Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 38


He raised his hands before allowing the buster sword to descend upon the man.

The man atop the flying spear was decapitated instantly. His face maintained an expression of fear in death as his lower body was still floating atop the flying spear.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

As the system beeped and announced the reward to Xu Que. He then extended a hand and grabbed onto the fallen man’s knife. He scrutinized it before chucking it within the inventory space within the system.

He then slowly returned to the ground and started picking up the items left behind by the dead group of people. He picked up the bows, arrows and even flying swords and placed them into the system’s inventory.

Soon after, he collected their golden cores and placed them within the system as well. Each golden core could be traded for 50,000 experience points and were extremely useful to Xu Que!

"Ding! Used up 5 golden cores. You’ve received 250,000 experience points!"

After finishing up, Xu Que then walked over to the ugly frog’s side.

According to the five of them, this frog was called Three Eyed Poisonous Toad. The third eye was probably referring to that abscess atop its head!

Xu Que thought for a while before walking up to it. He then retrieved the sword and stabbed it down into its brains from atop!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Stage demonic beast. The reward is 200,000 experience points and random loots. Would you like to take a look?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining a level. The current cultivation level is Golden Core Stage level 3!"

Eh? Random loots as a reward?

Xu Que was stunned as he nodded his head, "Let me see!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring a Three Star Demonic Core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring the fluid from the poisonous toad!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring the tongue of the poisonous toad!"

Following the system beeps, 3 flashes of light appeared within the system as 3 new additions to the inventory could be seen.

[Three Star Demonic Core]: The core within a demonic beast which can be made into medical ingredients or can be forged into weapons!

[Fluid from the Poisonous Toad]: The Three Eyed Poisonous Toad contained a very powerful fluid which can be made into medical ingredients or can be smeared onto the edge of your blade. Anyone who gets cut by the blade will feel the full effects of the poison which includes severe hallucinations and deep paralysis!

[Tongue of the Poisonous Toad]: The body part used by the Three Eyed Poisonous Toad to catch its prey. It’s extremely tough and durable and can be forged into weapons!

"Damn. Every single part of this beast was something valuable!"

After looking at the descriptions of the 3 items, Xu Que was extremely satisfied.

When it came to killing Original Infant Stage cultivators, it was clear that killing a demonic beast of the same stage was more worth it in terms of rewards!

He then shut the inventory space of the system before accessing his own personal stats.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Level: Golden Core Stage Level 3 (Close to Perfection)

Experience Points: 0/500000 Points

Acting Tough Points: 680 Points

Skill Path: Intermediate Stage

Abilities: Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum); Lightning Haste (Maximum); Troop - Secret Character (10% progress); Flame - Devouring Wave (Maximum); Six Corporeal Forms (Maximum); Buddha’s Fiery Lotus (30% progress)

Mystical Fires: Molten Green Lotus, Bone Freezing Fires

Essence: Skill Essences (30 points)

Occupation: None

Status : Prince Consort of the Eastern Fire Country

After fighting it out at Celestial Sect and this half a month of killing, he had already made huge progress in his cultivation level. Even the system has changed its comments from "Clear Understanding" to "Close to Perfection"!

With regards to the cultivation level, he attained the level 3 of Golden Core Stage and is not far away from the full foundation which was level 10. The most important thing at this point was that he had 680 acting tough points!

This had broken past his all time high record and was also the richest he had ever been!

Xu Que recalled clearly how the battle at Celestial Sect had contributed greatly to his wealth. Especially after destroying the infrastructures and buildings, the system rewarded him with 100 acting tough points.

He then realized that as long as there was an Infant Transformation Stage person as the leader of an area, Xu Que would be deemed to be inferior compared to him by the system. Hence, whatever damage he dealt to the person’s stronghold would be rewarded with additional points.

This was why when he wrecked the entire Fallen Spirits Sect, he didn’t get any rewards. To the system, Xu Que was deemed as stronger and thus no rewards would be granted!

Xu Que definitely wouldn’t intentionally seek out Infant Transformation Stage leaders to mess around just to earn acting tough points. His main principle was extremely simple. He wouldn’t cross people if they didn’t cross him. When someone crossed him, he would be sure to kill every living person related to him.

