Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 189

After the last note had been played, many people remained in silence for a long time.

At the next moment...

"Pa pa pa pa…"

Tang Liu Feng had taken the lead in clapping his hands, as many other students followed suit. These students had recently changed their opinions of Xu Que. Before long, the entire hall was filled with the sounds of applause.

"Great! Brother Li’s talents are undisputed. I am in full admiration!"

"I didn't expect brother Li to be so multi-talented. At first, many of us doubted the authenticity of brother Li’s works. Looks like we severely misunderstood him!"

"Yes! Based on the song lyrics played today, along with the, ‘smoke seals the willows over the lake’ sentence was a true masterpiece. He’s already overtaken every single student here within the Imperial City!"

"That’s right. Smoke seals the willows over the lake. To be frank, up till this point, I’m still unable to come up with a matching couplet. Even if you give me several more years, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to come up with a reply!"

The entire hall was filled with praise and admiration for Xu Que. There was still a small group of students who were still not used to thinking highly of Xu Que. At this point, most of the students had gathered around Xu Que, wanting to be his acquaintances.

For an individual to possess such talents, Xu Que had already surpassed all the other great students within Imperial City.

Having excelled and created a stalwart reputation for himself here at Madam Ya’s banquet, his name would soon spread around the entire city like wildfire.

Everyone was hoping to befriend him, even if it was just to exchange a couple of words. Once they managed to interact with him, they could be considered a ‘good friend of Li Bai, from Heavenly Explosion Faction’. They would be able to boast about this for many more years to come.

Because of Xu Que, Tang Liu Feng was receiving praise and recognition for the first time in his life. People even saluted to him and started conversations with him on their own accord.

This caused Tang Liu Feng to be startled from all the attention that he was receiving. Having come from Eastern College, he was always the butt of jokes and humiliation. He was even unable to hold his head up high everywhere he went.

And yet he could never have imagined that his status would be elevated just because of this brother Li beside him. In the blink of an eye, his entire life had changed. The ups and downs of life were so abrupt, it was exhilarating…

The entire hall had become lively once again, as everyone approached Xu Que, trying to make conversation with him.

Madam Ya intended to step forward and speak with Xu Que as well, but at this point, her body was limp and she felt drained of energy. Additionally, her entire skirt was wet, hence she was unable to stand up at all. She could only lean forward while seated down. Her beautiful looking eyes were glistening with the complex emotions of awe, admiration and liking. She watched Xu Que closely as if she didn’t even wish to blink for fear of losing sight of him.

Just like that, the banquet which was suppose to be a freedom of expression for artistic talents had resulted in the elimination of two prominent great students. Soon after, a concert starring Li Bai from the Heavenly Explosion Faction begun, followed by a meet and greet session with the star himself.

Several seconds later, a female student rushed over and whispered several words into the ears of Madam Ya.

Madam Ya nodded her head plainly and muttered under her breath before speaking to the audience, "Everyone, the Flaming Sun Princess isn’t feeling in best health thus she was unable to attend today’s banquet!"

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present paused in shock.

The Flaming Sun Princess wouldn’t be coming? That… What’s that supposed to mean? One of the main reasons we all came down today and attended this banquet was to interact with the Flaming Sun Princess. And now… Ai!

Most of the students started to reveal looks of disappointment!

Xu Que was somewhat surprised as well.

Although he was addressed as Li Bai here, the Human Skin Mask bore the image of the person also known as Hua Wu Que.

Hence, he badly wanted to see the reaction of the Flaming Sun Princess when she saw him. At the same time, he would look for her to retrieve a map of the Imperial Tombs. However, he didn’t expect this girl to be so stubborn and decide to change her mind at the last minute.

"That’s just as well. It seems like this Act Tough Gangster has acted tough enough for a day. I shall let you rest and recover. A few days later, when the Prince Consort is supposed to be chosen, I shall spring up again and frighten all of you to tears!" Xu Que spoke in his heart as his lips curled into a smile.

After all, when it came to the matter of acting tough, a person should only do it thrice a day at most. Each time, he shouldn’t invest too much effort in it. Also, when it came to the methods, there has to be some variation. Only then would a person truly be able to act tough well.

