Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 203

"How dare you!"

The Fire Emperor broke out in an enraged shout, "You have the audacity to act in such a defiant and dishonest manner! How dare you claim to be the Prince Consort? The true Prince Consort fell sick a year ago and died only recently. I’ve witnessed all this with my own eyes. If what you said was true, and that my beloved Concubine stole your spiritual roots, how did you manage to cultivate up to such a high cultivation level within a year? Do you think that I managed to become the Emperor by being a fool?"

As soon as his words were spoken, the crowd finally regained their senses once again.

"That’s right. If his spiritual roots and cultivation level were truly taken away from him, that would mean he was as good as a cripple. How could he cultivate up to the Original Infant Stage level seven within a year?"

"That’s absolutely impossible!"

"Hehe… why is that impossible?" Xu Que laughed out and smoked slowly, "Because, my master, is Duan Jiu De!"

As soon as his words fell, the entire training grounds sunk into silence.

"Duan Jiu De!"

As soon as his name was spoken, everyone froze on the spot and were flabbergasted.

Even the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan’s expression fell.

At such a place like the Imperial City, everyone was familiar with the name Duan Jiu De and knew of his exploits.

Duan Jiu De was a mysterious figure who had an extremely erratic personality but was one of the most fearsome cultivators around. In fact, even the Fire Emperor was afraid of him!

Xu Que shouted out the name of Duan Jiu De and caused everyone around to freeze in fear. He then thought to himself about how this Duan Jiu De person was probably rather vile and wicked. At the sound of his name, even the Fire Emperor’s expression was downcasted.

However, Xu Que wasn’t the type of person who only knew how to boast and hide behind the coattails of a tiger. The main reason for him to shout out Duan Jiu De’s name was actually to squeeze in a moment where he could act tough. When he heard the system notifications ring out within his mind, he realized that it had worked! It didn’t do him any harm to acknowledge a random person as his master after all!

After Xu Que had spoke about everything that happened to him, everyone had a rough idea of what happened over the past few months within the Fire Nations as they started to link the events in their minds.

"I’ve suddenly thought about something…" Someone from within the crowd spoke, his face was contorted in an ugly expression.

"I’ve thought about something too. Several months ago, Celestial Sect was destroyed by the disciple of Duan Jiu De!"

"It wasn’t just destroyed by a mere disciple. It was destroyed by a disciple of the Core Bearing Stage! After he annihilated a smaller sect, he dragged all their corpses over to Celestial Sect and killed an elder of the sect. When he was done, he left without any consequences to his life!"

As soon as they recalled this incident, their glances turned towards Xu Que as beads of sweat started forming across their foreheads.

"So… This was the same disciple who destroyed Celestial Sect?"

"It was this kid who blew up the entire Celestial Sect and have now returned to the Imperial Palace to exact his vengeance upon the Fire Emperor. Since he has the support of Duan Jiu De behind him, who would dare to lay a finger on him?"

The Sky Incense Valley disciples were stumped by this as well. The few disciples looked towards their elder and whispered, "Elder, could there be a link between the Heavenly Explosion Faction and Duan Jiu De?"

The elder’s expression froze on his face as he shook his head gently, "It’s very unlikely. It seems like the entire Heavenly Explosion Faction is filled with talented geniuses. Xu Que is just one of them. Since he has Duan Jiu De behind him, I suppose the rest of his sect members would also have other powerful cultivators supporting them."

"If a fight breaks out later on, should we step forward and assist this Xu Que? After all, he and Master Hua Wu Que are from the same sect."

"I’m afraid not. If it were Master Hua Wu Que who was in this predicament instead, we would most certainly step forward and assist him. After all, the Water Empress has ordered us to seek him out. But as for this Xu Que, I am in no position to make a decision. Besides, the Fire Emperor might not back down even if we ask him to. It’s better if we just allow them to carry on their conflict and we shall just observe as to how it goes."

The few disciples nodded their heads, "It’s a pity that the Water Empress, her majesty, would only be here several days from now. If she were here now, this matter would be resolved easily."

