Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 185

Seeing Xu Que reply so quickly with such good answers for the couplets, the students were all appalled.

Even Tang Liu Feng was taken aback. He knew that this brother Li Bai was exceptional when it came to poems. He never would’ve expected him to be equally good at couplets. In fact, his reply was so outstanding, it was an excellent come back.

Madam Ya’s eyes revealed a look of elation once more. Xu Que had proven that he was at the pinnacle of poem recital. At this point, she realized that she had never met someone more talented than him!

Young master Zhao’s expression turned cold, knowing that he’s met a good match. His voice turned cold as he hurriedly voiced out a reply, "Miracles and coincidences, a pair and a couple. The great sea meets the great river, gold plates meet jade trays. A precious candle opposes the silver bowl."
Everyone around opened their wides wide open. Young master Zhao could even continue from where Li Bai had left off? That was unthinkable, for it seemed like young master Li Bai had the final say earlier.

It looked like young master Zhao was resolved to compete with this young master Li, and determine today who was the better student in couplets.

Hence, the gaze of the students flickered towards Xu Que, waiting to see if this crazed Li Bai was able to take this couplet up another notch.

Xu Que’s lips parted into a smile. He felt like this couplet wasn’t difficult at all, and he could keep going on and on. He waved his bottle of beer before replying, "Red and white, something and nothing. The cuckoo faces the pelican, wool faces the feather. The heavenly watchtower opposes the Imperial City."

The faces of the crowd turned to shock once more.

In such a short span of time, Xu Que was once again able to produce a logical and flawless reply. He became evident that his prowess in couplets weren’t inferior to young master Zhao at all!

Young master Zhao was clearly anxious as he stood up, "Doors and households, foreigners and empty streets. Twigs faces stems,fighting cocks face eager stags. Phoenix defies the falcon."

Xu Que remained calm and composed as he blew another smoke ring towards Madma Ya as he smiled and replied, "Diligence and frugality, skill and obedience. Water pavilions faces the mountain ridges, frozen peaches faces icy roots. An arrow defies the target."


The pair of them didn’t give a hint of slowing down as the competition between both of them intensified.

The crowd watched on in astonishment. Even the student who had kicked off the couplets discussion looked crestfallen. He didn’t expect the phrase he gave to be replied countless of times effortlessly, for he had initially thought that nobody would manage a good reply.

A normal student would find it exceptionally hard to think of a good and logical reply to this couplet. And yet the pair of them were rattling off answers one after another. There was no pause to it. This caused them to sigh out, after being made acutely aware of their differences in talent. Why were they so much more talented than themselves?

Madam Ya’s face turned red and hot once again as her legs started to cramp up. Her body was trembling slightly as she looked at Xu Que and young mister Zhao like a wolf ready to devour her prey. She was especially shaken when Xu Que blew the smoke ring towards her. How could such a talented student be so charismatic as well?

At this point, it was hard to tell who has the upper hand after the continuous back and forth between the pair of them.

At last, Young master Zhao laughed out, "It’s just that the starting line is too easy, with the topic being so broad. How about I issue a new couplet. Would you dare to attempt to match it?"

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire hall was shaken!

Young master Zhao was going to take the offensive? My god. This was such a occurrence. After being a student for so many years here in the Imperial City, nobody had ever seen young master Zhao giving the opening set of couplets. And today he was going to issue the first lines?

All the students were filled with excitement and anticipation.

"Pa da!"

Xu Que flicked the cigarette butt, which he had just finished smoking, out into the rain. He then stepped into the hall and laughed out, "Why shouldn’t I dare? When I was three years old, I was composing poems about rivers and history. When I was five, I was writing poems so long that they resembled seas. When I was ten, the subject of my writings were no longer limited, and I was writing about everything under the sun, including grass, rocks, trees. I was nicknamed Dui Chuan Chang, but was refer to myself as the little scholar!"

(T/N : Dui Chuan Chang was the name of Tang Bo Hu’s opponent while they were competing in couplets)

"...." The crowd felt their vision went black as they almost fell backwards!

Damn it, why was this phrase so familiar?

"What ignorance!" Young master Zhao laughed out.

Xu Que replied, "Such oddity!"

