Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 178

"Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully activating 300 Tang Poems. The contents from this book has completely been uploaded into your mind."

Following the system’s notifications, Xu Que felt an immense amount of knowledge on poetry within his head. In the blink of an eye, he had assimilated all these information.

Poem competition? Who’s afraid?

Xu Que smiled widely as he took a huge sip of tea before wiping his lips. He then spoke, "As the scholarly saying goes, ‘To not reciprocate in kind, is to go against etiquette.’ Since young master Mo gave me some words, I shall return some words to you in the form of a poem!"

The crowd paused in shock. A poem?

Young master Mo was teaching you a lesson and it’s your honor to be taught by someone like him. How dare you speak of returning some words to him? Are you crazy?

Young master Mo’s title of Poem King isn’t being modest at all. You are just a mere nameless student, and you dare to talk big in front of him!

The crowd broke out in insults as they started throwing harsh words at Xu Que.

A student was shaking his head as he laughed out loudly, "Young master Mo could read at age three, could write at five years of age. When he was ten, he started composing poems. Even the Fire Emperor called him the Poem King. How dare you belittle his reputation and talk back in defiance. You even mentioned something about returning words to him? You’re really overestimating yourself!"

"Is that so? What’re you going to do about it?"

Xu Que laughed out before he continued, "When I was three years old, I was composing poems about rivers and history. When I was five, I was writing poems so long that they resembled seas. When I was ten, the subject of my writings were no longer limited and I was writing about everything under the sun, including grass, rocks, trees. I was dubbed the Poem Deity. My nickname was Dugu Qiu Bai, a loner begging for failure!"

"..." The entire scene fell into absolute silence!

Some of them looked at Xu Que incredulously, speechless to whatever he had just said.

Of course, they had met people who could boast and yet nobody could come close to Xu Que, who could boast about owning the heavens!

Poem Deity? A loner begging for failure? Why don’t you just call yourself God then?

Tang Liu Feng had a bitter expression of his face as he clutched his forehead, as though he was seated on a matt filled with needles. He too, felt that Xu Que had gone overboard with his bragging.

If he could really write poems so well since a young age, then why hasn’t anyone heard of his name?

When Mo Yun Shang heard Xu Que’s words, he couldn’t help but smile and shake his head. He then looked at Xu Que mockingly, "Since brother Li decided to return a poem to me, fine. I shall prick an ear and listen attentively to what he has to say!"

As soon as he said this, the entire crowd cheered and started praising him.

"Indeed, young master Mo is an exemplary student with his poise and elegance!"

"This is a true role model for everyone on how to handle an arrogant student!"
At this point, Madam Ya’s eyes were gleaming as she found a place for herself to sit. Her eyes were still focused on Xu Que.

In actual fact, she couldn’t stand any longer, for she was completely drained of energy.

As the sister of Fire Emperor, Madam Ya has a secret that nobody knows about. She highly regards and even revere students with exceptional talents. Everytime she sees someone reciting a good poem, her emotions would go out of control. This will manifest in her body as her legs will go weak. She will also turn extremely red in the face.

Today, she had met Li Bai, who was unheard of before this event, who possessed extraordinary talents in intelligence and guile. Against Bright Saints College’s Poem King, young master Mo, the both of them are an equal match for each other. Watching them go against each other head on caused Madam Ya to lose control of her own emotions. Even before they had started, her legs started to tremble.

Xu Que had also noticed Madam Ya’s blazing gaze upon his body as was startled. Fuck me, why is this lady so scary? It looks as though she’s about to swallow me whole. It’s too distracting!

However, under the watchful eyes of everyone, Xu Que didn’t dare to read too much into this now. He focused all his attention away from those thoughts.

He directed his gaze towards Mo Yun Shan, "Young master Mo, you mentioned something about haughtiness inviting failure and modesty welcomes wisdom. You were scolding me for being haughty and arrogant huh? Although your words are correct, you cannot use this on just anyone!"

"For example, me. I used to be extremely modest. Someone told me that my poem writing skills were fantastic, but I insisted that they were only average. As soon as I said those words, that man slapped my face on the spot for being hypocritical. Hence, I turned over a new leaf and stopped making the mistake of being too modest ever again."

"..." When everyone heard this, their lips twitched violently, unsure of how to react to this.

Anyone who dared to speak such words were clearly shameless beyond measure and had reached the pinnacle of being a braggart. To someone like this, everyone would often have no words in reply.

"Outrageous! Vulgar kid trying to appease the crowd!" At this, the expressionless young master Zhao burst out in anger after he cleared his throat.

Everyone turned their heads to look at him before looking back at Xu Que. They were smiling, elated in his downfall.

Li Bai, Li Bai. You’re doomed. You even managed to annoy the leader of the four great students. Let’s see how you can remain arrogant!

Tang Liu Feng was so afraid that his face had turned as white as sheet. He then nudged Xu Que to remind him, "Brother… Brother Li, even young master Zhao has spoken out. Maybe you should stop here!

"Why should I?" Xu Que didn’t care one bit.

"He… He’s the leader of the four great students. A few days later, when the Flaming Sun Princess chooses her Prince Consort, he would be the number one candidate. We must be careful not to offend him!"

"Prince Consort?" Hearing these words, Xu Que was enraged further but suppressed it white a cold smile, "He will never become the Prince Consort!"

"But..." Tang Liu Feng was at a loss for words as well. He realized that no matter what he said, he was never going to convince Xu Que to stop and thus decided to remain silent.

Right at this point, Mo Yun Shang revealed a look of impatience as if he had overestimated this Li Bai. He then stood up, disinterested, as he spoke out, "Li Bai, where’s the poem you promised?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. Young master Mo. Listen up. This poem will be extremely educational for you!"

Xu Que placed the tea cup down and took out his fan. He then looked into the distance and put on a pretentious look.

The audience had ignored his boasts as they fixed their gazes upon him, waiting for him to make a fool of himself!

Madam Ya was taking deep breaths, her eyes were filled in eager anticipation.

After Xu Que had posed like a scholarly student for several moments, he finally opened his mouth and recited, "Three feet from the ground rests a gutter, water flows through it every single day regardless of seasons."

The crowd were shocked when they heard this. Was this a poem about nature? How would there any educational element in this poem?

Right at this point, there was a loud smack as Xu Que closed the fan within his palms and completed the poem, "Neither cows nor goats will eat the grass around. But Yun Shan will wash his head in the ditch!"

Three feet from the ground rests a gutter, water flows through it every single day regardless of seasons

Neither cows nor goats will eat the grass around. But Yun Shan will wash his head in the ditch!


When the crowd heard this, they frowned, unable to understand the poem.

Wasn’t this a normal poem about nature and scenery?

Ai, that can’t be. Yun Shan will wash his head? Isn’t Yun Shan young master Mo’s name?

This poem isn’t that simple!

"Three feet from the ground is a ditch, water flows through it every single day? Three feet from the ground, why would there be a ditch? That’s strange…" Tang Liu Feng was repeating Xu Que’s poem as he sipped his tea, clearly deep in thought.

Seeing everyone deep in thought, Xu Que was extremely calm as he returned to the dessert on his table.

Actually, this poem wasn’t a Tang dynasty poem at all. In fact, it’s an internet humorous poem that has been making its rounds. Or rather, it was a dirty poem!

‘Three feet from the ground is a ditch’ was referring to a part of women that mustn’t be described. As for ‘Yun Shan washing his head’, it referred to young master Mo as a penis!

Xu Que didn’t feel that this was inappropriate at all. Since you scolded me for being arrogant, I can scold you back too. Returning politeness with politeness, there was nothing wrong!