Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 190

The entire hall was empty except for Xu Que. Hence, he decided not to stand on ceremony and sat down.

At the next moment, his eyes opened wide as his gaze fell upon the place Madam Ya was seating in earlier.

That’s strange. Why was the mat she was seating on look so different from the other mats? The color was slightly darker than the rest!

Hence, the nosey Xu Que walked over suspiciously. As soon as his hands touched the mat, he was stumped.

It was wet. It was truly wet!

Why would a normal sitting mat be wet?

Sitting mat, sitting mat!

Who did you offend, tell me who did you offend?

That you would end up the victim of such a vicious attack?

Quick, tell me who did this to you! I shall vow to avenge you!

He picked up the mat and held it right before his eyes, examining it with a frown, just like how Sherlock Holmes would when he was investigating a crime. He then told the mat very severely, "Very good. The slightest evidence and traces of the culprit will always be picked up by me. These Sherlock Holmes’ eyes are infallible… It also seems like the perpetrator has left behind many clues. Eh? It’s a bodily fluid, with a certain scent… That’s awesome! All we have to do now is to conduct a DNA testing… But it seems like we’re not equipped with the necessary items in order to conduct such testings. The only way to determine who the guilty person is would be to use the most effective method -to smell it!"

He then took a deep sniff before he understood everything that had happened. Although... He already knew what happened even without sniffing the mat.

"Fuck me, forget it! Why am I acting tough to a piece of sitting matt? This obviously belonged to Madam Ya…"

The crazed acting tough Xu Que placed the mat down before he thought about Madam Ya’s invitation. He was filled with anticipation as he returned to his original sitting position and pretended not to have discovered anything.

Several moments later, a student walked in and led him to the yard behind.

Within the yard, Madam Ya had already changed into a white, silk gown. She was smiling as she sat on a stone bench, waiting for Xu Que to arrive.

However, Madam Ya didn’t do anything in which Xu Que had imagined. Instead, she truly discussed poems and lyrics with Xu Que, causing him to feel speechless at this outcome.

They had long discussions till the night was dark and deep. Several students walked in and delivered food dishes.

Xu Que flipped his hands and retrieved two bottles of beers and whipped out a packet of cigarettes as well.

It can’t be helped, his mood wasn’t feeling very good since he was rather disappointed. He thought it would be a one night stand, but it was instead a one night discussion!

Madam Ya looked at the cigarette in Xu Que’s hands and asked curiously, "Young mister Li, I wonder what that item is?"

Xu Que’s brows were raised as he smiled slyly. "This is called a cigarette, would you like to try it?"

"Sure!" Madam Ya was a rather adventurous person and was always keen to try new things. She seemed rather excited by this prospect.

Xu Que decided to mess with Madam Ya. He thus took a long drag from his cigarette and blew it right into her face.

Madam Ya blushed a deep shade of red, but didn’t seem to mind. Her luscious lips parted as she inhaled the smoke expelled by Xu Que!

"Slowly suck it in, let the smoke enter your lungs before blowing it out." Xu Que was guiding her gently. As he watched her, he half expected her to choke on the smoke and tear from the pain.

After all, when it came to smoking cigarettes, nobody gets it right on the first time. Anyone trying it would definitely choke on the smoke and feel rather horrible!

However, when Madam Ya inhaled her first breath of smoke, she didn’t look like she was about to choke. She took the smoke smoothly before expelling it out of her lips, and revealed a look of immense satisfaction!

When Xu Que saw this, he was bewildered. What the hell? She actually got it right on the first time? What incredible blowing skills…

Xu Que laughed out before replying, "As the famous saying goes, ‘a smoke after dinner makes you feel like a winner’. Since Madam Ya enjoyed it, I shall give this to you!"

"Many thanks young mister!" Madam Ya didn’t refuse it and kept it with a smile.

The pair of them continued having chats under the night sky and were enthralled by each other’s company!

Madam Ya looked up at the numerous stars in the sky and asked in anticipation, "Young mister Li, I wonder if you can recite a poem now. I wish to feel your poetic talents once again."

"Of course!"

