Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 186

The audience were stumped, and Madam Ya slumped into a daze.

When it comes to chests, yours are truly tankers?

Big brother, how can you ever speak such words out loud? Although they might be true, you cannot be so forthcoming!

It was extremely disrespectful to Madam Ya!

Everyone around casted strange looks towards Xu Que, some of them pitied his impending doom, while others gloated in his misfortune.

Tang Liu Feng’s cheeks twitched as he forced a bitter laugh. He was once again deeply worried for his brother Li Bai.

Young master Zhao’s expression changed abruptly as he now gave a mocking laughter. For someone to actually speak such rude and offensive words to Madam Ya, it was simply asking for death!

At this point, Xu Que was still calm and collected like a gentle breeze.

It was exactly as they say- his body is unafraid of the filth spewed out from his mouth. 

Xu Que clasped his hands in a salute and looked towards Madam Ya before speaking elegantly, "Madam’s chest and heart is wide, and magnanimous. It’s truly… big! From the moment she decided to host this banquet and invite everyone, it was obvious to me that she is truly a generous person. This humble subject cannot help but express his admiration for how big her heart is. I hope Madam wouldn’t feel that I’ve gone overboard with my praise!"

The students all opened their eyes wide when they heard this.

Fuck me! Even this can do? Did he manage to save the situation?

The only person in this world who’s able to utter complete rubbish and make it sound elegant is you, Li Bai of Heavenly Explosion Faction!

Madam Ya was initially caught in a tough spot. This was because she had truly admired Xu Que. However, he actually spoke something offensive and inappropriate before everyone, which caused the students to be taken aback. Hence, she didn’t dare to defend him for fear of being seen as too liberal.

She wouldn’t ever have expected that Xu Que would continue speaking such nonsense and actually gave her a way to avoid the spotlight. Once again, Xu Que’s wits impressed Madam Ya.

"No wonder he was able to effortless answer my three questions. This youth’s intelligence is really superb!" Madam Ya smiled gleefully within her heart, although her face maintained a certain strictness as she spoke out, "No matter. Just remember not to get ahead of yourself in public again in future."

The students around all knew that Madam Ya respected Xu Que for his intelligence. Now that Xu Que explained himself this way, everyone knew that Madam Ya wasn’t going to pursue the matter any further. Hence, nobody was bewildered at Madam Ya’s response. In fact, most of them were envious of the special position Xu Que held.

However, to this old lecher Xu Que, the meaning of her words were extremely different to what everyone else heard.

Remember not to get ahead of yourself in public again in future? Did you mean, I can get ahead of myself in the future when there’s nobody else around, just you and I?

Fuck me, this is getting tough… After all, this Act Tough Gangster pui! I mean this Act Tough Saint isn’t that sort of man. But… I wonder when Madam Ya said ‘in future’ when did she mean?

Seeing such a scene unfold, the leader of the great four, young master Zhao, clearly couldn’t let something like that slip by without consequences. However, he didn’t wish to behave like Xu Que by standing up and shooting his mouth off.

After deliberating with himself for sometime, he finally hatched an idea. He thus opened his mouth to speak, "Madam Ya, I’ve finally met a worthy opponent today. Why don’t you give us a topic. Li Bai and I will think of an opening couplet related to the topic. We’ll see which opening couplet is selected by you as the better of the pair. This will decide the winner. What do you say?"

"Oh?" Madam Ya was somewhat taken aback. She never expected young mister Zhao to use such methods to exact revenge.

She looked at Xu Que subtly and observed his reaction and realized that he looked rather confident too.

Xu Que laughed out, "Young master Zhao wishes to determine a winner between us? Sure! What happens to the loser then?"

"Hehe... if you lose, you have to write, ‘Li Bai is no match for Zhao Wu’ on a board and hang it around your body. You have to walk an entire round of the Imperial City! Do you dare to accept the challenge?" Young master Zhao laughed out coldly.

Xu Que smiled, "Why shouldn’t I dare. What if you lose?"

"Heh, it’s impossible for me to lose. If I really do lose, I shall do the same and write, ‘Zhao Wu is no match for Li Bai’ and walk an entire round of the Imperial City!"

As soon as young master Zhao spoke these words, everyone exploded in shock.

Nobody could sit still after hearing this, their faces were filled with astonishment.

"This... The stakes are so huge!"

"The person who loses here will have his entire life shattered!"

"Walking an entire round in the Imperial City is just to ensure the complete humiliation of the loser. Why should young master Zhao risk something like this!?"

"Yes, Li Bai is just a nameless person with no reputation. Why should young master Zhao risk his fame and reputation and bet with him?"

