Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 202

The audience opened their eyes wide in astonishment as their emotions and thoughts had been thoroughly shaken.

Tang Liu Feng‘s mouth was gaping wide in shock as well.

This person was truly their Lord Prince Consort, Xu Que!

"How… How was this possible?"

"Oh yes, I finally remember. The Prince Consort from all those years ago, his name was indeed called Xu Que!" All of a sudden, a student shouted out.

"Yes, yes, yes, I remember too! No wonder I found him rather familiar looking. When the Prince Consort married the Princess six years ago, I was actually there!" A Bright Saints College student shouted out after he came to the realization as well.

"Yes, this person is indeed the previous Prince Consort."

"But didn’t the Fire Emperor say that he fell sick and died? How could he…"

"Looks like there’s some terrifying secret beneath it all."

More people started recalling their memories of him from all those years ago.

Six years ago, when the Princess got married to her Prince Consort, it was a rather big piece of news that spread around the entire city despite the fact that it wasn’t very grand or lavish.

The Prince Consort was believed to have an innately strong fire spiritual roots which supposedly only came by once every hundreds of years. Hence, many people had deep impressions of him.

Six years later, when these people were reminded of it again, it was impossible for them to not recall.

What was most shocking now, was that the Prince Consort had returned to life after the Emperor announced last year that he had died of sickness.

He even shouted out about wanting to claim the Fire Emperor’s life which was a rather distasteful comment.

What actually happened here that caused this Lord Prince Consort to disguise himself and sneak into the palace?

Soon after seeing the Emperor, he revealed his identity and started raging out in fury at that.

Although most people didn’t dare to say it, doubts had started to form within their hearts.

At this point, the eyes of the Fire Emperor were blazing red hot in anger and killing intent. He knew that if this matter wasn’t resolved properly, his reputation could be negatively affected.

Xu Que’s appearance here had completely startled him.

However, when he looked at the situation in its entirety again, he realized that this Xu Que wasn’t a big deal when it came to true strength.

After all, history was written by winners.

"You have the audacity!" the Fire Emperor shouted out in an ear splitting roar.

The son of Heaven was enraged while his majestic aura exploded from within his body and had his force was as massive as a mountain shrouding towards Xu Que.
The entire crowd felt an intense sharp pain in their ears as they focused all their might in their souls to defend themselves from the shattering force.

In the midst of such immense power, Xu Que laughed coldly, "Dog of an Emperor, you are truly rubbish. Even when death is upon you, you’re still acting tough. You’re just an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator. Can you hold me back?"

Xu Que undid the disguise on his cultivation level and revealed his true cultivation stage. Original Infant, level 7. Everyone could now see how strong he was.

At that exact moment, his incredible soul strength burst forth as well, emanating out from his body. The strength from it destroyed bamboo trees around as it scattered towards the Emperor’s own energy and stopped it from advancing towards Xu Que.

"How was this possible?" The Fire Emperor’s expression fell, his heart was filled with dread.

"How was this possible? Six months ago when this kid died, he had just stepped into the Golden Core Stage. Besides, his entire cultivation and all his powers had been sucked dry. Even his innate fire spiritual roots had been pillaged from him!"

"It’s been slightly under six months since that has happened. How could he have such immense strength?"

The Fire Emperor was shocked to his core. Even Concubine Fantasy was beyond startled. She opened her mouth but couldn’t speak and a bewildered look was etched within her pupils.

She had been very clear about Xu Que’s strengths then. Everytime Xu Que made progress in his cultivation, she would always secretly report it to the Fire Emperor.

Besides, she was the person who personally stole Xu Que’s fire roots and cultivation powers. After seeing Xu Que and the cultivation level he was at-- Original Infant level seven, she was floored.

Even the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were shaken by this revelation.

"His… His strengths… How could he make such insane progress?"

"His soul strength is extraordinarily powerful as well and I think it’s on the same level as my Emperor father."

The pair of them muttered under their breaths in shock.