An example would be the group of 5 people from Blood River Sect.

Just by hearing this name, Xu Que knew that nothing good can come from them. In fact, since they were sly, crafty and experienced, it was clear that it wasn’t the first time they were stealing slain beasts from others before killing them.

Xu Que felt that if he ever had the chance to meet more of these evil Blood River Sect members, he would certainly harm them… Oh no, he would certainly protect the innocent by getting rid of the Blood River Sect members!

After handling all the matters regarding the system, Xu Que went on his way once more.

After getting handsomely rewarded for killing the Three Eyed Poisonous toad, he decided to spend more time here in the Withered Bones Forest and wait for those ugly looking demonic beasts to deliver themselves up for him to kill for they would give insane amounts of experience. He would then ascend rapidly in level and be able to upgrade the acting tough system and revive Xiao Rou!

Besides, Withered Bones Forest was the playground and breeding ground for many of these demonic beasts. After walking for only a short while, he met with another Original Infant Stage wild beast.

However this time, it was a dark Blood Python. It was being cornered by several cultivators within a swampy area.

It was spitting words from its slit of a mouth as it spoke coldly, "You bunch of weak humans, how dare you interrupt my cultivation. Are you sick of living?"

The few cultivators were dressed in daoist robes. There were 3 men and 3 women, their flying swords soaring around in the air. Killing intent radiated out from everyone.

A pretty looking woman then shouted out, "You bastard of a beast! A few days ago, my senior sister came around here to pick some medicinal herbs. She didn’t offend you and yet you killed her!"

"Also last month, my junior brother was infected by your poison and is in critical condition. I shall take revenge for them today."

The minute the python heard this, it burst out in laughter, "Haha! You can only blame them for having poor luck for meeting me out here and becoming a meal for me. Since I see some food, why shouldn’t I eat them? Come to think of it. The little girl which I ate some days back had such soft and smooth skin. It felt good in my mouth."

"Damn it, you bastard. To hell with you! I shall take your demonic core and heal my junior brother from the poison he sustained!" The few of them roared out in anger as they floated about atop their flying swords. Then they conjured spells before charging down upon the Blood Python.

This Blood Python’s strength and powers were not weak at all. Although it had a big body, it was not hindered in terms of speed and was extremely agile and sly.

The six men and women attacked it from all directions, using different spells but were dodged by it effortlessly. From time to time, it would spray out red poisonous mist, causing the six of them to retreat in fear.

The fight eventually reached the climax!

Xu Que however watched on in extreme boredom as he yawned repeatedly.

The six cultivators were all of the Golden Core Stage and were around level 7 or 8. The Blood Python was of the Original Infant Stage.

According to logic, this Blood Python shouldn’t have any problems defeating all of them. However, it was extremely strange that the python’s movement seemed to be heavily restricted. It seemed to remain within the swamps and refused to leave. As a result, it was surrounded by all 6 cultivators.

That didn’t make sense and the Blood Python didn’t seem to be foolish as well. Why was this happening?

Xu Que started becoming suspicious. He then recalled back to his previous life when he was reading several comics. All of a sudden, an idea came into his mind as his eyes lit up.

According to whatever he saw, it was extremely possible that the Blood Python was protecting some sort of a treasure. It was afraid that if it came out, it would be stolen away by those men.

"Oooh… that’s interesting! Looks like it’s time for me to make an appearance!" Just thinking of this, Xu Que smiled to himself. He decided to stop hiding and reveal himself in a bid to act tough.

The minute he decided to stepped out, more than 10 shadows emerged from the thick forest and descended upon the swamps.

The 6 cultivators in daoist robes gazed curiously at the ten shadows and were alarmed. After some moments, it seemed like they all reached an understanding of what was happening.

A tall and big sized man stood out from the ten shadows as he looked at the group of six and spoke out, "This place has been surrounded by us from Blood River Sect. The few of you, drop your weapons and spirit stones, then get lost!"

Damn it, Blood River Sect?

Great! More experience points for me!

Xu Que remained in hiding and was elated beyond words.