Why did he set these firewood on fire? Is this some kind of mysterious ceremony?

They decided to remain silent and continue observing him.

Consequently, they watched Xu Que stride past them, heading directly to the back and picking up the metal bowl filled with the chicken wings.

They all widened their eyes.

A metal wire mesh then appeared out of nowhere on Xu Que’s hand, which he placed on top of the fire.

Next, he placed the chicken wings pair by pair onto the wire mesh.


The sauces from the chicken dropped into the fire, letting out a little sizzling sound!

"Oh, that’s right… This is the smell!" Xu Que went closer, took a deep breath and showed an expression of intense satisfaction.

Some of the Great Change Sect disciples almost fainted!

So… So after all that, you simply wanted to roast chicken wings!

Senior, we are facing a powerful enemy! The Blood River Sect is closing in on us and yet you have the mood to roast chicken wings?

They felt like they did not have room in their heads for this yet they were overwhelmed with helplessness.

"Senior, didn’t you say we needed to prepare? Why..."

"Yes. But you need to eat in order to have energy to kill your enemies. Oh yes, do you take spicy? Would you prefer less spicy or medium spicy? There’s also abnormally spicy!" Xu Que blinked at the 6 of them, smiling.

Six of them: "..."

"This… Oh…" a pretty female disciple tried to say something but ended up with a sigh.

She knew that whatever she said would be useless as this senior was a strange and extremely stubborn man!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 acting tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 acting tough points!"

Hearing the system’s beeps, Xu Que felt carefree. He began humming while fanning the fire.

"I love chicken wings but your mom said you are going to die…" This was the classic song from the late Stephen Chow’s movie "Flirting Scholar"!

The Great Change Sect Disciples pursed their lips and could only sit in one corner, flabbergasted.

The youngest female disciple held her head and looked at Xu Que blankly, muttering, "Senior’s singing voice is actually quite nice. Except I don’t quite understand the lyrics…"


Time started to go by.

The swamp only consisted of Xu Que’s singing and the occasional "pik piak" sound from the fire.

Soon, a strong fragrance began to emanate from the chicken wings, filling the noses of everyone present.

The Great Change Sect disciples immediately opened their eyes. Their faces filled with amazement.

How fragrant! This unique, sweet fragrance is making us suddenly hungry!


Some of the chicken wings began to look juicy and crispy, emitting an aroma that made one want to start eating immediately. Xu Que dipped a small brush in some honey and began brushing onto the chicken wings.

The disciples were once again stunned.

"You can actually make chicken wings smell, look and taste this great? Senior is really amazing!"

"Hush, hush... it’s merely some Louisiana roasted wings. When there is time in future, I’ll treat you all to some spicy fried chicken and roasted chicken burger and special sirloin steak…" Xu Que began to feel hungry again as he spoke.


At this moment, a sound suddenly came from the swamp. The Blood Python from before abruptly slithered out, exclaiming, "What’s this smell? Why is it so fragrant?"

The disciples jumped up in shock. After realizing that it was the Blood Python, they were furious and began drawing their swords to attack it.

Suddenly, a white coloured freezing fire shot out from Xu Que’s hands and landed on the blood python’s body, causing the temperature around to drop significantly.

In a split second, the Blood Python was enveloped by the white flames and became a popsicle!

"Noisy!" Xu Que groaned, then nonchalantly bent down and continued fanning the fire!

The disciples however were still astonished and dumbstruck at the scene

This time, they were really petrified and their faces turned pale.

Their impression of Xu Que became one of fear.

The great Original Infant Stage Blood Python was killed by him just like this!

Oh my god! Is he even human?

No wonder he’s not even the slightest bit afraid of the Blood River Sect!