Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 201

When the Fire Emperor heard this, his expression took an extreme turn as it softened while his features started revealing a warm expression.

The Emperor had seen many talented individuals and geniuses in his life who were all filled with confidence in their abilities. However, he had never seen someone like this black robed man, who was so fearless.

"The arrival of Concubine Fantasy!"

The right door to the throne room parted once more as the sound of a eunuch shouting rang out.

Soon after, a slim and petite lady walked out, accompanied by several women officials and a eunuch.

Her hair was long, luscious and black as it draped over her shoulders. Her stunning face was almond shaped and her cheeks had a radiant peachiness to them. She could be described as a flawless gemstone who was dressed in richly ornamented robes. Her eyes were almost luminous, while she exuded a certain aura of nobility with every step she took.

All the men down below froze as their eyes remained fix on her. According to the legends, the Concubine Fantasy was as beautiful as the skies.

Everyone present had heard of the Emperor’s Concubine, who was known as Concubine Fantasy. However, nobody had ever seen her. Even some of the high ranking officials in court had never seen the Emperor’s Concubine.

Today, Concubine Fantasy had finally revealed herself to them, before so many people at that! Everyone was so shocked by this sudden revelation that they were caught in a daze.

It was obvious that many of them were instantly smitten and captivated by her beauty.

Indeed, beautiful women were everywhere, like clouds within the palace.

For example, Madam Ya, the Flaming Sun Princess and Concubine Fantasy!

The hearts of these men were filled with envy.

The expressions of the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan had taken another drastic turn as they were stumped by her arrival.

"Why... Why had she come? This is going to be messy." Zi Xuan thought to herself anxiously.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ eyes glinted as she glared at the Concubine coldly.

However, Concubine Fantasy was all smiles as she took a step forward, ignoring the gaze of the Flaming Sun Princess. She walked towards the Emperor before bowing graciously and smiled, "Your majesty, this humble nobility has heard that a large event is taking place today and wanted to take a look for myself."

Her voice were like the sounds of bells, touching the souls of those who heard it.

The Fire Emperor’s eyebrows raised slightly as he nodded his head expressionlessly, "Since my beloved Concubine is here, let’s observe it together then."

"Many thanks, your majesty." Concubine Fantasy laughed before she bowed yet again.

At that moment, her glance swept across everyone who were still on their knees before she inevitably noticed Xu Que who was still standing upright. At once, she was taken aback by this sight.

"Your majesty, this person…"

"No matter."

The Emperor waved his hands as he looked at Xu Que and smiled. He was clearly intrigued, "Ye Liang Chen, I just asked, why didn’t you kneel?"

At this point, Xu Que’s mind was a complete blank as the memories kept flooding back into his brain, making him unable to focus on anything.

When he looked up at Concubine Fantasy, he was stumped. Despite the fact that the gorgeous face was foreign to him, the air around her, her mannerism and the way she moved was only too familiar to Xu Que.

After living together for six years, being in close proximity and intimate with each other for six years, even if her face had changed, how could he not be familiar with her?

Right at this point, he recalled the time he bumped into the Flaming Sun Princess in the wilderness and recalled how he felt so strange about the Flaming Sun Princess’ body and the fact that she was still a virgin. He also remembered the strange things which he had heard Zi Xuan speak of.

At that moment, he finally understood everything.

So it seems like the person he had been with for the past six years was not the Flaming Sun Princess. Instead, it was Concubine Fantasy who took on the appearance of the Princess to fool him.

So the person who stole his cultivation abilities and sucked away his cultivation roots was actually Concubine Fantasy!

"Hahahahah!" Xu Que broke out in a maniacal laughter. His adam’s apple was vibrating with each burst of laughter as he continued laughing, causing his roar to echo throughout the entire palace.

The crowd was once again stumped as they regarded him with immense suspicion.

Nobody knew what was wrong with him.

The Fire Emperor and Concubine Fantasy knitted their brows in confusion.

Only the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan revealed looks of discomfort as it became more apparent across their faces.

