Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 208

Xu Que’s heart was filled with disbelief.

He had only ever taken out the God Powered Cannons twice. Once was with the demonic humans against the demonic beasts. He had given nine units to Su Ling’er.

The other time was with Great Change Sect. He had given them three units.

According to his calculations, the Fire Emperor’s God Powered Cannon couldn’t have been taken from Su Ling’er.

That means, he had taken it from Great Change Sect!

Thinking up to this point, a glint of coldness reflected from Xu Que’s pupils as he glared at the Fire Emperor!

"Where did you get this God Powered Cannon from?" He asked icily.

The Fire Emperor revealed a look of mockery as he laughed out, "Whenever I want something, it’s impossible that I won’t get it. As for where I got it from, I’m afraid there’s no need for me to negotiate with a bullying evil doer such as yourself, huh?"

"I’m a bullying evil doer? Haha! Dog Emperor, don’t you know who was the person who forged the God Powered Cannon?" Xu Que’s face revealed a cold laughter. Not only was the God Powered Cannon forged by him, he could even control how much power he wanted the cannon to produce. All he had to do was to summon the thought in his mind and he could even make the cannon spit out fire!
This was the main reason he dared to give out so many God Powered Cannons!

As expected, the Fire Emperor completely ignored Xu Que’s question. However, when the Emperor heard the phrase ‘dog Emperor’, he was furious. The killing intent which radiated out from his eyes were extremely terrifying.

"Your majesty, the God Powered Cannon has already been delivered!"

The old eunuch along with several Imperial Guards were pushing a shiny black God Powered Cannon!

Everyone around who watched this was astonished!

God Powered Cannon?

It looked like a very normal cannon. What can it do?

Could it be that the Fire Emperor intends to use this mere cannon to humiliate Xu Que? That didn’t make sense!

The crowd were thrown into confusion and were extremely suspicious.

Xu Que’s eyes gave off a cold glare. Obviously, this unit of God Powered Cannon had been forged personally by himself. Based on the indentations, he could indeed tell that this was one of the three God Powered Cannons which he had made for Great Change Sect!

"Generals, stand down now!" The Fire Emperor waved his hands, asking the other three Infant Transformation Generals to stand down. At the same time, he walked over to the side of the God Powered Cannon and ran his hands down the sleek body of it. His lips curled into a sly grin.

He ignored Xu Que who was still up in the air. The Fire Emperor then looked down at everyone and laughed out, "Everyone has cultivated for many years but I’m sure you’ve never seen such a magical weapon, huh?"

"Magical weapon?"

The crowd paused in shock.

What? This is a magical weapon? How could it be? Who would use such a big magical weapon?

And it looks just like a normal cannon. What powers does it have?

Everyone around was filled with doubts!

The Fire Emperor laughed, "This item is called the God powered Cannon and it was brought back by a powerful General from the borderlands. At first, I was also skeptical about how powerful it was since it looked so ordinary. After trying it, I realized that this treasure is unrivalled in power!"


Hearing this word, the crowd jumped up, their eyelids started twitching as their curiosity was piqued.

Xu Que’s expression became contorted. A powerful General brought this back from the borderlands? Did he mean to say that it was stolen from the Great Change Sect? Could it be… that the Great Change Sect has turned evil?

"All this item needs is a low grade spirit stone and it can demonstrate powers equal to an Infant Transformation Stage attack. If the spirit stone used is a high grade spirit stone, it can summon power equal to an attack by a level two Infant Transformation cultivator!" The Emperor introduced the cannon to everyone proudly.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd were astonished!

If these words were spoken by a normal person, the crowd would think that he was exaggerating and being overly dramatic. However, these words were spoken by the Emperor and thus isn’t simple. Everyone knew that the Emperor had to always be mindful about the things he said. Clearly, he wouldn’t be joking about this matter.

Hence, the few disciples from the great sects blinked in a daze and were filled with fear!

They were thinking that apart from showing off his new weapon, the Emperor was giving a warning to the rest of the sects, showing them his might.

In showing off this God powered Cannon, he could kill two birds with one stone. He could use the cannon to kill Xu Que and at the same time, demonstrate his true strength!

