Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 31

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Following the sounds of dull thuds, the bodies of a dozen Fallen Spirits Sect disciples exploded from inwards out and became globs of blood mists.

"How dare you! And you still won't stop?!"

The black robed cultivator immediately reacted as he shouted loudly. At the same time, he waved his hand causing a crushing force to emanate from his palms and charged towards Xu Que.

"Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation, ninth form go!


Xu Que activated the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformations. Its might could be felt by everyone present as the dragon attempted to block the crushing wave sent out by the Original Infant Stage old cultivator.

"Today, all of you shall die!"

He gave a low rumble as his voice reverberated around the room like a tidal wave.

His Lightning Haste spell had been activated causing arcs of electric pulses to appear. He held Xiao Rou with one arm and the great sword in the other hand. It made a peculiar sight as he charged into the group of disciples.

Countless disciples raised their sword up in defense but were unable to effectively protect themselves. They were crushed by the devastating blow from the buster sword as blood and flesh flew all around and many disciples died on the spot, turning into an entire mound of experience points for Xu Que.

At that instant, all the Broken Spirits Sect disciples were all in fear.

They were so afraid that their will and courage broke. They finally understood how scary Xu Que’s might was!

The black robed cultivator in the air seemed to be somewhat taken aback as well. His pupils dilated in anxiousness. He couldn't help but to look at this mere Core Bearing Stage young man in a different light altogether.

"Indeed, a true disciple of Duan Jiu De. Since death is your wish, don't blame me for not showing mercy!"

The black robed cultivator straightened his back as he placed his palms together and chanted out several chains of mnemonics. His core energy was accumulating and coagulating right behind him as it took the form of a large black fire!

"Black Flamed Dragon, release!"

The old man muttered feebly but his spell was extremely vicious and powerful.

This was the black robed cultivator’s signature move and its strength was alarming beyond measure.

After seeing what their leader had done, their expressions were renewed with hope as they screamed out, "Long live Sect Leader! Only you have my unwavering respect!"

"Once the Black Flamed Dragon charges, the kid’s soul will be severed from his body."

"We’re saved!"

"You're doomed kid. Don't think that just because you've got some mysterious spells up your sleeves, you're undefeatable and dare to show up here at our Sect to cause troubles. You shall regret your actions now."


Black flames erupted high up into the sky as it obscured the clouds from view. Instantaneously, it felt like the entire sky has turned dark.

The black flames swirled in a violent and rapid manner until a dragon was birthed from the flames. Sinister killing intent arose from it and wafted towards Xu Que.

Xu Que squinted his eyes as his lips snarled into a curl. He then gave a cold harrumph, "Black Flamed Dragon, huh? Let me show you what true strength is!"

As soon as his last words fell, he gathered all the core energy from within. The hand which held onto the buster sword was bursting with veins. He then shouted loudly.


A crack formed on the surface of the ground as Xu Que’s arm was raised high up, still clutching onto the buster sword. It was as if he single handedly lifted a weapon that seemed to weigh thousands of pounds. All of a sudden, he broke into a charge towards the black flaming dragon.

The dragon gave a loud roar as it dashed towards Xu Que too. However, even before it could land an attack on Xu Que, a large slash mark appeared right on its head.

The once ferocious and formidable black flamed dragon was split into half in the blink of an eye, as one half of its body recoiled from the impact and was flung towards the disciples.

The entire bunch of disciples had a look of dread etched across their faces!

The Sect Leader’s Black Flamed Dragon was… Was actually hacked into half?

"No! All of you, move out of the way!"

The black robed cultivator sensed danger and hurriedly motioned for his disciple to get out of the way.

However, those disciple simply didn't have enough time to react. Even if there was a place to hide, they couldn't have moved fast enough. All they could do was watch on as they were engulfed in black flames.


In the next instant, they screamed in so much agony that their shrieks and wails were hair raising.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 10 acting tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for increasing in level. Your current stage is Core Bearing, level 6!"


A series of notices and beeps echoed within Xu Que’s mind. He had gained another level with all the experience points.

"Xiao Rou, did you see that? I'm already at level 6 of the Core Bearing Stage. Wait a little longer. Once I reach the full foundation of the Golden Core Stage, I can finally revive you."

Xu Que looked at Xiao Rou who was in his arms as he smiled.

"You little bastard. Have you gone mad? Are you really going to start a war and take numerous of lives just for several insignificant normal folks?!" The Sect Leader bellowed as he glimpsed at the wreckage of dead disciples down below.

Although he wasn't afraid of Xu Que, since he hadn't heard of Duan Jiu De’s reputation, he was still unsure of what Xu Que could do. Hence, he assumed that once Xu Que killed several disciples, his rage and thirst for revenge would be satisfied.

He never imagined that Xu Que’s methods of revenge were so vile and destructive. Even after killing the 10 disciples on the way back, he wasn't even close to being satiated. Instead, he barged through the Sect domains and started slaughtering everything in his path.

"Hahahah!!!" Xu Que burst out in random laughter, an evil sinister look radiated from his eyes as his gaze fell upon the old, black robed cultivator. "What rights do you have to speak to me about killing innocents? I’ve said this before, I shall trample over the entire Fallen Spirits Sect until it’s nothing more than a plot of ruins, where nobody is alive. WHAT. I’VE.SAID. I. SHALL. DO.

What I’ve said, I shall do!

These words echoed to the heavens and was deafening.

The remaining disciples who were alive in Fallen Spirits Sect had lifeless expressions on their face as though they had given up on survival. Their eyes however reflected immense panic and fear.

The disciples had expected to feel a sense of safety and security with the Sect Leader. In contrast, at this moment, they found themselves being extremely afraid, without a solution of extricating themselves from this mess.

The black robed cultivator’s face turned ashen as well. All of a sudden, he considered the possibility of this young man’s words and understood that he really meant to wipe the entire sect out. Could it really be the return of the fabled and legendary Duan Jiu De?

"You… What are you going to do? This is a small matter. Is there a need to blow it out of proportion?"

The only man eventually decided to give in to him, whatever he might ask. He then sighed as he spoke slowly.

However, these words had the opposite effect on Xu Que. Instead of causing him to calm down, it further enraged him.

"A small matter? An entire village of innocent lives were slaughtered by your sect ruthlessly and you dare to bloody tell me it’s a small matter? Keke…" Xu Que started laughing sinisterly to himself once more as he continued speaking. "Fine, small matter. I shall let you taste a small matter as well!"


The minute his final words were spoken, Xu Que’s shadow turned into a blur and a flash of lightning could be seen. He then charged towards the remaining disciples.


The black buster sword weaved in the air before slamming down hard on the heads of many disciples, causing them to fall to the ground dead.

Xu Que pulled out the long piece of fabric from the inventory space in his system. He had bought it yesterday after being instructed by Xiao Rou.

"Xiao Rou, we shall make new clothes for me on another day. This fabric shall be used as burial cloth for these dead people today!"

He then started laughing like a crazed maniac.

Dragging the long piece of fabric across the room, he draped it around the headless corpses of the disciples.

With a whoosh, the headless corpses were all tied together by the fabric and were dragged by Xu Que into the air as he stepped atop the Lightning Haste spell, aiming to kill more disciples.