Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 198

While the audience further away broke out in cheers and heart discussion after watching Xu Que lose, the people nearer to the stage could see what had truly happened.

When the audience saw that Xu Que’s sword had been destroyed by Ye Chang Feng, all of them assumed that Xu Que was about to lose and was not a match for Ye Chang Feng.

However, the disciples of Jade Sword Sect along with their elders could see everything clearly.

Their faces fell.

As people of a sect which specializes in sword techniques, they had a profound understanding of sword fights.

They could clearly see from the exchanges that Ye Chang Feng was on the losing end for the entire duration of the fight.

If it weren’t for the fact that the black robed cultivator’s sword was weak and broke, he would have overcame Ye Chang Feng within the next few moves and ultimately defeat him.

"I never expected this Ye Liang Cheng to actually have such amazing talent for sword fighting."

If core energy had been used in this duel, Xu Que’s sword techniques would be average at best. But without the use of core energy and just by sword techniques alone, Xu Que’s skills were undefeatable.

Just by using a single sword, he was able to be so crafty and tricky with his myriad of moves.

"Thankfully, senior brother Ye’s Shadowless Blood Sword won the match for him, since his sword was of such high quality."

Up on the stage, when Ye Chang Feng noticed that Xu Que’s sword had been destroyed, he shook his head and spoke, "Even though your sword techniques are extraordinary, you don’t own a Four Star sword and thus will lose to me. It’s a pity that you have good techniques, but don’t own a good sword."

"Good sword? Your sister likes my good sword! I thought we were comparing techniques but you wish to compare equipment, huh? Hang on!"

Although his sword had been destroyed, Xu Que knew that this wasn’t a major setback for him. But he decided that he was going to act tough till the end.

"It’s just a Four Star sword. How many do you want me to show you? Your dad has an entire bunch of Four Star swords over here. If I took all of them out they would be so dazzling that it would blind your set of dog eyes. All the swords I own are made of titanium alloys of the strongest strain and the highest quality. You group of lowlife, backward villagers, have you heard of the Infinity Edge? One look and I can tell you guys are lowly commoners and can’t play LOL. I’m of the Bronze rank and I shall make you so scared you’ll cry!" Xu Que sniggered coldly as he called out the system and entered the section of Four Star weapons before choosing his sword.

Infinity Edge :
An equipment from the League of Legends of Four Star Grade. It can increase the physical damage output of the user by a considerable amount.

Attack Damage: 70

Critical Strike Chance: 50%
Passive Ability: Critical strike bonus damage is increased by 100

Price: 1600 act tough points

"Ding! Congratulations to host for purchasing the Infinity Blade. 1600 act tough points have been deducted." The system rang out in Xu Que’s head.

At the next moment, Xu Que whipped out a golden colored blade. It was sharp on both ends of the blade as it dazzled brilliantly as though it had been infused with an immense amount of energy.

The crowd opened their eyes wide in amazement as their jaws dangled down, exposing their tongue.

"Four Star Grade Weapon? Fuck me! What origins does this person have?"

"Since you owned a Four Star Grade sword, why didn’t you take it out earlier?"

"You were clearly trying to act tough!"

"He was already so skilled and proficient just by using a normal sword. Now that he’d just equipped his Four Star sword, how much more damage can he do?"

The audience were appalled by this!

Even Tang Liu Feng was bewildered. He had never even touched a Two Star sword in his life and now this brother Li actually whipped out a Four Star sword. He was truly astounded!

"It’s just a Four Star Sword! You country bumpkins should donate more act tough points to me. When I’m finally able to afford a Five Star sword, I shall make your eyes bulge out in fear!"

Xu Que clutched his Four Star sword tightly before striking a pose at the audience. He then laughed at the group of peasants down below who were still in a daze after seeing the weapon. With a whooshing sound in the air, he swung his Infinity Blade and charged towards Chang Ye Feng.

"Not good!"

Even from a distance, Chang Ye Feng could feel that this blade was extraordinary and his expression turned grave. He held his longsword up as he moved forward to receive Xu Que’s advances, his body turning into a blur.

