Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 193

The guard looked at Xu Que wordlessly and felt a shadow creep up deep within his heart as he watched this strange development unfold before his eyes.

I recall that you were from the Heavenly Explosion Faction and wanted to help you through this mess but you didn’t even follow societal expectations in such situations. How am I to help you then?

"It’s him! Guard, even he admitted to doing it himself. He was so blatant in cutting the queue. Standing right in the sacred grounds of the palace, can you turn away from such an admission of guilt?"

The few young masters watched how Xu Que shot himself in the foot and were elated as they hurriedly raised it up to the guard once more.

When the guard looked at Xu Que, he saw a look of indignance on his face and Xu Que didn’t look the least afraid. He looked up at the guard with his huge eyes and appeared rather innocent. The guard still felt like it was better for him to offend the young noble students in the city rather than offend this mysterious looking Hua Wu Que of the Heavenly Explosion Faction.

"Cough, cough... the few of you, stop making a scene here on the sacred grounds of the Imperial Palace. Even if it’s true that this young master did cut the queue, he must have done so because of the difficulties in his life. Isn’t that right?"

As the guard finished speaking, he looked at Xu Que nervously, hoping that Xu Que would help him out here. The guard thought to himself, "Hurry, I can only help you up to this point. Fabricate a story about how you’ve gone through a difficult time and ask for sympathy. I might be able to pull you through."


Xu Que paused before he laughed and spoke, "Of course, I’ve been through many difficulties in my life. If not, why would I cut the queue?"

"Yes, yes, yes, tell us about your difficulties which you’ve braved through. I believe these few young masters here would understand and sympathize."

The Imperial Guard finally wiped a sweat off his brow. He then thought to himself about how these men from Heavenly Explosion Faction were rather silly but was still relieved that he had finally directed him onto the right track. 

The few young masters look at the guard and could tell that the Imperial Guard was evidently defending Xu Que. It seemed to them like Xu Que’s background wasn’t ordinary at all since he had such connections. They sighed out and decided to let the matter pass no matter what excuse Xu Que came up with.

Everyone thus looked at Xu Que, ready to listen to his difficulties and forget about the matter. Xu Que then spoke out, "My difficulty lies in the fact that I wished to enter the palace to register but the queue was way too long. Only a stupid person wouldn’t cut the line."

His difficulty was that he wished to enter the palace?

Of all the damned students and cultivators here, who doesn't wish to go in as well?

All that was needed was a barely believable excuse and everyone would forget about the matter and allow Xu Que in and yet he came up with such a lousy excuse. This caused everyone around to feel rather uncomfortable.

What was going on here? Why were there people making a scene about someone cutting the line on the sacred grounds of the Imperial Palace?

The scene had attracted the attention of the Garrison General, Li Tian Zhong. Li Tian Zhong was feeling particularly uncomfortable today, feeling as if something was missing from his lips. After he had been introduced to cigarettes by Madam Ya, all he wanted to do was to have a cigarette between his lips. Now that he didn’t, he felt like something was missing from his life.

The strict and fearsome Garrison General Li Tian Zhong walked over and inquired about the matter with his tone being extremely irritable and intolerant.

That Imperial Guard hurriedly rushed over to him and shouted out, "Respects to Garrison General Li. Everything is going well here, for nobody would dare to cause a scene and even dream of cutting queues on the sacred grounds of the Fire Imperial Palace."

As soon as these words were spoken out, the Imperial Guard realized that he had made a huge mistake.

At the next moment, Xu Que raised his hands weakly and spoke, "You’re General Li huh? This humble subject had just cut a queue."

When everyone around heard this, they started to feel worried for Xu Que. Even the General of the garrison had arrived and you still dared to admit cutting the queue? Even we would have spoken up for you and denied that you had cut the queue. You really shot yourself in the foot there.

In spite of it, Xu Que didn’t look like he cared the least about the general.

Because I’m an Act Tough Tyrant...

