Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 207

This was all too dramatic!

Among everyone present, who hadn’t witnessed someone being killed?

However, seeing Xu Que killing a dozen Imperial Guards with just a single punch...

Who has ever seen anything like it?

Was he even human?

Those were Imperial Guards of the Original Infant Stage!

They were the strongest guards who were charged with defending the Imperial Palace!

Any of those normal Original Infant Imperial Guards were probably unrivalled in single combat.

However, they had all been killed effortlessly by Xu Que and had been vanquished without a trace.

"Heavenly Explosion Faction!"

Before this, when the sect wasn’t very well known, everytime someone hears this name, he would give an expression of mockery.

But now…

With such fearsome powers…

Heavenly Explosion Faction is really… really powerful enough to explode the heavens!

Despite the fact that the Fire Emperor was of level six Infant Transformation Stage, he was still visibly shaken by Xu Que’s actions!

"Outrageous! Give me your life now!"

The four Infant Transformation Staged Generals were clearly enraged by this!

Their hearts were filled with astonishment. However, having braved through a hundreds of battles, it was impossible that they would ever feel fear in a fight, especially not to someone who was of such a low cultivation level as Xu Que.

After seeing their subordinates being killed like mere stalks of grass, they felt a certain burning anger within their chests.

Conjuring their most powerful spells, they charged it up before hurling a red hot fireball which resembled the sun right at Xu Que.

The few cultivators and students down below were taken aback by this shocking display of might.

"Fuck me!"

These Generals were all extremely powerful. The power of just one was enough to defeat everyone within the Imperial City even if they fought him together.

The power of four of them combined together as they struck out at Xu Que was unimaginable.

Such a lethal combination might even be way too powerful for the unrivalled Fire Emperor to handle alone!

"Heheh! Infant Transformation, huh? It’s not like I’ve never killed anyone in that realm before. Do you think you’re tougher than the Beast King? Scram out of my sight!" Xu Que laughed deviously. He didn’t even think that any of these four Generals were worthy of fighting him. To him, these four Infant Transformation Generals weren’t worthy of respect. Instead, they were nothing more than just four dead dogs.

Xu Que conjured the Bone Freezing Fire once again and held it within his palms before clenching his fists. With the pair of black wings behind him, he started beating the wings furiously, causing yet another hurricane to brew before he disappeared once again!


At the next moment, he appeared before one of the Generals and punched him squarely in the chest!

Both of them flew backwards from the heavy impact.

Xu Que was thrown several meters away but remained relatively unscathed. When he looked at the General, he saw that his entire torso was enveloped in a thick layer of ice as he started falling to the ground helplessly.

A loud crashing sound rang out as he landed on the ground heavily making the concrete ground shatter, forming a huge crater.

The General had fallen right through the ground as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He didn’t die but he was severely wounded.

"Yo, that’s not bad. The thick armor you’re wearing saved your life but that’s not going to be of much use next time. I shall have my fun with the rest first before claiming your life later on. Remember to rest well and heal up!" Xu Que floated in mid air as he scanned his surroundings and saw the remaining few generals. His lips parted into a smile as he laughed out heartily.

"Hssss!" Everyone around inhaled a breath of fresh air and were completely overwhelmed with shock.

Once again, all it took was a single punch and he caused an Infant Transformation General to take severe damages!

"How… How was this possible?"

"Is he really just a level seven Original Infant Stager?"

"Why is he so much stronger than an Infant Transformation Staged General?"

"And… He’s crazy! He showed utter disregard for those Imperial Guards and even treated this like it was a game!"

"He even asked the General to rest well and to heal his injuries so that he could return to him later? Fuck! This kid…"

"He’s really so damned strong that it’s too scary!"

"And he had been so dramatic!"

The audience couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

The Fire Emperor reacted to what he just witnessed as well. His fingers curled into a ball and he seemed rather disturbed.