"Hahahaha!" All of a sudden, Xu Que’s laughter became louder and more dramatic. Previously, his laughter sounded like it was a taunt and now it started sounding like angry laughter.

He kept his gaze fixed upon the Fire Emperor and Concubine Fantasy while laughing recklessly.

At the next moment, boundless of killing intent seeped out from his body and flooded the area around him. His black robes were flapping violently as they rustled in the wind.

Everyone who saw this were astonished. Xu Que then gradually raised his hands as he took off his hood. At the same time, he entered the system store and removed his Human Skinned Mask.

With his hood now removed, his clean cut and handsome face was revealed to everyone present.

All of a sudden, the Emperor and Concubine Fantasy paused in shock. Soon after, their pupils dilated in apparent disbelief.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan had strange expressions across their faces as well.

Even before the crowd could react to this, Xu Que’s killing intent swelled up at once while his laughter abated as abruptly as it had began.

His expression had transformed into one of intense anger as he glared at the Fire Emperor. He then pointed out and shouted at him.

"Dog of a Fire Emperor, do you remember Xu Que from the Great Lake? I’ve come to claim your dog life now!" Xu Que’s voice rang out loudly, resembling the intensity of lightning and thunder striking down upon a solid rock.

The crowd who were still on their knees were taken aback by his behavior.

Everyone of them opened their mouths wide in disbelief and their faces revealed looks of fear.

"Is… Is he trying to rebel against the throne?"

"He actually dared to hurl abuses at the Fire Emperor in front of everyone and right at his own palace?"

Tang Liu Feng was so startled he was trembling in fear and his mind went blank.

Shouting and offending the Emperor was a heinous crime. To threaten the life of the Fire Emperor was a crime punishable by death. In fact, a guilty person would be slaughtered.
"But who is Xu Que from the Great Lake?" At once, almost everyone started to recall that the Flaming Sun Princess did indeed have a Prince Consort six years ago. However, the Prince Consort had never shown his face in public before. The Fire Emperor had also told everyone that the Prince Consort was in secluded meditation.

Hence, everyone knew that there was a Prince Consort but had forgotten the name Xu Que.

All of a sudden, after hearing the name Xu Que again, the crowd started to react as they murmured to one another.

Outside the throne room, the Fire Emperor along with the rest of the nobilities were stunned.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were as pale as sheet. They never expected that Xu Que would actually reveal his identity here, right before the Imperial Palace.

"Have you gone mad? This is the Imperial Palace! You’re asking for death after revealing yourself here to the Fire Emperor!"

Based on their understanding of the Fire Emperor, it was absolutely impossible that Xu Que would walk out of here alive.

"How is this possible?" The Fire Emperor was filled with disbelief as he stared right at Xu Que.

He could remember the details very clearly. He had palmed the life right out of Xu Que yet he was still alive and standing right before him. He was one of the strongest cultivators around, being of the Infant Transformation Stage. There was no way Xu Que could’ve survived. At this point, he felt extremely uneasy.

"Xu… Xu Que… How did he…"

Concubine Fantasy was so stumped that she started trembling as she took several steps in retreat and was in a daze.

This person’s appearances was too familiar and she had known it well. After all, she had interacted with him daily for six years. She even gave her precious virginity to him. This person’s features, was obviously the first man in her life, Xu Que!

Although all these were arranged by the Fire Emperor, she went along with it gladly. However, her memories of Xu Que were still fresh within her mind.

Besides, the Fire Emperor had killed this young man right before her eyes.

And now, Xu Que had been revived from the dead, standing right before her. Her heart and mind were in a torrential mess as she couldn’t think straight at this point.

"Everyone, don’t you know who I am? Haha! I am not Ye Liang Chen, I am Xu Que, your Lord Prince Consort from six years ago!"

Xu Que laughed out in rage as he emphasized on the words ‘Xu Que’ which reverberated across the walls of the palace and echoed down onto the training grounds

He scanned the crowd and realized that all of them were filled with fear and astonishment. Xu Que then whipped out a tile from the folds of his robes and held it high up.

The words on the tile wrote "Prince Consort" and were as clear as day, without any signs of damage.