I would cut queues without hesitation.

So what?

I am a member of the Heavenly Explosion Faction. I shall admit to whatever I’ve done without fear of the consequences.

At the same time, he observed General Li’s frustration and restlessness. Xu Que saw how he was rubbing his fingers on his pants in evident discomfort. This was a symptom of cigarette addiction!

The cigarettes which Xu Que purchased from within the system store weren’t any other ordinary products. Most cigarettes would take some time before the user would get addicted to it. However, the system’s products were definitely cheating items. Even Xu Que had experienced this for himself. It was evident that the system wanted the user to get so severely addicted to the cigarettes that he had to keep spending act tough points in order to keep up the habit, hence the cigarettes were extremely addictive.

As soon as the first puff was inhaled, the user would immediately feel the urge to purchase several more packets to smoke.

Hence, when Xu Que saw how General Li was behaving, he guessed that the General was probably given some cigarettes from Madam Ya.

"You dared to cut a queue right here before the Imperial Palace? Are you sick of living?"

When General Li heard Xu Que’s admission of guilt, he was about to open his mouth and give Xu Que a thorough dress down before calling his men to arrive and take him away.

"What’s the big deal with cutting queues in the Imperial Palace? I’ve done this many times over the past few years." Xu Que muttered under his breath.

He then laughed out before purchasing a packet of cigarettes from the system store and placed it between his lips and snapped his fingers to light the cigarette up.

As soon as he did this, everyone opened their eyes wide and their faces turned to astonished glances.

This was the fabled and legendary cigarette which they’ve heard so much about.

The few of them were appalled. They’ve heard about such a precious item in circulation within the Imperial City. After taking a few puffs, the user would feel a sense of euphoria and his body would feel as light as an immortal. Many high ranking generals had announced that they were willing to pay high prices in order to acquire more of it but were unable to find any.

They never expected to see this black robed man taking a packet of cigarettes out. In fact, the packet looked completely new.

At this point, Xu Que exhaled a thick smoke ring.

General Li closed his eyes and inhaled the second hand smoke and was elated.

"Cough, cough, I’ve already checked the status of this young master. In fact, you don’t even have to queue up. You have a special privilege of direct admission."

General Li’s attitude took a complete turn as he forced out a warm and friendly smile while speaking to Xu Que.

Xu Que’s brows twitched, "How can I accept special privileges? Everyone’s waiting here for their turn and I’m such a modest and humble person. How can I ever accept special privileges and gain direct admission?"

The few people around snarled.

Fuck! You’re a modest and humble person?

You even intentionally took out the highly sought after cigarettes before us but refuse your special privileges?

General Li’s addiction and withdrawals were peaking as he hurriedly replied, "Young master is probably kidding. We’ve prepared an alternative route for people with such grand and lofty statuses. This isn’t a special privilege."

"Oh, this isn’t a special privilege? Alright then. Lead the way."

Xu Que revealed a look of inner struggle as he made up his mind to follow General Li and took the side entrance into the palace.

Just before he left, he looked at the group of young masters with disappointed look, "Continue working hard, young men. Watch how I’m taking a route only reserved for people with grand statuses."

The few students were so furious they were trembling and yet they couldn’t do anything to Xu Que, since he had cigarettes and the protection of the Imperial Guards. What else could they do except to bite the bullet?

Following the lead of General Li, Xu Que entered the palace without issues and was led towards the training grounds.

Xu Que had gone to such lengths in order to distinguish himself as a person with status, entering the palace through a side door with a motive.

This was because there was a protective spell placed at the main entrance where everyone would have to go through. This protective spell would break his disguise and reveal his true identity.

On the other hand, entering from the side door meant that there was a lower chance that of being directed to the protective spell to be screened. As long as he was careful, this would be very unlikely. After registering himself, nobody would suspect his identity any longer.

As long as he could protect his true identity, he could create more opportunities to act tough in the future.

This was another key point to successful acting tough.