Besides, if the Emperor was speaking the truth and a high grade spirit stone was needed to wield such immense power, it would shock the entire realm!

In fact, the Fire Nation could overtake the rest of the nations with this powerful weapon!

Thinking up to this point, the few great sects including Sky Incense Valley were somewhat afraid, their faces froze in trepidation.

The Fire Emperor noticed the expressions of the disciples of the great sects. He had achieved the desired result and the smile on his face thickened.

He raised his head and looked at Xu Que before shouting out coldly, "Today, I shall use this weapon to kill you, Prince Consort impersonator!"

As soon as his words landed, the Fire Emperor conjured a high grade spirit stone and slapped it into the slot behind the cannon!


The sound of metal vibrating could be heard as the cannon glowed as soon as the Emperor placed the spirit stone into the slot.

At the same time, he started conjuring a complex spell and his hands glowed a bright gold color.

When Xu Que looked at this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He was hovering in mid air while his arms were folded as he shook his head and watched, clearly interested.

"Dog Emperor, are you a retard? You actually want to use this cannon to defeat me?" Xu Que taunted him.

"The audacity! You ignorant kid, how dare you repeatedly show disrespect to the Emperor?!" Even before the Emperor could speak, the old eunuch had shouted out in a high pitched voice.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan had confused looks etched across their faces as they glanced towards Xu Que.

After the Fire Emperor had acquired the God Powered Cannon, he had indeed tested its strengths. When he tested the weapon, both of them were present to observe as well. Even Concubine Fantasy was around. All of them had witnessed how potent and powerful this cannon was.

Truly, all that was needed was a spirit stone in order to demonstrate the powers of an Infant Transformation cultivator!

After hearing Xu Que taunt the Emperor, they shook their heads, certain of Xu Que’s impending doom.

"If only he knew of the might of the God Powered Cannon… It’s a pity that nobody can even imagine how powerful it is." The Flaming Sun Princess whispered.

Zi Xuan replied her, "He shouldn’t have come today… Ai, nobody can save him!"

As her last words were spoken, the both of them fell into silence.

From their perspective, Xu Que’s death was inevitable and doubtless. Nobody could save him from the grasps of the Fire Emperor. Besides, it was impossible that he could survive an attack from the God Powered Cannon!

Right at this moment, Xu Que who was still floating in the air laughed out, as he slapped his chest and his face was filled with mockery, "Dog Emperor, come, come, come. Shoot the cannon at me!"

The Emperor had just finished preparing the cannon as a burst of golden light radiated within his palms, looking very majestic!

"Ignorant, disrespectful kid!"

He cleared his throat as his pair of hands were wrapped in gold light and he slapped the God Powered Cannon!

Xu Que remained calm and composed as he straightened his black robes. He then thought in his head and established the link between himself and the God Powered Cannon. He then adjusted the power setting on the cannon and changed it to the weakest setting possible!"

Such low level of power was truly weak and powerless. It could be described as having next to no power!

The God Powered Cannon had already been activated and was about to fire!

The golden rays of lights were charging up within the body of the cannon before a bright burst of gold light, as blinding as the sun exploded!

Everyone was paying attention to this scene as they held their breaths in shock.

Xu Que was still in the air as he took out a single cigarette and held it between his fingers calmly.

"Boom doom!"

At that moment, the God Powered Cannon rumbled before it let out a huge roar. Boundless and majestic energy emitted out from it.

The faces of everyone present fell as they could feel the terrifying aura of the weapon and were all stumped.

At that moment…

There was a "xiu" sound which sounded very thin and underwhelming. An extremely weak golden ray of light moved slowly out from the mouth of the cannon as it floated gradually towards Xu Que in the most non threatening manner.

"About time!" Xu Que shouted out as he held the cigarette up.


The faint bright ray of gold light brushed past against his cigarette slowly and lit it up. Soon after, the ray of gold light had lost its strength and disappeared into the air!

Xu Que then placed the cigarette into his mouth and inhaled deeply before spitting out a thick ring of smoke!

"Hu..." The smoke drifted into the air as it was taken by the wind!

The entire crowd fell into silence.