Xu Que’s tremendous soul strength which had emanated from his body startled everyone around.

"Original… Original Infant Stage, level seven… Is this real?"

"If I’m not mistaken, this Lord Prince Consort is only seventeen or eighteen years old at most."

"That’s truly terrifying."

"With such achievements, he is probably the youngest Infant Transformation Staged cultivator in the entire world, being at that stage when he’s younger than 50 years old."

The crowd whispered in hushed tones, clearly shocked by this startling revelations.

Tang Liu Feng who was kneeling right beside Xu Que was in utter astonishment. He never imagined that this person who disguised himself as Li Bai at one minute and Ye Liang Chen at the next minute was actually an Original Infant Staged cultivator and was even the Lord Prince Consort!

Ye Chang Feng of the Jade Sword Sect managed to reach the Original Infant Stage at the tender age of twenty three. Even the Empress of Water Nations only reached the Original Infant Stage at the age of twenty. With such insane cultivation speeds, they were such a rare breed of cultivators that was only chanced upon once every hundreds or even thousands of years.

Xu Que was merely seventeen years old and had already broken through to the Original Infant Stage and was even at level seven of it.

Being at such a cultivation level at a tender age was truly very shocking!

It even seemed like nobody had talents equal to Xu Que throughout the five nations in all these thousands of years.

Even if a person could match his cultivation progress, he had the immense soul strength of an Infant Transformation Staged cultivator. This was something that was impossible to achieve at the Original Infant Stage.

"Dog Emperor!" Xu Que cleared his throat before shouting out ferociously, pointing his finger and accusing the Emperor once again. "That’s right, it’s truly me. I, Xu Que, have returned. You took advantage of my youth and naivety, cheating me into becoming the Prince Consort. All you wanted was to steal my innate fire roots!"


"The Emperor made him the Prince Consort just to steal his fire roots? So the Emperor was such a despicable person?"

When the crowd heard this, their eyes opened wide in shock and were filled with astonishment.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan turned a paler shade of white as they finally reacted to the situation before their eyes. It seemed like Xu Que had returned today for revenge and had nothing to do with the maps of the Imperial Tomb.

The Emperor had a cold glare within his eyes as his face had sunken and now looked visibly dark with anger. Killing intent circled around him as he returned the glare at Xu Que.

"Haha! Why does your face look so ugly now? Were you afraid that I was going to spill the truth out today? Don’t worry! Especially the bitch who’s standing beside you. Haha! You disguised yourself as the Princess and cheated me for six years. After all that, you even stole my fire roots and cultivation powers before allowing this dog Emperor to kill me with a single stroke. My body was tossed aside and I was left to die. Your methods were far too vile!" Xu Que spoke as he laughed out in anger while he taunted the Concubine with his eyes. "At the end of the day, retribution will follow those evil doers and the time will come for you to pay for what you’ve done. If you don’t believe, raise your head and look up. Who will the heavens spare?"

The crowd sucked in a breath of fresh air.

"Something… Something huge is going to happen today!"

"The Lord Prince Consort from six years ago had been cheated into marriage."

"And Concubine Fantasy disguised herself as the Princess and cheated him for six years. At last, she even plundered his spiritual roots and killed him in order to silence him."

"Such a vile deed actually took place within the sacred Imperial Palace."

"And now this Lord Prince Consort who once had unlimited potential, has finally returned. He must be back for revenge."

"Could all these be true?"

The crowd was extremely taken aback by this sudden revelation of truth. If whatever they heard was true, the vile deeds committed by this Fire Emperor was indeed too evil and cruel.

At this point, Concubine Fantasy bit down hard on her lips as she trembled in fear. All these years, she had refused to show her face because she felt a certain guilty conscious about her actions. She was extremely worried that whatever she did would eventually come to light.

She had never expected that the truth would be revealed on the day she finally decided to show herself after taking a long time to muster her courage.

She never imagined that this person would return and reveal her vile collaboration with the Fire Emperor with everyone.