He never imagined that the young kid whom he picked up from the Great Lake many years ago would return after having his powers taken away before being slaughtered. In fact, it took less than a year for him to return and came back with such a vengeance, causing so much pandemonium and havoc!

Such tremendous powers was impossible to achieve without at least a decade or two of secluded meditation!

When he glanced up at him, the Fire Emperor could only see a normal Original Infant cultivator and yet his strengths had far surpassed his expectations. His powers were far more powerful than his cultivation level. What was the reason for that?

The Fire Emperor watched Xu Que coldly, his heart was filled with wary suspicions!

At this point, Xu Que beat his wings down furiously once again as he stepped atop the Lightning Haste spell and transformed into a curious black shadow before he disappeared into the group of soldiers once again. As he moved through the calvary, he claimed lives effortlessly.

One by one, the Original Infant soldiers froze into blocks of ice as soon as he went near them. Huge blocks of ice started dropping to the ground, smashing into fragments.

Hence, within the Imperial City of the Fire Nations, such a peculiar and miraculous sight was witnessed.

The majestic looking Imperial Palace was covered in snow and even had ice sculptures falling to the ground from time to time.

Several students were within a tower some distance away. When they looked across and saw such a scene unfolding, they were filled with shock. They hurriedly picked up their pens and started drawing down everything they saw.

Within the Imperial Palace, the crowd was stunned and was completely silent.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were overwhelmed with shock that they were in a daze.

Concubine Fantasy had her mouth dangling open as her hands were raised up to cover her mouth. Fear could be seen within her eyes!

The group of disciples from Sky Incense Valley were astonished as well. Their impressions of Heavenly Explosion Faction started to become one of fearful admiration and reverence. "Indeed, this cultivator is from the Heavenly Explosion Faction for his skills are terrifying!"

Tang Liu Feng was so shocked, he looked extremely silly. He was crouching on the ground and didn’t even dare to watch the fight. He was afraid that if he looked up again, his heart would give way from shock!

Burning anger welled up in the eyes of the Fire Emperor. The fire in his eyes were literally fire as they blazed from within his body. He was totally enraged!
Killing intent hovered around his body as it emanated out from him.

"Men, come!" All of a sudden, the Fire Emperor waved his hands.

At the same time, everyone around could feel his killing intent soaring around him. His killing intent was so powerful that everyone started trembling uncontrollably.

"Is the Fire Emperor going to make his move?" Someone asked out in shock.

"How many years has it been? How many years has it been since the Fire Emperor was actually involved in a fight?"

"It’s been said that the Fire Emperor’s cultivation level was on the verge of breaking through to level six of the Infant Transformation Stage…"

"As the monarch and Emperor of the Fire Nation, he wouldn’t act lightly. This is because the body of the Emperor contains the Imperial Qi and the Fortunes of the nation. Once the Fire Emperor gets directly involved in a fight, the stability and Fortune of the Fire Nation would be rocked and become unstable…"

"It’s just that Xu Que’s might is too incredible. It seems like if the Fire Emperor doesn’t do anything about it himself, nobody else would be able to kill Xu Que."

"That’s correct! I can feel the Fire Emperor’s rage boiling. It’s such a shame though. This Xu Que has such amazing innate talents but he’s too rash and impulsive. With just a little strength, he decided to return for revenge. Little did he know that the Fire Emperor’s powers are beyond his imagination!"

It seemed like everyone around felt like the Fire Emperor was willing to put aside the stability and prosperity of the nation and act against Xu Que. However, they were wrong, for he didn’t make a move. Instead, he called his eunuch over.

As soon as the eunuch heard the Emperor, he snapped out of his frightened daze and hurriedly scrambled before the Emperor, "Your… Your majesty, this old slave is here!"

"Send someone to retrieve the newly acquired God Powered Cannon here!" The Fire Emperor shouted out in anger.

In mid air, Xu Que heard these words as his expression turned ashen and his heart froze!

"Fuck me once again! What did the dog of an Emperor say? Where the hell did he get a God Powered Cannon from?"