Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 182


Screw your sister! You are the tyrant! Your entire family are tyrants!

Xu Que had fled immediately after acting tough and heard the system beeps within his head when his face contorted in anger. He couldn’t stomach the offensive new title and raged out at the system. Afterall, "Act Tough Tyrant" wasn’t half as nice sounding as Act Tough Criminal!

But… Since this new title enabled him to purchase items from the system store at 80% reduction of the original price, he didn’t argue for long and sunk into silence soon after.

(T/N : Apologies for the unclear ‘eightfold’ price reduction in the previous chapter.)

The lines which he had uttered earlier, ‘"These drops of rain were born of the heavens but died here on earth. Their lives spanned the entire duration it took for the raindrops to land."’ wasn’t actually original.

In fact, these lines were taken from the main character of a popular story. He had decided to use them at this opportune timing to great effect. Truth be told, a person of his nature wouldn’t have been able to be so deep and eloquent sounding ever!

All this were done just to act tough and gain points. As for not deriving true understanding and comprehension of the phrase and its context, Xu Que didn’t even care. After all, the way for him to become stronger and gain levels was through points and didn’t require him to attain enlightenment or knowledge!

He walked past a wall and stood at the corner before calling out his system and entering the store.
Indeed, the prices of all the items in his sight had drastic changes. The prices had been significantly reduced and there were many more new additions too.

The first thing Xu Que’s eyes caught sight of was the new educational and learning segment of the store. This section was new and was extremely comprehensive. It even included all the works of Confucius and his disciples along with other renowned philosophers.

However, the thing which made Xu Que the most excited was the availability of the book .

Seeing this filled him with immense joy!

"A book on couplets! Hahah! Looks like I can act tough once again! System, I wish to purchase the book !"

Xu Que thus purchased it without further hesitation and used it immediately.

Later on during the banquet, there would be a couplet competition. Xu Que knew that he was rather poor with couplets and thus had decided to flee earlier in order to save him the inevitable embarrassment. Now, however, he was filled with confidence.


In that instant, the book vanished from his system inventory as it transformed into a ray of white light and swirled around his mind. Once again, his knowledge on the subject had increased many folds.

Along with the <300 tang="" poems="">, this gave him many poetic lines and phrases. However, the most important aspect about this was that it also equipped him with the skill of writing poems and forming correct replies to couplets.

Additionally, Xu Que recalled the classes he was made to attend in his previous life and how he was forced to memorize poems as a child. Hence when he looked at these lines now, he didn’t find them too strange or foreign to him.

After he had purchased the book, knowledge started to fill Xu Que’s mind. His lips curled into a smile. At this point, he still wasn’t particularly anxious to return and thus continued standing by the corner of the wall, exploring the other items within the system store.

Apart from this new educational segment, there were many other new items added to the system store.

For example, there were many strange spells manuals added which caused Xu Que to feel extremely bewildered. There was this strange and also .

Xu Que, who admits to have the purest of hearts and was the most innocent, was startled. He took mental notes on several of these books and their prices before checking out other items.

When he next explored the food section, he was stumped!

There were many other new items added into the food section. However, the prices of these items were very high. In fact, they were unreasonably high!

When Xu Que saw these prices, he was enraged, "System, explain to me something. Why did the smelly tofu and other food items cost me only 1 act tough points in the past and yet the new food items release are being sold at such an exorbitant price? You’re actually selling a single item for 100 act tough points now? Why don’t you rob the bank or something?"

"This system has decided on prices set for each item in a fair and absolute manner!" The system replied plainly.

"Fair and absolute? Fuck me. Are you learning how to act tough from me now?"

Xu Que was clearly upset at this point as he replied the system, "Then why don’t you tell me, why would a packet of cigarettes costs 100 act tough points? Likewise, a bottle of beer also costs 100 act tough points, why?"

"Ding! Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health!"

"What?" Xu Que’s expression revealed a look of astonishment, "Then what about beers?"

"Ding! Alcohol will cause you to screw things up!"


Xu Que had no retort for that. Afterall, the system was correct in its replies. Xu Que actually had absolutely nothing to say.

It was true that smoking cigarettes was indeed harmful. But what on earth did drinking beers have anything to do with screwing things up? Could drinking a little beer ruin my acting tough career?

Damn it. It’s so obvious that you’ve realized how rich I am now and are trying to cheat me, huh? But isn’t it just 100 act tough points? Money is something I have. Since you’re trying to dissuade me from purchasing it, I shall damned well purchase it!!

The more Xu Que thought about this, the angrier he became. At last, he waved his hands and purchased a packet of cigarettes!

"Ding! Congratulations to host for purchasing a packet of cigarettes. The cost is 100 act tough points! Do you require a lighter for your recent purchase? After the 80% discount, it only costs 20 act tough points!"

"Fuck! You are indeed a scammy, cheating, damned system!" Xu Que scolded harshly as he flicked his robes.

A lighter? Why would I need a lighter? I am a cultivator. I can conjure fire anytime I wish!

Back at the dining hall of the banquet, after Xu Que had left, the entire hall slumped into silence.

Everyone was still pondering the deep essence of Xu Que’s last words as their hearts hammered fiercely within their chests!

"It was hard to fathom how a common rain was able to enlighten brother Li and direct him to speak such words." Tang Liu Feng sighed as he muttered under his breath.

Another student was filled with regret, "Looks like we’ve all misunderstood brother Li. Although he looks like an unrestrained and improper student, that’s just his character! In actual fact, he’s such a talented individual!" 
"While others are teasing my madness, I am laughing at their shortsightedness. This sentence was an actual depiction of his life. In the past, I didn't understand him at all. But I think I do now."

"That’s right . Although he’s an obstinate and arrogant person, the ten poems which he had recited was indeed the best I’ve ever heard! Even though we’re unable to see past his flawed character, we have to admit his brilliant talents!"

"These drops of rain were born of the heavens but died here on earth. These words had caused me to reach a new level of understanding and I’ve learnt quite a fair bit from it. In fact, after several more days of secluded meditation, I should be able to break past my bottleneck and finally ascend in cultivation. Brother Li’s words are truly wise!"

More students started opening their mouths to speak objectively and impartially about Xu Que’s talents.

Those ten poems managed to convince many students! Nobody around dared to say that they weren’t good poems. Absolutely nobody!

Even Mo Yun Shang wasn’t able to say anything negative about those poems. Instead, he sat on his seat, his expression was one of utter disbelief. Despite the sense of dissatisfaction within his heart, he couldn’t say anything in rebuttal of these words of praise for Xu Que.

As for those ten poems, he couldn’t find a single flaw in it. This was to say that in their poems sparring session, he had lost. Or rather, he had lost extremely badly!

Madam Ya’s heart was trembling in fear and she was left reeling in a daze. She had never met a more talented young man in her life. His talents were undisputed and were extraordinary. His personality and character was unique. The fact that he was so stubborn and arrogant was… Extremely charming!

The fact that Madam Ya was completely bowled over by Xu Que was compounded by her inherent condition. She was overwhelmed by such talented individuals, and had absolutely no resistance for people like these. At this point, her face was a deep shade of red as she stared at the empty door frame. There was an unspeakable strangeness lingering within her heart.

The way that Xu Que was forceful, agitated, impassioned and at the same time, cheerful, lingered within her mind. She was unable to forget the expressions on his face for a very long time.

The only person present who was still able to cling onto his composure and calmness was the leader of the four greats, young master Zhao, who was known for his proficiency in couplets.