At this point, the Fire Emperor’s face was ashen.

When he heard Xu Que proclaiming that his master was Duan Jiu De, his heart was shocked and he was truly afraid.

However, as the Emperor of a powerful nation, he had several resources at his disposal to handle the problem. His silence didn’t mean that he was afraid to hurt Xu Que. The killing intent that was still lingering within his eyes was a testament to that.

This monarch had already started thinking of ways to settle this problem before his eyes.

Right in front of the throne room, the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were filled with trepidation. Both of them had heard of Duan Jiu De as well and were rather astonished by Xu Que’s proclamation.

"I never expected such an outcome in his story. And yet it seemed very plausible that he was rescued from death by Duan Jiu De who soon trained him till he reached such a terrifying stage in his cultivation." The Flaming Sun Princess whispered under her breath.

Zi Xuan started to look very worried as she replied, "I’m certain that the Fire Emperor wouldn’t kill Xu Que anymore. But what if Duan Jiu De decides to make an appearance here? What do you think the Fire Emperor would do?"

"No, you’re wrong. My Emperor father would still kill Xu Que here and now." Flaming Sun Princess shook her head as she stared at the back of the Fire Emperor.

"What? But… But he’s Duan Jiu De’s disciple!" Zi Xuan replied, her expression was one of utmost horror.

"You’ve forgotten something. As long as we remain within the palace where the Imperial Qi is very strong, even if Duan Jiu De comes, he wouldn’t be able to harm my father Emperor."

"You’re speaking of the fact that Imperial Qi protects the royal family within the sacred grounds of the palace?"

The Flaming Sun Princess nodded her head as she shot a glance towards Xu Que, a look of confusion remained visible within her eyes as she whispered, "Hence, he will still die today and nobody can save him."

Indeed, the Emperor paused for several seconds before his lips parted and he spoke coldly, "Regardless of whose disciple you are, you dared to impersonate the Crown Prince and even showed open disrespect to me. The punishment for such offences is death. Take this bandit down!"

As soon as the order was given, a dozen Imperial Guards acknowledged his command as they stepped towards Xu Que without the slightest hesitation.

The entire group of Imperial Guards surrounded him.

These Imperial Guards were all of the Original Infant Stage and were very strong cultivators in their own rights.

Nobody around doubted their capabilities for a second and were almost certain that they wouldn’t have the slightest problem in taking Xu Que down.

Only the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were certain that it wouldn’t proceed as smoothly as expected. They had witnessed Xu Que’s prowess before and knew that he would resist.

A cultivator who was able to single handedly annihilate an entire sect filled with elite killers wasn’t going to be taken down easily by mere Imperial Guards.

"Hold it!" The Flaming Sun Princess didn’t wish for the Imperial Guards to sacrifice their lives in vain and thus opened her mouth to speak.

And yet her words were too late by a fraction of a second.

As soon as the Imperial Guards responded to the Emperor’s command, Xu Que had already lifted himself off the ground and floated in the air.

"Dog Emperor, are you serious? Do you really think a dozen other dogs would be able to capture me? Today, I shall cause your entire Fire Kingdom to explode. Only then will I be able to live up to my reputation of being a disciple of the Heavenly Explosion Faction!" Xu Que’s expression was filled with a certain evil mockery as boundless killing intent radiated out from his body and was sent out like a shock wave across the entire training grounds.

The crowd cowered in fear and felt a terrifying energy envelope the heavens, causing them to hyperventilate from extreme fear.

At the same time, Xu Que’s black mystical fire which he had recently acquired had started moving in a violent fashion.

The air around the mystical fire was spiralling in a crazed frenzy as a result.

The Eight Waste Destruction Flame was like a tiger who had finally been released from its cage as it soared towards its target.

At that same exact moment, a huge pair of black fiery wings sprouted out from Xu Que’s shoulder blades.

The width and of each wing was extremely huge as the black mystical fire started burning in the air, producing a terrifying energy, covering the entire palace.