Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 39


Seeing so many people appear, the Blood Python contorted its body and slithered down into the depths of the swamp.

The 6 cultivators who were floating in the air no longer felt like pursuing after the Blood Python. Their faces fell as if they had an immense fear for the Blood River Sect.

One of the men hesitated for several breaths and gave an unsure look before speaking out, "We… We are disciples from Great Change Sect..."

"Didn’t you hear a word I said? Leave your weapons and spirit stones and then get lost. I shall not repeat myself a third time. Do you understand?" The tall and big sized man interrupted him straight away, his tone was extremely unsympathetic.


The nervous looking man looked towards his 5 other companions for help before eventually sighing and responding softly, "Let’s leave our weapons and spirit stones down."

When he finished, he then threw the sword in his hands down to the ground before unstrapping a bag from his waist and placing it down as well.

The other 5 companions looked at him and gritted their teeths as they followed suit.

"Guadang! Guadang!" The few of them threw their flying swords and bags down onto the ground with a clang.

The 6 of them looked extremely unhappy as they walked away.

"Wait a minute, I asked you to get lost and scram. I didn’t allow you to walk away." At that moment, the big sized man shouted out coldly.

The entire group of them paused, deep hatred could be seen from their eyes.

The pretty and sweet looking girl in the group looked up at the burly sized man and spoke out softy, "Master Song, please don’t go overboard! Although our Great Change Sect has declined over the years, you must not humiliate us to this extent."

"Hehe... I was actually in a good mood and allowed you to escape here without getting hurt but you didn’t cherish that opportunity. Since you don’t want to scram and get lost, then you would have to die here." Master Song laughed out loud as certain coldness radiated from his eyes.

As soon as he waved a hand, they were immediately surrounded by more than 10 other people.

The 6 Great Change Sect disciples turned pale.

Xu Que was still hiding some distance away and could see clearly everything that was happening.

He was thinking to himself, "Looks like that Master Song was good with acting tough and being a prick too. Besides, he looked like he was doing fine acting tough."

These Blood River Sect were rather prestigious and renowned around the area. Although they were all Golden Core Stage cultivators, as soon as they heard his command, all of them obeyed and dropped their weapons and spirit stones.

Oooh... looks like I have to show myself now!

At this point, Xu Que patted his own black robes before placing his Dark Buster Sword across his shoulders and started whistling to himself, while taking big strides towards them.

"Who’s that?" The Blood River Sect disciples heard some movement and turned around immediately as they whispered among themselves.

Xu Que’s eyes were squinted as he gave a loud laughter. He then raised his Dark Buster Sword and pointed it at everyone else before shouting out loudly, "Everyone don’t move! This is a robbery! All the men stand on the right side and the women on the left! Hand me all your belongings! Hurry!"


All the cultivators present were astonished.

Within this Withered Bones Forest there were only the Blood River Sect who would rob from others. Nobody has ever robbed from them before. Besides, this person was alone.

Great Change Sect disciples looked dumbstruck as well and paused to look at Xu Que. When they realized that Xu Que was only of the Golden Core Stage level 3, they almost passed out.

Big brother, even if you wanted to rob, can you be more professional about it? Bring more people to help you! Can’t you see that even the 6 of us have to obediently surrender?

Besides, you’re only a Golden Core Stage cultivator, level 3. What do you think you can do?!

"What are you staring at? The entire area has already been surrounded by me. Hurry and take out your valuables and hand them over. After that’s done, scram and get lost. I shall not repeat myself a third time!" Xu Que spoke as if he took a book out of Master Song’s words as he shouted out.

The Blood River Sect disciples all had strange looks on their faces.

The leader Master Song’s expression turned cold as he smiled at Xu Que, killing intent radiated out from his eyes.

The 6 of them from Great Change Sect opened their eyes wide and looked at Xu Que as if they were looking at a crazy person.

A mere level 3 Golden Core Stage junior cultivator robbing an entire group of level 7 and level 8 Golden Core Stage cultivators?

My god. They’ve seen many people who didn’t want to live anymore but they’ve never seen someone giving up their lives so easily for slaughter like this!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 acting tough points!" The system rang out in his head, causing Xu Que to be filled with smiles.

"Break his bones and flay his skin off his body then feed the remains to the dogs!"

Master Song waved a hand and instructed his subordinates before casting his glance into the swamp in front of them. He didn’t bother about Xu Que and the other 6 Great Change Sect disciples anymore.

Xu Que sucked in a breath of cold, fresh air.

Ssssss, how could this damned idiot act tough so well? He even ignored the enemy standing right in front of him? Looks like I’ve met my match when it comes to acting tough.

Is that all?

Xu Que was extremely dissatisfied as he pursed his lips and withdrew a sharp spear, a pair of flying swords and a pair of long bows from the system inventory.

He then threw it down with a loud clang before speaking out, "I met with 5 blind idiots on the way here and they professed to be Blood River Sect disciples. Guess what happened after that? We, the Exploding Heavens Faction killed them instantly."

"Eh? This person has a storage ring on him!" The Blood River Sect disciples weren’t interested in his sharp pointed spear or his bows. However, they casted their glance right at him, expressing greedy looks.

He clearly retrieved all these items out of thin air, which caused them to presume that he had a storage ring on him.

Master Song directed his glance towards him and laughed coldly, "We have many disciples in Blood River Sect. So what if 5 of them dies? As for you little thing, you actually delivered yourself right to my doorstep."

"Why don’t you think to yourself, ‘how can a single person like myself, dare to come all the way here?’. Let me tell you the truth. My Exploding Heaven Faction already surrounded this area. If you are sensible enough, you should drop all your weapons and surrender." Xu Que spoke out confidently as though he was assured and secure that his backup would arrive any moment now.

Master Song puckered his eyebrows as everyone else paused in shock. They then looked around trying to catch a glimpse of his surroundings.

"Exploding Heavens Faction? What kind of sect is that? Why haven’t I heard about it before?"

"We aren’t really surrounded by them, are we?"

"Why isn’t there any movement at all? Is this kid trying to scare us?"

At the same time, the group of 6 Great Change Sect had a curious and suspicious expressions on their faces as well.

One of the younger girls asked quietly, "Senior brother, senior sister, what Sect is Exploding Heavens Faction from?"

The few of them looked at each other before shaking their heads, "I’ve never heard of it as well. Could it be a newly formed sect?"

"Possibly. Wind City has been thrown into a state of chaos of late and many foreign cultivators established themselves within the city. The formation of new sects was rather common."

The girl then snuck a glance at Xu Que before asking, "Then… Are we saved? But that person looks very strange. Even his weapons and spells are strange…."

The few of them were thrown into hushed discussion as they occasionally glanced at Xu Que, each with their own thoughts formed of him.

At this point, a big sized man from Blood River Sect walked out and glared at Xu Que, "Hey kid, where on earth do you came from? You dare to mess with us Blood River Sect. Are you sick of living?"

Xu Que glared back at him and scolded him, "Why should I care about your shit dog sect. You dare to mess with my Exploding Heaven Faction. The ones who are tired of living are you."

"What sect does Exploding Heavens belong to?" The big man asked, enraged.

Xu Que’s expression turned fierce, "You don’t even know of Exploding Heaven Sect and you dare to come out and speak rubbish? Exploding Heavens Faction is short for Violent Ruthless Cruel Cool Hanging Exploding Heavens Faction!"