"No, young master Zhao is clearly certain of winning. Just as he said, it’s impossible that he should lose!"

Mo Yun Shang spoke to the students beside him and mocked Xu Que by laughing out coldly, "He actually dared to agitate young master Zhao. Li Bai is going down!"

Tang Liu Feng had a palm to his forehead as he spoke bitterly, "Brother Li is in deep trouble this time!"

Xu Que and young master Zhao looked at each other. Both of them had cold smiles etched across their faces, both certain that their opponent was doomed.

"Madam Ya, since Li Bai has agreed, please set the topic!" Young master Zhao looked plainly towards Madam Ya and asked.

Madam Ya looked on and noticed how confident young master Zhao was as her heart started to pump furiously, clearly worried for Xu Que.

After all, young mister Zhao was the leader of the four great students. His talents were extraordinary. Although this Li Bai was rather witty and intelligent as well, Madam Ya wasn’t sure if he could emerge victorious over young mister Zhao, whose forte was in couplets.

"Madam Ya, please set the topic!" At this point, Xu Que looked towards Madam Ya and spoke as well.

Madam Ya was somewhat shocked. She had been trying to think of a way for Xu Que to get out of this difficult situation. However, after Xu Que had said this, there was nothing else she could do.

After thinking to herself for sometime, she finally opened her mouth to speak, "Everyone around knows that the Fire Emperor is looking for a Prince Consort for the Flaming Sun Princess. Why don’t the both of you think of the opening couplets to depict that Fire Nations is the strongest of the five nations. When we finally meet the Fire Emperor, we can give him both these couplets as a gift!"
"To depict that Fire Nations is the strongest of the five nations?"

When everyone heard this, they were stumped.

Madam Ya had set a very simple topic. And yet a simple topic also meant… It was difficult to come up with a good couplet that cannot be continued or matched!

Most of the students present started racking their brains.

Only Xu Que who was so visibly thankful to Madam Ya after hearing the topic, that he almost ran up to her and hugged and kissed her.

Damn it, this topic is truly unrivalled. It’s the will of the heavens for me to emerged triumphant!


Several seconds after the topic was given, young master Zhao pondered for several breaths before he stood up.

To the onlooking students, he was extremely awe inspiring and fearsome. In a loud voice, he spoke out, "Looking ahead into the mountains and rivers, the landscape of the Fire Nations is unrivalled. Today we have the fortunes of peace and prosperity. Listen to the sound of the bells toiling in all directions, as our nation rejoices in abundant food and wine!"

The crowd burst into cheers.

All of them were visibly amazed by this verse. Just listening to it made all of them feel patriotic about their nation. This was an amazing piece!

Madam Ya was stumped by the excellent quality of this couplet as well and her expression revealed one of pleasant surprise.

The last line described Fire Nations as if they were a country depicted in a beautiful painting!

"That’s fantastic. Young master Zhao’s title of being the leader of the four great students is indeed correct!"

"This humble subject is in full admiration!"

The audience sighed repeatedly to themselves.

Some of them even turned their heads towards Xu Que and taunted him, "Li Bai, where’s your couplet?"

At this point, everyone looked towards Xu Que and started to pity him.

Young master Zhao’s couplet was so good that it was hard to think of anything else that can outshine it. Additionally, it was hard to think of anything that was worthy of completing the couplet.


Young master Zhao’s lips curled into a cold smile.

Mo Yun Shang’s expression was one of mockery.

Tang Liu Fen’g eyes were filled with sorrow and sympathy!

Madam Ya looked clearly worried as regret welled up within her heart. If Lai Bai loses to young mister Zhao, he would have to wear a sign and walk around the entire Imperial City. With someone of a status, she wouldn’t ever get a chance to see him again, since he would be a disgraced outcast.

"Ai, what a pity that this extremely talented young man would have such an undesirable plight. If only he didn’t promise young mister Zhao, maybe this predicament wouldn’t happen!" Madam Ya sighed out as she shook her head.


Right at this time, Xu Que snapped his fingers once more as he lit his cigarette.

"Hssss! Huuuuuu!"

The crowd looked at him and didn’t speak. The entire scene was a silence saved for the sound of him inhaling and exhaling!

Once he had expelled smokes form his lips, Xu Que stood up and gazed outside.

The rain had already stopped and a layer of this mist hung over the lake. It was rather hazy and blurry outside.

Several seconds later, he wore an expression of utmost loneliness, as if to show how alone he felt about being peerless and without a worthy opponent. He then opened his mouth.

"My couplet goes like -Smoke seals the willows over the lake!"