After Madam Ya told the students about the absence of the Flaming Sun Princess, she noticed that the mood of everyone was down. She then sighed out in displeasure as well.

Even though she knew that most of the students had come for the Flaming Sun Princess, she still felt somewhat sour about it deep in her heart.

When it came to outer appearances, she wasn’t inferior to the Flaming Sun Princess at all. In fact, she knew that she looked more mature and tender compared to the Princess. She even felt like her body was much better than her nieces body!

Maybe it was because she had shown herself so frequently to the public that her appearances had lost its novelty to the masses. This was in sharp contrast to the Flaming Sun Princess who barely showed up in public. This gave her an air of intriguing mystery.

However, Madam Ya’s eyes fell upon Xu Que once again.

When she saw that Xu Que was still smiling brightly despite hearing the bad news, Madam Ya felt a certain warmness in her heart. Her feelings for Xu Que swelled once again.

"Looks like he wasn’t here for the Flaming sun Princess and was actually here to learn and sharpen his knowledge. What a good and proper gentleman!" Madam Ya thought to herself.

However, she wouldn’t have known that Xu Que wasn’t here to sharpen his knowledge and gain wisdom! He was here only to act tough. Wherever there was a crowd or a scene, that was the best place for Xu Que to act tough and he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

This was his basic duty as the Act Tough King of his generation.

Some time later, Madam Ya looked around at the rest of the students present.

After knowing that the Flaming Sun Princess wasn’t going to show up, along with the fact that the two great students from Bright Saints College had left in a hurry, most of them weren’t interested in staying further.

In fact, after Xu Que had demonstrated his abilities in playing the qin, many students who were equally adept in music kept their instruments under the table. It was obvious that nobody wished to compete with Xu Que at anything.

Simply put, nobody in their right frame of mind would sing after Xu Que had sang his last song!

Because after hearing Xu Que’s irritating voice singing "It’s so lonely to be peerless", who else could outdo him when it came to such lyrics?

Madam Ya sat atop the matt, her skirt was covering the part of the matt which had been soaked through. She then looked at the audience and spoke, "Everyone, this humble nobility isn’t feeling well too. How about we conclude this banquet now?"

Most of the students had no intention to stay longer as well. After Madam Ya said this, most of them clasped their hands in a salute and left.

Many students had also invited Pei Zi Yun and Tang Liu Feng out for tea, but Xu Que rejected them all without considering. Drink tea? What a joke. Big brother here only drinks beer. Why would I ever drink tea?

Tang Liu Feng however, seemed to enjoy all the attention he was receiving and gladly followed the students out for tea.

"Tang Liu Feng you scum… Forget it. You’re unteachable. I even gave you the chance to be Tang Bo Hu, but you chose to let me down! Why would you agree to drink tea with this bunch of lowlives! Sigh, it’s good that you’ve gone with them anyway. At least I can save on buying a beer for you!" Xu Que scoffed at Tang Liu Feng and shook his head, ready to depart from the hall.

"Young mister Li, please wait!" At this point, Madam Ya called out after him.

Xu Que’s eyebrows jumped as his heart hammered in his chest. Could this gorgeous lady be looking for a one night stand?

Feeling a sense of anticipation and wariness, Xu Que turned around and laughed out politely, "I wonder what instructions Madam has for me?"

Madam Ya batted her eyelids and replied, "Young mister Li’s talents are extraordinary and they opened my eyes. I wonder if you would stay behind and accompany me. I wish to see more of your talents!"

Fuck me! You address yourself as "this nobility" in front of everyone, and now you decided to address yourself informally with me?

Xu Que’s heart trembled. Looks like she really wanted a one night stand. How amazing was that? If he agreed to stay, that would be so immoral, it would be beasty!

At this point, he froze before saluting, "Many thanks to Madam for your patronage. It’s just as well that this humble subject has nothing to do. I would gladly stay behind and discuss poems and lyrics with you!"

"Great. Young mister, please wait for a little while. I have to change into fresh clothes and tidy myself up." Madam Ya’s happiness was very obvious as she slowly stood up and followed several female students.

Yes, Xu Que had agreed to stay behind.

Although it would be immoral to the point of being beasty if he stayed, if he chose not to stay, that would mean that he is worse than a beast!