Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 184

Xu Que’s arrival caused the entire crowd to slump into despair once again.

The person who could just summon the inspiration to recite ten poems effortlessly had actually said that poems weren’t his forte, and that his forte was actually couplets. Nobody dared to breathe a word after that shocking statement.

Of course, the group of students who were saying that Xu Que had no talents and had plagiarized the work of others were sniggering and mocking him!

This included young master Zhao, who had long seen through Xu Que, and surmised that he was a talentless man. The ten poems all had different meanings and emotions. Just one look and he concluded that he had recited it from elsewhere and pooled all these poems together.

However, when it came to couplets, there was absolutely no way of memorizing or replying to a couplet with a random answer. Excelling in couplets required the person to truly be talented and witty. It even needed a person to be able to think on his feet!

Hence, young master Zhao’s eyes which had always looked neutral and indifferent, now shone with a gleam of mockery.

He was confident that in competing with couplets, he would truly be able to expose the true nature of Li Bai for the quack that he was.

"Young mister Li, where did you go earlier? I thought that you’ve already departed and won’t be returning!"

At this point, Madam Ya opened her mouth to speak as she laughed out. Her eyes were showing clear signs of admiration, and she was clearly unable to hide it.

However, to the old and experienced Xu Que, such a look in her eyes meant that she was clearly looking for a one night stand. Watching Madam Ya as she stood up with excitement, he laughed and replied, "Madam Ya spared me too much consideration. This humble subject only went out for a short stroll to find the true meaning of existence and life in the rain!"

"Hehehe…. Young mister Li is indeed refined and elegant!" Madam Ya laughed, losing her sense of propriety.

Everyone else glared at him with hot hatred burning within their hearts.

The gorgeous features and beautifully toned body of Madam Ya was said to be unrivalled within the entire Imperial City. She was obviously the dream of many students, and was the unspoken desire of their hearts, which they all fantasized about in the depths of the night.

However, the lofty and regal status of Madam Ya meant that nobody around had dared to even glance at her the wrong way.

At the present, Madam Ya didn’t even bother hiding her admiration and liking for Xu Que. Many students had actually felt like their own woman had been stolen by Xu Que.

Even Young master Zhao was not excluded from such feelings as he gave a cold stare towards Xu Que.

Xu Que however, was extremely calm and as unbridled as the wind despite the tense atmosphere within the hall. He leaned against the door, with a rather elegant posture as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He then proceeded to pull out a stick and place it on his lips.


He snapped his fingers as a small flame flickered on his finger, lighting up the cigarette. He took a deep drag and expelled smoke from his lips.

At the next moment, he whipped out a bottle of beer and tilted his head back and took a deep gulp. His face revealed a look of utmost satisfaction and bliss!


When the audience looked at him, they were stupefied. What the hell was this guy doing? Why was he sucking on a piece of paper?

And what was he drinking? It looked rather strange, and yet there was a certain smell similar to their rice wine.

"Brother Li, what’s that you’re sucking on?" Tang Liu Feng asked curiously.


Xu Que spat out a mouthful of beer from his mouth as his eyes burned hot with rage, "Suck on your sister! Tang Bo Hu, can you bloody not speak such slandering words? This is called a cigarette. With cigarettes and beers, my powers have no peers. Do you understand?"


When the students heard this, a black line ran down the side of their faces.

With cigarettes and beers, powers have no peers?

Does this kid even know how to use couplets? He clearly didn’t come here to fight, and he actually used strange devices to increase his powers?

Young master Zhao was laughing as he shook his head, "Vulgar claptrap trying to please the crowd. How ignorant!"

Mo Yun Shan revealed a look of displeasure as he turned to the crowd, "Everyone, let’s begin matching couplets. There’s no need to bother about thugs by the door!"

When everyone heard this, the hurriedly regained their senses and started nodding their heads. Afterall, they were here for the banquet and to participate and not to watch Li Bai doing strange things!

Madam Ya glanced at Xu Que in curious intrigue. She was joined in by several other female students, as they lost themselves while watching Xu Que.

For some strange reason, the man leaning against the door, blowing smoke rings and drinking beer was extremely captivating and charming!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

The system beeps rang out in Xu Que’s mind as he recovered the initial cost of the cigarettes just like that.

The cigarettes were good stuff!

The beer was even better!

Everyone has heard of the phrase, Li Bai with wine produces hundreds of poems. Today, it was ‘Xu Que with cigarettes and beers, his powers have no peers.’

Hearing the notification go off in his head, Xu Que was encouraged by it. He thus took a deep drag from it, before blowing thick smoke in the direction of Madam Ya and the few female students.

Tu tu tu…..

The smoke actually formed the shape of a heart under Xu Que’s control, where it floated nearer and nearer towards Madam Ya.

It floated gracefully towards her!

When it finally reached her, Madam Ya closed her eyes and inhaled the heart shaped smoke. The smoke almost made her choke, and yet it gave a strange sense of gladness and excitement.

Additionally, apart from the smell of smoke, Madam Ya could smell the bodily scent of young mister Li. This new and invigorating experience caused Madam Ya to feel like she was floating, as her pores tingled.

However at this point, nobody else was paying attention to Xu Que’s strange antics which included beer and cigarettes!

The students had already launched themselves into preparations for the couplets as they focused their attentions, thinking about the best lines to use in order to stumble students who attempted to reply their lines.

A student first stood up in full confidence, "This humble subject has been thinking about the first half of a good couplet. I shall speak it now in hopes that someone can complete it. Listen up everyone."

He paused for a second before speaking out in a clear voice, "Heaven and earth, wind and rain. Land faces the skies, mountains faces the seas. The flaming red sun opposes the blue sky domes!"

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone broke out in discussion.

Their brows were furrowed as they sank deep in thought.

This couplet sounded like it was easy to match since there were many things to speak off, and yet the last verse was rather strange, which made it harder to match accurately.

There were originally many students within the crowd who had planned to stand up to complete the couplet and impress everyone around. After hearing the contents of the first half, they shook their heads in bitterness, unable to proceed.

Seeing that most of the students around weren’t confident of completing the couplet, young mister Zhao’s lips curled into a smile as though he didn’t even need to contemplate the first half. He then replied, "River and waves, red and green. Rains face the thunder, mist faces the snow caves. The moon palace opposes the heavenly courts!"
The crowd were startled by this eloquent reply as they praised out, "Fantastic!"

"Indeed he is young master Zhao, to have thought of such a good reply almost instantly!"

"The second half of the couplet is so great!"

Even the student who gave the first half of the couplet nodded his head and clasped his hands in a salute, "Young master Zhao is indeed talented. This humble subject is beyond ashamed to be defeated! I’ve really made a fool of myself!"

Young master Zhao gave a plain smile but didn’t reply. He was rather conceited with himself!

"Stream and stones, branches and twigs. The bamboo stem faces the cobwebs, the mountainous canopy faces the water pavilions. The parrot opposes the cormorant." at this point, Xu Que who had just exhaled thick layer of smoke continued the couplet.

The audience paused in shock, clearly astonished by this better reply.

Fuck me. This kid really knows how to match couplets!