Xu Que’s physical body had been tempered and his strength was thus extraordinary. His speed was equally fast.

Within a fraction of a second, he slashed his Infinity Blade downward heavily onto his opponent.

This sword didn’t require the use of any spells or core energy and it relied fully on the user’s physical strength.

"A single blow could destroy a thousand other sword techniques. Regardless of how many techniques you are proficient in, when it comes to immense strength, all these becomes insignificant!"

The sound of the swords colliding against each other was so loud, it could even be heard a long distance away from the stage.

Ye Chang Feng looked as if he didn’t have the required strength to block the blow and yet he raised his sword up. At that moment, a bone crunching sound could be heard before pain coursed through his entire body.

His arm had snapped into two from the force of the strike!

Xu Que’s strike had activated the critical damage ability and had increased the force of the strike twice its damage.

Ye Chang Feng was thrown into the air by the immense force received and landed some distance away from the stage. Cracks had started to appear all over his Shadowless Blood Sword.

At the same time, a sliver of blood dripped from the corner of his lips.

Under the face of such power, he felt extremely small for the first time in his life.

He had lost his very first round of the contest.

Ever since he had begun his cultivation journey, not counting his father and his master, this was the first time Ye Chang Feng had ever tasted defeat.

"But one thing I, Liang Cheng, enjoy the most is facing up against people who think they’re the strongest."

"I shall make you understand that I don’t speak empty threats!"

As soon as he landed, the words which Xu Que had spoken to him rang out in his mind once again. Likewise, the audience recalled these words which Xu Que had said before the contest.

The entire scene was pin drop silent.

Everyone who was watching opened their eyes wide in shock and were filled with fear and astonishment.

They found it extremely hard to believe and incredibly hard to accept, that the Legendary Swordsman Ye Chang Feng had been defeated just like that.

This wasn’t even a close fight yet, he had been utterly destroyed. After two bouts of exchanges, ‘Ye Liang Cheng’ blasted him off the stage almost effortlessly.

"Looks like the truly skilled swordsmen aren’t like us who would fight hundreds of skirmishes and display hundreds of strokes. All they needed was one or two exchanges in order to defeat their enemies."

"How… How was this possible?" A Jade Sword Sect disciple asked, trembling.

All these while, Ye Chang Feng had been their most revered idol. He was the Legendary Swordsman for a reason and had never been defeated in sword fights. Now, he had been defeated to such a crushing extent.

At that moment, the ten Jade Sword Sect disciples had their impressions of the undefeated Legendary Swordsman completely crushed.

"How could this happen?"

"How did Ye Chang Feng lose?"

The crowd revealed looks of equal astonishment and were bewildered by this result.

Up to this point, none of them knew exactly how this black robed cultivator had won. They were utterly astounded.

Xu Que stood atop the stage as he scanned the audience and slashed down at the air ferociously before he shouted out, "I am Ye Liang Chen of the Heavenly Explosion Faction. I now ask again, who here dares to challenge me?"

"What? Heavenly Explosion Faction?"

"Fuck! That man is from the Heavenly Explosion Faction! Isn’t that the same sect as Li Bai?"

"That’s damned amazing!"

"What’s the origin of this Heavenly Explosion Faction? Yesterday a multi-talented Li Bai showed up and today, another unrivalled swordsman called Ye Liang Chen appeared."

Over at the side where the Sky Incense Valley disciples sat, the few of them along with their Elder were filled with glee.

"That’s great! This Ye Liang Chen is indeed from Heavenly Explosion Faction!"

"No wonder he could defeat Ye Liang Chen so effortlessly! Heavenly Explosion Faction is indeed one the strongest sects around!"

"After he’s finished his third match, we can ask him about Master Hua Wu Que’s whereabouts."

"Besides, maybe we can invite him to join our Sky Incense Valley as well!!"

Xu Que stood atop the stage as the system notifications rang out in his head consecutively.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 90 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"