Xu Que was able to see past the fact that he wasn’t going to get laid tonight and decided to make the best of this situation- by acting tough!

He stood up and looked at the silver moonlight and spoke out, "The moonlight appears right before my bed, and resembled snow on the floor! I look up to view the bright moon, and look down to reminisce about my home village!"

Madam Ya paused as she started to feel the emotions stir up in her as a result of the poem. She then reacted and realized that this poem was about a person feeling home sick. She then sighed and asked, "Does young mister Li miss his home very much?"

"Nope!" Xu Que shook his head.

"Then why was the poem you recited so full of homesickness? Unless young mister Li looked up at the sky and was reminded of your home?" Madam Ya asked once again.

"That’s not it as well. Madam Ya has gotten it wrong."

Xu Que shook his head once more and replied, "This poem was actually referring to a beautiful lady called Moonlight as she appeared before my bed and stripped naked. Her skin was as smooth and pale as snow on the ground. When I look up, I see this soft and tender lady called Moonlight…"

"..." Madam Ya was taken aback!

It was such a great poem, and yet… Had such a poor explanation?

A lady called Moonlight stripped naked. Could it be… That young mister Li was hinting at me?

At this point, Madam Ya blushed as her cheeks turned hot.

Although she wasn’t a young girl, she was an unmarried lady who had never known any man intimately.

Actually, that wasn’t right as well. The best way to say it would be that Madam Ya was a virgin. As the eldest Princess of the previous Emperor, she had to obey his orders. The previous Emperor was a pious man and followed religious customs which said that his first daughter had to be sacrificed as the wife to the Fire God in order to ensure the prosperity of the nation. Although this was just a ritual, it showed the strong faith in the Fire God by the population.

Hence, Madam Ya had to obey the orders from her father, the previous Emperor and remain unwed for life, since she belonged to the Fire God. If she decided to disobey this ritual, the entire nation would lose the blessings and protection of the Fire God.

It was precisely because of this reason that the once young and attractive Madam Ya is still single at this age. Hence, two generations of students could only look at her, but can never hope to get her. They could only enjoy her good looks from a distance.

Right when Xu Que had spoken those flirtatious words to her, she didn’t feel anything at all, surprisingly. However she was somewhat unsettled and uneasy.

After all these years of remaining a single and lonely lady for the Fire God, was she truly satisfied? Was it truly worth it?

Madam Ya had thought about such questions in the past, and yet she had never met someone like Li Bai before. Not only was her body trembling in the presence of such a man, even her soul was shaking like the wind. He was such an extraordinary student with exquisite talents and a unique personality.

As her breathing became more labored, Madam Ya seemed to be making a painful and tough decision. Several breaths later, she then replied, "Young mister… Li, I… I’m not ready yet, can we speak about this again in future?"


Xu Que paused, as he looked at the shy expression on Madam Ya’s face before understanding what had happened. She had realized that he was hinting at her.

To be frank, did you really think I was being flirty? In actual fact, I’m just acting tough all the time!

Xu Que laughed out and replied, "Of course, of course. We still have many days together. If Madam Ya truly likes listening to poems, there shall be many more opportunities to do so. I can recite more poems in the future for you!"

"Young mister Li is truly a gentleman!" Madam Ya laughed out and replied.

Xu Que’s lips trembled and didn’t speak more.

After all, the Flaming Sun Princess was due to choose her Prince Consort in several days time and he wanted to ruin the affair. Hence, he decided that he shouldn’t go overboard with Madam Ya today.

If it weren’t for such circumstances and if he found himself in today’s position, he would’ve used his entire arsenal of seduction techniques and succeed in landing himself a one night stand!

After having supper together, Xu Que stood up and decided to bid farewell before returning to his inn for some sleep.

Although Madam Ya couldn’t bear to watch him go, she didn’t actually dare to ask Xu Que to stay the night. Hence, she walked him out.

Soon after, she returned to her yard and sat by the stone bench mumbling to herself for sometime. She then lit another cigarette.

"This is truly amazing. I can take these cigarettes to the minister’s wives and general’s wives to let them try it!"