"Gulp….." The student‘s expressions fell. What was going on, they were even coupling their insults?

Young master Zhao revealed a mocking smile as he spoke out, "In one village within two miles were three men. They didn’t know anything about the Four Classics and Five Books. Yet they had the audacity to teach seven, eight and nine kids. That’s ten tragedies!"

"Fantastic! Young master Zhao had just given a brilliant first half of the couplet, which would be impossible to match!" The students cheered, knowing that this couplet was an attempt to mock Li Bai!"

Indeed, Xu Que shook his head, "In ten rooms, nine students within were poor. They were left with eight notes, seven coins and six shillings unable to spare anything for five or four people. They weren’t third class citizens or even second class humans. They were first class beggars!"


The crowd sucked in a deep breath of fresh air. Forget the fact that this kid was able to come up with such a good comeback within a short amount of time. He even managed to subtly insinuate that young master Zhao was a first class beggar!

Young master Zhao’s face was enraged beyond measure as he continued, "Within a painting, the dragon doesn’t growl and the tiger doesn’t roar. This little scholar is such a joke!"

This line was clearly to taunt Xu Que for calling himself the little scholar!

Xu Que heard this and replied, "On the chessboard, the car can move without wheels and the horses can run without ropes. Tell the general to be cautious to be cautious!"

"Warblers and swallows, green and red flowers, live in perfect harmony!" Young master Zhao’s eyes squinted in determination as the anger within his heart swelled. He had been in Imperial City for so many years, and had never met a tougher opponent than this.

Xu Que replied effortlessly, "Wind and rain, flowers and leaves, grow with the seasons!"

"Ten minds are deep in thought, thinking for the nation!" Young master Zhao raised yet another topic!

Xu Que’s lips curled, "Eight eyes for admiring autumn nature in full bloom!"

(T/N : Eight eyes for admiring Qiu Ya in full bloom!")

As soon as his words landed, the audience burst out in cheers.

"That was amazing!" Many students had witnessed the brilliance of both of them and shouted out in enjoyment.

"This the the first time in my life I’ve ever witnessed such a fierce battle!"

"It’s really a feast for the eyes!"


Madam Ya’s delicate body trembled as her face blushed a deep shade of red. She looked at Xu Que in amazement.

Everyone knew her as Madam Ya, but very few people knew that her actual name was Qiu Ya!

Xu Que’s phrase which said "Eight eyes for admiring Qiu Ya" caused her to feel rather uneasy and suspicious. Could this young mister Li have known her name, and said this intentionally?

At this point, young master Zhao’s face froze as he shouted out, "I am a high class, awe-inspiring student showing the bravery of a tiger."

Xu Que squinted, "You’re a low class prostitute, showing half of your turtle head prodding out of your shell."

"You’re outrageous!" Young master Zhao couldn’t hold it in any longer and lashed out!

"I’m daring!" Xu Que actually took this scolded as a couplet and answered as if they were still in competition, his face was filled with glee.

Young master Zhao’s face swelled red, as veins bulged out on his forehead and neck. He then pointed at Xu Que and continued scolding, "I was talking about couplets, but you dared to verbally assault me?"

"You’re just a pig head, I didn’t overestimate you!"

"We’re no longer speaking couplets!" Young master Zhao was so angry he was about to go crazy.

Xu Que laughed, "We’re still talking about poems!"


The group of students were stumped. The leader of the four great students was actually so furious he was about to implode?

Mo Yun Shan’s face was filled with dread and shock as well.

Only Madam Ya’s expression was filled with awe. She was somewhat surprised that Li Bai had managed to defeat young mister Zhao when it came to couplets.

From what she could tell, this Li Bai was intentionally agitating young mister Zhao, and was clearly succeeding. Comparing the pair of them, it was obvious that Li Bai was the more mature, stable and composed student, probably also because he was older than the rest of the students.

Thinking about this, Madam Ya couldn’t help but reveal a laughter as she whispered, "Looks like age and experience really matters!"

These words were actually her thoughts, and she didn’t mean to speak them out. At this point, everyone heard her and was taken aback.

Xu Que, who was still in the zone for matching couplets turned around and replied without hesitation, "When it comes to chests, yours are truly tankers!"

The entire hall descended into absolute silence!